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12:05 AM
I am the terror that flaps in the night. That is all. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
@RD01 — Funny, I thought you were the terror that flags in the night.
bah one flag does not a terror flagger make. or does it?
I'm just kicking the tires of a new community :)P
Well, we don't like to be kicked, so back off.
And I meant flag in the sense of "become tired, weaker, or less enthusiastic" ... and welcome to English.SE.
12:17 AM
Yoinks. I thought someone was upset I flagged one answer ;)P
Nah. Prepare to have your chops busted quite a lot if you hang out in here.
I'm on chops-busting duty just now, but usually @RegDwight handles most of that sort of thing.
Very good. Very good.
You can bust back, but I have to warn you: you'd better bring your A-game.
We don't take prisoners.
I tire of programming questions that full either in the "so simple 97 people answer immediately", the "so poorly written I can not even follow" or "so specific I feel like I should be paid for doing someone's job" buckets.
Yeah, that's how I got here.
Plus, there's no hope of ever getting king-size status unless you use C# or Java or C++.
12:21 AM
Well, fair warning, the battle cry "I am the terror that flaps in the night!" is from the greatest literary character of any generation.
Bar none.
I got tired of answering questions about Javascript, RegExp, and the like and harvesting my 1 or 2 votes.
Heh, I got tired of answer in Java. Too many people.
@RD01 Why didn't you call yourself Darkwing Duck then?
I'm in disguise.
I'm sure it wasn't taken.
12:23 AM
Not surprising.
What part of Chicago you from?
SW Suburbs.
Naperville, that area?
the land part of "Chicagoland"
That exact area, in fact.
Hahaha. Am I good or what?
12:25 AM
Indeed! I am now peering out my windows, checking for StackOverflow stalkers, just in case.
Now I'm really worried about misuse of the flags
I grew up in the northern suburbs, and lived on the North Side for quite a while. But I'm a White Sox fan, through and through.
Please tell me you're not a Cubs fan.
Uh oh. It doesn't take a Magic 8 ball to predict a rocky road ahead.
30 years of Cubs fan pedigree here.
I'm trying to like you, and now you go and tell me you're a Cubs fan ...
After I warned you not to ...
If I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a Cubs fan by now, it's probably not going to happen.
Well, all right then. I can respect that. We just need to get you on a 12-step program and you'll be right as rain.
12:31 AM
No 12 step programs for me. I just use the hockey season to recuperate, and rejuvenate my optimism.
At least there aren't two hockey teams in Chi-town.
I'd say there weren't two baseball teams, but I'm not sure I could do that and come out ahead.
Yeah, after the White Sox won the Series in 2005 I went on record saying, "Now if the Blackhawks can win the Stanley Cup I can die happy." So now I'm scared.
Hah! That will teach you. Only bet your life on a sure miss. Uh. Like I did.
I was born in a desolate time, you see, before any of the major sports franchises had become world champions.
Then, one by one, they started to fall: first the Bears, then the Bulls, then the Sox ... and last year the Hawks.
12:34 AM
That wasn't the first Hawks champion.
First one in my lifetime.
But I fondly remember the Super Bowl Shuffle from my youth as well.
And if the Cubs ever win the Series, it will signal Armageddon.
Somewhere my parents have video of my singing the Super Bowl Shuffle. One day I will find it. and destroy the abomination.
Cubs WS Champs. 2011. mark it.
@RD01 — I'm sure your parents are way too smart to allow that.
12:36 AM
God I hope not.
I'm really hoping my mother isn't a big youtube fan.
Well, you'll have to be nice to the dear old girl, now, won't you? With that hanging over your head?
Yowsers. Slow day for new questions, eh?
This isn't SO. You gotta take the bitter with the sweet.
To be honest, just like SO, I enjoy reading the questions and answers more than responding. There's still plenty of material here to read :)
Yeah, I know what you mean. Oops, dinner is on the way. Gotta run. TTYL.
2 hours later…
2:46 AM
Q: Why is anyone in a porn movie considered a porn star?

Evik JamesRecently, the media made a big deal about Charlie Sheen dating a porn star. It seems that anyone who is in a porn movie is referred to as a porn star. The same is not true of anyone in a normal movie. Everyone in a normal movie isn't a movie star. Everyone in a rock band is certainly not a rock s...

Q: What is a female ass called?

Brian HooperI know a male ass is a jackass, but what is a female ass called? Perusal of the internet suggests jillass or janeass, but I haven't found what might be called an authoritative source.

Hmm ... #1 and #2 on the "Most Viewed" section of the mod tools page. Do I detect a pattern here?
6 hours later…
8:46 AM
To increase the overall quality, questions shown should be curated by default, especially for the unregistered.
9:29 AM
So was I being too snarky with this answer?
Q: What's a good definition of the word "douchebag" that distinguishes it from its more common synonyms?

BillareA few years ago, one of my friends managed to get into an exchange program where he went over to France for a bit, and when he came back, was lucky enough to host a French exchange student himself. Once I managed to meet his exchange student, as boys do, he, my friend and I came to going over th...

I just grow weary of the endless stream of questions about sexual insults and references. It seems boring and beneath us.
2 hours later…
11:46 AM
@Rob: Hey did that question get closed?
@Fount: "To increase the overall quality, questions shown should be curated by default, especially for the unregistered." That is actually an interesting idea. It has no doubt been considered; but I wonder why they decided not to implement this. Curation could be done by, say, any user above 1000?
12:14 PM
Reputation point is not a good indication when it's easy to gain by any tenacious user with bad reputation.
@Fount: Hmm well, fair enough, it has its weaknesses... but I think the same system works rather well with closing questions, editing other users' posts, etc.; moderators are a safety lock that can prevent abuse. Besides, who else should do it? Only moderators? Then questions could take very long to appear, since we have only 3 real moderators.
12:31 PM
@Cerberus It should be discovered by algorithms and screened by users with prestigious badges. Questions with extreme stats are all the good and bad ones, to be screened by human. :)
@Cerberus — I closed it. I figured when in doubt ...
Besides, "F*** 'em if they can't take a joke."
I would have put it in the comment if comments allowed pictures.
Where's @RegDwight this morning. He's usually here.
@Fount: Okay, interesting... but are there algorithms that would work?
@Rob: Okay I just can't see it because the question apparently doesn't exist any more. I agree that the sexual expressions are boring, just as many other usage questions i.m.o., because they often come close to dictionary look-up requests.
Yeah where are the ubiquitous owls?
@Cerberus — Billare deleted the question, BTW. I just deleted my answer, which was not well received.
I replied kind of sarcastically showing this:
And inviting the OP to speculate as to why someone would compare a human to such an apparatus.
Hehe, nice. Wait, is that actually where the word came from? Funny, I have never, ever thought about that.
Sometimes I surprise myself.
Look up douche in the dictionary. That is the bag referred to.
12:43 PM
Yeah I know.
I knew what it was when I saw your picture.
Would you say "douchebag" is more specific than words like jerk and motherfucker?
I mean, at some point I don't want to abet people who just want to look up questionable words in the dictionary. This isn't 5th grade.
Agreed. I think humour should sometimes get higher priority than clarity.
I would say it falls within a range of words that are, essentially, stripped of meaning other than their negative context.
Oh ok.
I don't think I use douchebag.
I mean, how important is it to make fine distinctions between jerk-off and douchebag?
12:48 PM
Not very important I suppose; but it might be interesting.
Or shithead, fuckwad, and all the rest? Some are more emotionally charged than others, but it depends on a lot of factors, like country and whatever.
Yeah. I think douchebag is particularly American?
Well, we get like two questions a day regarding those. Billare replied to another answer of mine telling me why he deleted the question, btw.
A: What does Agatha Christie’s line, ‘Speak through one’s nose full of b's and d's’ mean?

RobustoWhen one has a cold, with a stopped-up nose, the letters m and n (and v and others) are not nasalized and so come out as b or d or other sounds. Nasalized, non-stopped phonemes can get dropped entirely, like the l in the following sentence. I hab a co'd so I ca't talk. [I have a cold so I can...

His is the final comment.
Hmm. Is it all about numbers of viewers then?
I say the prurient questions are outliers anyway, and skew the results in a bad way.
12:50 PM
Besides, is Billare a moderator?
I'd rather have less traffic of a more serious nature, honestly.
Yeah, although... what harm does it do us if we get stupid viewers? As long as our core can repel their potentially stupid answers.
Or is it their questions that would be most damaging?
In point of fact, calling someone a douchebag originally derived from saying someone had a douchebag nose or mouth or tongue, so it was equivalent to saying someone had one of those members intimately involved with a woman's private parts. That was actually an insult some time ago, when "real men" didn't perform cunnilingus.
As that perception changed, the insult could take on a friendly air.
But I wasn't feeling like answering the OP with that information.
Oh really? That is pretty funny. It does make sense. I must confess I found that moderately interesting to read.
Well, such could have been deduced from my answer. These lazy douchebags don't want to do the work.
12:55 PM
I think such would require a lot of squeezing to extract it from your answer...
Oh dear.
So what is this thwack thing anyway? It seems to have come from Martha?
Yes, she is the original thwacker.
She thwacks people for puns.
I see. And what propelled her to go on this anti-pun quest?
Not that I mind.
It's in a comment somewhere. The search mechanism doesn't allow searching in comments, so I can't tell you.
12:58 PM
That is sad.
Too bad our overlords hate comments.
You know, I disagree with moderators and site owners on the following point:
It isn't really a problem if we have a lot of stupid, bad, horrible questions on this site, as long as answers with lots of upvotes and those by high-rep users are consistently of good quality, because anyone searching for information will not be bothered by the bad questions, as only what he searched for will show up, as in any database.
Perhaps it is important that questions with more upvotes get more weight in search results, i.e. show up higher?
I don't know how that works.
Well everbody is always so panicky about closing bad questions...
I agree that they should be closed, but I don't see why this is so terribly important or urgent. Perhaps I am missing something.
Incidentally, do you like cooking?
@Cerberus Ah, here's the citation:
A: Oriented vs. Orientated

RobustoPeople say orientated because they hear the word orientation and think that's the verb made from it. It's called a "back-formation". (See Why are "colleagues" becoming "work colleagues"?). Orientated is accepted as an alternate by most dictionaries I've seen. To orient something comes from the m...

That's where it all got started.
And I'm kind of proud of the pun, myself. :)
It was not bad at all, I must admit.
Damn I wish I'd made that pun...
Is it still a mystery why some puns have such a strong emotional effect on people? It must have something to do with suddenly converging patterns of thought... but what could be its function... I suppose the same applies to any kind of humour, and laughing.
Yes. It's the surprise value of it.
It works a little like the way the paraprosdokian works.
You get set up for one meaning, and then someone pulls a deceptive cadence on you.
About time you got your ass out of bed, Alex. Just in time for me to head to work.
1:12 PM
Yeah that is the same mechanism. But what function would it have had in natural selection to be moved by such things?
Ah there he is.
I should have picked a hydra; these three heads aren't enough to bite all his owls. Stupid Athena.
@Cerberus — I think puns survive despite natural selection.
Nah, Athena was the goddess of wisdom.
And of owls!
And she gave her daddy one hell of a headache.
1:14 PM
She outsmarted herself perhaps then.
I think he outed her.
Is there any research that points to humour's being a side-effect rather than something useful in itself? I'd expect it to have some social function mainly...
Romani ite domum!
One. Still 99 to go.
Its social function is to lighten everyone up.
1:15 PM
99 what? Flags or something?
54 secs ago, by Robusto
Romani ite domum!
yesterday, by Robusto
@RegDwight — Awww, you caught me. How's about I just spray-paint Romani ite domum 100 times on walls in the forum?
Okay, but... why does it lighten people up? And why is that desirable?
Because otherwise people will talk about politics and religion, and you know where that leads.
Romani ite domum.
2 mins ago, by Robusto
Romani ite domum!
Well... they could be talking about something else instead with the same effect, like bon-bons or milk.
I think there is more to it.
Some special social mechanism fuelled by humour.
1:18 PM
Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum! Romani ite domum!
What plays an important part is that common knowledge and ideas are fundamental to humour.
75 to go
I'm pacing myself.
Hey you copy-pasted!!
How dare you.
Prove it!
Look out the window.
Do you see me?
1:19 PM
No ugly dogs in my yard, no.
Right. Then that proves that I am so well hidden that I could have been there all the time.
Ergo I saw what you did.
Ain't this a dupe, folks?
Q: Correct usage of "whether" and "if"

slhckI am not a native speaker, therefore my question: In which cases is it preferred to use "whether" over "if"? I often find myself writing something like: This function tests if the precision is calculated correctly. Is the following correct, incorrect, acceptable, more formal? This func...

@Cerberus — See here:
yesterday, by Robusto
Q: When are "if" and "whether" equivalent?

Ivo RossiAre "if" and "whether" equivalent in sentences like the ones below? Example 1 How to determine if my saddle is too high? vs. How to determine whether my saddle is too high? Example 2 We should check if everything is okay now. vs. We should check whether everything i...

Yeah, nuke it.
1:22 PM
It's just that the older one only has two very short answers.
I think I'll have to merge.
Yeah, Neil's answer to the new one is the best.
Yeah that would be cool. Much work, merging?
hey, how come I didn't see that we had a Godwin point in action there:
Q: Isn't "integrity" antonym to "Multiple Personality"?

vgv8Subquestioning "Why does integrity mean honesty?": I have never thought that "integrity" is synonym of "honesty" but rather as antonym to Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder ! Is it wrong? Update: Just tonight I was watching "Downton Abbey" in which, I believ...

@Cerberus Not really, in this case, just a lot of double-checking, as it is irreversible. But when there are many answers and especially comments, it can turn into a huge amount of work very quickly.
@Rob: Haha that is pretty awesome. I think I have seen that scene long ago (never seen the entire film). Especially the sword-drawing at "dative" is great.
@Reg: Yikes that's what I expected... I don't blame you if you won't do it!
1:29 PM
Done already.
Well, off to work, talk at ya later. And @Cerberus, don't wait another week to see The Life of Brian. One of the best comedies ever!
@Rob: OK bye!
@F'X: Yeah that is a prime example. Our communal clown is putting up a decent show today.
@Cerberus I was looking at his rep and thinking that at some point, he will have edit rights
then the fun will really start
1:39 PM
@F'X: Right! I think he should be banned before then.
@Fx What's really perverse, we actually help him get more rep by deleting lots of his heavily downvoted stuff. So he gets to keep his +10s, but does not get to keep his -2s. We take them back by the dozen.
True. Should the system be changed so that negative rep from down-votes stays even after deletion?
I am undecided.
Incidentally, I have voted to close the Hitler question, see my comment.
I just read this in one of his meta questions:
“My questions are heavily edited and sometimes to the worse English”
Q: How to spot a native English speaker on internet and on business correspondence?

vgv8How to spot a native English speaker on internet and business correspondence? The reasons are more than obvious. My questions are heavily edited and sometimes to the worse English completely distorting any sense in them. Or, even if to the better English, but with no sense anyway. Another ...

I just love it!
@Cerberus Oh God, my brain hurts. I have no idea what to do with the Hitler question. The question in the title is actually interesting, but even so, I think it's a better fit for Psychology.SE.
@Fx Well it's got two close votes as NARQ. Anyone here wants to throw in a third?
@RegDwight one of the two is mine :)
1:53 PM
The other one is mine.
But you already knew that.
I have no idea what Psych.SE is about but it might fit in there.
actually, that's a good question: as a mod, do you see who votes and flags?
@Cerberus It doesn't exist yet.
@Fx I can see who flags, but not who votes to close.
@RegDwight weird
Well, voting is anonymous. Any kind of voting.
Yeah that is a good thing.
I say just close the Hitler question on grounds of argumentativity (as per my comment bla bla.)
1:56 PM
@Cerberus I'd just like to see more close votes from the community. Otherwise, people will be getting the impression that I am on a personal crusade against certain users, which I am not.
I know the feeling. Just leave it open then. I really don't hate this guy, and his questions would be fine on other forums where discussion is encouraged; what surprises me most and reduces my appreciation for him is that he doesn't learn. That the rules of this website are perhaps somewhat arbitrary here and there is irrelevant in that regard.
Yeah well, if he starts driving people away from the site, I will throw all my patience out of the window.
I need to go for a run, you know, great weather and fat reduction and all. Good luck with our guy!
Thanks and have fun!
2:00 PM
Absolutely right! On the other hand, a common enemy unites...
Read "clown" there instead of enemy. He really isn't that bad.
2:41 PM
Well, ain't this laconic.
Q: well-being v.s. happiness

lovespringas the title says ..........18 chars.

@RegDwight — Nuke it.
Been edited since.
I get tired of lazy people treating us like their dictionary look-up monkeys.
I mean, that was barely a head-fake at a question, not a real question at all.
Well, that's what downvotes are there for.
I would really like to merge these two, but that would deprive JSBangs of 15 points.
Q: Where do I place the closing character when I end a sentence with parenthesis?

alex Possible Duplicate: Where does the period go when using parentheses? Examine the following two examples... Example 1 I enjoy breakfast (sometimes). Example 2 I enjoy breakfast (sometimes.) Please let me know which one I should use, and any exceptions to the rule. Thanks.

I suppose. I hate downvoting though. I'd rather censure in comment.
2:56 PM
Q: Where does the period go when using parentheses?

Chris SmithWhere should the period go when using parentheses? For example: In sentence one, I use this example (which has a parenthesis at the end.) Period in or outside of the parentheses? What about if the entire sentence is a parenthetical? (Where does the terminal punctuation go here?) Is there a ...

Where do the stars go when the sun comes out?
@Robusto Yeah, I will normally leave a comment first, and give the OP some reasonable amount of time to improve.
@Robusto They get merged into one giant star.
Feb 9 at 15:09, by kiamlaluno
I will not split hairs saying that a sun is not simply a star. ;-)
@RegDwight I'd say go ahead and merge: JSBangs needs to learn to check for duplicates before answering questions (especially basic ones like this one).
@RegDwight — If you merge enough questions, does it create a black hole?
@Robusto I dunno, perhaps a bok globule?
3:05 PM
I was kinda hoping for a mu-meson voluptuizer.
We will find out soon enough. I've merged twice in the last hour or so.
And if you can figure out the reference to mu-meson voluptuizer, I will be very impressed.
Now alex' comment on JSBangs' answer looks funny.
That's the problem. When you try to merge code, you take responsibility for the whole mess.
Nah, I could just delete the comment, but I'll leave it there. So that people can think of Smokie.
3:09 PM
I was thinking Smokey:
Smokey Bear (often unofficially referred to as Smokey the Bear, also simply referred to as Smokey) is a mascot of the United States Forest Service created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. An advertising campaign featuring Smokey was created in 1944 with the slogan, "Smokey Says – Care Will Prevent 9 out of 10 Forest Fires". Smokey Bear's later slogan, "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires", was created in 1947 by the Ad Council. In April 2001, the message was updated to "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires". According to the Ad Council, Smokey Bear and his m...
Pedobear is an Internet meme that became popular through the imageboard 4chan. As the name suggests ("pedo" being short for pedophile), it is portrayed as a pedophilic bear. The image was incorrectly described as a mascot among pedophiles, and cosplay participants dressed as the character were accused of being pedophiles, after the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department issued a warning that Pedobear was a sign of the presence of pedophiles and other people with inappropriate sexual behavior. Origin The bear character originates from the popular bulletin board system (BBS) website...
Notice that I provide only wholesome references for this chat.
I'm the family-friendly chat participant.
Mar 2 at 14:47, by RegDwight
Well, our little cuddly family-friendly site is getting more popular, it seems.
More popularity, less family-friendliness.
3:15 PM
Yeah, but ... 4chan?
That's Wikipedia, sir.
4chan is the Web for people who have lost the will to live.
Feb 18 at 17:59, by RegDwight
Expect this to be quoted.
I stand by the statement. Go ahead, put it in your little database of links. I stand by my statement.
Nah, that quote is self-referential. It has nothing to do with you.
3:23 PM
Let's even things out
Rocket science is the study of rockets, most frequently studied in the discipline of aerospace engineering and related fields. Rocket science may also refer to: * a complex or difficult mental exercise or field or study, used frequently in an ironic sense to suggest that a task should be easy or simple because it is not rocket science * Rocket Science Games, a video game development company * Rocket Science VFX, a Canadian visual effects production company * Rocket Science (miniseries), a 2002 documentary series * Rocket Science (film), a 2007 comedy film * Rocket Science (TV series), a ...
Now it's fair and balanced
Rockets fly way over my head.
Q: Intent and Purport

Akshay ThakurI was unable to understand the similarities and differences between Intent and Purport. A description will be good to understand. Thank You

I know we've covered purport before.
That's news to me.
"purport site:english.stackexchange.com" only returns one hit.
Q: Is 'Blood libel' an established expression?

Yoichi OishiI came across the word, 'Blood libel,' apparently associated with Ms. Sarah Palin's agressive statement which was zeroed in at Democratic lowmakers in today's Washington Post. Neither Concise Oxford Dictionary nor Oxford American Dictionary carries this word. The latter defines 'libel' as: ...

Oh do you mean that vehomzzz question?
Q: What is the difference between "ostensibly" and "probably"?

Anderson SilvaMost of the time ostensibly and probably are used interchangeably. What is the difference between these two words?

Ha, I think that was my first encounter with Robusto, actually. How time flies.
Like a rocket.
"Rocket" is a song recorded by British hard rock band Def Leppard in 1987 from the album Hysteria. It was the sixth (seventh in the US) and final single release, coming out in January 1989 and hitting the Top 15 in the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. The song was considered one of the most experimental for hard rock at the time. Most notably, producer Mutt Lange used backmasking effects to feature the line "We're fighting with the gods of war" (from "Gods of War", also on Hysteria) sung backwards throughout the track. This sample was omitted from the single version of the son...
3:30 PM
Rocket flies a banana?
No wait. Fruits like rockets?
Something like that.
♫ Like a rocket, touched for the very first time... ♫
Is that how that Def Leppard song goes?
Why not?
Brb writing a new song for Def Leppard.
Die Sendung mit der Maus?
Right on.
Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Program with the Mouse) is a highly acclaimed children's series on German television that has been called "the school of the nation". The show first aired on March 10, 1971. Originally called Lach- und Sachgeschichten für Fernsehanfänger ("Stories for Beginning Television Viewers to Laugh at and Learn from"), it was controversial because German law prohibited television for children under six years of age. The program was initially condemned by teachers and childcare professionals as bad for children's development, but is now hailed for its ability to convey ...
Did it have an anniversary?
3:42 PM
40 years.
Ah.... 40th is in a few days
Man, I'm getting old. I remember the 25th anniversary!
Wow, almost as old as Sesame Street...
@Kosmonaut Yup, there will be a special this Sunday. Twice as long as usual.
Sesame Street just isn't the same without Cookie Monster.
Hmm ... my rep score is currently palindromic. I wonder what numerologists would make of that.
3:46 PM
Sesame Street doesn't have Cookie Monster anymore?
No. They totally trashed the show.
Combating childhood obesity was the rationale, I think.
Well I know they messed around with it a lot.
But I think he is still around, he just doesn't always eat cookies.
It's so sad that they felt they had to do that. I distinctly recall Cookie Monster eating an entire typewriter.
@RegDwight Ah, maybe that's why he was fired from the show.
He was the pure realization of one of the really good things about childhood: namely, cookies.
@Kosmonaut Well, after he got fired he turned to a life of crime.
I blame PBS.
3:50 PM
@Robusto Kind of like the opposite of Ice Cube.
Feb 14 at 12:29, by RegDwight
user image
Well, yeah. We call that an inversion.
@Kosmonaut OMG. That's just sad.
Now he just sits in his room listening to hard-core death emo, cleaning his handguns and tweaking on chocolate chips.
3:59 PM
Well, our favorite other puzzlement is back:
Q: What is the difference between a monologue and a soliloquy?

ArthurRexJust a random thought as to what the actual difference might be between the two??

I'll bet you $100 he knows the answer.
Q: What does it mean when someone calls himself "non sequitur"?

vgv8Coming from my answer to question Is there a better noun form of “unreasonable” than “unreasonableness?” What does it mean when someone calls himself "non sequitur"? Examples: "I AM NON SEQUITUR" (blog) i am non-sequitur (livejournal) nickname "Non Sequitur" on twitter.com "I don’t...

He shows rather than tell it
It depends if he calls himself a write-only non sequitur or a read-only non sequitur.
Perhaps I should post that as an answer.
I wonder why he likes calling himself things.
Writes, bots, sequiturs.
4:15 PM
I mean he exemplifies what it meant to be unreasonable. I found most of his posts funny. But I am getting a little bit annoying now.
@Fountain ing -> ed.)))
oh.. yeah
I am annoyed by his annoying posts. ;)
He seems to mistake YouTube for RedTube or YouPorn, too.
"Can you put some links to youtube videos to better understand what you are asking about? – vgv8 4 hours ago"
Q: Why is anyone in a porn movie considered a porn star?

Evik JamesRecently, the media made a big deal about Charlie Sheen dating a porn star. It seems that anyone who is in a porn movie is referred to as a porn star. The same is not true of anyone in a normal movie. Everyone in a normal movie isn't a movie star. Everyone in a rock band is certainly not a rock s...

4:33 PM
I suppose the following should be a comment rather than an answer?
A: Which of these meanings for the word "pet" came first?

C. LoganIn Australia we keep pets, but we don't pet them.. We pat them. There is no such thing as petting.

And I'm not even sure if he's right, after checking Wiktionary and googling around a bit.

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