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11:00 PM
it seems that the button to choose a room to move to doesn't contain the data of which room to move it to; rather, i believe it finds the relative HTML element, which is a link to the room, and queries that for the target room, so changing the URL of that breaks it. can't confirm, but that's what i believe is happening
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, iirc the Berlin Wall crashed into the Challenger spacecraft :P
anyone old enough to remember both events? :)
If you remember Challenger (86 IIRC), you remember both
Anyone old enough to remember Challenger but not the Berlin Wall?
How would that work? :P
11:04 PM
@user that would be "amnesiac enough"
@user Still alive 35 years later, using code golf and able to remember that they remember Challenger? :P
Q: It's dangerous to go alone!

MakonedeIntroduction From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_dangerous_to_go_alone!: "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." is a quotation and Internet meme from the 1986 video game The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).[nb 1] It is spoken by an unnamed old man, met in the ...

Dammit someone broke one of my answers by suggesting a golf that was wrong
@cairdcoinheringaahing I guess transferring bodies must have cost them some memories :P
11:06 PM
I thought they were just changing one thing but it turns out they snuck another """golf""" in
Oh, they suggested an edit?
No, just suggested it in the comments
Less than an hour until MMG
I get the feeling that someone's going to post an easy-to-FGITW challenge to main right as MMG starts, and everyone will go do that :P
Easy answer is to have HN insta-delete any thing that gets posted :p
Careful, HN might delete that answer too :P
11:14 PM
@NewMainPosts Ugh, I VTC as unclear and it won't let me re-VTC as a dupe :/
Any more CMC drafts?
We have exactly 18 right now I think
Draft: Shortest S combinator: Given a binary function x, a unary function y, and a value z, output x(z)(y(z)), or x(z, y(z))
Draft: Say "Hello, World!" in the TNB
I don't know if that's a good idea
^ Banning and trashing anyone who actually does that :P
11:19 PM
Hello, World!
Go to the Sandbox, the room id is 2 bytes shorter :P
Trashing? What exactly does trashing a person entail?
Hovers over "Trash User"
Trash the messages (if there's a lot) :P
@RedwolfPrograms Nice, a button made specifically for me! I feel so special!
11:19 PM
Draft: Given a string, generate all permutations of all prefixes of the input.
ok say it in Indonesian Gambling Spam, which includes convincing the owner(s?) to let you in
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh ok, I thought you meant deleting the user themselves
Draft: Manhattan distance between two n-d points
@Wezl It's a gallery so that people don't get invited when we trash their messages, you're welcome to chat there if you want :P
Draft: Take a domain (with protocol) and part of a URL. If the URL is just a path (always starts with /), add the protocol and domain. If it starts with a domain but has no protocol, add the protocol. If it has all three, return it unchanged.
Is that too complicated?
Draft: get lyrics of a song, then output them in alphabetical order. not the words, the entire line.
11:22 PM
Draft: Replace "keyboard" with "leopard" on a webpage or in a string (xkcd)
I'm going to close draft submissions at (this_hour):40
Then we'll start voting
Why this_hour?
23:40 UTC
Why 40 then?
11:23 PM
Oh ok
Unless you're in one of those weird half-hour-offset timezones
yeah, what kind of timezones are that?
weird ones.
11:24 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing afghanistan't?
Draft: I'm <x> -> You're not <x>, you're <y>
The Afghan-China border is a 3:30hr time difference, just for taking one step O.o
good luck voting, because I'm gonna do something else.
I'm staying here though.
@caird that makes you a literal time traveller. lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing Heh, taking the next step in time travel
11:25 PM
@Delfad0r Congrats on 5k btw!
Delfad0r's the Haskeller, right? I like their answers, they're usually very creative
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thanks! (also thanks for notifying me, I have no clue how you noticed that before me ^^)
@Delfad0r Your recent sandbox post :P New Posts shows the rep of the user who posted :P
@user Thanks ^^
I'm still one away from strunk & white, I'm going to make my 80th edit something really special :p
11:27 PM
Draft: given three points in the plane (not all on the same line) determine if they describe a circle in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction using any two distinct return values
@user You had exactly 8.5k yesterday.
Draft: Given three points in the plane, determine if they are on the same line
@Ausername Yeah, I got a downvote on the song question and had to delete an invalid answer
Let's gooo, I can finally approve tag wiki edits :D
@RedwolfPrograms /s/on the same line/colinear for extra golfiness :P
11:29 PM
Draft: Template a string: Replace [a,b,c,etc] with a random choice of everything between the brackets.
@user wow that's an interesting regex format
Draft: Parse HTML with regex
@user Why
also how
11:30 PM
Draft: Harmonic mean
@Wezl My bad
@Ausername Harness the power of the dark side
Validating HTML with regex is a more understandable description
@RedwolfPrograms Lol, this was my 500th (for Copy Editor) edit :P
@RedwolfPrograms Draft: Geothmetic meandian
I can't think of what a "special" edit would be, aside from maybe one that contributed to Illuminator as well
Mine's going to be golfing Hexasweep
11:31 PM
@Ausername That's in the Sandbox, so maybe not
To get it below the 1500 mark, and maybe even 1400
@RedwolfPrograms As in an edit to your own post?
Wait no I've already edited that :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nvm then
Those don't count for Strunk and White (neither do tag edits)
11:32 PM
I thought they did, it doesn't say they don't
Tag wiki edits do count tho
@lyxal If you had 20 seconds to convince me to start learning Vyxal instead of, say, Jelly, what would you say?
Redwolf, keep misspelling me so I keep getting more edits.
@Delfad0r Don't listen to that fool, embrace the superiority of Jelly :P
Wait, @Lyxal, when did you lowercase your name?
11:34 PM
Jelly <superior language>
@Delfad0r Holds a gun to their head
in hyper-neutrino's domain, May 5 at 23:07, by Lyxal
@hyper-neutrino I have a reasonable need of your moderator help. I would like a username change to lyxal (very important to notice the lower case letter at the start). I can't do it myself because 30 day policy reasons
@cairdcoinheringaahing "very important"
@cairdcoinheringaahing argh you ninja'd me by a second because browser problems and trying to not onebox
Draft: Cartesian square with no cartesian product/power/square built-ins
11:35 PM
"no builtins" downvotes
@Wezl I'm just that good (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)
@Wezl It's good in some very specific situations
Draft: Vigenere cipher
@Delfad0r You'd have to speak to @lyxal about that :P
It's difficult to see the screen with these sunglasses on (⌐■_■) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (•_•) Much better :P
Doing ∘.∘ O.O o.o usually helps me :P
11:39 PM
it's almost hour:40 o'clock
One more minute, then I'm posting the voting room
Voting will use stars. We'll keep the top 18, maybe a few less if we run low on time.

 BMG Drafts

Draft voting for Biweekly Mini Golf
Unfortunately I can't vote :/
There are 30 drafts
@RedwolfPrograms here, hand me RO privs :P
@Wezl I can't vote because they're my posts :p
11:41 PM
I'll just pin them
Could you also add Draft: Given a multidimensional array (guaranteed not to be jagged), determine its shape?
What do you mean by shape?
list of dimensions
Voting ends at (this_hour):50
Maybe :55
@RedwolfPrograms Example The shape of that is [3, 4, 5]
11:44 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Delfad0rJust Enough Ones code-golf sequence combinatorics binary-matrix Challenge Given a positive integer \$n\$, count the number of \$n\times n\$ binary matrices (i.e. whose entries are \$0\$ or \$1\$) with exactly two \$1\$'s in each rows and two \$1\$'s in each column. Here are a few examples of vali...

can you try making it a gallery chat room, so that no one else can talk, but everyone can still vote on it?
@RedwolfPrograms I just realised it's going to be more than 18 because ties
@MatthewDaniels Not sure if non-write-priv people can star
@RedwolfPrograms Try a timeout then
@RedwolfPrograms They can
11:46 PM
Doesn't really matter though
Its why OSP testing has so many stars
We'll post in order most votes -> least, and for ties we'll do oldest -> newest.
That seems fairest to me
@RedwolfPrograms What does count: Questions, answers and tag wikis, including if they: are community wiki posts, tag wiki excerpts, suggested edits. What doesn't count: Questions and answers, if they: are/get deleted, are within the 5 minute grace period, are on your own posts, are tag only edits. Additionally, each post/wiki only counts once.
Can you star things during a timeout?
11:48 PM
Posted in chronological order
@RedwolfPrograms You can, I remember starring in the Vyxal corporation room
I'll just screenshot then
Between one and six minutes left for voting
@RedwolfPrograms Cast your votes at the end as pins
Nah, the winners mostly lined up with what I wanted to win anyway :p
Voting closed
I'll compile a list
event is happening in this room right?
11:52 PM
I thought it was a separate room
@Delfad0r vyxal is used by less people so the chances of you missing out on using it are slim. Also, functions and 500+ commands via overloads
it should be in this room because then you can click on it in "past events" and find it easily IMO
@user No, people didn't like that suggestion :/
where can I ask what's the power of some decimal, because I don't feel like asking here?
11:53 PM
thx. lmao
About five minutes until it starts
I'll draft a message to start things off
Gah, I need to go eat dinner in a few minutes
gtg hope I'll be back sometime during
@ user same
Imagine eating dinner right now. Made by 10am gang
11:55 PM
Imagine not eating lunch right now
Imagine imagining things
@lyxal Imagine eating food and not sucking it out of a straw because you're upside down. This post made by poor knowledge of Down Under gang :P
Imagine not sleeping right now. Made by the oh frick, I should sleep gang
Imagine being a human
that message was made by some guy who doesn't know how things work.
11:56 PM
@Ausername Uh, you really should be more subtle about that
Imagine people saying sensible things in TNB
3am here. perfectly normal time for a midnight snack.
When the event starts, I'll put the room on timeout for 60s to give us a countdown while I post the CMCs
imagine asking a question in a non-perfect time.
this message was made by Matthew Daniels.
@ngn 3am - midnight snack ಠ_ಠ
11:58 PM
@DLosc Just in time!
I'd take a midnight snack at 3 usually.
@Ausername MiniGolf hype \o/
@MatthewDaniels I was talking about 3am not being midnight
Oh, my bad. Sorry @MatthewDaniels
@RedwolfPrograms I think that'll be the first time TNB is put in timeout
I'll post the first 5 CMCs since it'll be during the timeout, but the original posters are free to after that
11:59 PM
@user if you go to bed at 20:00 and wake up at 04:00, i guess 0:00 is midnight :) but not in my case
When it's their turn of course
place them in your Indonesian Gambling Spam room, please!!!!
Actually I won't do a timeout then
Wait no, it has been

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