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Do we want a tag?
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Q: create a paragraph on why Youtube is a prolefeed using arguments below

John Walkerplease use all three of the arguments in the photo to explain why youtube is prolefeed (needs to be a expository paragraph)

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7:46 AM
@muru Gone.
@Tsundoku First she disguised herself as Athena ;-)
8:06 AM
Q: What do the names of the Decameron characters signify?

Rand al'ThorThe Wikipedia page for the Decameron claims (without citations) that: Boccaccio himself notes that the names he gives for these ten characters are in fact pseudonyms chosen as "appropriate to the qualities of each". The Italian names of the seven women, in the same (most likely significant) orde...

8:29 AM
@Randal'Thor Yeah, yeah...
See my comment in the revision history.
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Q: Democratizing original occult texts

Arash HowaidaSearch engine results for occult libraries tend to have mostly commercial interests at play (vendors of trinkets and spell books and the like). Another issue I've run into is the genre tends to get treated like tabloids and scholarly resources are a bit muddled. I suppose it would be career suici...

Q: What was Mark Twain's purpose by writing 'What Stumped the Bluejays'?

ArneliusThis is my first time asking a question. It is also the first time that I have to write a review for a short story. I appreciate any help you can provide. The genre, Development of characters(are they believable), any literary devices used in the story. If you answer these questions, I would be v...

10:45 AM
@EngLitLearner Making a living by writing fiction?
10:57 AM
Mark Twain was born in 1835, shortly after an appearance of Halley's Comet, and died in 1910, around the time of the comet's next appearance. Why aren't there any science fiction stories around this?
11:15 AM
@Bookworm not quite sure what to do about this (I skipped the review in the First Questions queue). It’s more of a resource request, if I understand correctly. So, the tag is not correct, at least…
11:26 AM
@Tsundoku Really strange, considering he apparently died 20 years before he was born. An astounding feat.
11:46 AM
@Tsundoku Have you checked all of Asimov's five hundred books? There's probably already a story.
12:00 PM
A quick web search goes to uh.edu/engines/epi1642.htm which says that Mark Twain made a remark on this
That said, there are so many famous people that some of them are bound to be born in 1835 and die in 1910. Based on en.Wikipedia, they include en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Schiaparelli astronomer, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Rudolph_Fittig , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Agassiz .
That Schiaparelli was also born and dead in those years is actually funnier trivia than Mark Twain.
When we were young, some of us looked for trivia about our own birthdates. I was born on an anniversary of the day when Hitler was assassinated, when the first astronauts landed on the moon (if you pick the timezone right), and when Petrarca was born (in the Julian calendar). One person I know advertised that he was born on an anniversary of two famous music composers' birth.
He gave that as a quiz to us to find which two composers they were, and back then when the internet was in its infancy that was not a trivial question to solve. I did figure it out eventually.
12:17 PM
@Bookworm Could someone point this OP to esotericarchives.com ? I do not have enough internet points to comment on the post.
It is not a physical library (if that is what OP wants) but democratized occult literature nonetheless.
12:50 PM
@sonicsid Done.
I confess to not understanding exactly what that question is asking, but if it's seeking resources and you know of a useful resource, maybe you could post that as an answer?
I am unsure as well, but after a couple of rereads I think it is expressing dismay over people not being able to access original occult texts and instead having to depend upon the interpretations of modern figures of the same, among which mingle advertisements and people looking for opportunities for personal gain.
The website I linked above is the only resource I am aware of that hosts occult texts that seem to satisfy OP's criteria. Anything that is available gratis on the internet is "democratized" already, is it not?
But I am no expert (the only thing mildly occult I have ever read is a version of The Necronomicon that I obtained from some seedy corner of the internet) and have no means to verify the originality of the texts hosted by the site.
1:53 PM
Q: What was the purpose of Mark Twain by writing 'What Stumped the Bluejays'

ArneliusThis is my first time asking a question. It is also the first time that I have to write a review for a short story. I appreciate any help you can provide. The purpose of the writer, The genre, Development of characters(are they believable), Theme, any literary devices used in the story. If you an...

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Q: Meaning Of The Phrase "seemed of their own will" and "man were a whole"

HrishiIn the short story, The Enemy by Pearl S.Buck, there is this phrase that I'm not quite certain whether I have correctly understood. Here is the short para which contains the phrase: "What shall we do this man?" Sadao muttered. But his trained hands seemed of their own will to be doing what they c...

@Bookworm Goodreads says this is 64 pages and a hardcover book, so it's not really a short story
5:03 PM
@b_jonas Re trivia: I share a birthday with a famous Argentinian author.
@bobble Apparently "The Enemy" was first published in the collection Far and Near: Stories of Japan, China, and America (1947). Maybe it's a novella rather than a short story.
@sonicsid Since "occult" means "secret" or "hidden", any text that is openly available on the Internet is no longer occult in the proper sense of the word :-P
5:52 PM
@bobble It is 24 pages in the NCERT textbook (ncert.nic.in/textbook.php?levt1=4-8) which is probably the OP's source.
@b_jonas I share my birthday with Stephen Wolfram and Dhyan Chand.
involving or relating to mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena.
"an occult ceremony"

Much more specific than "secret" or "hidden".
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8:56 PM
I got a package today. I thought it was gonna be a book and it was tea.
I pranked myself good.
9:17 PM
Litearature SE.
@Slate Did you order The Book of Tea and there was a mix-up with the order?
Sadly no, and I've never heard of this book either! It looks interesting
Aug 25 at 9:18, by Tsundoku
"More tea, vicar?" "No thanks, I've just had a choir boy". From Reddit.
9:33 PM
> All our teas are bespoke and have been carefully matched to perfectly reflect the writings of each literary great, which includes the likes of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter and many more.
Hmm. Seems like an odd endeavor.
I'm a little suspect of anything that just markets their tea as having "Chinese tea" in it ;)
shrug I'd never heard of it before, just found it when Googling tea and literature.
That's fair!
@Randal'Thor I feel like there's a grammar mismatch at "includes". It could be literary greats which include, but you can't say each literary great includes those people, right?
9:46 PM
Heh, that's funny. "Dragontea" really is evocative of longjing. It's kind of interesting just how incorrect that correlation is.
Long jing is one of my favourite teas.
^^ I got a bit of it when I was sampling some bi luo chun a bit ago. It was nice, would try again (probably would look for a better source - if you have recommendations?).
I don't buy tea online, so I don't really have recommendations.
That's pretty fair.
I haven't lived next to a good Chinese / Japanese tea shop before. There were maybe one or two in the area, but they didn't really stock the good stuff - a lot of stuff mostly marketed at folks whose definitions don't go further than "green/black/sometimes oolong/sometimes white."
(No knock on that at all, folks drink what makes them happy. Just wasn't quite what I was looking for.)
There's an in-person store nearby that I've heard good things about down the grapevine, though. Will probably have to check it out at some point.
10:03 PM
I'm not sure if tea should be served down grapevines.
You should look up grapeleaf tea cones, then.
Huh, learned something today.
Q: Making tea out of grape leaves -when to pick the leaves?

AnnaI have a question for you regarding make tea out of grape leaves. I want to make some, but don't know when the best time to pick the leaves it. I know it's made in Greece and the USA, too, but not in Georgia, and unfortunately I haven't been able to find the answer here.

^ grape leaf tea is even on SE :-)
Yeah, legitimately though a lot of leaves can make a tisane.
One of the best teas I ever bought was a Baihao Yinzhen / White Hair Silver Needle. At one shop, I found it for €30 per 100 grams; at another for €7 per 100 grams. The difference in taste was spectacular. I let a friend taste both without telling her which was which; it was quite obvious which was the more expensive one.
It doesn't shock me that grape leaves work well - same reason dolmades are tasty.
10:07 PM
@Randal'Thor That site should have a chat room called The Candy Bar.
vocabulary expanding rapidly
@Tsundoku Imo silver needle tea really starts to get good around the 30C USD/g price range, yeah.
Oh, dolmades I do know, but by the Turkish (?) name dolma rather than the Greek name.
I once bought Kabusecha for €30 per 100 grams. That was the best tea I had ever bought before the silver needle.
(The really good silver needle tea, you can also just keep steeping it, too... consistently got 8-10 steepings out of the last one I got. A while ago, though.)
(I mostly opt for aged white tea cakes, at this point, if I'm looking for white. Or non-silver needle first flush white teas, if I'd rather something fruitier.)
10:11 PM
Right. People sometimes say, "What, how much did you pay for that?" But they overlook that you can steep it so many times. I have never gone up to 8 times, though.
@Tsundoku If you're ever up for ordering online, it's definitely worth it in my experience. Esp for JP greens you can often order directly from Japan.
And, yeah, honestly the price difference is... trivial. Especially if you compare it to coffee, lol.
I don't even drink coffee. But those pads and the likes are known as a trick to make you pay through the nose for your coffee.
Yeah, I can't drink coffee. I'm reeeally hypersensitive to caffeine.
It also changes what teas I can drink, too. (And makes me reasonably able to tell about how much caffeine is actually in a tea, which is convenient.)

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