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3:18 AM
@YaakovEllis Have uppercase words in your question text?
3:28 AM
Waii what! WB ends tommorow
I know the triggers don't have to be revealed at the end of WB, but I very much want to know the trigger for E-pic
Me too
@YaakovEllis Can I bribe you with an upvote to reveal E-pic after WB is ended? ;)
3:54 AM
@YaakovEllis Are there only 2 users with cleanup? Catija and richardec?
4:20 AM
I have 3 upvotes away from Tenacious :(
@YaakovEllis Thanks a lot! I got the rep hunter badge at around the time that you wrote that! For finding this bug, would I get the defender of the unicorn hat? I could have posted it as a report on Meta.SE to get the tag on the question, but my understanding was that the instructions we were given were to to ping Yaakov Ellis in the Winter Bash Chat Room if we had any questions.
I think if I can't figure out Cleanup and Helping Heart, I only can keep 38 hats
@U12-Forward helping finger: Post three positively scored comments under a user's first post
4:39 AM
@callculus42 I got that weeks ago already :)
5:10 AM
@U12-Forward cleanup has been awarded 9 times (7 distinct users)
@user1271772 you earned it. I'll get it to you soon
@YaakovEllis Will there be a stats page this year
@U12-Forward OK. It seems that I've overlooked it in all the comments.
Btw, what's the least earned secret hat
@callculus42 Haha
@U12-Forward yeah, I'll update soon
5:12 AM
@U12-Forward 3 buried pennies. Awarded 3 times.
@YaakovEllis Really! The 3 users are: Me, Wolgwang and Tyberius right?
If you say so. On my phone now, don't have access to more than just the numbers at the moment
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
Yes, finally decided to decipher the unicorn page
deciphered it in 10 minutes
cc Yaakov
Nice challenge Yaakov
wrote a very small python code to decipher it
7:25 AM
@YaakovEllis meta.stackexchange.com/questions/374461/… I can't do anything, I can't even reset... I am stuck and cannot continue the challenge :((
@U12-Forward you got to the first question, try to submit it, and ?
I answered 5 qs correctly
And I got a wrong answer, so I got rickrolled. And but now I try to submit or reset and nothing happens.
7:40 AM
stats are up
@U12-Forward can you capture the request and response when you click on the button to submit?
ammm how do I do that :(
F12 in your browser. Go to network tab. When you click on the button, a new row should appear hitting unicorn. Click on it. Go to the response tab and see what it returned.
You mean click on the "Submit Answer" button?
7:53 AM
yes. or reset. Reset should just erase your progress and bring you back to the beginnig with a new set of questions
I click on the response tab, I see that it's just the original html code...
It says Request/Response is DURATION
Is that what you want ?
8:07 AM
I guess I might not be able to ever solve this unicorn now...
8:44 AM
@YaakovEllis Is E-Pic related to tags of the question?
@Wolgwang no
@YaakovEllis I get page not found on clicking the hat name. Is that intentional?
@Wolgwang if you havent earned it, then yes, it is intentional
and secret
9:03 AM
@YaakovEllis Is E-pic for uppercase words in your question text?
@U12-Forward Obviously no!
Ayy I was the first to get Slow Trickle :)
Well, joint first!
Not first in any hat :/
Nor am I
@Wolgwang we and Tyberius are the only awardees of the Three Burried Pennies hat.
9:09 AM
@YaakovEllis E-pic is related to the letters in the question?
@Wolgwang ;-)
9:34 AM
@YaakovEllis Have the letters E P I and C in your question text?
1 hour later…
11:03 AM
@CDJB How can you tell if you were the first to receive a given hat?
@pitamer there's a new stats page here: winterbash2021.stackexchange.com/stats
Ooooh so cool! Thanks :)
11:22 AM
@YaakovEllis The stats page is extremely misleading. I voted on Dec 15 at 12:00 but was awarded the hat only after more than an hour.
11:33 AM
Yes finally completed the unicorn quiz
on mobile only
Very well made challenge by Yaakov
So I have two unicorns
How do you get to that quiz? Or is that part of the mystery? :P
I got Rick rolled a lot on the way of this challenge lol
Oh seems like a SO account alone won't do, right?
11:38 AM
@YaakovEllis How many users passed the quiz :)
@pitamer You need a Meta Stack Exchange account
@YaakovEllis Is it possible to get E-pic on non english(neither latin script) sites?
Well, seems like a good enough excuse to finally start one ;)
@Wolgwang yes. Though the exact crtieria for earning it on the RU and JA Stack Overflow sites is slightly different
乁( •_• )ㄏ
It will all make sense eventually
dont overthink it
it is actually a pretty simple trigger
11:42 AM
Frequency of letters doesn't seem to do something :-/
@YaakovEllis Have the letter E at least 10 times in your post.
@U12-Forward no
A wild guess, if you say it's really off I will stop guessing
it is not really off. It is actually the best guess so far
11:44 AM
@U12-Forward Note there are very few users on SO with that hat.
20 times then? :P
However, I am going to stop responding to wild guesses. The definition of the correct trigger will be pretty simple to confirm
ie: easier than what you are suggesting here
@YaakovEllis Uppercase letters and lowercase letters are being considered same , right?
@Wolgwang for the purposes of this hat, yes, they are
I should try to look for patterns in short questions.
11:50 AM
ok Yaakov. I say it's at least 5 uppercase letters in the question.
@U12-Forward Really? If that were the criteria, wouldnt the hat have been earned many many more times?
Ah. That is wrong then.
Atleast we are somewhat close. :-)
perhaps the letters of the word epic must be in the title, q body and tags?
@double-beep Not in title.
Neither tags
12:01 PM
link to question(s)?

Least active users with E-pic

yesterday, 30 minutes total – 7 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked yesterday by Wolgwang

Haha still laughing about that Wolgwang has E-pic
Very smartly played Wolgwang
@U12-Forward I was just testing my theory...
And it worked!
12:15 PM
YaakovEllis E-Pic is not related to frequency of letters, right? Because Nicolas Chabanovsky doesn't have the hat for A year in closing question...
@YaakovEllis does the game hat exist?
2 days ago, by Yaakov Ellis
@Wolgwang nope, no one has a hat with that Id yet
@Wolgwang "A year in closing" obviously should not have e-pic
12:34 PM
@YaakovEllis ask a question without the letter 'E' in the title, right?
@CDJB bingo!
Wwww it's confirmed????????
@YaakovEllis But I never fulfilled that requirement....
12:38 PM
What does "pic" mean?
@U12-Forward You did..
What's a Tricky Word™?
No E
Oh I got itty
No E
@YaakovEllis Spotting scope: 10 helpful flags or CV or RV or DV. (where other agree with you) ?
@YaakovEllis Does it work for editing out the E?
@U12-Forward IDTS...
10 users have Helping heart! Only on SO?
YaakovEllis What's the trigger for E-pic on RU and JA SO?
12:58 PM
@Wolgwang On RU SO, I assume it is asking a question without the letter э. (e equivalent)
@Wolgwang same idea, but for a character with similar frequency on those sites to E everywhere else
@YaakovEllis Can you confirm the above for RU SO?
@Xnero incorrect. is a different char on RU. And combo of two chars for JA
@YaakovEllis И?
@Xnero no.
1:05 PM
@YaakovEllis O?
For RU
@Wolgwang yes
@YaakovEllis の for JA?
One of the two...
1 hour later…
2:13 PM
Just got E-pic on DBA, if anyone wants to dig through my history
Never mind, seems like it's been figured out
1 hour later…
3:34 PM
@U12-Forward Considered the unicorn name, those trolls should include at least one redirect to the "save Equestria Girls" online petition....
Well, okay, that was an interesting trigger for e-pic
Someone should try and post an entire question without the letter E... maybe there is another rarer version of the hat.
If so, it should reference Gadsby in some way, either the question or any hat
posting an haiku should be tried too knowing Yaakov.
4:27 PM
5 hours later…
9:44 PM
@SPArcheon fun fact: the original trigger was going to be "no e in the title OR body". But then we found out that only one open question on Stack Overflow would have qualified in the history of the site, so we made it only about the title.
@double-beep only as an unfulfilled javascript var
9:56 PM
@YaakovEllis I wonder how many posts across the network would qualify
SEDE doesn't quite work, cause any links would auto-disqualify a body like '%e%' check
10:08 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing this is the first hat in the history of wb to go through elastic search
Elastic search?
1 hour later…
11:11 PM
@YaakovEllis Thanks so much !!!
@U12-Forward can you share that Python code on GitHub when WinterBash is over?

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