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12:18 AM
Q: Solution to scary programming/project management situation?

neoleoI'm a newbie programmer in a troubling situation and wondered if anyone knew best practices for dealing with this type of project management problem. After a rough job-search, I finally found a contract job to port an arcane system from an old OS to a new one. I was up front about having little...

This was posted on Project Management SE. It seems like it would be on-topic here, but I thought I'd check here before migrating.
12:49 AM
Okay, so I edited this post
Q: Politely and professionally declining overtime

foampileI work as a contractor at a large company most of you have heard of. I've been there for three months, working on a small team where I am noticeably the most seasoned developer (not by age). So far it's been a good relationship. However, as of a couple of weeks ago, they started demanding week...

Hoping it addresses the issues.
The main problem I see is the invalidated answers. I updated mine. If this is a problem, we can rollback the edits. But I'd prefer we let the asker @foampile decide, since it's original revision has some issues.
Relevant meta discussion:
Q: Is it acceptable to ask questions from the past?

GreenMattAs someone who's been in the workforce for a while, I have experienced some situations which others may encounter in the future. As such, I think it may be useful to pose questions about these situations, even though resolution has occurred. Thus, is it okay post such an experience as a questio...

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5:01 AM
@jmort253: Thanks, jmort. A small edit is definitely preferable to a closure. Glad to have you aboard!
13 hours later…
5:33 PM
@YannisRizos I feel like the only person here who isn't on the programmers SE :)
@jmort253 stop being ebil
i am sure the community "elders" will find a way to pidgeonhole any post into the category of "non constructive" if they see it as challenging the establishment they stand to support. everything is subjective and political and this forum will only go as far in helping a worker as giving him advice how to fare within the status quo but any idea that goes beyond will be met with rebuke and censorship. — foampile 1 hour ago
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6:38 PM
@jmort253 I think it was a great edit.
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7:49 PM
@enderland Nah - there's at least two of us! The demographics - or maybe "user segmentation" of Workplace.se does seem to be a bit skewed towards certain countries and careers, from time to time.. :-)
8:15 PM
wooo! Though I do a lot of programming myself... so maybe I'm still not a good example :)
... and am currently being vampired on by a help-vampire friend for programming questions :)
9:00 PM
@enderland on your nexus 4 do you hear static/a high pitched whine when you have your speaker pressed directly against your ear? I get it just a bit, even when not in a call
I have no idea if it's normal with the phone or if it's something I should send it in for
I don't think so?
I've not been aware of it
I'm getting a bunch from the comptuer I'm next to now @BenBrocka so it's hard to know :)
Sounds like you need a better cooling system on the PC :P
eh it's a massively powerful desktop - 8 core 3.47GHz
Still shouldn't be whining...mine's 4 core 4.2 Ghz and I keep it reasonably quite...despite the crappy stock CPU cooler (replacement's coming) and my Mobo not letting me set the other fans' speeds
Not sure what's up but adjusting the PWM in speedfan only affects 2 of the case fans
it might also be the quadro 6000 graphics card
... both of them
9:19 PM
@enderland impressive...ly expensive :P
What do you have 'em for?
I work in a facility where we do lots of real time 3D graphics visualization
(aka virtual reality)
I think this machine has two
at least one, for sure...
@enderland Ah
it is quite nice for things such as this
a few months ago we had a Halloween Fun House (for young kids) which was projected on a clusterized 20' by 20' projector wall :)
9:39 PM
it was fun
we had rigged up some powerpoint clickers to let kids "cast spells" :)
and have stuff happen on the big screen
9:51 PM
they were totaly awesome wands too. good times

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