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3:33 AM
Where's @Brady when you need him? wordpress.stackexchange.com/users/22493/lily-peng
Spamathon 3-3.me/MtvH
2 hours later…
5:48 AM
@BrianFegter This lily peng has been repeat offending for a number of days.. hasn't their account been deleted several times?
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
SE network updates: Reopen Votes review queue has been introduced to vote whether or not to reopen closed questions.
posted on October 17, 2012

Reopen Votes review queue has been introduced to vote whether or not to reopen closed questions.

1 hour later…
8:27 AM
@BrianFegter why would I be here at 4:33AM?
9:00 AM
morning all
@Brady please do not delete these spam accounts anymore. To get an IP ban we have to preserve the user’s history.
@toscho OK... but these spam accounts just change their IP's most of them are on dynamic generated ones, so blocking the IP you are potentially blocking someone legit
true ^
@Brady This user is using the same IP address all the time.
And no one else has ever used that IP.
can you traceroute and see if its an ISP level address? you can normally tell
9:05 AM
Still doesnt change the fact that once a user is banned they change their IP and that banned IP then will be given to an inocent user
but anyway I wont destroy spam accounts anymore
I will leave you or another moderator to deal with IP blocking
@userabuser The best I can get is what my tool and a trace are telling me.
@Brady Post links to these accounts to the mod room.
I've been removing the links in their posts as soon as I see them... everyone should do the same. Site gets crawled quickly and they know that... which is why they spam in first place.
BL from good PR/TR site + if you want to get your site indexed quickly thats a smart move in addition to directly submitting your sitemap, if an authority link gives you a BL straight up, the initial algo may place you higher in the SERPs before readjustments or manual review.. depends. Anyway, best to hit them where it hurts..
in the bURLs
@Brady can you not block on registered email address & username combo .. i believe thats the most common method for social networks. As you say, IP block doesnt work as most people don't have a static IP and block Username doesn't work either.
@userabuser just translating here .. BL = backlinks from a good PR page rank ... but what is TR?
@Damien Trust Rank
@Damien we cannot block users, just delete and destroy.
9:21 AM
PR ain't everything, even though its a highly praised metric, TR is a different game altogether. They go hand in hand - sure, but a high PR doesn't always guarantee it will influence "trust".
we can also suspend a user, but then he will create just another account
@toscho if you do it based on registered email address then at least it means the user has to go back to gmail and start again
@toscho True, but let them. How many accounts do you think they will create before they give up?
@Damien Very true, and much better approach.
the other common way is to authenticate the user - by sending them an SMS with a 1 time code
if they dont enter the code, they can't 'do' anything
@Damien email addresses are not validated. you can create a temporary account with any fake address.
9:23 AM
that'd be ideal, but does stack want to fork out the cash for that I wonder?
hmm don't Stack send out a registration email with a validation link already?
@Damien yes, but you don't have to click that to be able post.
so then it just makes sense to change that bit of logic
the easy access is what made Stack Exchange so successful
I think a good approach would be to place first time questions into a queue for moderation. So, the user can ask a question, and they would see it on site, however no one else will except for either moderators or people with specific rep who need to approve it before its live.
9:28 AM
I believe under silly treason / antidiscrimination / harrasment laws in most countries SE would have to track IP and email in case I complained about someone threatening me or worse
@userabuser validation on email address is still best ... at least SE could then block that email across the network
TTFN must work
or validation required for your post to go live... so you can still register and ask your question with ease...
2 hours later…
11:31 AM
@Brady Because you're everywhere at all times.
12:12 PM
Q: How to use search_columns in WP_User_Query?

Ajay PatelI am using WP_User_Query to search use by name, ID, email etc... In that case I need to use search_columns field to pass ID or email of user. What i am doing is $my_users = new WP_User_Query( array( 'role' => $role, 'offse...

1 hour later…
1:12 PM
The UI is really easy to follow and pretty interesting. Makes tracing the routes of discussions finally worth the effort. This. Thing. Just. Works.
I saw this a while back didn't give it much thought, but it should be called tangent
I should probably reconsider now.... :) I like
Why do they need the ability to post with my Twitter account?
tweet about it and then lets start a branch to discuss it?
I want to keep control over my Twitter account. Who knows what happens once they get hacked.
some days I think how cute it would be if Twitter just closed the doors one day :) imagine the chaos...
1:26 PM
@toscho Lilly Peng will be sending tweets from your account instead of WPSE I suppose
1:40 PM
Q: Append query arg for all links (for administrators only)

ZachIn a sticky situation - I'm developing a site on a server that the client has access to as well and what I'd like to do is show WP_DEBUG only for administrators. Referencing Yoast's article on a way around this: if ( isset($_GET['debug']) && $_GET['debug'] == 'true') define('WP_DEBUG...

↑ good question.
3 hours later…
4:42 PM
Maybe you don’t know it already: [ask] in a comment is expanded to a link to How to ask, and [answer] to How to answer.
4:58 PM
@toscho nice, I need to note shortcuts somewhere... command line problem - need to keep it all in head :)
@toscho Where are those shortcuts listed?
there is more in my sidebar helper toscho.de/md
@BrianFegter somewhere on Meta Stack Overflow
@toscho I started using faq <- in comments.. which is cool..
Please [edit] your question, do not add comments! :)
would be good to get [codex#function_name]
5:04 PM
functions have no predictable address in the Codex.
@toscho is there one for the FAQ? faq?
ooo works in chat...
[faq] and [faq#anchor]
sorry didnt realize it converted lol
@userabuser query_posts instead?
@StephenHarris would be ideal..
faq (be nice)
@userabuser I lobbied for linking function names, never got anywhere... look for topic on meta
5:32 PM
@kaiser - are you using your GitHub plug-in updater at all? Have you noticed any peculiarities?
@StephenHarris Yea with a single repo - but I currently don't remember if I activated it and if it's working. To be honest, I don't even know which plugin it was. Got maybe 100+ own around here... :P
@kaiser k. I'm using (outside of GitHub) - noticed that sometimes updates appear then disappear, take 2/3 page loads to appear etc. Very odd...
Bethany Marzewski on October 17, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re growing pretty quickly over here at Stack Exchange. But just because they’re last doesn’t mean they’re least – so say hello to our newest hires!

Diandra Partridge, Office Manager


Diandra steps in as the office manager for our new Denver hub. A graduate of Amherst College, Diandra is happy to be back in her hometown as a member of the Stack Exchange team. Her current obsessions include (but are not limited to) Adventure Time, musical theater, and Tard the Grumpy Cat. …

5:52 PM
Q: White Blank Page when Updating and Publishing Page/Post

markyeojI have a serious problem here, every time I publish and update a page/post it displays a white blank page.. here I don't know how to fix it.. is there anyone that can help me? Thanks :)

Most useless screen shot ever.
@toscho lol!
6:13 PM
yeaaaaah @Rarst
@Aarthi that happy yeah or bad news kinf of yeah?
you'll see it as bad :( but it's not bad!
do continue
So, we're going to decline to sponsor the event at large -- we've been rethinking how we do brand awareness activities and, until we have a real brand in place, we're going to pass on sponsoring stuff to have our name on the print materials.
That said, we want to keep supporting you all!
We're more than happy to give away swag, support specific users, etc.
What can we do that would be better / more hands-on than simply writing a check?
Heck, I have a huge bag of lanyards I could give @EAMann
6:17 PM
well, good like finding any... either not coming or been sponsored by someone else. Eric will likely attend under 10UP flag
also WP brass is not happy about getting sponsor benefits without being sponsor, so giving stuff away just because is kinda forbidden, was hot scandal in the past
Well indeed. nothing about that thing can go right for me so to heck with it... back to sabbatical
Our point still stands: we aren't the right size to really have brand awareness be a priority for us. Beyond that, we prefer doing real one-on-one material contributions that can be brought back to the userbase.
@Rarst :( What's wrong? You wanna talk?
I was really sad to hear your visa was denied
6:21 PM
@Aarthi about wpcs or in general?
@Rarst either or both. you know me, I'm made of hugs.
well wpcs parts you know, in general work drove me miserable so I am on unpaid leave :) it's a good thing... relatively
6:39 PM
@Rarst that's awful!
but i'm glad you get to be away from the place that makes you miserable for a while
@Aarthi could go better, could go worse :) I am joking that one day I will make SE hire me to deal with your community blog network ;)
@Rarst actually, we are hiring....
dunno about blogs but hey it's worth a shot...
@Aarthi not at current scale and you seem to need US based folks so far
@Rarst not really! We have a couple of devs in Europe already
@Aarthi western or eastern? ;)
6:45 PM
west and central~ :D
well, eastern is whole other bunch of crap :\
i say, apply. why not? the worst that happens is we say, "not right now."
@Rarst aww
as above - I don't think you need it... yet. and I am not exactly decompressed enough to be filled with desire for work :)
but if you suddenly need WP dev - you know where WPSE is :) reminds me I need to fill out my careers profile some time
yes yes you should
and i'll bear that in mind, promise :)
@Aarthi ......maybe write it down instead :P
6:55 PM
yes yes
1 hour later…
@kaiser %) monster
@Rarst Me did 200+ only once in ~2 years... Don't want to see this guys graph in one week %)
@kaiser I don't remember precisely but I doubt I hit 200+ more than couple times... but I doubt it sticks, folks who stand with epic hike tend to disappear after that
@Aarthi Btw: You can tell your work mates, that the EPIC Badge should be platinum or rare earth here over at WPSE :P
@Rarst Fr, 21st Oct. '11 » 350 ... Now who's the monster ;)
And it was 11 times for you. So maybe you get that badge in 2035.
8:09 PM
wow, actually like 8 times for me... heck, twice in a row once...
11? I missed some :)
@kaiser there was 300 bounty...
LEGENDARY Badge ... I doubt that there will ever be someone.
yea, that one is so not happening
I guess, I'll get the Area 51/Beta-user badge before this one :)
@Aarthi Honestly: Don't you guys somehow adjust the badges to specific site users voting behavior?
out of gold ones I am aiming for Electorate and Marshal next probably...
although getting Marshal for mods is paaaaain
oh, and Copy Editor :) there are some tags in need of massacre
Sadly there's no progress bar for most of the badges.
8:18 PM
@kaiser nope; currently, badges are universal
@Aarthi Too bad. There're lots of Badges that will likely never happen in here. Thanks anyway.
@all anyone know file storage service that shows previews (for example for images) in the ui itself
»Please ask anything you need to know.« ... wouldn't it be easier if people just start telling what we need instead. sigh
@Wyck ...computer?
@Rarst I have heard of them, I would like to know more
8:26 PM
@Wyck I don't quite follow what you mean by "in the ui"... web interface? some gizmo with integrated screen?
@Rarst I was referring to a sass, like for example s3, but that provides actual previews of images/media and permission control/large amounts of storage and a dummy could use
like a ui for users and not devs
ah, I though about hardware for some reason
Dropbox loosely fits
I found really cool one from europe, but it's permission system is lacking
called filecamp
I have actually never used dropbox maybe ill have a look
it's more on a user side than service... if you are thinking about embedding media and stuff probably doesn't fit
ya it seems centric to one user, I hate services that charge /user
8:31 PM
there is dropbox.com/teams but I never used it
ya looking at that, dont see how that competes with google/microsoft which is 5$/user
+ you get a lot more with those 2
Dropbox did a thing that people actually like to use and charges extra for that
Google/Microsoft ideas for file sharing are... dead on arrival
ya I agree, though mediafire also has a desktop client and is way cheaper for teams
for a thing that had hype rumours without any foundation for years Google Drive flopped like...
I think google+ cleared all the water out of the pool
8:35 PM
@Wyck meaning?
@Rarst bellyflop
ah... well, Wave was revolutionary but had no internal support and they killed it. Plus is meh, but management is all behind it.
I consider it a flop, though some might disagree
I actually dont mind +, but here is the thing, no one uses it
they are currently pushing it despite it being a flop... and when google really pushes something and sticks it into every corner of every service it becomes flop with serious presence
I wish they were that dedicated to Wave :( it was about single online service that I deeply wished to succeed
ya it a tough cookie, they need it for their search metrics, but they can really use it for real data if no one is using it.
8:40 PM
"As of September 2012, it has a total of 400 million registered users of whom 100 million are active on a monthly basis" not that bad actually... maybe not on Google scale, but 100M users is not that little
First time I had to hit roll back on an edit a user made to his own question.
> However, on February 28, 2012 Todd Wasserman from Mashable reported Google+ users are only spending 3.3 minutes monthly on Google+ which is a downward trend from 4.8 minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November compared to Facebook users currently spending 7.5 hours using Facebook monthly.
ok, it's crappy 100M :)
what ive noticed is people are just using it for seo, also I read there they have a fake user problem that is larger than facebooks, 3 minutes a month um ya that's not social
then again if they integrate it more with youtube, we will get all those awesome comments
1 hour later…
9:55 PM
We got get_attachment_taxonomies() sind 2.5 ? I can't even find any point in the UI where I could attach a taxonomy to an attachment. What's up there? Unused function?
@kaiser Look at the new attachment screen.
@toscho Ok. Thanks. Take makes it implemented ~15 versions later, but anyway: Nice.
New attachment screen with a custom taxonomy Orte.
10:18 PM
@toscho One of the reasons why I like Isreal.
11:10 PM
@toscho think it's worth it to compile list of boilerplate replies for all mods to use? (should be comment, plugin rec is off topic, etc)
@Rarst I don’t know. Might look too automated?
it already looks automated, the only difference is text of message between mods :)
Sorry, but this is not [an answer](wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/how-to-answer).
[Ask a new question.](wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/ask) Please don’t misuse the answer field for questions. Thanks.
Sorry, but this is a [shopping question](blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/11/qa-is-hard-lets-go-shopping).
Plugin recommendations are [off topic](meta.wordpress.stackexchange.com/q/1217/73) now.
Disable all plugins and switch to TwentyEleven. Does it still happen?
Each line is a note in Opera.
I've added mine but too late to edit yawn, tomorrow.
A: Prevent posts with links to jsfiddle and no code

Kevin MontroseThe code's been checked in, and will go out in the next build is now active on all (non-meta) sites. What code you ask? Well, we talked this over and decided the problem isn't really jsfiddle it's just super short posts that contain links as the bulk of their content*. Put another way, there a...

11:21 PM
how does that anchors again... faq
Did you see my sidebar?
yeah, that's what got me started
It has a SE section.
Dear lazy chat: Could someone please make a plugin from this? Client-side error logging
I tried to make WP plugin for Opera quick start thingie... batshit crazy scaling issues, dropped it... it feels like Opera folks have ideas but no pressure to make them polished since they are underdog anyway
@Rarst Quick start?
11:34 PM
thumbs on empty tab
whatever it is called I have interface set to russian
Wait, I have a plugin for that …
figures... :)
Latest posts and comments, you can provide your own template in a theme.
I will henceforth replace my development with asking you for ready-made solution
More time for moderation. :D
… and answering questions.
Uhm, dangit.
11:45 PM
crap I have in Opera notes... WP backdoor circa 2010 (probably doesn't even work thanks to core updates :), jeans discount code... oh, need to order winter jeans. after I beat money out of bank at last.

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