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7:01 PM
what you people can't afford this?
@Jin Pfft. Only three screens?
@Jin Baller.
hmm, humble bundle 7 with Dungeon Defenders, Legend of Grimrock, Binding of Isaac, Closure, Snapshot, and Shank 2
Dungeon Defenders and Grimrock probably worth beating the average for.
@Jin ...I was under the impression this kind of chair only made sense in fiction.
no idea what Snapshot or Closure are...
too bad the Klei Interactive game isn't Mark of the Ninja :(
7:04 PM
@GraceNote but we already live in the future.
@agent86 Damn it, that is tempting.
We live in the future, but we're still very non-fictional.
@GraceNote you're fictional to me
@Wipqozn Have to seen these?
@AshleyNunn I think I already own most of the headliner games in it, or I'd probably bite.
7:05 PM
@agent86 I don't, and that spells dooooom
I also haven't even touched my last humblebundle.com purchase, which was the double fine prototypes
@AshleyNunn fantastic wallet spend-y doooooom
@agent86 The best kind XD
@agent86 None of this interests me except the BTAs which I already have. :(
I was hoping for FTL.
@Jin I'm not even sure how to respond to this.
Well, Snapshot looks interesting...
7:11 PM
@Ullallulloo FTL is 50% off at GOG currently
@MadScientist Yeah, and their site which gives a Steam key too.
I was just holding out because I am broke, and I thought it might be in the Humble Bundle.
And I have so many other games I haven't played because of buying bundles for a single game.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You no longer can.
@Ullallulloo yeah, I was going to mention the GoG promo. I'm sure it will be on sale during the Steam Christmas Sale of Inevitability.
@agent86 Hey, speaking of the Steam sale, wasn't that supposed to start some time this week?
@fbueckert beats me, Steam Moves In Mysterious Ways
7:17 PM
@fbueckert it's alright, it's alright.
man, I hope they still make SR4 :(
Q: When do you get Schneider's Codec frequency?

user2974So, I was re-playing Metal Gear on the PS2 (which is the MSX version, not the NES version), and Big Boss mentioned calling Schneider to get the location of the gas mask. However, Schneider has not contacted me at this point... given that this game originally came out in 1987, how am I supposed t...

I found out the secret to this one. Big Boss mentions you need to call Schneider... if you're in the first room on the floor and move the codec past 120.79, he'll automatically call you
@Powerlord would you like me to update my answer with this info?
Only if you go past them one at a time, though... not sure how anyone was supposed to figure that out, since it's one room north of the room Big Boss tells you that you need to contact the resistance.
7:22 PM
In other news, HIB 7.
I like how on the day I get rep capped, I get another crapload of upvotes immediately after
I blame @OrigamiRobot
@agent86 It's okay, so do I
I think I just broke Steam
Very little exciting for me but oh well, I guess I'll throw a buck at them
Q: What can I do with artifacts I don't plan to use?

murgatroid99While playing, I often end up owning more artifact weapons than I need. Since I can't #twoweapon with two artifact weapons, I really don't need more than one at any time. The wiki page about artifacts says that I should sell them because the shopkeepers don't pay much for them. I would just carry...

Q: What are the Benefits of having a Guild in Guild Wars 2?

Marcello Grechi LinsWhich benefits may apply for people for beeing members of guilds ? I Know that there is a "Guild Influence" system but i'm not sure how it works Thanks in Advance

Q: Is there any preferable Stat for World vs World Combat in Guild Wars 2?

Marcello Grechi LinsI am currently leveling my Guardian, and even tho i'm not yet 80, i'm already planning my gear in upfront. Since i really like World vs World, i was wondering whether it's better to be a "Glass Cannon" or a "Tanky" in this brutal environment. I may be wrong, but World vs World seems to me, a pl...

Q: Do 5-hit Combos bypass Armor?

RetrosaurWithin Oversoul there are 5 hit-combos, achieved by chaining 5 attack cards at once. Do these bypass armor?

7:24 PM
I just bought something and now it's showing "Uninitialized" all over everything
Vote me up for the hats o/ — Marcello Grechi Lins 1 min ago
@agent86 Probably a good idea. To be exact, it's the room where the west elevator is on the third floor.
@Powerlord that's really freaking random, imho
(That itself is probably a bug, as it should be one room to the south of that)
@pixel wwwooooooosssshhhhh
All I know is I looked up his frequency to call him (I'm playing through the Metal Gear games now that I have the HD collection) and when I went to his frequency in that room, he called me instead.
So, I tried it again, and as long as I moved down from Big Boss's frequency one by one, he'd call me the first time I went past 120.79.
7:27 PM
G700 is 40 bucks off on Amazon. I highly reccomend it if you're in the market for a new Mouse.
hey guys, up vote me for hats! (I won't get any rep out of it at the moment, it's the best time to do it!) ;)
I'll stick with the G500...wired, feels perfect.
@AshleyNunn No.
They look pretty radical though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have one of those. IT's a very good mouse.
Although I'm now using the g600.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Cyborg RAT!
@Wipqozn I saw them yesterday, and immediately thought of you.
7:33 PM
also, The WarZ is no longer purchasable through steam.
Also, I need to go out to either shovel or snow blow.
It all depends on whether or not there is gas in the snow blower.
@Wipqozn Haha, Valve doesn't like being duped
@Wipqozn Serves 'em right for trying to mislead customers.
It's bad PR for Steam to allow stuff like that.
@fbueckert Plus the entire game is just pay-to-win. It's nothing short of a lazy cash-in to steal customers money.
@fbueckert Yeah, as that article said, makes you wonder about the store pages for other games, how accurate those are
this greenlight thing doesn't seem to be working out very well, tbh
7:36 PM
With any luck this story will end with the warz devs being thrown into a fire
I may be overreacting though.
@agent86 Your face.
towns was hit with pretty much the same criticism
@Wipqozn no your face. BURN
Yeah, I heard the same thing about Towns.
@agent86 whoa, whoa
@Wipqozn Well, you can't buy guns.
@Wipqozn Not the devs. Just the people who thought that churning out crap and tricking people into buying it.
@Wipqozn They saw DayZ and thought "Hey, that's a really popular free game! Let's try to make money off it!"
@agent86 Wait, what?
That it's pay to win?
7:37 PM
but okay, I need to go shovel/snow blow before my mother gets home. That way she doesn't need to do it.
I'm such a good son. Taking the time out of my day to clean the drive way for the parents who let me live at home for free whilst I attend my schoolings.
@SaintWacko Which isn't a bad strategy as long as yours is better.
tortoise blow
@Wipqozn there's a "blow" and "your mom" joke in there somewhere, when you figure it out, make sure you feel BURNED
7:38 PM
@Wipqozn That sounds like what you SHOULD do for someone who doesn't charge you rent.
@Wipqozn Don't you need to leave the house to go to your schoolings?
@agent86 Yeah, but they didn't turn around and go, "Well, you misread what we were saying there. That's your fault."
@fbueckert ehhh, you should read some of the developer quotes in the PAR article I linked. They might not have been as brazen, but it was still a lot of "you should have known before you bought it" type comments in there, and a lot of unfulfilled promises, etc
@agent86 Huh, hadn't heard any of that before. I've been playing Towns since .36 on Desura. It's made quite clear there that it's a WIP
@agent86 I have read that one. I don't think it's quite as blatant as WarZ, though.
7:41 PM
@agent86 I didn't see much in the way of unfulfilled promises there, though
@GraceNote Not during winter break.
And he did apologize for it later.
@fbueckert shrugs I'm mostly saying that a couple of games now have hit the steam store in a state that I don't think people were expecting when they bought from steam. It's a weird model, and I think they've got a long way to go on it.
It was just that it wasn't obvious enough that it was still being worked on
not all WIP games are a disaster, its just the developer of this one being retarded
7:42 PM
@agent86 That they do.
@Wipqozn Alright, so maybe not that venue, but there certainly still is much need for that driveway to be usable, no?
Although, it's not limited to just indie or small studios.
The difference is that the Towns guy is a really nice guy who made a mistake, and DayZ's just trying to get your money.
I also won't be cleaning the driving. All the tools required to do so are in the shed, which my father currently has in his car, which is at work.
For reference, see SOTS 2.
7:42 PM
You probably even leave the house every now and then.
That was a debacle.
@GraceNote Blasphemy!
@GraceNote There is, but no today. I have no plans which require me to leave the house today.
@Wipqozn How does your father fit a shed into his car?
@fbueckert oops, I meant to say he had the shed key.
7:44 PM
@fbueckert Apparently his father has a really nice car.
@GraceNote or a really shitty shed.
Come to think of it we have 3 sheds.
Clearly you can use the one that isn't in your dad's car then.
@Wipqozn Or the entire car acts like a bag of holding.
And that's how the tortoise got stuck in his house forever by never shoveling snow. THE END
@GraceNote But only that one has the shovels and snow blower!
7:46 PM
@Wipqozn You can't clear out a driveway with shovels and a snow blower?
@fbueckert Oh, clown car.
@GraceNote I can, but I can't get into it with taking an axe to the shed. Somehow I don't think my father would appreciate that.
Oh, I misread your statement as "But that one only has[...]" instead of "But only that one has[...]".
So it would seem. The only sheds I could get into are the wood shed, and the motorcycle shed.
@Wipqozn No windows you can open and crawl through? (The number of times I made my sister do that to get toboggans out of the shed is amazing.)
Fashion a shovel from some wood and motorcycle parts
7:50 PM
turns off Windows Defender out of sheer desperation with I/O usage
@BenBrocka I would've suggested fashioning a key instead.
@AshleyNunn I'm not a ninja.
@Wipqozn Oh. The fact that you are not a ninja turtle has disappointed me greatly
@Wipqozn Is it wood or metal?
@GraceNote You have to make the shovel to find the key by clicking in a certain area of the yard. The key unlocks gunpowder which you use to bowl open the door of the second shed, from which you grab a key to the final shed
...doesn't everyone else design their homestead like a 90s point and click adventure game?
7:53 PM
@Ullallulloo Wood.
@BenBrocka No, they design it for convenience and not having to run through multiple steps to accomplish their goal.
Mine is designed like an inventory screen. Everything is readily available and fairly easy to find.
@GraceNote The only things I have close to hand right now are shovels.
@fbueckert You're better off than Wipqozn at this point.
@Wipqozn Would it be hard to just take the lock off?
7:56 PM
@GraceNote but that only has room for an infuriatingly little amount of items!
@fbueckert That doesn't seem logical
@GraceNote I also get probably an order of magnitude more snow.
What if you then run into the broom dungeon?
Speaking of, @TrentHawkins and I will have to do some shovelling when I get home.
@Ullallulloo If this were a viable solution I imagine it defeats the purpose of having a lock.
7:56 PM
Or if you had a claw hammer you could take un-nail a panel and break in as long as you could get it back on.
@GraceNote This.
@badp I don't think we have any brooms.
Q: How do I download a game I traded for?

Meraj99I traded a player in Team Fortress 2 for a copy of DOTA 2. However, I don't know what to do next. Where do I download the game from? This is a bit confusing as this is my first time trading with someone for a game.

Q: Can you prevent a human victim from becoming a zombie after he/she is attacked by a Chryssalid?

G_GlockCan you prevent a human victim from becoming a zombie after he/she is attacked by a Chryssalid? I was wondering if I should grenade my dead soldier after he was taken down by a Chryssalid.

Q: What does Celes' Relic command do?

KatieKI've never been able to figure out how to use Celes' Relic skill to any effect in battle. Is it for a secret boss? What does it do?

Q: How do I add a game to Steam I've purchased somewhere else?

ParalyticWith the addition of Greenlight to Steam a decent amount of games that were normally purchased elsewhere can now be purchased through Steam. I noticed Project Zomboid was among the titles to be added to Steam. I have already purchased Project Zomboid from Desura, and whenever the game is added to...

@GraceNote A pair of heavy duty shears or a torch?
@GraceNote Most locks I've seen are just screwed on.
7:57 PM
if it is like a padlock.
@Ullallulloo this too.
@Ullallulloo It's probably a padlock placed on the doorknob, knowing how most sheds are setup.
@GraceNote Then unscrew the handle?
Most padlocks wouldn't fit on a knob.
@Ullallulloo Sounds like more work than actually shovelling.
If it is a padlock, couldn't you unscrew the panels holding the lock?
@GraceNote It has no door knob. It's a heavy duty padlock which locks down the giant metal bar which prevents the doors from opening.
7:59 PM
@Wipqozn learn to pick locks, noob.
@Wipqozn Locks it onto what?
@agent86 :(
@Wipqozn which reminds me, I need to learn to pick locks.
@Wipqozn Blow torch!
@Ullallulloo This other metal thing that's attached to the shed in some manner.
8:00 PM
@agent86 This is also not too hard, I've heard.
@Ullallulloo re: your starred post... Isn't it WarZ? Not DayZ? <_<
@Fluttershy Yes.
@agent86 What kind of father are you that doesn't know how to pick a lock?
@GraceNote a terrible one, as has been already determined.
@badp Have you just been repeatedly attempting until you hard-figure that there's been a build pushed?
balpha told us
@GraceNote No, balpha announced the change being pushed in the room that doesn't exist
Also, I'm not saying this should happen, but our Community's hat would improve considerably if we happened to close 5 questions as duplicate in the same day
you know. by accident.
@GraceNote Indubitably my dear...uh...Holmes
8:05 PM
@badp We should just get someone to bite the bullet and ask five dups.
grumble Do I really want to whore out my upvotes for a wizard hat? :/
I volunteer the penguin.
@Wipqozn Apparently you volunteered.
@badp Hmm, do the auto-generated flags by community count for the hat?
@Wipqozn *Exploding murder penguin
8:06 PM
@MadScientist Perhaps?
@MadScientist Yes, it can get Yakety Stacks.
If that was true then it just needs to make one more flag.
(The treshold being 5 right?)
@badp What can I do to help captain?
So we either create 5 20+ comment threads, close 5 consecutive questions by the same user or post 5 low-quality posts using sock puppets
@badp Yes, 5 needed for that hat.
8:07 PM
@Wipqozn Nothing! goes off the record and starts whispering a complex, intricated, completely ridicolous plan in @Wipqozn's ear
But if there's already 4 since the start, we'd only need one more.
It sure would be bad if, while I happened to look away, some kind of comment exchange happened on some remote, unviewed question.
I actually wouldn't posit it to be long before we get our next natural flag. Those come in with decent regularity.
Honestly the n00b beanie would be perfectly appropriate for Community... if it wasn't so... so... so... baseline!
I gave it the n00b cap on UX, he doesn't have any other good ones
Not sure why community's gender changed midsentence there
8:16 PM
Does adding a bounty refresh a question? Trying to figure out why my Dota2/LoL answer is bumped.
@Decency yep, the main page shows that the last activity was at the same time as when the bounty was set, by the person that set the bounty
@murgatroid99 Makes sense. Thanks.
what the...
the pizza has pineapple on it
A lot of people. I do, for example.
but why
8:26 PM
@GraceNote My cousin does it as well.
@pixel Because pineapple is delicious.
especially when it was supposed to be a 4 cheese pizza!
it is, but not on pizza
Cheese and pizza work well with pineapple.
I've been putting pineapples on your pizza for years and making it look like cheese. Just to annoy you
Damn it. Now I want pizza.
@Wipqozn I will mail you this one, not sure how well the pineapple will last.
8:27 PM
The hat, the hat!
@Retrosaur Nicely done.
@Retrosaur Nice.
none of the hats will fit my avatar, I either need to change it or go hatless
Q: What is the Atlas's head?

UllallullooI keep hearing that the Atlas's head's hitbox is actually the left eye. Whose left is that though? Is it the attacker's left or the Atlas's left?

This question is definitely a dupe of something, but I don't have time to search for it...
8:32 PM
Q: Can I register a retail boxed copy of a game with Steam?

cowgodI personally do not like to purchase games digitally. There's just something magical about going to the store, picking up a boxed game, staring at the amazing box art, bringing the game home and putting the disc in the drive. That being said, I know that several game distribution companies are ...

@Fluttershy It's kind of a more general version of that Minecraft question

RetrosaurLet's give Lazers his own custom hat. Every robot needs to feel special...sometimes! Well, especially Lazers. Don't neglect the poor guy. Can we do this? Can we pull together as a community and make a hat for LAZERs? I say YES!

@Retrosaur I doubt that will happen
@Retrosaur We need chat hats first.
8:38 PM
Yeah hats don't work in chat
No, on his profile page.
@Retrosaur He doesn't have a profile page.
He's a chat only user.
I hate living in the future, when trying to make plans with someone, and they are not responding to phone/text/FB/Steam/Whatsapp and you are like HOLY CRAP PERSON WHY ARE YOU NOWHERE
my entire life crushed
like that
8:39 PM
@AshleyNunn Just burn down their house.
@Wipqozn I would feel bad for their housemates
@Retrosaur even if it did have an account somewhere, a custom hat would be too much work and a regular hat would require someone to make the bot account have activity
that's lazers' current avatar image
(which @badp set here)
well it beats the hell out of the standard image doesn't it
@badp there's been a request for... wait for it... lazer hatz
8:44 PM
I approve, make it happen
delegation ho!
@Retrosaur see? dreams can come true.
Ah... crap. I may have just left some Kerbals in space
I miss the days when lazers was a servbot
Just leave a ! in front of the URL and SE will try and read it like an image
8:47 PM
TIL @BenBrocka is a pretty swell guy penguin.
@Wipqozn lazers used to be a servbot? That's awesome
@BenBrocka Yes. This was waaay back when If first joined the site. Which must be close to 2 years now.
> member for 1 year, 8 months
incidentally, my IRC bot for arqade questions is called LaServ
Also, Valve is offering full refunds on The WarZ is too lazy to provide a source
wait full refunds?
8:55 PM
if you were among the first to offer rep for the bounty giveaway, check your inbox for a ping, you should be setting bounties today. (well, actually yesterday, but I was on vacation, so nyah)
what happened
we ended up with way more rep than bounties. for shame!
or yay! I can't decide which.
@agent86 You could just up the amount of rep given for each level.
I, for one, wouldn't complain about being given more rep.
@BenBrocka Then people complained
@Wipqozn naah, you've got enough rep.
any more and you'd get a big head
8:58 PM
@badp Those people should be shot repeatedly with a megabuster
> For its part, Valve apologized for letting The War Z onto its service before fully vetting it. "From time to time a mistake can be made and one was made by prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam," a spokesman told Ars. "Those who purchase the game and wish to continue playing it via Steam may do so. Those who purchased the title via Steam and are unhappy with what they received may seek a refund by creating a ticket at our support site here."
@agent86 But I'm greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy.
@BenBrocka I concur.
@Wipqozn we all know this.
I saw you trying to eat that whole tomato
it was like 20x the size of your head, sheesh
9:00 PM
Q: Are Fifa 13 PC players matched against console players?

lrrrggAre PC and console players matched together in multiplayer? Generally speaking, does this happen in other games often ( cross-platform matching )?

@badp raises question "What if I bought WarZ on Steam and want a refund"
@pixel Downvotes for question that has obvious answer.
@fbueckert gets hat for 500 views
@pixel That's all you're really after, isn't it?
@fbueckert I'm not even really going to raise such a question
9:07 PM
@agent86 I could always use more rep for my awesome science-y answers. :P
@fbueckert asking for upvotes is a good way to get downvotes
@fbueckert time's up, losers! I gave you guys like 2 weeks!
@pixel I'm asking for bounties, not upvotes. :P
@agent86 YOU'RE A LOSER
@fbueckert same difference
9:09 PM
Either way, it's a joke; I don't care that much about my rep.
I think I'm going to go make some pasta.
@Wipqozn I just got back from lunch. Since I like my super late lunches, I have less than an hour left of work.
@fbueckert Nice.
Also, insert racist joke about @badp being an expert at making pasta here
@fbueckert Hey, I have less than an hour of work left, too!
9:14 PM
@Wipqozn No, in fact sir, it is you who are the loser. MY LOGIC IS INFALLIBLE!
Has this been posted yet?
It has
I'll still pin yours instead of mine
They should implement starred list support for mobile...
9:23 PM
There. Now to see if this question on Sharepoint.SE breaks my cycle.
Personally, I'm not holding out any hope.
On a work-related note:
Q: Site owner permissions are not allowing user to view unpublished pages

fbueckertI'm running into somewhat of an odd issue. All of my site collections have been created as Blank Sites, and I've enabled features as required. One of the features that's been enabled on every site is the Publishing Infrastructure (at the site collection level) and the Server Publishing (at the ...

Anyone who has an account on Sharepoint.SE, please upvote; I need reps to place bounties to do my job.
@pixel And yes, here, I am asking for upvotes.
Just so I can spend it.
here's a question, why would any sane person have an account on sharepoint.se?
@pixel Me? Because I have to use it to do my job.
I said "sane" person
@pixel I don't count as sane. Got it.
well no, you have a sharepoint.se site, that's kind of a given!
9:28 PM
@pixel Technically, I have two.
Or, if you want to get really fancy, four.
@fbueckert :O that's naughty!
@fbueckert that's even more naughty
do you know what though?
I don't mind, I have 15 hats
@pixel You and hats.
@fbueckert I'm not that bad with hats, it's a good job they're not shoes
Clarification: You and collectibles.
@fbueckert I'd prefer collectables to sharepoint.
9:31 PM
@pixel ...what wouldn't you prefer over SharePoint?
@GraceNote good, strong, and well made point
Ritualistic infanticide?
that's one thing
I also would take sharepoint over the new tomb raider game
It appears that claims of rape scenes have been greatly exaggerated
you mean retrospectively changed to save themselves from getting destroyed
9:33 PM
Q: Why isn't spawn-protection protecting the spawn?

SevenSidedDieI've run into a headache setting up a Minecraft server (using the FTB modpack). Having set up a sweet open air spawn-jail and moved the spawn point into it (using MCedit), I started hitting things as a non-op and noticed that the default spawn protection of 16 blocks radius wasn't enough to keep ...

Q: Keeping League of Legends questions up to date

theoriseI am really finding it frustrating keeping my League of Legends questions up to date as patches and new seasons bring huge changes to the games meta, mechanics and options. Examples are new maps, remade pve data (variable mob strength), remade champions, new champions, remade items and new items....

@pixel That's speculation
You earned Gotta Catch 'Em All! on Arqade!
16 hats
how many hidden hats are there?
That's a good query, innit?
I have the four posted on meta already
I'm not posting anymore questions and answers until rep resets
(because otherwise I'll have no time to play guild wars 2)
speaking of which
@OrigamiRobot what time are you home?
@pixel ...you have until the 5th to collect hats, roughly :P
9:43 PM
@pixel Not till late.
@OrigamiRobot blaaaaaaaaaah
@badp yes but during that time I have to rep cap 5 times, have christmas, have new years
@pixel There are hats for Christmas and New Years.
@GraceNote yeah I have to upvote somebody on christmas day and say something outrageous in chat on new years eve
NP, got it covered
9:57 PM
A: Train maintenance in openttd

Aaron KurtzhalsShamelessly copying from Jon; According to the wiki, the "Two-Way" path signal triggers a penalty in the pathfinder algorithm for trains passing through it on it's back side. I'd venture a guess that when a train is trying to find a maintenance depot, there may be a bug (or feature) where the pa...

this answer is an exact word for word copy of one of the comments

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