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12:36 AM
what'd yall think of the new update
Gonna try out a light themed terminal for the memes
Hm, does Puzzling.SE not do syntax highlighting in code blocks?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Why, do you hate yourself? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Lol, that's a sad-looking meta question...
84 views in 7 years...
A mod adding a [status-] tag to it might help
Actually, that reminds me: thoughts on me nominated myself and HN for the Great Status Tag Cleanup in Most Significant Meta Impact?
12:52 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sure
@taRadvylfsriksushilani ¡!H
@allxy Can you help me to golf Vyxal answers?
@allxy I can't debug Vyxal, My Vyxal program has bug.
12:59 AM
Send me the link
What's it meant to do?
sorry for late answer
please don't golf
Sorry, no idea what that does. Can you describe what you want it to do?
Sorry, no idea. I haven't been able to get a working implementation myself.
@allxy Can you help me?
Is there a Vyxal debugger?
Add everywhere you want to log something though
And maybe try running it once instead of forever
@allxy print with newline and without popping?
1:26 AM
@allxy Can you translate Try it online! to Vyxal?
Here you go! offline only though
@allxy translate without
@allxy Try it Online! thanks, but you need to read the full source code.
I have to go o/
1:43 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I've added a PR on in floop to fix those two issues, would you mind merging it?
Given any monotone list of n integers A, is it always possible to find an integer-coefficient polynomial f such that A = [f(1), f(2), f(3), ..., f(n)]?
@emanresuA Update: Having more or less successfully introduced the exploit I was trying to introduce, I've just discovered a different, unintentional exploit. X^D
I'll probably leave them both in. Whenever a robber cracks the first one, I'll patch it and submit a second cop answer.
@DLosc Hm, cool
Wait, wrong account
It'll be nice to have something to actually crack
@allxy Nerd.
1:50 AM
If I'm a Nerd., you're a d.Nre by rearrangement.
(Two of the three answers are mine, and one I know the answer and have agreed not to crack)
Part of the challenge here has been holding off on adding more language features just for the sake of adding language features. It's a fun little language, if I do say so myself.
After the CnR, I plan to clean up the interpreter a bit and add it to my Esolangs repository.
#1 was just found while messing around, #2 was trying to create a dso wrapper.
YT needs to add a 1.1938 speed option
2:01 AM
CMQ: Should you use a sock to spam flag?
You shouldn't really
(Just asking, haven't done anything)
In short, there's one rule for using a sock: don't do anything you couldn't do with one account. So, upvoting a post is fine. Upvoting it with both accounts isn't. Flagging something as spam is fine. Raising 2 spam flags from one person (with a sock and a regular account) isn't
2:03 AM
What if I have dissociative identity disorder?
So, if you happen to be logged into your sock, and you see some spam, yes, you can flag it. But, if you then log back into your main account, you cannot spam flag the post again
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Talk to your therapist
Btw, DSO is now accepting (JS-based only) languages now that I've figured out how to create wrappers. If you send me stuff now I can add it before the next push.
Do you have dotcomma or Risky?
@emanresuA That's a .surge.sh link, I don't trust it :P
2:05 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's fine, I promise
(I've got a cool dynamic-loading thing so permanent interpreter file links are fine)
I accidentally left YT at 1.25 speed after listening to a non-speedycake Caramelldansen remix, and then I opened the original and it was playing way to fast lol
Listening to a song at different speeds is like listening to different songs tbh :P
Depends on the song I think
Call you Mine at 0.85 is one of my loop songs
(as in, I will just put it on loop and listen to that alone for a couple of hours)
2:16 AM
No one on MO either
They're visible until the mathjax loads
Gonna check a couple of other sites to see if it should be a bug on MO meta or MSE
How did I read "consistency strength" as "conspiracy theory" lol
I can see badges on this site, so I think it's just MO
Interestingly, doesn't appear to be the case for MO Meta
2:41 AM
If you want to add this, I'm on Firefox 96 on MacOS 12.
I'm on Chrome 96 on Chrome OS
I can test Safari as well
Repro'd on Safari 15.1
Repro'd on Firefox on Chrome OS
Q: Prime PEMDAS of N

drmosleyGiven an integer n, print or return integers a, b, and c that satisfy all of the following conditions, if such integers exist: a * b + c = N a, b, and c are all prime a > b > c If no valid combination of integers exist, you should return nothing, 0, None, or raise an error. If multiple valid co...

I think I've got enough repro's to show if a mod tries to it :P
2:47 AM
@NewPosts To FGITW or VTC as unclear
Ooh Swedish seems really cool so far
It looks like the verbs don't have to have endings for who the subject is, which is a really nice break from spanish
E.g, jag äter (I am eating) and hon äter (she is eating)
Use esperanto
all i know about swedish grammar is noun declension includes definiteness but i'm actually not sure if swedish does that i just know it's something that old norse and at least one modern scandinavian language do
meanwhile german and greek use articles that themselves decline
1 hour later…
4:07 AM
Motivation is the derivative of work completed
Well, I guess I should say productivity.
Motivation is just one factor in the amount of work completed in a given time period.
Like, if I was really excited to work on a golfing language but someone was currently in the process of cutting both of my legs off I would probably have to wait
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Disagree. motivation and work form a system: the more work you do, the more motivated you are to do more work
Man I'd love to live in that universe
@taRadvylfsriksushilani The trick is to be me :P
Motivation is difficult to get started, but once it is, work implies more motivation implies more work
4:15 AM
A: Inject arbitrary code into a compiler (cops)

DLoscExceptionally Exceptionally is a toy language I invented for this challenge. It is inspired by, implemented in, and transpiled to Whython (pxeger's modified version of Python 3 with an added exception-handling operator). The language A program in Exceptionally contains of a series of lines, each ...

Correction: The more work you feel like you've done
Crack away ^_^
I gotta say, I really love challenges here that involve creating a programming language.
This is probably the most depressing graph I've ever made:
4:19 AM
I don't know how well I'll do in the cops-and-robbers part of it, but inventing and implementing the language has been super fun.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Looks about right
@taRadvylfsriksushilani That's what most projects look like, TBH. The trick is learning to live in that long-tail space and keep the line far enough above zero that you keep making progress.
the key is to have other people interested in helping with the project by the time you get burned out
(The other trick is learning what projects you're willing to stick with, and ditching the other ones before you sink enough time into them that you feel bad about not continuing.)
@DLosc Creating my own verrsion of this and running a fluffer seems a bit cheaty and a lot difficult.
4:22 AM
@Razetime That does require you to be willing to accept contributions from other people, who may not share your particular vision :P
@emanresuA What is a fluffer?
I feel like it's something like \"__name__"
@DLosc An especially cute dog
"This little fluffer is named Jimmy"
@DLosc generates random text and tests it
4:22 AM
Sounds like a Fuzzer
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Hmm, running one of those doesn't sound particularly difficult ^_^
Having put off dinner to finish that, I'm now going to eat and go to bed.
4:27 AM
Ooh, I have an idea for a mostly industrial-revolution-themed KotH
Name idea: Capture the Slag
(Since "slag" is metal impurities from smelting iron)
4:49 AM
Q: Viewing reputation and badges is now opt-in

Ben WebsterThis announcement is a little late (see the discussion here), but in response to discussions over many years, we (the moderators and board) have implemented a change to the site where by default, reputations and badges will not be displayed on questions or the front page. You can still view a us...

Appears to be an MO only thing
CMQ: If you could have your consciousness preserved forever after your death, in some sort of computer or something, would you? Assume that it is maintained for the rest of humanity's existence.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Can I learn after I die?
I suppose my choice would depend on if time would progress as usual, and if I could interact with things (like, could I have a simulated sheet of paper? a calculator? a laptop? an infinite desert with some rocks?)
In which case, I don't see this as "death", and, so long as I could interact with things in some way (likely through a computer interface), absolutely
If I was just a brain in a jar, probably, holding out hope that someone would try to allow me to interact with things
Hmm. now I'm wondering if I would want to do it if I were put in an xkcd 505-like place
4:55 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Even more so
I've always seen 505 as something I'd do in a heartbeat if offered
The only problem is that I'm not sure I'd have to skill to simulate a universe through a cellular automaton
Skill? You have infinitely much time to learn the needed skills :p
Yeah, but I procrastinate; I'll learn about them tomorrow:P
1 hour later…
6:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DialFrostTips for golfing in Seriously I am looking for tips to code in this golfing language Seriously, and was wondering what some of the best/subtle ways for golfing this language is. Thx in advance!

btw how do i code in the diff languages like 51AB0E, charcoal, retina, vxyal???
u cant really read them
if you're really familiar with the language you can read them
i can read simpler jelly programs especially if i approximately know what they're meant to do
otherwise you just have to decode them with the codepage / element lookup table or hope the answerer adds an explanation
er i kinda mean how do understand when you urself code it cuz i hope to learn one of these
all i know rn is python
6:25 AM
how do u code diff languages like vxyal when doing a challenge
You just get used to them
You can also type them in more readable formats, they usually allow whitepace and comments
But obv. you remove those when posting
vyxal is an outlier for having comments
but yeah whitespace is a thing
not too useful once you can read what the digraph starters and any like funky literal syntax are, granted
but in something like jelly i guess you could space around grouping quicks if you're having a hard time parsing them visually
maybe even space around chain patterns
any vxyal/jelly/any other golf-lang person that is willing to teach me? :)
i've been looking at this for a while know lyxal.pythonanywhere.com cant make any sense of it
i was looking at the keyboard btw
only thing i do to ungolf my in progress jelly is use multiple lines for something i know i'll need to group that i'm not sure how long it'll actually turn out
6:31 AM
the vyxal documentation
not sure if there's like a tutorial or something since despite being an ro i don't actually know vyxal
3347 lines holy crap
7:17 AM
@UnrelatedString you're an ro because we use you as a sanity check for language ideas sometimes lol
7:46 AM
oh yeah
I think we know what the xkcd header is revealing now
@pxeger Lol
It's counting down to 4am my time
No way jose am I staying up until then
8:10 AM
I have a file called Untitled-1-18-27-10-6.js
@pxeger would you mind rerevirwing the discord link PR on Vyxal? (See comments)
Shaddup I’m on mobile
CMQ: what should a print builtin do dyadically?
Print both arguments
I hate how JSON.stringify causes pain with bigints
@emanresuA treat one argument as a format string or something?
8:29 AM
I need a fairly compressible string of a few kilobytes, ASCII with no whitespace (for a ). Can you think of some interesting ones I could use?
Bee movie script without spaces
Because, after all,
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
8:57 AM
@DialFrost I can teach you APL, which, while not a golfing language, is fairly competitive. Btw, Jelly descends from APL.
@emanresuA could also print one argument and return the other
@pxeger 99 bottles of beer?
10:00 AM
@pxeger The ATO root password repeated a few hundred times
@Adám … they’re tacit array languages and that’s pretty much the only similarity
@emanresuA jelly is literally based on j which is based on apl (and i think there's some stuff directly from apl)
array based tacit languages in general are all apl derivatives
jelly's a weird case in the broader landscape because of the whole fixed adicity thing ofc
but yeah
Although Jelly's array model is taken from K… another APL derivative.
What I meant is, Jelly’s so optmised for code golf that it barely resembles traditional array languages
Most APL derivatives find the sum using +/ — Jelly included.
10:04 AM
For example, most array languages allow you to group expressions with parentheses- jelly doesn’t
+/ for sum indicates a very APL-characteristic thing: having functions and higher-order functions that modify them inline.
@Adám That’s true. Vyxal 3 will probably do the same as well :p
But jelly also has S which is golfier
Functions and Operators in APL. Verbs and Adverbs in J. Atoms and Quicks in Jelly.
Elements and modifiers in Vyxal
@emanresuA Sure, but that's because it is a golfing language. Its origins are clear.
10:06 AM
If yo feel it is appropriate, add Vyxal to APL Wiki.
It’s… sorta tacit, but only in its modifier structure
For example, ƒ is reduce and ƒ+ is the equivalent of +/
APL has always had +/ but didn't always support tacit programming (beyond that).
@emanresuA format one arg using the other
@user stringn’t
Vyxal isn’t an array language because it has string and string overloads as standalone types
10:12 AM
last time i tried using vyxal i think i remember there being a few string builtins with missing array equivalents that i was looking for
It’s sometimes annoying
feel like having strings isn't itself un-array though
@emanresuA Can you not convert a string to a character list?
We do have infinite lists
could have sworn i've seen some or another array language explode-dosomething-implode a string
10:14 AM
@UnrelatedString would you be okay with putting such features into a list so I can know what to add for version 3?
@Adám are there any array languages with infinite list support?
@UnrelatedString K has both strings (symbols) and character lists.
@emanresuA KAP.
that was probably it yeah
@Adám link?
apl.wiki/KAP (like everything else…)
10:15 AM
@lyxal vaguely remember it had something to do with splitting or replacement? was a while ago
@lyxal could be worth making \/ scan/reduce? In v3
@emanresuA that's already planned
@UnrelatedString those both work for lists and strings alike though
What's the difference between ƒ and /?
Sublists for example is a one-buyer for strings but needs a digraph for lists
@Adám aside from being prefix/postfix, nthing
gtg, o/
What does o/ do? ;-)
10:33 AM
Q: Output two numbers (Cops' thread)

Wheat Wizard This is the cops' thread to a cops-and-robbers challenge. Click the link to find the [robbers' thread]. The challenge here is very simple. Create two programs of the same size, in the same language, which output two different numbers, \$x\$ and \$y\$. Submit both programs, both numbers and th...

Program that's a polyglot in the same language twice: dangermouse.net/esoteric/piet/helloworld-pietbig.gif
Q: Output two numbers (Robbers' thread)

Wheat Wizard This is the cops' thread to a cops-and-robbers challenge. Click the link to find the cops' thread. In the cops' thread of this challenge answerers will be writing programs which output two numbers, \$x\$ and \$y\$. As robbers your goal will be to crack their submissions. To do this you find ...

2 hours later…
1:05 PM
@NewPosts The more I think about it, the more I think that it’s not hard to output ridiculously huge ranges of numbers, which leads to robbers not being so much about finding the right code to break it, but more about computing whether the number is in the range or not
One strategy I have in mind is converting printable ascii to char codes, then computing factorials of them, then left-fold exponent/multiply/factorial etc.
it’s only a few bytes long, and sure you might find a way to get something in between in 1 less byte, but it’s really annoying to check if it will be in the range
Yeah a sort of safety by obscurity principle.
It does make it very hard to actually score your own post though.
That’s why I haven’t posted it, I’m not courageous enought to evaluate that bullshit :p
A simple math constant approach that I posted is more interesting to try to crack I think
@Neil how is it in the same language twice? lol
1:15 PM
… I feel like Zyabin’s back or I got teleported on TNB from 2017
@GingerIndustries WHAT
@mathcat yup
now it's 1 hour and 37 minutes
I'm exited
1:23 PM
@mathcat well come back then!
oh you meant excited
also are you sure we should be excited
maybe it's a supervolcano countdown or smth
Or a T-Rex attack
wdym t-rex?
1:28 PM
that's a llama
Oh, of course
1:43 PM
idea: make a three.js-powered website that lets you use the Pepper's Ghost effect with a 3D model
@mathcat i hope theres no explanation and it just goes away and he never talks about it
do yall know what Pepper's Ghost is?
the effect or the author
or is this a third unrelated pepper who died
the effect. three.js has a pretty cool demo that uses it.
I want to make smth like that that lets you upload an arbitrary 3d model.
I'm going to go work on this
actually, we might already know what the countdown is for
1:54 PM
do tell
on explainxkcd: "Amazon revealed the news a day too early! - it is Randall's new book what if? 2 that will be announced tomorrow"
i dont know if thats canonical though, and could just be coincidental
but given the graphic itself , it does seem pretty whatifish
Is there a way to get the center of the string?
just fold it and mark the end

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