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1:15 PM
Good morning, Bridge
@YiJiang You have spared yourself a pillorying. Good job.
@YiJiang Someone already beat me to it, hehe. :P
Ah, okay, looks like I was wrong about the ocean bit and Astronomy
But yes, Embarkation is a real promotion granted at Optics
TSW, why must you be down :(
1:32 PM
@RilgonArcsinh I guess 1.1.3 is going live
(1.1.3 is nothing but a crash fix.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, it is
7 hour maintenance window. :(
apparantly one of the undocumented features of 1.2 is WORKING SODA MACHINES
Can you buy LEMONADE and FRESH WATER from them?
working soda machines sounds like proper end game content
will keep people interested for months
1:33 PM
@pixel It will if you include mechanics to control dispensing range.
Imagine a soda machine that can fire it's product halfway across a zone.
@RilgonArcsinh Ahahaha, oh man
I want Hyper Potions
@YiJiang I'm so glad someone got that ^-^
Apparently I can't keep my text entry boxes straight today
@pixel Well there's also a Dungeon Finder. Which is proper end game content.
Along with 2 more NM's bringing the total to 7.
Neither can I
I can
@Anna Heeey, how's life?
1:42 PM
@Mana Hey hey. Pretty good. How're things with you?
@AnnaLear pretty well, although I'm pretty lonely and trapped in this Ottawa house.
one more week until I go back to Toronto!!
@Mana I'd trade you being trapped in a house in Waterloo, but I get paid to be here, so. :P
@AnnaLear are you within walking distance of anything in Waterloo?
oh, wait, I see. aw. you're not going to trade me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz wait. wait wait wait. AVALANCHES?!
@Mana I am, in fact, within walking distance of stuff. There's also transit. Sort of.
1:45 PM
Like, That Boy Needs Therapy Avalanches?!
@AnnaLear I'm so envious :(
@Mana You're not gonna be so envious once you're back in Toronto. :)
Q: Is there a way to send messages to people with stack exchange?.if so how?

The deadric warriorPlease help.i want to send a message to my friend but I do not know how

Q: Where are the spiders for World Wide Web?

IngmarFor the achievement World Wide Web I need to kill 50 Spider Guardians. Where is a good spot to find several of those in one place (that count for the achievement, of course)? I'm having trouble finding any except for the mission boss Theroxis, who's all alone and not in a hurry to respawn either.

Q: Minecraft Xbox elevator glitch

The deadric warriorI made a piston elevator on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. It is about 62 blocks high but whenever I use it, it kills me when I reach the top block. It seems to think I'm falling even though I'm going up. Is there a way to stop it from killing me?

@AnnaLear that's true.
@YiJiang Italics don't work that way
1:51 PM
@Mana Not just a new song by the Avalanches, but a new song by The Avalanches FEATURING DAVID BERMAN
@Mana Pretty much.
You need to register.
Also, it's clearly just a demo.
@badp Italicize this.
But there is an ALBUM IN PROGRESS
@LessPop_MoreFizz yo, ftp
1:53 PM
You're welcome
@badp Good job.
Also, Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones is pretty good.
@Mana wat
@LessPop_MoreFizz F THE POLICE MAN
@Mana oic you found it elsewhere already
1:54 PM
@Mana fake emails work
just make one up
Or just use the fake I made. Username joeschmo pw joeschmo
@LessPop_MoreFizz how...secure.
I wasn't interested in registering either
I don't hear enough joeschmos these days. I miss those times.
It's been an amazing journey. Thank you for everything, Pilots. We'll miss you x http://t.co/9ifhnLff
Sucks. Wipeout 2048's the best Vita game too
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought that was an automatic comment appended to all your answers by default.
@BenBrocka nooooooo.
Wipeout 64 was my childhood, man. My brother would come over and we would play that all the time.
I've never played a wipeout game
2:10 PM
Rift patch 1.10 needs to hurry up and get here already so I can roll a female Dwarf alt and play with my Defiant guild
@Mana Their latest ones (HD, Fury and 2048) were awesome. Was great to see them revive the series. Until now...
One of the few racing games I really liked
@pixel You should, they're really good.
they're racing games, not a huge fan
@pixel They're racing games with weapons, which makes them awesome.
the first thing that popped into my head was "so did Mario Kart but..."
the problem is the next thought never occurred
2:21 PM
@pixel Ever play Rock & Roll Racing?
@pixel Red Asphalt?
also nope
A: What blocks can the Enderman pick up and what blocks can't they pick up?

user12591I have video evidence that some of the previous findings (which seem to be based on 1.8 Pre-Release code) are incorrect. Bedrock and Obsidian can no longer be picked up by Endermen. For video proof please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPixelTech

Not sure how I feel about the "not an answer" flag on that.
It's a really, really incomplete answer, framed as a comment!
@pixel Do yourself a favor and play Rock & Roll racing, then.
2:24 PM
that involves playing a game that has it's genre in the title
just like playing Quake First Person Shooter
A: How to check Win/Loss for each hero in Dota 2?

periBesides stats.dota2.be there are other sites where you don't need to create account to view your statistics, for example: http://dota2rankzor.com

This seems like spam.
@pixel And because a game has it's genre in the title, it's automatically a bad game?
It obviously suffers an identity crisis so probably has further more serious underlying problems
@pixel Or, y'know, is roughly two decades old at this point.
The game is probably older than you are.
yes because I remember Mario being called The New Super Mario Brothers Side Scrolling Platform Game
so being a decade old is a perfectly valid reason
Came out in '93.
2:27 PM
Zelda: A Link To The Adventure Game
@pixel And the opposite makes it perfectly ok to not play it?
World of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game is amazing
Q: Minecraft 1.3.2 LAN not working

PaulI am at my friends house, and every time we do /publish, it says "Local game hosted on ip:port" but when I go to minecraft server, it scans for LAN worlds, yet nothing shows up. If I enter the IP into direct connect, it doesn't work. How can we fix this? Intrestingly enough, the IP that is shown...

Sounds like you're judging a book by it's cover.
And looking for flimsy excuses to justify not trying it.
actually no, I was just trying to be funny, I don't get on with racing games though - it's not my thing
2:30 PM
You could just say you don't want to.
And avoided the last 15 lines of back and forth? never!
@pixel I'm not a fan of straight racing games, either.
But add in weapons, and it turns it into an entirely different game.
Because explosions automatically make racing better.
Not really
Adding guns to quake didn't make it a first person shooter
the first person perspective did that
could go whacking people with spades and it will still classify as FPS
@pixel ...that's the most twisted logic I've ever seen.
FPS is two things: First person, and guns. It's not a shooter without guns.
And Quake was one of the games that defined the genre as it stands today.
I thought arguing on the internet defined the FPS genre
Learn something new every day
2:36 PM
@fbueckert You should have a FPS with blowguns and bows, too!
You could have an FPS with bows and arrows
no guns at all, and still a FPS
@Sterno Alright, ANY ranged weaponry.
Happy, crazy semantic people?
@fbueckert Nope
Magic spells count too!
Ah, defining genres. The gateway to madness
@Sterno If the magic spells act as weaponry over a long range, then I think they count as ranged weaponry
2:39 PM
And in Thief, FPS stood for First-person Stealther!
@Sterno ...Alright, I'm done with this conversation.
If not, then what makes it a shooter?
@murgatroid99 Every RPG ever makes a distinction between +% ranged damage and +% magic damage, though! :)
@Sterno [citation needed]
@Sterno the fact that it takes different skills to fire the weapon doesn't change the nature of the weapon's effect
2:40 PM
@sjohnston What, you can't take me at my word when I say "every RPG ever"? I'm insulted!
@sjohnston WoW before it got turned into World of Casualcraft
@murgatroid99 I like it better your way, because it means that a magic user's brain is a ranged weapon.
@Sterno exactly. Well, if they can cast long range destructive spells
While we're tangentially on the topic of genres, I'm sick of everything under the sun with any procedural generation at all being called a "roguelike" these days
What genre is it if you play a character with Mr. Fantastic arms who can punch people at a distance? FPP?
2:43 PM
@sjohnston We need more first person punchers.
side note: Mr. Fantastic is one of the all-time worst superhero names
@Sterno I usually only see it when it also has permadeath
I would totally play Kickpuncher: The Game
2:44 PM
@Mana I LIVE!
Also, SE chat is again unblocked at work
productivity declines imminent
Of course, I also would totally go see Ghost Tits
It's possible that I have poor taste.
I'm disappointed this doesn't have a good answer yet.
Q: What's the difference between the Normal and Apocalpytic difficulties?

SternoDarksiders 2 doesn't seem to have any in-game info telling me exactly how the game difficulty will increase if I choose Apocalyptic instead of Normal difficulty. I've seen games handle this in a variety of different ways, such as upping monster health/damage, lowering drop rates of things like he...

My disappointment is not with the community, but the fact that games rarely bother to tell you what changing the difficulty will do
@Sterno It seems not many people here play it.
So we don't get good, quality answers.
@Sterno I share your irritation
2:50 PM
@fbueckert I'm not entirely sure the information is out there, short of playing both difficulties yourself and mathing
@Sterno I'd be surprised is someone out there on the internet hasn't done that already.
We've actually got a decent number of questions
@fbueckert Or cracked into a config file, at least
Q: Minecraft 1.3.2 LAN not working

PaulI am at my friends house, and every time we do /publish, it says "Local game hosted on ip:port" but when I go to minecraft server, it scans for LAN worlds, yet nothing shows up. If I enter the IP into direct connect, it doesn't work. How can we fix this? Intrestingly enough, the IP that is shown...

I liked the way Ninja Gaiden did higher difficulties. Rather than just make everything hit harder and take longer to kill, you'd see tougher versions of enemies that might kick your ass harder and take longer to kill, but also had different attack modes
Of course, at certain levels they'd simply send ninjas to your house to kill you.
@Sterno Sadly, I assume interesting difficulty ramping is often cut due to time constraints. And because it's so easy to just tack on a multiplier to a few enemy stats.
2:54 PM
season 5 of friends done
Q: How DirectX friendly is Ubuntu?

avalanch07I use Steam and I have nearly 200 games for it http://steamcommunity.com/id/avalanch07/games?tab=all How compatible or friendly is Ubuntu with DirectX? Also keep in mind that several of my favorite games use GFWL such as Fable 3, Dawn of War 2, Red Faction Guerrilla among others. I have been ...

@pixel jesus christ
@Mana what? You don't like old 90s TV shows?
No, I don't mind them, I'm just surprised at the rapidity with which you're progressing
Ha! I'm looking at a UI mockup for some work I need to estimate, and the usernames are "Marion Ravenwood", "Marcus Brody", and "Abner Ravenwood"
3:08 PM
It's not hard to progress this quickly, just spend lots of time doing it, just like anything else
@Mana Plus, a 30 minute sitcom is pretty short when you chop commercials out.
Like what.. 22 minutes or so?
21 mins per episode
oh, it's only 30 minutes per episode
3:09 PM
@Mana about 9 hours per season
but I have an obsessive compulsion to skip the intro/outro sequences
so that easily cuts 2-3 minutes off the already short episodes
I'm back in that mindset where I can't concentrate at work because I just want to go home and play Diablo 3.
Pets are so good now.
@StrixVaria Yay for patch?
I hit level 2 last night.
I'm like 1.5
That bar going across the screen makes all the difference.
I've got some people on my friends list that were already level 4 by the time I logged in.
It's like progress wars.
I played with a friend who was level 8 already this morning.
He doesn't have a job, though.
3:18 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, therein lies the difference.
He can dedicate all day every day to playing.
Whereas I have a little thing called a mortgage.
I have off the whole first week of September!
I can't wait now.
I didn't even know what I was going to do with it until this patch.
@StrixVaria You'll be passing me by that point, I think.
I'm pretty darn busy, surprisingly.
Shame I don't have it installed anymore, all this free time
oh wait, no it isn't, that's why I have so much free time!
And Dr. Who starts up again on Saturday, so there goes a bit more time.
Which reminds me; I have to go pick up supplies for that; having friends over that night to watch it.
@fbueckert are you sure about that? I keep finding conflicting information about the air date
3:32 PM
@murgatroid99 Hmm. I'm getting conflicting information from IMDB.
@murgatroid99 Oh, joy.
That really should be something that got nailed down and announced WELL in advance.
You'll lose ratings if no one knows when it airs.
@fbueckert definitely
@murgatroid99 Ok, looks like Doctor Who plans just got pushed back a week.
Oh, you're getting it on the 1st too.
3:36 PM
@RonanForman That's smart.
Airing a week earlier or later won't work very well at all.
@fbueckert Me? or BBC
@RonanForman BBC.
You're not smart at all. :P
We'll be able to talk about it this time.
@RonanForman You'd've been able to talk about it beforehand; you really think anyone who liked Doctor Who actually waited for it to be aired in their area?
@fbueckert When it was like a week people did.
3:39 PM
@RonanForman I don't even have a TV connection at home; there's no need when you can download an episode less than an hour after it finishes airing.
I pay no attention to local airdates; it's all about earliest airdate for me.
3:55 PM
Q: Will my Diablo 3 characters be deleted if I don't play them?

cowgodWith Diablo 2, if you didn't play your characters for, I believe, 90 days, then they would be deleted permanently. Does the same thing happen in Diablo 3?

I just closed a question by Decency.
Countdown to Meta thread?
@StrixVaria "This close reason is inane"
@StrixVaria high-five
@StrixVaria Which question, out of curiosity?
Q: What build does Diamondprox most typically use for his jungle Udyr?

DecencyI watched the finals of Gamescom recently and with the rise of aggressive Oracles on junglers brought about by M5, LoL was for the first time actually interesting to watch for me. (On a side note, I read a great article about this happening at a past tournament that I can't find anymore?) I know...

4:04 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh, it's a LoL question. That's why I can't find it.
interest lost
4:28 PM
Q: What happens if I collect all the blue coins?

Ashley NunnI have noticed that whenI hit a P block, a bunch of blue coins appear on the screen. I have never been able to collect them all. Does anything in particular happen if I do? And if not, what makes the blue coins special?

Q: Is there anything new about playing Valhalla again?

OmegaAfter finishing FFXIII-2, you unlock Valhalla. Entering it just executes the same battle scene as the beginning of the game (Lightning vs Caius). Is there anything new about it? Am I able to get something I couldn't before? Extra rewards/sequences etc? Or is it unlocked just for the sake of coll...

1 hour later…
5:30 PM
> We’ve just added four awesome games for your mobile and desktop entertainment [to the current Humble Indie Bundle]: Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos, and World of Goo! These games were first seen in the original Humble Bundle for Android, and we’re happy to bring them back for more gamers to enjoy!
so... no new games for me :(
Q: Do Firewalkers damage enemies?

OrigamiRobotThe new Firewalkers leave a trail of fire behind you. Does this fire damages enemies it touches? If so, how much?

Q: How do I Get Nexus mods to work with my Steam account?

SkyrimFanRPGI bought Skyrim off steam, and use mods by subscribing. Problem is, Nexus seems to not work with my steam Skyrim. Is it because its not compatible since I bought it off steam? Help!

5:45 PM
@Lazers If anyone can come up with a good test for figuring out the amount of damage, I'd upvote it.
@fbueckert I expect a lot of "kinda seems like it does but im not sure that it rly does.upvote me pls"
@Koviko Those answers get downvotes. Because they're BAD answers.
@fbueckert "i am also interested in a solution for this.upvote me pls"
@Koviko Not an answer. This kind of thing happens all the time, which is why we have flags and downvotes for stuff like that
@murgatroid99 "thanks!upvote me pls"
5:53 PM
@Koviko same thing. I don't really see what you're getting at
@murgatroid99 "...upvote me pls"
@Koviko edit it out if the answer is otherwise good; do whatever you would do anyway otherwise. I don't see the problem
So, I paid for CrossOver on Linux and from a quick run of WoW, things seemed to be running smoothly.
Before, I was getting lots of stuttering at a certain location where I do my dailies
But it went smoothly. I'm excited to try it in raiding, tonight!
@Lazers And answered.
With mostly, "I'm not 100% sure, but here's my logic."
@Koviko Linux + Blizzard games = ban! :P
@fbueckert According to Blizz, that was a baseless rumor and that everyone who'd be banned was for botting.
6:01 PM
@Koviko And you take everything every company says at face value?
@fbueckert That's what us fanboys do.
@fbueckert There doesn't seem to be a good reason to lie about that
I believe Blizzard over random forum propaganda.
@Koviko And THAT is a good tack to take.
And considering that people are playing D3 on Linux, and all of us are using the same program to do it
6:02 PM
"Let's tell people that it's OK to do something so that we can ban them and lose them as customers"
please delete his not-answer now, ive informed him of his error and the comment is no longer neccesary
It's fairly unlikely that we get banned for using it.
im working with him at this moment
@Ender Derp?
Oh. Skyrim dude.
@Fbueckert i had flagged his not answer as OTHER because i wanted it to excist long enough for him to read my comment about how he should go about it
from his responses its apparent he's just new, not retarded. its working out well so far.
6:04 PM
@Ender Eh. Free flag!
@Ender Speaking of, why can't new users post comments?
They can, he's mistaken.
@fbueckert This was my response. lol
@Koviko Comment spam.
6:04 PM
@Koviko On his own questions and answers, yes.
You can always comment on your own questions and answers. It requires 50 rep to post comments on OTHER peoples questions and answers
@Ender I'm pretty sure that I couldn't when I first started using SE sites.
Though they can post comments on their own questions.
@Ender Ah, okay.
this guy. What the fuck I don't even: youtube.com/watch?v=0DtrUqZ8zao&feature=plcp
6:07 PM
@Splugsley what about him?
@spugsley I think those firewalker boots is something every kiting character will want.
Someone really wants people to hear him
Q: Input Validation Using JOptionPane


@Ender he's amazing
@fbueckert what firewalker boots?
@spugsley look up Rahzel
@spugsley 'if your mother only knew'
@Lazers @spugsley Check this question
6:09 PM
@spugsley dude does his own beat and sings AT THE SAME TIE
@fbueckert omg I want those
@spugsley Told you. :P
@Ender wow, he's awesome
@murgatroid99 HERE IS MY CODE: enter code here
@Koviko except without the code
6:11 PM
@Ender It's like he's Kanye West!
@Ender @spugsley You should change your name to splugsley.
@RonanForman :p
@Everyone while we are sharing awesome youtube stuff, check out the video shown in my profile. Likely the best dubstepper in the world. the guy blows my mind.
Rahzel in his awesomness
And the dubstep guy, who'se name i forget
Thats not actually rahzels best vid either. He's got quite a few. but that ones not bad
Another awesome dance, tron style, done by a group with some SICK effects
6:16 PM
@murgatroid99 I just edited this guy's post to fix it but he already got downvoted!
@Koviko It's not a good question even without all the shouting
@murgatroid99 When I saw that his image was actually his code snippet, I figured I'd help the poor guy out. He's essentially asking for help with his homework, but maybe it will be helpful to others in the future.
@Koviko ah, that picture is new since I looked. It would probably still be better to have it as text than an image
@Ender not seen those videos in a while.. that slo mo guy video though reminded me of these guys :)
@James the Dubstep dude is probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
Next to my daughters when they first popped out. That took the cake.
6:21 PM
@Ender ... link! Link, now!
@Koviko Id star that, but nobody would know what it meant.
@Ender That's actually half the fun of starring stuff.
That being said...
"Wait, what? What did I miss?"
6:34 PM
Q: Is it possible to pacify the Minetown watch?

cloudymusicRecently, I was in Minetown and was attacked by some sort of monster that caused me to begin hallucinating. Without noticing this fact right away (I'm still adjusting to a new user interface), I accidentally attacked what turned out to be a watchman. I don't know whether or not I actually killed ...

Q: Does Guardian Angel prevent loss of stacks on Bloodthirster?

F.S.The tooltip for Guardian Angel (GA) says Passive Unique: Revives your champion upon death, restoring 750 health and 375 mana. 5 minute cooldown. But as far as I neither Kill or Death counter are increased for the involved champions nor any gold is given to the "killer" when the passiv...

@Lazers Meh, I read guardian angel and thought Borderlands
There's an IGN article with several minutes of the Halo 4 soundtrack, if you want to check it out: ign.com/articles/2012/08/22/…
@murgatroid99 They're making yet another Halo? Is the story really continuing?
@fbueckert They're making another trilogy
@murgatroid99 Bleh.
It's going to suck.
6:38 PM
@fbueckert and now I don't want to talk to you any more.
@murgatroid99 Alright. I'm not at all a fan of Halo.
This is the last Halo game*, for realz this time. (* Until the next one.)
@fbueckert I can see that. It just gets to me a little when people say "The next installment of that thing you like is going to be bad"
@murgatroid99 I hope you enjoy it when it comes out. I won't be playing it.
I like the halo story
6:42 PM
@James Everything I know about the Mass Effect universe leads me to believe the story is a complete ripoff of Halo.
Halo's world and lore and stuff is pretty cool.
@murgatroid99 Everyone has different tastes. I, for instance, like the Sword of Truth. If you enjoy Halo, then I hope you enjoy the newest one.
I couldn't even finish the first one, due to the crazy story.
Yay! 4K even!
@StrixVaria I feel like it's not that similar
Alien race periodically murders all the things etc. Maybe some of the details are different.
I honestly don't know enough about either to have an argument about it, though :P
@StrixVaria In Halo it's not really a periodic thing. The Forerunners built the Halos and then used them once, killing themselves and most of the sentient life in the galaxy, and the Flood just eat everyone. Not trying to argue, just explain
@murgatroid99 Isn't the story of Halo 1 that now the Flood are coming back and oh shit we have to do something about it? How did that get triggered?
6:50 PM
@StrixVaria The Forerunners put Flood samples in storage on Halos and other safe, sterile environments for research. Then the humans and Covenant showed up and screwed everything up by releasing them
Silly humans. It's always their fault.
I think we may have just set the record for longest conversation about an actual game in Bridge history.
@StrixVaria basically. Though in this case the whole thing was actually the covenant's fault
@StrixVaria well, Halo is one of my favorite game series and story universes, so I can talk about it a lot
@StrixVaria We could start a conversation about Kingdom Hearts. I suspect it's convoluted enough to continue for a VERY long time to get it all straight.
@murgatroid99 I got that impression, and that's why I took the opportunity to ask you a few questions about it. I figured you wouldn't mind answering, and I do like the story (from what little I know about it).
There are some things I could talk about for a long time.
@StrixVaria They run Very similar the whole 'wipe out life in the universe to stop an evil force' sort of theme.
6:57 PM
@James It's a common theme for modern day sci-fi
the individual game story lines though are what I always liked. Whether Master Chief is in them or not (I actually really liked ODST)
Or not so much the wiping out life to stop evil, so much as just straight up universal apocalypse.
How ELSE are we supposed to find technologically advanced ruins?
@fbueckert Make em our selves, then forget about em and go find em again :)
Kind of like how things go in Mechwarrior
Im curious as to where the flood originated
7:18 PM
@Ender As far as I've seen, there is no official information and very little evidence about the origin of the Flood
@Murgatroid99 it seemed hinted that the creaters of the halo's MADE them as a bio weapon and it got out of hand, but beyond vague hints thats it
@Ender that is one popular interpretation, but I think it could just as likely be that they randomly evolved somewhere in the galaxy or came from another galaxy
Tru tru
Oh and then there is Starcraft 2 which turned the zerg into the same thing as the flood right?
@James I don't know. I never played Starcraft 2
7:23 PM
I remember it being something like the zerg were created to stop some great evil, they are not the evil in and of themselves but someone's attempt at a solution
7:52 PM
@James No, the Protoss and Zerg have been fighting since time immemorial.
@fbueckert Weren't they both created by the Xel'Naga?
@StrixVaria No idea! Time to go hunting for SC lore.
> The Xel'Naga play important roles in the backstories to both the Protoss and Zerg, being responsible for manipulating the evolution of the two races, along with an unknown number of other species.

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