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12:00 AM
I had one but I didn't write it down so now I've forgotten it :(
Welcome to the 17th Biweekly Mini Golf. During this event, we'll post some CMCs (Chat Mini Challenges) for you all to solve. A new one will be added every 5 to 10 minutes. Feel free to keep suggesting drafts during the event. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Good luck!
I might repost chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/59879889#59879889 because I think it's quite an interesting (if simple) challenge and I only got one or two responses last time
Q: An ASCII self-referential sequence

BubblerThe sequence A109648 starts with the following numbers 53, 51, 44, 32, 53, 49, 44, 32, 52, 52, 44, 32, 51, 50, 44, 32, 53, 51, 44, 32, 52, 57, 44, 32, 52, 52, 44, 32, 51, 50, 44, 32, 53, 50, 44, 32, 53, 50, 44, 32, 52, 52, 44, 32, 51, 50, 44, 32, 53, 49, 44, 32, 53, 48, 44, 32, 52, 52, 44, 32, 51...

in BMG Drafts, 3 hours ago, by emanresu A
AIDraft: Write a function that takes a string and returns a string with all vowels removed.
@NewPosts @Bubbler do you deliberately post around 0 UTC every day?
12:02 AM
If you want to repcap, its the best time to do so
true, I hadn't considered that
@emanresuA do we have to handle both upper and lower case?
Well, it's the best time for me to post a challenge, IRL and also that
Is y a vowel?
I'ma say no
(to both)
12:03 AM
AICMC: Given 2 lists, add them elementwise to create a new list
@emanresuA APL: ~∘'aeiou'
@emanresuA Jelly, 3 bytes Try it online!
@lyxal Same lengths or possibly different lengths?
Its the same length to handle any case + y
12:04 AM
@Bubbler same
AICMC: Given a string of odd length greater 3, return the mid three chars.
@lyxal Scala: _ zip _ map(_+_)
AICMC: Given an array of strings, return the string such that it has all unique characters
no zipwith?
In Scala? No :(
I'm not sure why, it feels like it should be included, and it wouldn't be all that hard to implement
Normally, one uses a.lazyZip(b).map(f)
@lyxal This one is really underspecified lol
12:08 AM
@Bubbler I interpret it as "return the first string whose uniquified length is the same as its normal length"
Wait no I'm dumb
@Bubbler what do you mean? It's just find the string in a list of strings, such that the returned string has all unique letters. It's guaranteed there'll only be one string
Oh ok
AICMC: Find the longest word in a string and return it as an array (exclude punctuation/special char). Ex:: "how now brown cow?" -> ["brown"]. Words are considered to be separated by spaces
Something like as,klZ is consider 5 letters and 1 word
@NewPosts Bit disappointed I can't do s=53:drop 2(fromEnum<$>show s) in Haskell for this (since it doesn't show with the spaces)
12:13 AM
@UnrelatedString if show did work, I think you could just do 5:tail(...)
Scala: _ filter(c=>c.isLetter|c==32)split " "maxBy(_.size)
@emanresuA what does that do?
i think it's repeating the 3
Oh, thanks :)
12:17 AM
I just noticed we've gone past the 60 millionth chat message
Q: Shortest way to remove the first and last element of a list and print both

DialFrostThe challenge is simple: Print the first and last element of a list and print them Rules: You will take only 1 line of input, and that is the list (e.g. [1, 5, 6, 4, 2]) You have to print everything into STDOUT (e.g. 12) with no spaces in between the output characters A simple example is print(...

We talk a lot
@NewPosts this isn't showing up in the new questions list for me
@NewPosts I don't like this, but I think it's still valid
Wait, I just described downvoting
@pxeger the drop 2 is to get rid of both the first 53 and the leading bracket
12:19 AM
oh ok, but you can still make it only 5 I think
i guess there might be a way to if you make it a string
could you do something like s='5':drop 2$show s?
operator precedence fucks it
i think
but yeah same principle
all of these answers are wrong
(like specifically the $)
12:22 AM
op has terrible output restriction
i'll talk to them about removing it
@NewPosts Boo for annoying output
@hyper-neutrino Idk what that even means
@emanresuA the one line of input, stdout, no spaces bit
Is this valid under the rules?
12:24 AM
@hyper-neutrino Imagine needing 4 bytes :P
@UnrelatedString wait no it hangs because the drop 2 goes past the 5 and then if you change it to tail it's just a quote then infinitely many 5s because there's nothing to actually take the codes lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing cursed chain breaking ಠ_ಠ
@emanresuA head, replace that value with the input printing it, tail
technically yours is also valid compared to mine
since the title says you have to remove the elements which isn't specified
I didn't notice that; if I had I would've called to close and not answered lol
12:26 AM
wait yeah i missed that too lmao
time to drop my template sandbox comment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
and the way the challenge is put it almost sounds like it strictly has to use program i/o
actually no i take back the almost it literally prescribes strict program i/o
@hyper-neutrino I swear I've left that comment under OPs challenges before :/
oh i remember this user
i commented the same thing about strict IO on their last challenge :P
have they posted more than one challenge before or was it just the three tips questions in a row
12:30 AM
Haven't posted any good challenges
they have only posted one challenge before
which was okay minus the fixing it needed, ignoring the dupe
No, this is their fourth
yeah wasn't their first challenge from somewhere else
Ignoring the - all 3 previous have been closed
12:31 AM
oh wait i was looking at the wrong page lol
oh what the fuck the one from another site was their second challenge
@NewPosts I had to be very careful with my flag order here
and then their third challenge was also from that site
@lyxal lol
12:33 AM
@hyper-neutrino ... Ṡas could be rearranged in a very unfortunate manner
in a world of brainfuck i wouldn't be too worried about vyxal asṠ
I'm the one with jar and HASKELL_RANGES
Wow, they just invalidated all the answers
they even further invalidated their own example which didn;t work to begin with
12:41 AM
welp 40 rep is 40 rep
can't complain about that
that places me 20 rep away from my goal of reaching 18.5k by the end of the year which I set a week ago
12:53 AM
Challenge idea: Create a polyglot that solves multiple existing challenges?
(Idk how it'd be scored)
Q: Shuffle a subsequence

caird coinheringaahingThanks to rak1507 for the suggestion "Random" in this challenge always refers to "uniformly random" - of all possible choices, each has an equal chance of being chosen. Uniform shuffling means that every possible permutation of the array has an equal chance of being chosen. Given an array consi...

(Maybe limit to 15+, <50 answers)
@emanresuA Unless specified as "contiguous subsequence", I've never known subsequence to imply contiguous
i think sublist has the implication of contiguous
i don't associate subsequence with that though
Oh ok
IMO subsequence sort of refers to sequence which implies being contiguous
But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Make a negative afterimage
@caird do you have a target bytecount for jelly?
I probably did when I drafted it in January, but not anymore :P
1:02 AM
@hyper-neutrino I need to remember the J...yJị trick for inserting values to indices
@lyxal We need a 'rearrange at indices' builtin :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing maybe I'm remembering wrong but I think I've used that twice recently already :P
1:31 AM
gives @hyper-neutrino memory supplements
just stopping in to say hi! :)
2:07 AM
9 messages moved to ­Trash
@Fmbalbuena This doesn't make any sense to me, and seems kinda... random in the steps? I don't really see any pattern
@cairdcoinheringaahing this is deterministic
I know. I mean that the steps are a bit arbitrary, in that they don't feel like there's any connection between each step and why it goes from one to another
[1], [1 + 1]
[1] * [2]
2:12 AM
You were just kicked for posting noise. I'd recommend doing this as a single multiline message
You can experiment in the Sandbox to prevent early-posting
Step 1
[1], [1] + 1
[1], [2]
[1] * [2]
[2], [0]
[2], [0]
[2] + [0]
> If the number is greater than reversed indice plus two, then modulo by indice plus two, add number integer divided by indice plus two to extra list (Previous indice).
This is the line that's confusing me
2:15 AM
OK, not now.
2:25 AM
Somewhere in a coal mine in Norway lies Keg's source code and I don't know how I feel about that.
Like my cringe code is frozen away for at least the next 1000 years, meaning people in the future can look back at it and say "what a nerd with this sh*tpost of a language"
@NewPosts I'm remembering why I dislike posting challenges
@lyxal oh the github code vault lmao
My past self didn't know how Github repo's worked, so I stuffed literally every single one of my projects into a repository called myRepository and now it will be preserved for future generations to criticize :(
2:43 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm remembering why I dislike challenges
@user ...
Oh yeah that one's just a project I abandoned
I think my local copy has the beginnings of an F# project lol
It was going to be Husk but with some kind of compression except I realized my "compression" algorithm made everything even longer lol
Where did you even find that btw?
people know how to find things in the abyss heh
That's not even the account I use for CGCC stuff anymore
You used to use it for Vyxal and I remembered that when you said "My past self" and started looking for myRepository
2:53 AM
Where did it go?
I deleted it lol
Wait no it's here, just private
Less stuffed than I remember but there's still like 4 projects there

 The Awkward Silence

Welcome to The Awkward Silence! Here, you can find the general...
Accurate name
3:11 AM
i hate mobile devices
aside from merging tags, what's the single most destructive thing you could do as a mod?
like, single action, or what
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Something like deleting/locking the sandbox
(Although that's probably not that bad, since another mod can fix it)
A mod could run a auto-suspend script on their account and probably get away with it for a few hours before they got noticed and stopped, and it would be fairly difficult to reverse
3:14 AM
deleting the sandbox is
pretty mild...
Or, an auto-red-flag script that basically nuked every post. I dont know how easy it is to undo that tho
TBH i could go delete and undelete it now and basically nothing would happen i think
locking the sandbox is even less impactful
Ultimately, the Sandbox is just one post, and anything one mod could do to it, another mod could undo
Synonymising various tags (such as and ) into one tag would break all newly active posts
@emanresuA Launch nukes on the US
@cairdcoinheringaahing Worst case scenario, things could be restored from SEDE and we'd lose a week
3:17 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, we've discussed that before
@RedwolfPrograms It'd be a pain to restore tho
@user We're ignoring those mod buttons
@emanresuA Definitely, we'd need SE's help
@cairdcoinheringaahing There's no history for those?
It's irreversable
tag merges do not generate revision history
3:17 AM
Synonymise, not merge
Oh dear
oh synonymizing would also be bad
This may be worse than nukes
It's less destructive, but still bad
merges would be like, catastrophically bad
unless they could just do a quick backup from somewhere, which they probably could
i somewhat doubt i'd so easily get access to the ability to completely destroy the site
3:18 AM
Merge all the tags into :p
Then just brag about how our tagging system is 100% accurate
@hyper-neutrino Wait, so do the questions appear to have had the new tag from the strat
For example, if was synonymised into , then no new challenges would be posted, and any question that got updated would replace the tags. Do that with multiple often used tags, and it'd be hard to restore the questions to their original ones
@emanresuA Yes
That's why you can't find any questions
@RedwolfPrograms Validated red flags also deal a -100 rep penalty. A mod with an autoflag script would reduce someone to 1 rep very quickly, and I don't know about reversing that
That could also be restored from SEDE (by SE I guess), and that's assuming they don't have any backups more often than SEDE is updated
Can mods suspend other mods?
3:22 AM
i believe disputing flags reverses the penalty
Yeah, if that happened, I suspect we'd be better off reaching out to SE, explaining and asking them to undo it
@RedwolfPrograms No
Dang :/
Actually, yes, but mods can unsuspend themselves, so basically no
wait what lol
1. TIL i can suspend other mods 2. TIL i can unsuspend myself
Give it a shot, I'm just going off memory :P
3:23 AM
Oh, if mods can also just unsuspend themselves then I guess that fixes the issue lol
> This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Dec 29 '22 at 3:23.
Everyone, HN is officially a rule breaker, we must ban him
On the other hand, we shouldn't talk about other people's suspensions
time to do some science with this
okay, so I cannot add comments, not even to my own posts, because I do not have 50 rep
But you can chat
i can do inline tag editing and edit other people's posts successfully
3:25 AM
Screenshot for posterity
yeah, i just refreshed my profile, and it does not apply the suspension to my chat profile
It would be funny if it went to the suggested edits queue
it seems i can do mod-exclusive actions fine, like suspending and such
Can you see the review queues?
i cannot vote
3:26 AM
Can you see deleted posts and delete/close posts?
@cairdcoinheringaahing sort of???
So we're investigating which privileges don't include a "is moderator" check :P
@user i can see deleted posts
i cannot delete posts though, not even my own
3:28 AM
Can you still do the same mod-only actions you can normally do?
i can edit other people's comments but not delete them
Wait, you can edit our comments?
uh, yeah lol
Wow, this is ultimate science
hm, i'll go log in on my alt and get a test post to red flag
3:29 AM
See if you can set off smokey :P
If you're posting a test post, see if you can get Smokey to catch it :P
oh lol. nah not a huge fan of that idea :p
If I was allowed, I would love to try to push the limits of Smokey :P
oh wait how did i not notice
3:33 AM
Yet another use for sandbox.se
i cannot flag posts
but i can view flags
I have spam flagged
Also, FA and GRT are blazingly fast
hm, so I was hoping that marking your flag as helpful would nuke it
it seems that it does not, and just dismisses it
which is, to be fair, what should happen IMO
also nice welcome comment :P
Does anyone have hyper's old black-on-white lambda logo?
@hyper-neutrino It got nuked
3:35 AM
wait what
i deleted it myself (via the alt)
does it show as spam-locked to you?
huh. interesting
This post is hidden. It was deleted 8 secs ago by the post author.
this is a test answer.........

post content normally hidden, but made visible by the NSFW userscript
3:36 AM
So it shows as deleted by you, but is also spam-locked :P
i am not actually banned from asking/answering via the UI, but i am question+answer-blocked
when normal users get suspended, does it make the question and answer buttons not work?
or will it also show "sorry, we are not accepting questions from this account" and only block you when you try to submit the answer
Do you want to suspend me to try? :P
i could just suspend my alt :P
That's a better idea ;P
3:38 AM
question block looks like normal question block
You could suspend me too :)
I wanna see what it's like
Suspend all of us, CGCC is going on holiday
trying to answer shows both the suspension message and the answer block message
We need to fix our sleep schedules anyway, a mass suspension would be good for everyone :P
3:39 AM
@user Fairly boring, you can only browse the site
same for my mod account
ok so this is just how suspensions normally work
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, like you're not signed in?
i can still see PII
Basically yeah
i find it strange that i can't delete comments - that's normally a mod action
3:40 AM
There's literally nothing you can do (interactions wise) when suspended
> Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:
but there is no error message below it
i also cannot edit other profiles while suspended, it seems
any other science y'all want before i unsuspend myself?
Can you edit the Hot Meta Posts?
i don't think i can normally do that
oh wait i can remove things. TIL
it shows the option and i assume it works; i don't want to actually submit it though
Hmm, can you make your suspension period 0 seconds or something?
IIRC the minimum is a week
@hyper-neutrino Can you edit mod-only tags?
3:45 AM
no it's 1 day
interesting. getting suspended doesn't question block you on meta
so the block message only shows up when you try to submit the question, not when you click "ask question"
it also doesn't answer block you
For what its worth, I can't find anything on MSE that details what mods can and can't do when suspended :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes
How do you do the "[Edit removed during grace period]" edits again?
just submit an edit that fully reverses the effects of the previous edit
Q: Does temporary suspension remove mod powers?

peterhIt is only curiosity. I know, mods aren't suspended, first they are de-modded. After de-modding, they can probably be suspended, but I've never heard of it happening. Maybe it is possible if the mods are fighting, but I think it would cause a CM intervention with at least 1 de-modding. Thus, th...

> If a mod is suspended, can he use the normal, reputation-bound privileges of the ordinary users?

Yes. They are still a moderator, after all.
@cairdcoinheringaahing what's the deal with this?
3:51 AM
It's my alt account
I'm welcoming a new user :P
I was testing some things regarding what suspended moderators can do
but you're not suspended wait what, and that "Sandbox Triage" user isn't a moderator
@pxeger It popped up in review, and I knew it was HN's sock, so I was messing around a bit :P
@pxeger See the last hour of chat
doesn't suspending a user have some permanent consequences, like you can't vote in elections or something like that?
3:57 AM
for a year
you can't nominate for a year
i don't think there are implications about voting
HN better not run for mod kn the next year or so :P
Okay I'm doing some updates to the parsing in my prototype language ranking program, and I love how it can properly parse Brainfuck - way too many bytes (232 bytes) correctly...but only because it detects - way too many bytes as a flag xD
lol nice
@hyper-neutrino Plus, IIRC, SE staff can clear suspensions from user history, so if it came up, you could sheepishly explain that it was for science :P
lol :P
4:02 AM
Anyone know if SE is blocked in China?
IIRC tsh lives in China, so no
but they might be using a VPN
Oh, good point
IIRC it's not that hard to get around the Great Firewall
Too bad you didn't ask a few days ago, I have some cousins who live in China and they called us on Christmas Eve lol
4:04 AM
"In cases where the suspension was clearly in error - lifted early with a message explaining the situation - we'll forego [retracting their nomination]"
But this wasn't in error, hmm :P
According to some random site I found, both codegolf.stackexchange.com and chat.stackexchange.com were able to be accessed from china
according to my dad he recalls it's not particularly easy to dodge the firewall
@hyper-neutrino did you suspend yourself?
no i was demodded for mod abuse
(yes i suspended myself)
whos sandbox triage?
4:15 AM
it's a bot i made for helping with sandbox reviewing that i never ended up getting around to doing
so i used it here as a throwaway
since my primary alt is vyxal bot and a) don't want it to lose privs and b) don't want to give vyxal a bad image
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@hyper-neutrino did you stop working on yuno?
yes, quite a while ago
so its abandoned?
<Strike>61</Strike>...so this is what's been causing weird errors in my parsing program. Title cased HTML.
Wow hyper
@RedwolfPrograms ಠ_ಠ That is cursed.
Trick to testing stuff: Look at the tests that don't work and add a bunch of edgecases to make it work, and convince yourself you're done.
@RedwolfPrograms back in the good old days, all HTML tags were written in uppercase, like SQL
5:29 AM
@hyper-neutrino You can undo this, right?
Sure but...title case? Bleh
@emanresuA lol yes i can
@emanresuA ?
I didn't think of it as something that could happen, but it's kinda hilarious
@hyper-neutrino why does it say your account was suspended?
lmao there's a big story in the chatlogs
tl;dr he did an oopsie on himself
5:36 AM
for science
it was not an oopsie
i attempted to suspend myself with the expectation and intent that it would work
and then proceeded to perform some science
You are the Evan O’Neill Kane of CodeGolf...
Hi, Anonymous Platypus!
(whichever of you two that is)
5:51 AM
wow, you can't edit your own profile
yeah it's weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(Flashbacks to sea snakes in AoC 2020)
why can i ping ಠ_ಠ
is there a user ಠ_ಠ?
5 mins ago, by hyper-neutrino
yeah it's weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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