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12:42 AM
Trying to figure out if Shakuntala Devi and Einstein hats are somehow related. Or the former having e=mc2 equation is just a coincidence?
1:14 AM
Unlikely related.
@hkotsubo what is your theory on it working like Albert?
My theory is that Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio are for in no order: First Question, First Answer, and Late Answer.
@JamesRisner I was thinking about something like "do X" to get one, and "do more X" or "do Y after X" to get another.

But after reading previous messages, my theories were wrong (thought it was related to review queues, but it doesn't seem to be)
I can't think of three "related" things for them.
But your idea is solid. Heads up -> Flagging -> Unflagging are all related with each requiring more flagging than the prior.
It's not comments.
so what else can be "related"?
1:53 AM
I thought it could be related to votes, but I couldn't think of any pattern yet
2:31 AM
ANy clue on the solstice hats?
@Stevo Seems to be random if you get sun or moon. Just have to have a post/vote action today, on the winter/summer solstice day.
12/22/2022... maybe post is sun or moon is like vote
yes - the 22nd month. :-P
oh wait, lol but theres different spelling for that either DD/MM or MM/DD
i use both interchangeably, but im australian
YYYY-MM-DD is superior.
Damn my Austin coworkers who tried to make YYYY-DD-MM a thing.,
We successfully stopped that.
2:45 AM
Stopped? Good job. Never want to see YYYY/DD/MM again.
3:06 AM
Yeah it was a bit crazy. But they never admitted to seeing a problem wiht the existing US format date getting confused with normal dates. 3/4 is that March or April ?
@Criggie I believe its a superposition of both march and april. You have to observe it for its value to collapse to either one of them.
I just use DD/MMM/YYYY to avoid ambiguity. Of course that means both sides hates me.
@nobody I use that as well i am australian
3:30 AM
if MMM is text then its unambiguous
the advantage of yyyy mm dd is that it sorts nicely. A directory listing is automatically sorted for you, if filenames start with a date,
5 hours later…
8:12 AM
I just got 4 eyes on meta, so I think posts with downvotes are OK as long as there have been at least 4 days with no downvotes
8:42 AM
@Criggie I once had to work with a database that stored the datetime values in "almost Gregorian calendar" format (almost because they did it partially wrong)
@mousetail I think it was confirmed as "4 consecutive days with at least one upvote and no downvotes"?
I assumed any downvote ever would disquality it but I guess not
17 hours ago, by SPArcheon
5 hours ago, by SPArcheon
@Catija - Solstice, both version given randomly (I doubt you want to risk again users flaming you for disclosing the user hemisphere) - Post a question, answer, vote, or comment during Winter solstice (Dec 21).
I think that Catija confirmed this...
@Stevo ^ if you follow the link above, Catija replied with "yeah", so it must be this.
9:00 AM
@Criggie @Criggie I thought it was related to the time of the day you've made the trigger actions (probably UTC based). Is there any clues suggesting that it's random? (I'm still reading old messages trying to catch up)
@hkotsubo Because it's been random every year so far
@hkotsubo see above.
Catija replied with a "yeah" to that post, so the trigger is 99% the same as previous years.
@SPArcheon @mousetail Yeah, I've read it now, thanks!
9:46 AM
is flagging like flag each different type of flags in the event idk
10:16 AM
Yesterday I got chatterbox. Today I just entered the same room and few minutes later I got Gregorio Zara. Is it just a coincidence? Because I haven't done other relevant actions during that period between the two hats
@mousetail you can get downvotes on the fifth day. To confirm, you are saying you got it from a meta post that had a downvote, then 4 additional days only ip votes? And you are sure no other post is the awarding? Interesting if so
@hkotsubo think that confirms the review queue theory. I’ve been in and out of chats constantly. Which review queue did you do in the last 7 days?
(So Greg has nothing to do with chats)
I have only one recent post with a score above 4
10:32 AM
@JamesRisner I guess I've made reviews in almost all queues in the last 7 days (need to check which ones though)
I got Solistice
@JamesRisner I just checked, I've made reviews in all queues in the last 7 days
10:55 AM
Put differently, the 3 hats for (Edits/Close/Reopen) require agreement 10 times.
If you have the time, go to the queues and walk backwards. If this is the only hat you have in the Devi, Hedy, Greg, or Running then only one queue should have agreement. First question and answer are one review so count looks good and edit (I'm not sure if share feedback would count). For the others, count only matches where you said the same as someone else. If only one queue is 10+ then it's the queue for that - and others can confirm.
@hkotsubo Did you complete all 40 or 80 reviews each day, or just a few per day?
@U12-Forward thanks forgot to ask that
@U12-Forward No, I haven't reach the daily limit for any of the queues
@hkotsubo What's the lowest you usually do?
11:02 AM
@U12-Forward Lowest is 1 - some queues have very little activity
@hkotsubo Do you do it on consecutive days? or take breaks between days
@U12-Forward In some queues is not consecutive, in others it is
Which queues where consecutive?
@U12-Forward Usually, Low quality and first questions. But I think it wasn't consecutive in the last 7 days
11:09 AM
I have to leave now, but you can ping me and I'll reply as soon as I get back
@hkotsubo In the 3 hats, Hedy, Gregorio, Shakuntala which did you get first and when?
11:26 AM
@U12-Forward The other queue based ones (from my testing) had no requirement to complete queues or day restrictions. I believe Catija also confirmed to me there were no timing restrictions on these.
I believe it is simply a qty of reviews performed that match. If it is the first answer/question queue, then it's just a quantity of you doing a definitive action. Also since these were not awarded Thurs-Mon it is likley they need a qty higher than you can reasonably get done in a day (so not likely 10, probably 40 or 80 or 250.)
@U12-Forward I'm currently doing LQ on one profile, FQ on another. I don't have a third profile with queue access.
@U12-Forward maybe you do queues not those?
@Mithical I concur, it seems random once to your account. For example. in testing I performed an action on 34 profiles within 20 minutes. Every account got Sun because the first awarded happened to be sun.
What about Emperor? And, Running up the hill?
11:46 AM
@U12-Forward Emperor requires about 5% someone else doing something. So it's likely something you do that someone else does something minor to. Running is shot in dark but likely easy to do. Done by Catija early (first 48 hours if I recall)
@JamesRisner Who else had Running?
but I did that review on 12/18
likely more today
I feel like I'm good with stats like this, but bad at obtaining hats ;-)
That http-digest guy all he did was answer one single question.
11:56 AM
@U12-Forward Is it the unsung hero badge? Accepted 0 score answer that stays 0 for a few days
not everything is in activity. voting isn't, comment voting isn't, it's why I was checking off with you various comment oddities
Of course, just a theory
there where similar badges in years before
I like that, @mousetail but wasn't running on catija before several days?
I think it was at least 48 hours since the start of the event
maybe a bit less
@JamesRisner He only had 2 flags this week
@Catija We need a hint :)
Running is 100% your own
So somebody accpeting your answer probably isn't the trigger
12:04 PM
I guess someone not upvoting can also not be the trigger then
If so, I believe that more people will have the hat...
Dec 15 at 13:49
@JamesRisner Ok
so under 48 hrs for runnn
Is "Running up that hill" a reference to something?
Or the image?
12:06 PM
@JamesRisner For httpdigest?
@mousetail Its Kate Bush, I believe.
@U12-Forward no that is when running added to hat list
@Boots Yes, Kate bush confirmed in this chat
To clarify, someone noticed Catija got running apparently 23 hours after the start.
12:09 PM
Also catija confirmed " Running is 100% on you"
so it is something you do that no one else needs to do to give you running
It must be something easy
I concur
easy but not typical or everyone would have it
I really need a hat, last one was Sunday and the only one I know how to do is Squared away .... which is a lot of work for one hat
Ok so themes from the song include trying to find something in a mass of masked strangers, repeatedly drawing a bow and arrow, and being swept away from a crouwd
translate that to stacks!
@mousetail song diffusion?
12:27 PM
Could Emperor be related to NOT wearing a hat for a period of time?
Emp was found 1 hour 14 mins or LESS after the start
If so, everyone would have it.
Also emp requires something (5% of effort) by others. "Emperor is 95% on you."
About to leave for work, but I like this discussion!
Didn't we have hats in chat yesterday? I see none here today.
I'm not entirely sure but some hats are not just about reviewing, but reviewing with different options.
For example, consider reviewing "Suggested Edit" with "Reject" or "Reject and Edit" or "Improve Edit", etc.
@JamesRisner Who else has emperor?
I’ll get info when I get at work in 20 min
12:42 PM
Ok. Cool!
Regarding the "Sqaured Away" hat: Is this "four answers on four sites", "four upvoted answers on four sites" or "four accepted answers on four sites"?
@nohillside 4 positive score and non-deleted
Score of 2 required or 1?
@U12-Forward Hmm, and the hat allocation job runs every 10 minutes?
12:50 PM
@nohillside It is 4 answers on each site in case you missed it.
Ok I should get it soon then
@U12-Forward Ah, 16 answers in total? Yeah, missed that. Thanks.
Do beta sites count?
12:56 PM
I should be more active on the more active sites then, somehow
@JamesRisner Great
@U12-Forward martin only has 10 badges
1:12 PM
They did only one review (edit), 24 edits (including tags only, title, and body), many comments, one badge (announcer), 7 posts, and no accepts
It's been like 20 minutes sinc e I got a upvote on communitybuilding but still no hat. I should have SO, CGSE, and meta already
@mousetail You only got 3 answers with 1+ score on SO
Oh it needs to be 4 per site?
I thought 4 in total, 1 in each site
@mousetail Yeap :)
Ok now way then
1:21 PM
oops, Martin only has 10 hats
I got it!
But you know something about sports
tech is all I know
and even there I'm not that knowledgable
mouse, there is unix, ubuntu, network, and stack. thats 4 techs
Yea I looked through them
all way to high level for me
@mousetail I got it on ELL, CG, SO and MSE
1:24 PM
movies and tv?
MSE worked?
MSE counts as both a main and meta site
1:56 PM
Can anyone think of anything people do as part of using the site that does not show up in activity other than:
comment votes
chat activity of all kinds
tag edits?
Those show up in profile activity, and I think I've already verified someone done to get maranda
Anyone looking into Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio?
> 6 posts are edited by the owner after you commented on them
> Delete 6 comments from under posts (not your own), that were edited by their owners after you commented on them
^ Some random ideas from past WBs.
> downvoting a question, editing it (approved suggested edits count) and then changing your downvote to an upvote
> Edit 5 questions that later get upvoted
I'm inclined to say that since Albert Einstein, Thomas Mensah and Mario Molina are all review hats, Shakuntala, Hedy and Gregorio are probably NOT review hats and have more to do with commenting / editing by the OP (like last year's Helping Finger / Hand / Arm / Heart).
2:17 PM
@Panda tried:6 post edited : yes
delet 6 yes
Dow edit up yes
Edit 5 up yes
That's a bummer :/
S h g are “100 on you” and people doing mostly reviews have gotten them (self reported definition of mostly)
I could have gotten running sooner, it's just a slog... like running up a hill.
There should a "running down a hill" which is much easier but requires climbing a hill first
@Catija Do you consider a hypothetical "10 answers in 1 day with positive score" hat to be 100% by me?
2:24 PM
No. Because you can't upvote your own posts.
@Panda I wouldn’t but people with this don’t have a lot of answers or questions
Well from memory I thought some were light
Hmm understood, so it’s the literal meaning of 100% on me.
So it can't involve posting, since all posting hats require a positive score
And S H G are related somehow
@Catija 🧦
2:25 PM
@JamesRisner Just wanted to know if these hats involves any upvoted comments, etc.
They could but that’s in activity logs
@SPArcheon I mean... if you want all your socks merged...
And I’ve yet to see a pattern
> 5 edits in a day with no comments
@JamesRisner Did you check this ^?
Driving I’ll check when I get to next stop
2:27 PM
@Catija btw, what would happen with the Solstice hat if I logged on a different site with my other merged account?
Apparently, if you got the Sun hat years ago, you’ll always get the Sun hat.
It’s not even random anymore
Really? Weird
@SPArcheon This might actually work, very risky strategy though
2:28 PM
I asked a question about the randomness few years ago
@mousetail why, I wouldn't be doing anything that is not allowed.
Q: Is Where in the World? still awarded using Sklivvz's hardware RNG?

PandaThe Where in the World? hat first appeared in 2016 as a secret hat. In the WB2016 wrap-up blog post, it was mentioned that the hat's awarded using Sklivvz's then newly-built hardware RNG, a rather creative way to award the two hat forms randomly. Just curious, is this year's Where in the World? ...

Ok do it
See if it works
Why do all the easy to answer question get posted when I'm not here? I had already figured out that they were using the same random generator We always got the same hat in 2016, 2017, and now 2019. I get the sun hat. — David Dec 22, 2019 at 21:28
The account are merged, so they can't vote the same post twice. But they may still be recognized as different by the hat trigger - ie, different base id
2:30 PM
Does the merge code even account for hats?
It could just take the hats only from one account
> Edit and upvote x number of posts.
> Edit for six days. Note that tag edits will not count.
I've tried via SEDE queries:
Answer a question with an already accepted answer, get upvotes
Answer +7 with no comments on Q or A
Answer in 30 min, +3 and accepted
Answer own question
Other tried:
12 reviews, using either "Improve Edit" or "Reject and Edit"
Edit or suggest an edit to 5 posts in a single UTC day, without commenting o
Edit 5 questions that were posted more than a year ago
Rubber Ducky (discard button)
Isn’t SEDE data delayed?
As in updated once a week?
Post a comment on a question that, within a day, gets edited by the OP.
Tag-only edits do not count
Post 10 comments that each earns an upvote
Delete 6 comments from under posts (not your own), that were edited by t
heir owners after you commented on them
6 posts are edited by the owner after you commented on them
Post two positively scored comments under a user's first post and the OP edi
ts the question after the comments
Upvote any user's first post.
Post three positively scored comments under a user's first post
Edit 5 questions that later get upvoted.
Dec 17 at 16:50, by Catija
@CinCout forcing a specific review type encourages poor reviewing just to get the hat.
2:43 PM
@Catija Is it noticable in the activity page?
@JamesRisner Did those 3 hats appear before Sun (SEDE’s latest update)?
12 comments on questions that get upvoted, edit the 12 questions, delete the 12
@Panda can you rephrase?
I'm using this past Sunday's SEDE
I think they existed yea
the hats at that point
@JamesRisner Do you happen to know when were the 3 hats first awarded?
I can go check the edit history
of the hat post on meta
Cause if it’s awarded after Sun, then SEDE won’t show the relevant posts that awarded the 3 hats. I think most users with the hats got them in the past 3 days.
2:46 PM
Dec 18 at 9:43 is when Kadir got all three
edited to add them in quick succession.
@U12-Forward no
I'm pretty sure it's a "do x get one, y more get other, z more get last
@JamesRisner which?
Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio
2:47 PM
@Catija Is it related to voting?
and they are not noticeable on profile activity (S/H/G)
All seem to have a lot of comments and/or edits.
I have a list of who has what hat. Which one you want Panda?
I’ll take a look at Gregorio Y. Zara
Technically, I said that all six of the scientists are related to each other.
2:50 PM
More than the fact that they’re all scientists? ;)
@Catija So all 6 are review queue
Perhaps all moderation-related hats.
yes, ok. match kadir was doing a LOT of queus
@Panda about your comment on meta, we may still get something. Maybe.
Dec 15 at 15:15, by Catija
@SPArcheon For the time being, yeah. I'm not sure if you'll call the thing we're planning for next week an easter egg or not.
2:50 PM
@SPArcheon My linked comment’s posted after that one (few days later)
I have a guees for "Emperor's New Hat" -> You must be a leader on any site at any time and not wear a hat for a while.
If so, you can't win this hat if you can't be a leader.
Think about it once -> You are a leader(emperor), you have a crown but you do not wear it.
Maybe at a specific time or period.
@KadirŞahbaz Nope I think that was rejected
@Catija wasn't the theory of leaderboard rejected early on?
I can test that, I'm leader on like 10 sites ;-)
@Catija Is the Running hat related to voting?
I don't know but it's not correct
@U12-Forward no
2:52 PM
@Catija Editing?
Dec 15 at 13:00, by SPArcheon
@Catija please, tell me that Emperor is not for being First place in the leaderboard at any time...
@Catija comments?
@Panda I missed that.
Who has the Running hat?
2:54 PM
@Panda Catija
Accepted with no votes for 12h?
@Panda took catija 23 hrs to obtain
@Panda that's not "100% on you" right? so no?
Any zero-scored, accepted answer that remains zero-scored for at least 24h after accepting.
2:56 PM
@Panda You asking about running?
@Catija Comment voting? Saving posts?
Following posts?
@U12-Forward I like that
There’s no one else with the Running hat?
2:59 PM
As in apart from the 2 users
At least I didn't find anyone else
@Panda not in the first 200 leader boards
Hmm maybe it’s hidden in the middle of the leaderboard
could be
Follow a post every hour for 12 hours lol (100% on me)
3:02 PM
That would be pain
"Follow a post, get 100+ notifications, regret your decision"
@Panda There's no hat for leading the WB leaderboards
There's only two people that have running.
@Catija Is it relatively easy to get if one knows the trigger?
FWIW Verified is very difficult to get if one doesn’t know the trigger.
@Catija Comment voting? Saving posts? Following posts?
I'm not going to respond to stabbing at it any more. 😛🔪🔪🔪🗡🗡🗡
3:07 PM
@U12-Forward Perhaps it’s one of these ;)
Yes it must be then
Try doing all 3 of these every hour for 12 hours.
@mousetail I just followed 120 posts
You aren't going to trick me.
Let's see
Gotta go, tell me if you find anything.
@Catija Who? In this room? 😛😛😛
3:09 PM
Catija and httpdigest
@KadirŞahbaz stackoverflow.com/users/8623159/httpdigest and catija
Can I see another user’s followed posts or is that private?
@KadirŞahbaz It's a slog (took 23 hours to do), doesn't show in "all activities in profile"
@Panda private
Follow a post every hour
it's either followed or saved.
can you do the every hour? I'm doing the "large quantity"
3:12 PM
I can try that tomorrow
Perhaps it’s receive x number of notifications from a followed post.
Anyone has been following the hats list post since day 1?
Thats not 100% on you
I’ve followed and saved 120 posts as of now
To be a slog I think the number needs to be 1000, so I’ll do after my next appointment
3:31 PM
Please don't... I'm not sure I'd survive 1000 things
I said a slog, not masochism.
@Catija is that confirmation that it’s not qty of followed or saved posts? (Running)
There's already three saved hats. I don't really think the feature needs any more than that.
4:05 PM
Just got Hedy Lamarr for flagging and unflagging an answer, I was trying to get Unflagging hat LOL
4:17 PM
@Catija something something Hairboat.
:62616610 I was doing some reviews, I can't tell. But the unflagging thing it's unusual for me, and resulted in a hat. Maybe it's related, maybe it's not.
@Catija Maybe we should check if there is a Catija hat? Got any recent achievement that we could congrats for?
Who know, Emperor hat could be manually awarded for sending a "congrats for the hat" to someone who already has it.
(which would be pretty ironic considering the original folktale)
@pinckerman I got no hat for flagging and then retracting a flag on an answer. Waited the proper ten mins too.
@Boots I see. I thought it was worth to share anyway.
@pinckerman Yes, worth a shot.
Not sure how flagging/retracting would be relevant to Hedy Lamarr though. She was credited with the invention of anti-jamming radio guidance for torpedoes.
4:27 PM
@SPArcheon is it true that Emperor requires someone else doing something to trigger the hat for us?
@pinckerman 5% of the work, apparently.
yesterday, by Catija
@JamesRisner Running is 100% on you. Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio are all related and 100% on you. Emperor is 95% on you.
Oh I missed that, thanks!
@pinckerman I’ve test flagging and retracting many many many flags at a time. No hat
Any hint for Unflagging hat then?
4:29 PM
Since Catija also studied at Discord's School of Enigmatic Answers as I did, the 5% could also mean it is manually awarded.
@pinckerman flag things that are helpful that’s it period. I’ve done it on 25+ sites (see my profile)
There’s a caveat that I can’t tell because I can’t make it fail
@SPArcheon pretty sure we were told no manual this year
@JamesRisner I'll try that, thanks
If it doesn’t work ask me in my chat room and I’ll give you links to flag
5:15 PM
Catija can you confirm Moon Solstice is by participating on December 21st
Does anyone know about Sun Solstice?
It's the same trigger as it always is. I feel like I said that last night or something?
I'm on here for the first time
I got it after making a comment
Any action will do it
Nah, nothing about you specifically, sorry. I'm just surprised no one updated the meta post about it.
Q: Winter / Summer Bash 2022 Hat List ☃️ 🏖️

GlorfindelWinter / Summer Bash 2022 has started and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Please, only edit the secret hat answer with definitive and correct triggers. Th...

Yeah, I wanted to edit
*edit it
Do we need a comment to link?
5:20 PM
It's pretty much any activity, post, comment, vote... etc.
I'll just link that comment then
How do I link a comment?
Permalink button on the message menu
I edited the post
5:42 PM
@Catija Does it work the same way as previous years, that binary (Sun/Moon) hats are both triggered by the same action; which one you get is split up, and one user can't get both?
@Rob except me :)
Hehe, photoshopped.
@Rob yeah
6:21 PM
So all six of the scientist are related to each other. 3 are Close/Reopen/Suggested Edit. The other three are related to review queues, but not reviews because reviews are visible on your profile and the S/H/G are not visible on your profile:

Am I getting that right?
6:46 PM
^^ Thanks, edited.
@JamesRisner this sounds very plausable
@Vickel So what could queues be if not working the queue? Or did Catija slip on remembering that review outcomes are visible in profiles?
I picked a random person with Albert's hat and the 3 (S/H/G). They have done the following review activity:
LQP: Closes 7 Look_OK 5 Disagreed with consensus 5
SE: Reject 5 Approved 12 Disagreed with consensus 4
FQ: Reviewed 14 Looks_OK 18
FA: Looks_Ok 1
(since the start up to the point they were last recorded in my notes of having the hat).
Albert is reliable at 10 from reports I've got (Reject+Approve) >= 10 where you agreed with consensus
7:03 PM
I'm referring to So all six of the scientist are related to each other. Maybe some activities need a response from the OP or even another/multiple user (like the pirate hats last year)
yesterday, by Catija
@JamesRisner Running is 100% on you. Shakuntala, Hedy, Gregorio are all related and 100% on you. Emperor is 95% on you.
Can't be a response, that is not 100% on you.
Suggested edits can't be 100%, because someone has to approve.
I've personally edited a lot of posts old and new since start. No badge.
So looks like I've done, 50 edits, not exactly a "lot".
This is still an issue:
Q: The number of new hats never gets higher than 99

GlorfindelIt seems the maximum number shown as a badge on the snowflake is 99: From my calculations, it should've shown something like 150 when I made that screenshot. It shouldn't be that hard to show more digits; this is done for the green reputation indicator as well.

To reproduce, run this SEDE query to get a list of Catija's accounts.
Then either open all of them manually, or do what I did: use the Messages tab to get a space-separated list of URLs, and use them from the command line.
I use Firefox on macOS, and the following works:
cd /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS
./firefox -url <list of URLs>
but you might get rate-limited ...
and for another day my mission of giving the staff evil ideas is complete.
A: Suggestions for Winter Bash 2023

SPArcheon We really like frustrating the completionists. :P - Catija, Dec 20th 2022 An hat that is different for every user. Spinda, a Pokemon added in the third generation Pokemon games has an unique characteristic. Every Spinda in the game has a different appearance based on their unique personality va...

@Catija this one is specifically for you :P Be proud.
@Glorfindel By reproduce, you mean trigger the "view a staff" page to get all those hats on all your accounts?
7:20 PM
7:54 PM
@Catija are the Shakuntala Devi, Hedy Lamarr, Gregorio Y. Zara hats a clone of 2021's Consensus, Rapport, Harmony?
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