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1:18 AM
I am confused about the rejection of my suggested edit:

I replaced "Bolt" with "Healing", because "Bolt" is wrong. I have no idea why that edit was rejected. Can someone explain it to me?
1:35 AM
@Rayllum Does Savage Worlds have any kind of online documentation/references that could be looked at? Because the justification you provided for the edit certainly seems legitimate, but I've never played/learned about Savage Worlds games before, so I can't validate the claim myself.
My assumption is that the only reason anyone would reject that change is if they think it's blatantly wrong.
But, people can also make mistakes.
2 hours later…
3:21 AM
It's correct for the setting, yes. It might be more helpful to also mention the elements where that spell is exclusive: healing (water), blast (fire), quake (earth), settle storm (air)
8 hours later…
11:09 AM
I need to lose 10 rep. Is that 10 downvotes or 5?
11:22 AM
Ten of yours.
10 given or 5 received
And only on answers. Downvoting questions doesn't cost rep.
And I think you might lose different amounts of rep from getting downvoted depending on if it's a Q or an A but I don't have recently personal experience to back that up.
@Xirema None that I know of or found via search. In the player handbook, there's the "Elemental Spell List", which is very clear, but that's a book one has to buy to get the info.
@Glazius I also thought about adding an earth spell (I thought of Mend) but didn't want to change too much of the post without necessity. Then again, 'it could be more helpful' is no reason to reject, right?
To make it clear what I meant with " player handbook": One needs a "50 Fathoms" book to look it up, it's a 100% setting-specific rule.
1 hour later…
12:58 PM
@Medix2 I’m just moving my coordinate system.
@ThomasMarkov *Moves it back*
@Medix2 I was group tutoring Calc II once and my students were having trouble with this nasty integral, but I shifted the coordinates and it became easy and it blew their minds.
I spent more time answering the question “you can do that?” during that session than I did on calculus.
I remember in Calc III there was an integral in some book and the professor literally just said "I have absolutely no idea how you solve this" and Wolfram Alpha hated it too, so we just moved on
Also, do you think my mentioning of Extra Attack in this answer is helpful or just overly confusing?
1:21 PM
@ThomasMarkov we had that in a Lagrangian Mechanics course, and the lecturer was incredulous we didn't know/memorised hyperbolic integral substitutions.... We knew we could, but didn't know how.
2:03 PM
@Medix2 looks good. I think you made the best of an interaction that is inherently confusing.
2:26 PM
@ThomasMarkov Oh, which part of the other answer do you think is incorrect?
I think it's right in that TWF (two-weapon) requires you have both in-hand at once and that TWF (thrown weapon) only lets you draw one weapon per attack
3:07 PM
@ThomasMarkov Could you take a look at the rejection of my edit suggestion? (see my message above)
2 hours later…
4:52 PM
@Medix2 Ah yes, the "burn the evidence" transformation... xkcd.com/2117
3 hours later…
8:12 PM
Q: With the Thrown Weapon Fighting style can you make two throw attacks with daggers?

dndplayernr2132145With a fighter using the Fighting Style: Thrown Weapon Fighting from Thasas's cauldron can you, while not having any daggers equipped from the start, still take them out and make two thrown attacks using the dual wielding rules? Tasha You can draw a weapon that has the thrown property as part of...

8:59 PM
Q: Can you lower your AC on purpose?

stupidstudentFor roleplaying reasons I would like to make a NPC to appear weaker than it actualy is. When the players fight it first, it should look like to have a very low AC and misses a lot of attacks. Is this possible in RAW or in RAI? Failing a saving throw on purpose seems to be RAI: On March 10, 2016,...

9:28 PM
@V2Blast rpg.stackexchange.com/posts/59293/revisions seems like a more important tag, what do you think?
@Akixkisu Er... I don't really agree. There are other ways to get "multiple instances of the Extra Attack feature" even without leaving the PHB; I don't think the tag is useful/necessary on that question at all, even if the example the querent found happens to be from UA. (And, of course, the question is centrally about the number of attacks one can make, so the tag is very relevant to the question.)
9:51 PM
@Akixkisu Agreeing with V2. The tag might belong if it were starved for tags, but in a situation where there's clearly competition for the 5 slots available, it probably shouldn't get priority.

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