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12:34 AM
@Iszi Still on it, I see :P
@YiJiang Count out the past two hours for a nap, but yeah.
Q: Can I dump unwanted compounds?

Nick TIn Spacechem, can I release or dump unwanted compounds without using pipelines to store them?

12:57 AM
Finally beat Acetylene!
Ended up about average on cycles and symbols this time. Usually I'm high on cycles and low on symbols.
...and why does Ammonia look like it's going to be a lot harder than it looks?
Argh! Why do we only get four Bonders, ever?
I wonder how I should feel about having not yet beaten this demo in 2 hours or less?
Should I have that "I must be a total idiot" feeling, or "Man, this is a great game to keep me going this long" feeling?
What are you playing, SpaceChem?
@TimStone Aye.
How much is the full version anyway? Hadn't looked.
I'm not sure, I haven't tried it yet actually. I think I will tonight. :D
1:24 AM
Surprisingly, Ammonia was fairly straightforward. :-)
2:11 AM
Q: Echo Bazaar: How to continue Long-Lost Daughter storyline

MiriI'm playing the Long-Lost Daughter storyline and I've got that particular story quality up to 6, but I can't for the life of me remember what I was supposed to do next. Is there somewhere I need to go to continue the storyline, or do I need to wait for opportunity cards?

@failbadp Thanks a lot for suggesting Spacechem! Great game! May just buy it!
2:50 AM
Eeew, the Hydrogen/Hydrogen Cyanide mess is nasty. I keep getting clogs at my Nitrogen reactor.
My Methane destroyer just isn't efficient enough.
Or maybe my Nitrogen reactor is just too efficient...
3:22 AM
Yea, thanks a lot for pointing out SpaceChem, it rocks!
4:03 AM
4:55 AM
@Arda your space to dead space 2 converter had me really confused today
I thought you should know.
5:09 AM
Wow, what an epic fail on my part. I had a SpaceChem solution, and then realized that it would only ever be able to output one molecule. shakes head at self
3 hours later…
7:50 AM
Q: jehora jeheyu's chaos boon in desktop dungeons

corrodedThe wiki says: Jehora Jeheyu Boon: Chaos Cost: All Piety Effect: Either death or restore full health or mana or death. Success correlates to amount of remaining piety (which is 0) What does this mean? remaining piety will ALWAYS be 0 because it costs all piety. So how much would I need to resto...

8:24 AM
@iszi it took me a few hours to finish the demo satisfactorily
although I haven't done the optional level yet.
Err...are you supposed to be able to randomly get input in more than one square?
1 hour later…
9:42 AM
Q: Passwords in SSF4 3DS version.

stayWhat are they? How are they used? What kind of dark magic is this?! Thanks :D

10:03 AM
Q: Is there any way to increase charisma in The Dark Spire?

SirsI wanted to make my warrior character a Paladin, but apparently he requires a high Charisma attribute. The other attributes can be increased by training, is there no way to increase this one?

1 hour later…
11:04 AM
@TimStone what?
When you are using multiple reactors, what you output is what you input -- down to position and orientation
so if you drop in a square, then in another, then in a third, you'll get atoms in exactly those positions in exactly that order
11:42 AM
12:04 PM
Q: Game mode filter in SingStar

Jo-Herman HaugholtIn SingStar, is there any way to filter the song listings when choosing a song, so only songs with dance or guitar gameplay are shown?

1 hour later…
1:11 PM
Q: What will be the next Angry Birds or Minecraft?

ZippyWhich games do you think will be the next ones to capture huge audiences in a relatively short period of time as Angry Birds and Minecraft have done?

1:23 PM
@Bob @failbadp Burnination requested
@YiJiang Burnination given
2:18 PM
@failbadp Yeah, I didn't realize that I had a second drop in a previous reactor. Did it ever like...mention that was how things work? 'cause it's kind of important to pay attention to.
Q: What's the best team composition to be used in LoL?

DelphyI've been wondering which 5v5 team comp would be the best: AoE Global Tank Heals ... Give me your thoughts, and I'll test them out.

2:50 PM
@Badp the blog died because no one but me was willing to create content
and it turns out I didn't want to do it alone
Q: Having a hard time getting better at Rock Band drums, what can i do to improve? Sticking?

kriegarI've been playing Rock Band off and on since the first incarnation, with most of my time spent playing the drums. I think I've reached a plateau and haven't seen much improvement in my scores. I can sight read gold star almost any 2 difficulty song, and most of the 3 difficult songs. However, I ...

3:24 PM
@tzenes well I want to help organize the Gaming blog again, so we can make sure we get a steady stream of posts going
@Ivo I'd be more than willing to participate, but I'm not willing to be the guy trying to get people involved
I tried that once before
it was a lot of work with no pay off
yeah @tzenes that's what I'm here for ;)
I could write an amazing post about the TSL tonight
to shame myself into convincing people to help :)
but if its just going to be the tzenes show, I don't want that
3:26 PM
well, I'm already looking forward to it
nope, I already have one post from a user from SU who wants to write about Minecraft
I'll upload the draft when I finish my own blog post about messing with MySQL (I need to get paid you know :P)
and I'll put up a post on Meta like I have on MSU
btw @tzenes you should check whether your account on gaming.blogoverflow.com/wp-admin still works
Should do.
YEEEEEEEY my Erasmus administrative PoC has just announced she's leaving to maternity for months starting today
oh just great
well at least I can contact my alma mater for you @failbadp
btw @ThomasMcDonald, @failbadp was complaining that he didn't have Youtube support on the blog :P
now I can contact another PoC on the other side of Milan instead! Just they're open half the time and now have to handle twice as many students
@Ivo, no, embed works out of the box.
3:40 PM
If you put the link to the video (yt.com/blah) on it's own line, it will automagically embed it. It does have to be on it's own line, though, otherwise it silently fails.
@ThomasMcDonald oh. I guess it was too clever for me
@failbadp Did you try the embed code?
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah; clicking 'save draft' just removed the embed code.
@failbadp Check this: codex.wordpress.org/…
Actually, what user level are you. If you're an editor it should let you post unfiltered html.
3:45 PM
he is
Say, anyone knows if the question-rep-cap applies to SE2.0 sites as well? And if it does, how can I tell whether it applies to me?
@Oak Has it been implemented actually?
I don't think so
Oh, I thought it was
Never mind then
Q: Should we cap reputation gained from questions at +2000?

Jeff AtwoodBased on: Could we put a cap on reputation earned by asking questions? I am starting to wonder if we should cap reputation gained for questions. I have historically resisted this, but: It does seem nonsensical that users can get 10,000+ reputation purely on the basis of asking hundreds of qu...

The question has a +500 reputation bounty again
But it does have an accepted answer
3:54 PM
Q: What's the co-op experience of Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light really like?

OakI've read good things in reviews about the co-op experience in Lara Croft & The guardian of Light - specifically, that the puzzles change to accommodate both characters with their unique abilities. Does playing co-op really change all the puzzles so that they require cooperation, or only a f...

@Bob "what's it like?"... meh, that sounds subjective
Or at least not very well-defined
which is why I asked him what the bounty was for @Oak
@IvoFlipse I see now, missed that among the approximately 800 comments there
its the last :P
I've changed the sorting to active, because the rest is just set in stone anyway
4:24 PM
Q: Minecraft how to change nicknames

anakinkpHow do i change nicknames of people on other servers

Q: Local/Global Boolean problem

himmerzHello I have a boolean problem. I have to make my boolean a global variable for it to work but it need to to be local so I can make many Doughnuts. The boolean when set to true disapears as it has been "eaten" when false it has not been eaten. The problem with setting it global is all my doughn...

Q: Pet ogre in Torchlight

KyleI started playing torchlight this weekend and immediately fell in love with it. However I am having a small problem. The first fishing hole I ran into gave me a fish that turned my pet into an ogre (permanently?). This was great because now my pet was hardcore and never took enough damage to star...

5:01 PM
Q: Help identify an old flight simulator arcade

KeeperWhen I was a kid (in 1996), I used to play a cool flight simulator game - you get into the cabin, grab joystick and command a helicopter. The objective was to destroy ground targets such as ships, anti-aircraft and so on. At the end of the game (when you get killed), the game was displaying a lis...

5:31 PM
When you remove the fourth panel from a Peanuts strip, they're all incredibly depressing.
6:10 PM
Q: campaign nano-points

BiggAlThe number of nano-points I have seems to decrease without me spending them - is this a feature I wasn't told about or just that I must be dying and forgetting to pick the samples up again? I could swear It's not the latter, but I'm wondering whether there'd be any point playing through on easy w...

Q: If I start a new stack-exchange site, do I own it?

GenadinikIf I propose and start and new overflow/exchange site, would I become the owner of it? Or is there any ability for me to own it if I play a big role in making it successful?

Q: Will the Sony XPeria be successful?

DunkirkI've never owned a Playstation anything, but I'm wondering about this phone. It sounds pretty nifty. Is this something that will require a major porting effort from game developers, or is this something that will support older games right out of the box, contingent on the copyright holders releas...

6:27 PM
fire, burn, etc
Q: When does the Ico / SoTC HD remake come out?

soulBitHi all, does anybody know when the upcoming remake of Ico and Shadow of The Colossus is going to be released? I have heard many conflicting stories about when, the nearest I could find to a definitive timing was in this Playstation blog article. Anyone have any more info?

although IMO it doesn't deserve a downvote, since it is a good question
... just not one that we can answer
6:44 PM
... aaaand another one to close
+1 for the comment linking to resources
Indeed, that's something that people really need to do
gives Oak a high-five
In other LOLWUT StackExchange news:
Q: I want some help from anybody who knows

aliyaI want any website from where i can get good progress report card remarks for grade 8 students

I spend more time trawling through SE2.0 metas for drama these days than I do actually answering questions.
Q: Do games for the Sony Xperia need to be ported?

DunkirkOr can it run the game as is was originally released?

@Bob What do you know, this user DOES know how to ask questions that aren't asking for opinions.
He's been around since the beta. :P
6:54 PM
@Brant I linked it to balpha and it vanished shortly after.
A lost opportunity to increase my flag weight, alas.
ooh wait, I still have the page open in another tab. Maybe I can flag it retroactively.
"this post sucked!"
I hope the image that English uses on its 404 page is from an earlier edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland... wouldn't want them to run into Copyright problems with it.
Hm, I'm already at 33% of Drugstore Cowboy.
I wouldn't have expected that.
Q: Layout problem on favorites tab of user profile page

Brant Click to embiggen Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0

Can anyone using firefox 4 repro that?
7:08 PM
Q: How to keep mutalisks

BuddaTeamLiquid wiki (http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Mutalisk) tells: Due to their relatively slow acceleration, Mutalisks should be continually moved at full speed even when there is no harm in sight - this allows them to easily escape at full speed when defenders arrive. How to do that?...

@Brant I can repro with everything but FF4 as I don't have it installed
Also in FF4
In other news, it appears gaming.st is available, I was expecting autocomplete to fill out the bit on the end, but alas, it does not.
We'll have to have a chat with the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe.
@Brant ...am I the only person whose mind suddenly brought up an image of an entire nation of Anything Goes Martial Artists?
7:18 PM
is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi with an anime adaptation. The story revolves around a 16-year old boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained from early childhood in martial arts. As a result of an accident during a training journey, he is cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water, but hot water will change him back into a boy. In Japan, the manga was serialized in Shogakukan's Shōnen Sunday where it ran from 1987–1996. Takahashi has stated in interviews that she wanted to produce a story that would be popular with children. Ranm...
The thing is... the Anglicized form of "Saotome" in that Wikipedia article doesn't match how it's pronounced.
Specifically, it should end in é instead of e
But when we steal words, we tend to dump the accents.
Agrèéd, Pòwérlòrd. Thàt sùcks.
Mòàr àççénts plòz!
7:35 PM
More bacon plz
I have this back from february, where I made it and forgot about it until now.
Edit Suggestion DENIED!
@RavenDreamer Someone tried to un-grace one of @GraceNote's posts?
Indeed. I stopped it.
I think I stopped it.
I hope you stopped it!
I did!
@GraceNote 's answer remains graced.
A: Is Final Fantasy X the only game in the franchise where you can swap characters in mid-battle?

Grace NoteNo, it is not. Final Fantasy XII lets you switch characters in the middle of battle in pretty much the same fashion - to replace fallen allies or just to alter who is taking the brunt of attacks. I don't know about the ones that come after, but one's enough to say no. ♪

8:29 PM
Q: How to get strikes back in Fruit Ninja

roviuserIn fruit Ninja classic mode, sometimes you can gain strikes back. How/when does this happen? It has been indicated that it might be on critical strikes, but I can confirm that this is at least not always the case - I've gotten critical strikes and no strikes back.

Ew, the profile page has changed...
@Brant That certainly caught me by surprise.
I'm bored. Entertain me.
8:49 PM
A server admin kicked me while I was burninating a cornered medic
The server was full and they do have a "if full we kick to make room for a clanmate", still it was curiously coincidental.
@GnomeSlice -1, talking of people who can't reply ;)
Well, this one should excite @Powerlord:
@Powerlord If I heal an injured player my ubercharge goes up faster. If I heal an injured pyro with the backscratcher I need 3× as much time. Does that make me charge faster for 3× as much time?
Has anyone else noticed that when you add a bounty to a question, the voting arrows disappear until you refresh the page?
@failbadp Wait a minute, suspended??
8:57 PM
Eventual solution, I've had myself suspended from the community for a month. Re-assessing situation after that time.
@failbadp Yes.
Although the amount you heal them also scales with how recently they took damage... but it caps out fairly quickly.
This is obvious if you ever heal a Sandman Scout who hasn't been injured recently... you can take them from 1 HP to 110 HP in a second or two.
Speaking of TF2, I wonder how many updates will hit this week.
I expect at least one minor update.
and hopefully they can finally figure out why TF2 Beta in the last two weeks constantly crashes on start on Debian Etch... since I can't convince FireSlash to update to Squeeze. :/
Which is likely crashing on all Linux systems, hence why TF2 Beta has no official Valve servers running... they all crash because of said update as well.
Meanwhile, bacon.
Not sure what to make for dinner. I forgot to pull some hamburger out of the freezer. It's in the fridge, but is likely still half-frozen.
Maybe I'll cook something else and save hamburger (well... ground sirloin actually) for tomorrow.
Why to not do data throttling on the ISP side: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/03/…
9:20 PM
I hate Rogers. As soon as my mobile contract expires I'm taking my iPhone and leaving.
Fortunately I have an alternative ISP where I live... but I heard that they're looking into UBB as well, they just don't have the tech in place yet.
So I'm worried. :(
My cable company's connection sucks ass, with ping times that double between 6pm and 11pm EDT. My other choice is AT&T for DSL... who just implemented data caps.
<3 de facto monopolies!
and when I say other choice, I'm eliminating satellite outright because their upstream sucks too much to play online FPS games.
If I lived 0.5 miles (1km) to the west, I'd have Comcast instead for cable... which as sad as it sounds would be an improvement.
grumble wish we had something like TekSavvy here grumble
TekSavvy uses rogers' pipes too, apparently, so they get throttled as well
I'm on mts.ca
9:40 PM
@IvoFlipse It does
9:55 PM
does anyone know if the site has grown the last few months?
Q: A call to arms for the Gaming blog!

Ivo FlipseI'm looking for help from users who want to help breath new life into the Gaming blog! On Super User we got officially blessed by Jeff and I honestly believe that Gaming should be able to deserve one as well. On Super User we mainly started out with Questions of the Week, which help create a ste...

I'm sorry for being so mean to you @Bob
10:13 PM
@tzenes did you play in the amazon starcraft tournament?
10:29 PM
Sometimes the only thing pushing me is that if I die and lose a lot, that's just a required step towards killing and winning a lot
then I realize it's probably bullshit
Playtime (hours):
33.1 last two weeks
31.32 on record
go Steam!
I get annoyed when I start losing
Enough so that I go and find something else to do.
I still have to get a kill as a spy
I mean, after I managed to use that scattergun for anything
11:25 PM
Q: Older village game for pc

Linda There is an older game for pc that was similar to virtual villagers but that is not the one that i am looking for. It had you set up a village and then you assigned people to a wood cutting tent, research, hunting ect. I am unable to remember the name of it and desperately want to pay it. If a...

11:51 PM

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