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7:00 PM
@RonanForman You're actually a complement. Oh burn!
Prison Architect looks really interesting. Has anyone played any other games by this dev?
@Wipqozn What is he a complement to?
They made Uplink, Darwinia, and DEFCON.
I've heard of them but never seen or played them.
Darwinia is fabulous.
@StrixVaria They are an excellent game company, and I'm sure this game will be great.
7:02 PM
@SaintWacko Everything.
Defcon was great, if it's the one I'm thinking of.
I'm so annoyed that they're not making Subversion anymore.
I'm really tempted to buy Prison Architect.
I also really need to stop buying every game that looks interesting, though.
@StrixVaria I don't think you'll regret this.
@StrixVaria Play Just Cause 2!
And Skydrift!
7:04 PM
@RonanForman If I toss in an extra $10 I get all their other games too...
@GnomeSlice It's in the queue.
@StrixVaria I'd do that for Uplink, it's a terrific game.
@RonanForman Quick synopsis?
You guys all still need to play this.
@StrixVaria You're a hacker, you hack into things, don't get caught.
@RonanForman That sounds pretty cool.
Ugh I can't believe I'm about to spend another $40 on games.
7:05 PM
You can also kill people by blowing up your computer.
I thought it wasn't.
@RonanForman Wouldn't that kill you?
@RedRiderX You remote access the computer in question.
@RonanForman Oh, so you blow up THEIR computer.
You wouldn't keep all your hacking equipment in your home would you.
@GnomeSlice No, you own it
7:06 PM
@RonanForman That doesn't seem very cost effective.
Holy crap this alpha gameplay video is hilarious.
I want the game just because of how great the pitch video is.
@GnomeSlice It's either that or be arrested.
If you're remotely accessing it, how can they arrest you?
@GnomeSlice Log files I guess.
7:09 PM
@StrixVaria So... Sim Prison?
> Game breaking bugs! Such as: Loaded a save game, and every prisoner now has an electric drill.
@GnomeSlice Actually the company you work for disowns you too, so permadeath.
I still don't see any of you playing Out There Somewhere
Fun fact! There are too many games.
7:12 PM
@StrixVaria Animated GIFs can have (almost) any delay between frames, in 1ms steps if I remember correctly, even different between each frame. They can also choose if they loop or not.
@RonanForman That's for sure. I have so many games in my Steam library I've never even installed
Q: Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey?

pixelHow do I complete the achievement 'Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey'? Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey Collect all 30 Golden Hoplings hidden around the Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty.

7:32 PM
@badp o.O
thegatekeeper on September 24, 2012

Patch 1.0.5 has been brewing for some time now, and it recently went into testing mode. As of currently, you can log into the PTR (Public Test Realm) and test out the new patch by following the instructions here.


The patch is going to be adding some pretty neat end-game content to the game that was really fun to do in Diablo 2.



Here is a rundown:


Infernal Machine

For people that played Diablo 2 this is the same thing as Uber Bosses. The player has to first construct a tool aptly named the “Inferno Machine”, then use it to access the special versions of the current …

Why I hate china:
well it's not times new roman, but it's certainly CLOSE ENOUGH
7:37 PM
@StackExchange Don't like the use of "our site" when it links to an external, non-SE site in this blog post
@badp LoL you dont like the font of his name?
@Sterno oh lord. That's that guy who was spamming and stearing content, isn't it?
@James Non pixelated fonts? IN MY MINECRAFT?!
@badp Hahah, that is why its -my- minecraft :D
EVERYTHING in Minecraft is cubes. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!
7:40 PM
Steam is the fucking dumbest thing ever.
@James You're (sic) minecraft is heretic and you should feel heretic.
You can't send friend invites if you have no games?
@badp Yes, I am proud :)
What kind of retardery is that.
@GnomeSlice That's correct, you can only be friended
7:40 PM
@GnomeSlice lol
@badp Stupid
@GnomeSlice No, spam
Make account, spam people, get banned, start over.
New users don't show up in the steam community search right away either
it's really hard to find them
@GnomeSlice You have your profile URL right?
@badp Yes, but the other person couldn't add me.
7:42 PM
You can send people there
@GnomeSlice I guess it's their problem, then
I had to get them to go on the steam website and give me theirs
do it backwards
@GnomeSlice if you've recently played with this person on a steamworks enabled game then perhaps (this is more than a little broken unfortunately) you'll find him in your players list
"View" → "Players"
@badp I haven't, they JUST made a Steam account.
@GnomeSlice Can't they just add one of the free games?
I wanted to give them a game.
7:44 PM
@Sterno That's not enough, you need to either buy a game or add funds to your wallet
@GnomeSlice All you need is their email address then
@Sterno Are there... oh, hey, I guess Super Crate Box is on Steam now.
Well, Fortix is $.99
@badp Yeah, I know.
@RedRiderX Woops, just closed Steam in the middle of a conversation.
Receiving a gift will also lift the new user restriction
Forgot that the chat wasn't separate.
@badp Good.
7:45 PM
or activating a product (cough indie bundle 6 cough)
@GnomeSlice Guess it went kaput. :)
@RedRiderX That was like my favourite line.
> Aww maan, automatische kaput again?
@GnomeSlice He does have quite a way of pronouncing it.
The sky police are pretty funny too.
7:52 PM
@RedRiderX I remember that they would randomly spout utter trite some time.
I don't remember what ever of it was though.
> I don't know whether to pick my nose or scratch my butt
Q: How is unit maintenance cost calculated?

RosarchEach additional unit I build adds to my maintenance cost, but I'm not sure how. Is it just a function of how many units I have? Does the marginal cost of each unit increase as more are alive at a single time? Do some units cost more to maintain than others?

Q: What are the Transmuting formulas in Torchlight 2?

MikeDoes anyone have a full list of transmuting formulas? And how do you unlock them?

Lol, when you enter the casino.
@GnomeSlice He does have unique sayings.
I'm really disappointed with the ending though...
@GnomeSlice Well please don't tell me then :P
I think I'm pretty close now...
@GnomeSlice Stuff like "I need a manicure."
7:55 PM
Titanic sinks <-- spoiler alert
@RedRiderX Ah, right.
I also find it hilarious the way you can grab those flying robots, and then bash them on the ground until they break.
@MarkTrapp Zeus damn it Mark!
@MarkTrapp OMG 4 REALS!?
@MarkTrapp :( I was just about to watch that movie tonight...
7:56 PM
There's just something incredibly funny about the way that looks, to me.
Now every RPG is literally ruined forever for me
7:58 PM
1) Then cut the wire leading to the head of the bomb
2) But first remove the fuse
@StrixVaria ...Who?
What is it with you people and violent unwillingness to provide any sort of information to anyone else.
8:01 PM
What is it with you and violent unwillingness to use Google or Wikipedia or any other reference that normal people use to look facts up
@GnomeSlice My information! My precious!
I don't have internet.
Besides, I don't flip out over it...
@MarkTrapp Barely.
8:02 PM
@StrixVaria The explanation is much simpler and actually not the first of its kind
You can't just make up things willy-nilly and then say "well even though I made a definitive declarative statement that's so obviously false I didn't mean it cuz you didn't say no take-backs"
Like another certain dutch person we used to know, @GnomeSlice doesn't exist
Hyperbole ( ; Greek: hyperbolē, "exaggeration") is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally. Hyperboles are exaggerations to create emphasis or effect. As a literary device, hyperbole is often used in poetry, and is frequently encountered in casual speech. An example of hyperbole is: "The bag weighed a ton". Hyperbole helps to make the point that the bag was very heavy, although it is not probable that it would actually weigh a ton. In rhetoric, som...
Occam's razor this biatches!!
8:04 PM
I don't care about it enough to waste a bunch of time trying to find whatever that is.
@MarkTrapp You totally can man. Like, totally. My bff Jill.
@GnomeSlice if you don't care enough to look it up then nobody cares enough to answer your inane questions
@MarkTrapp buuurrrn
8:06 PM
snaps three times mmmmhmm
@MarkTrapp I can picture you as a fat black woman.
So much sassy in this chat room
Ready for XCOM
@Sterno What's XCOM? I'd look it up myself, but I don't have internet.
oh it's this remake of a game that's from a long time ago that's really fun with aliens and cannon fodder team mates
8:12 PM
@Sterno I'm so looking forward to that. I love the original, and it looks like they did a pretty good job of staying true to it
@Sterno Want.
I also want this prison simulation game for no good reason.
Okay. I need a topic for my website (for a class).\
I'm currently leaning towards My Little Pony.
@Wipqozn tortoises and the terrapins who love them
@MarkTrapp Good idea!
Q: Does blowing an NES cartridge really help the system play it?

Borror0It is commonly believed that, if your Nintendo cannot read the cartridge, often removing the cartridge, blowing into it and putting it back in your NES will help to fix the problem. Is there any truth to that belief or is it just all confirmation bias?

Does GTFO not catch that tag?
8:16 PM
@MarkTrapp Why are you always such an ass to me.
@Wipqozn My Little Brony man.. Spread the word!
@StrixVaria GTFO?
@GnomeSlice Nobody's out to get you. What you should've taken away from this, and other exchanges from people along the same lines, is that you frequently ask really dumb questions that can be easily answered on your own, and that people don't like it when you do that, so maybe you should stop doing that
@Wipqozn Gaming Topics From Outside
@James I don't know, Tortoises are very awesome.
@StrixVaria ad, okay, Badp must have renamed it again.
8:19 PM
@Wipqozn I dunno man.. Your first suggestion was MLP, Not Tortoises, so I think you have a bit of self hate going on.. a little.. Pony envy as it were.
@James ...maybe.
@MarkTrapp Just because I could Google some name and possibly figure out who it is doesn't mean it's a 'dumb question'.
Maybe I want to hear it from someone else.
Well that's a stupid flag.
@GnomeSlice Yes it does, that's the very definition of a dumb question. Stop treating people like they're your personal research assistant or Siri: we're not here just because you're too lazy
Googling takes literally 2 seconds
8:22 PM
asking 'who' when someone mentions a name (probably from a video game) is hardly asking someone to write an essay for me, man...
@Wipqozn What got flagged?
@MarkTrapp Maybe for you...
10 mins ago, by Wipqozn
@Sterno What's XCOM? I'd look it up myself, but I don't have internet.
@GnomeSlice It often happens that you lose context on what people are talking abount and then suddenly you wake up and need a recap of what people's talking about
@Wipqozn That was flagged why???
8:23 PM
and it's the recapping more than the asking that personally kind of bothers me (read the backlog!)
Did someone seriously flag that?
@StrixVaria Yes.
@James Cuz it makes fun of GnomeSlice:
21 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
I don't have internet.
@James Don't ask why people flag stuff, that way lies madness
8:23 PM
@MadScientist says the not so sane scientist :D
@Ullallulloo Friendly banter is okay
@badp Scroll up a bit. It looks like Gaming Topics From Outside is missing the relevant tag from Skeptics.
@James Well, I did wonder why people flag stuff. You can see what happened to me
@StrixVaria I'm fairly certain the GTFO feed is set to all sites
GTFO is the worst name.
8:24 PM
@badp I didn't agree with it, but that's why it got flagged.
@badp Yes but the tag on Skeptics is , not . I have no clue how the feed is set up. I just noticed it didn't get posted here.
@GnomeSlice You're asking stuff that you can literally figure out if you typed in the phrase "who is aeris" into Google. It's the first hit. You get relentlessly berated every time you say something really stupid or ask a really dumb question: you can fix that, on your own, by Googling first. Take responsibility for your life and stop trying to pass your failings onto others
@Ullallulloo I think the flagger of that would deserve a bit of a time out if that is the case.. that is seriously sad man.
@MarkTrapp Someone could also just say 'it's___'
8:26 PM
Which would take roughly the same amount of time.
@James Stupid flagging is not a bannable offense, abusive flagging is but in chat it's a lot of effort to do something about that.
@GnomeSlice If it takes the same amount of time, just Google it and don't waste other people's time
@StrixVaria the videogames tag has 7 questions all over the network, with videogame at 3
Q: Does blowing an NES cartridge help the system play it?

Borror0It is commonly believed that, if your Nintendo cannot read the cartridge, often removing the cartridge, blowing into it and putting it back in your NES will help to fix the problem. Is there any truth to that belief or is it just all confirmation bias?

8:26 PM
@MadScientist Going to keep on talking about it until we gain enough outraged blues in here :D
It doesn't hurt to add the tag.
Unless people are annoyed at that feed anyway.
There, added
@James You need SE devs to do something about that, more blues won't help
@badp Can you change the name?
@GnomeSlice Yes, I set the name in the first place
8:27 PM
@MadScientist Yeah, there is only madness to my methods most of the time :(
@GnomeSlice I think it's meant to be a joke.
@James If it wasn't meant as a joke, then I could agree with it though.
@badp Can you change it to something else? 'GTFO' is a really bad name... not to mention it's vulgar.
@GnomeSlice Gaming Topics From Outside is vulgar?
Which part?
@Wipqozn I agree, that is pretty stupid
8:29 PM
GTFO is vulgar.
@GnomeSlice That's not what it's called.
It's just an unfortunate acronym.
@GnomeSlice The name was actually different when I added the feed, then I think LessPop suggested something that matched the image's "GTFO"
so Strix has it backwards
@badp 'GamingNotOnGaming' was a better name.
@badp :/ I had it backwards on purpose to play devil's advocate.
8:30 PM
Jun 20 at 16:37, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@QAdley Petition to rename @GamingnotonGaming to @GamingTopicsFromOutside - can we do this @QAdp?
> I don't know how awesome they are. If you've never worn pants before, don't you dare talk to me, i just need a team of ex-merc to tend to donate all of my more interesting enemies, but regardless, it's an attribute of error.
@GraceNote I am error.
@GraceNote I've read that three times, and it still doesn't make sense
Q: Does blowing an NES cartridge help the system play it?

Borror0It is commonly believed that, if your Nintendo cannot read the cartridge, often removing the cartridge, blowing into it and putting it back in your NES will help to fix the problem. Is there any truth to that belief or is it just all confirmation bias?

It's a testament to the fact we need markov chain generators in here some day.
8:32 PM
@GraceNote I think that sentence might be a run on sentence it doesn't really have enough periods or other punctuation I don't like it.
I can get behind "If you've never worn pants before, don't you dare talk to me"
@GraceNote Hm, I think I used something like that in Logic class
Except not random, just 1/0
@SaintWacko Markov chains pretty much build couples or triples of words that are statistically likely to come one after the ather and then chain them together in "sentences."
Ah, I figured it was something like that at first, but then Wikipedia seemed to say something different
I might be wrong then
8:36 PM
Oh, I see, I should have looked for Markov text generator, instead of a Markov chain generator
Well, the above example comes from a chatroom I was in, long before Stack Exchange even existed, in which the chains were generated through text logs of the room.
Ah, in the before times.
oh, that's cool
I bet there were a lot of IRC bots with that capability
There probably still are too
8:42 PM
Sometimes they actually resemble real sentences. Like, "Ikaruga is too cool for school soon =P"
That Ikaruga s/he's such a card
Oh man, she didn't even watch the trailer for Dungeon Defenders....
She says she likes fantasy games, but 'nothing with too much fighting'...
huh, why does steam show her downloads in K in mine in GB
Maybe hers aren't large enough to warrant GB?
No, nevermind.
Q: Is it possible to respec all skill points?

Kyle TraubermanIn town, there is an NPC that lets me respec the last 3 skills I chose, but I want to respec everything. Is there a way to reset my skill points and start over?

Q: Which is more important for a tanks survivability, Toughness or Vitality?

Emerica.I am building my Gaurdian to be very tanky but I can't help but wonder. Which stat provides more survivability? Toughness or Vitality? Is it situational?

8:59 PM
Why do I need 63 focus for a damn polearm
@badp Have you finished the first playthrough?
@StrixVaria nope
Just wondering what level I can expect to get through by the end of the game.
You're already 53, so that's pretty good.
I'm low 30s.
My level is higher than it should be
Replayed some stuff?
9:01 PM
Played catch up with a friend until suddenly we started clearing up quests I didn't have to begin with
Then I realized I was doing it wrong and resumed going in single player with my own pace and without the pressure of being a fun person to play with
What kind of fun person spends time comparing weapons?!
@badp Seriously.
One glance and done. That's all you get.
This area here is afaik the build up to the final boss and it's capped at level 51
I'm still getting murdered
What difficulty?
Hm. I'm on normal.
9:03 PM
My vitality's at a possibly astronomical 154
I should probably finish this game before I go spend money on an alpha prison simulator, but I won't :/
(100 base + fifty-fucking-four from items)
I'm just doing 2 str, 2 dex, 1 vit every level.
I'm not giving it any more thought than that at all.
to be fair I had the same "issue" with Torchlight 1
went full-on melee, although that gameplay was dual wielding up to the very end
played just fine
but the last five floors? I got murdered continuously
I even have one level's advantage right now
I'm a berserker using one-handed + shield at the moment.
9:05 PM
I don't know, maybe I'm too attached to the crazy enchantments and blue numbers I've got and I'm blind to the fact 354 isn't just enough armor?
I'm not too impressed with the berserker skills, though.
The passives are way more interesting than the actives.
Representative screenshot
I have a grand total of 4 active skills bought
each of these has been awesome, but how can I not spend the bulk of my skill points on something such as Heavy Lifting
+22% attack speed, +22% to stun target
coupled with Coup de grace
630 electric damage to stunned targets, once per second
and Seismic Slam
76% chance to stun target for 2 seconds
(in a rather wide area)
I mean, sure, these three skills compliment each other rather well
the rest, not so much
also my bar only has 10 slots, it's not like I can use all these skills at once
but still
finding a melee 0-magic attack two-handed weapon with a high focus requirement... wtf?
focus improves magic attacks and dual wielding
This weapon has 0 use for focus.
I love how that works, that you can equip an item you're underleveled for if you have the right stats
although in your case, yeah, that doesn't make sense
@badp Hah, that looks about right.
@SaintWacko Actually the level requirements are stellar when compared to the skill requirements
Level 57 is new game plus, strength 50 is act 2
9:15 PM
@badp I haven't found that to be the case at all! I keep being able to use items a few levels before I would be able to due to my stats
As a berserker, I deal damage to enemies that hit me, bonus damage to adjacent enemies when I crit, heal whenever I crit. It all just adds up to so much more on basic attacks than you get using an active ability.
I just charge into the fray and get myself surrounded and stuff kills itself pretty much.
@SaintWacko I guess the true problem is I have spent a grand total of 1 skill point in focus
@badp Oh. Yeah, that could be a problem. But I guess if you rely on passives...
@StrixVaria I do have a very awesome active skill though, Forcefield. Based on charge it absorbs 100% to 400% of my max HP in damage (at level 10)
I have an engineer, and put points into healing bot, mines, gun bot, and flame hammer
9:16 PM
@badp That sounds pretty awesome.
I have a skill that dashes through enemies and heals me by ~10% per enemy hit, up to 4 enemies.
I generally spam that if I'm in a bad place.
Yeah, the berserker has some cool skills
A 400% shield is way better than that, though.
Don't forget the healing bot, it's incredible
@SaintWacko Engie here with Gun Bot 7, Sledgebot 4, Slam 7, Forcefield 10; Heavy Lifting 11, Supercharge 10, Coup de Grace 5, Bulwark 8, Aegis of Fate 5
@SaintWacko The whole first page and most of the second page is entirely unappealing to me.
At least as far as active skills go.
The third page I like the dashing skills just for the mobility, really.
Mostly I'm using basic attacks.
9:20 PM
@StrixVaria I haven't played on a berserker much, but I've put all my points into passives so far
health steal on crits is great
@SaintWacko Especially coupled with the 6 seconds of auto-crit you get when you fill that bar.
@StrixVaria yeah, that's fun. And it's nice that if when you fill the bar, it doesn't actually trigger the auto-crit til your next attack
Q: Is there a resource that gives a list of battle pets by zone?

dlanodI've tried a number of addons and sites but I'm yet to find something that just tells me what battle pets are in which zone, grouped by zone. Wowhead has some crazy maps but it doesn't give me the summary I'm looking for. What I basically hope for is something like: Zone - Pets: Dun...

Another thing that kind of bothers me about both Torchlights
health potions start healing like 500% of your health
when you kind of near the amount of health points a basic health potion fills, those stop spawning and you get other potions that still heal 500% of your health
I basically played so far only relying on the most basic potions that since act 2 I can only buy through my pet
It's kind of retarded
@badp Yeah that seems kind of silly.
Maybe the difference is the rate that it restores health.
9:28 PM
like, this area drops Super potions
those heal 4,500
It's not instant, so if potions all restore over 3 seconds say, then the big ones will restore health faster.
my max hp is 3,005
Yeah, the difference is the rate.. but there's also another difference, money!
Those potions have been and probably will continue being a good money source
Right now I'm sitting on 86k$ waiting on new stuff to enchant
I probably should gamble...
Also fish. I should sell it all.
FINE, Torchlight. I'll spend these hard earned stat points on focus
17 focus. Hooray
Q: How much money do you loot from enemies and chests?

KecoeyWhen you first start the game and have no money, you usually pick up somewhere from like 5 to 10 dollars. Then later in the game you start picking up hundreds of dollars. It seems to be that the more money that you have, the more that you will loot. Is this really how it works? Or is it your play...

Q: Turning off dynamic lights

ShamaokeTrying to improve performance of the game I turned off dynamic lights*. This led to desired effect, however, this also removed the most of the textures of weapons and items in the inventory menu and on the loading screens, making the gameplay less comfort. Is there any way to turn off dyna...

@badp repopo
10:29 PM
Q: Where is the hidden quoin in Cloud Flight?

chaosI have come across several references to a hidden quoin in the Cloud Flight upgrade-card area, but haven't been able to find it. Where is it?

The porn-only search engine is coming http://tnw.to/i5QR by @emilprotalinski
> I’ll leave you with an amusing image that Lawley draws for PC Advisor: “Porn is very personal,” he said. “You may have been looking for Brazilian midget transsexuals, and you’re sitting there at home with your kid or your wife saying, ‘Let’s go on a holiday to Brazil,’ and the next thing, it’s suggesting Brazilian midget transsexuals from your previous Google search history.”
10:55 PM
A: What are the best playing styles for each nation in RUSE?

blue wolf 99i think germany may be the best. it is expensive but just buy a secondary base around depots and your all set. but be very careful what you buy. one good thing about ther airplanes are that they are very fast. thats why i like there figters and bombers though. there prototype is very good though....


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