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2:11 AM
@ChartZBelatedly interesting
2:41 AM
So only JoKing is pingable of all the mods, and only xnor and DJ (James) of the ROs :/
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4:08 AM
Q: C programming lab

Samarth3092 Write a c program to split an array from specified position and add first part to the end in the reverse order. Sample run: I/O: arr1[]={7,8,31,60,11,54} Position to split an array: 3 O/P: arr1[]={60,11,54,31,8,7}

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6:56 AM
@ChartZBelatedly Yeah, after the mod elections, I had hopes the situation would be better. Maybe I should have run (and voted for you)…
1 hour later…
7:58 AM
Hi everyone! CMQ: How would you describe your annoyance to answers which troll question by taking them literally (such as an answer like print("A christmas tree") for a question requiring to print A christmas tree)? (Try to be creative)
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
Loophole abuse. Already patched globally.
10:00 AM
Q: Compile Commentscript

A usernameCompile Commentscript Commentscript is a variant on Javascript that I made up for the purpose of this question. Only commented-out code is evaluated. Javascript has two types of comments: // this is a single line comment, which starts with `//` and ends on a newline. /* This is a multiline comme...

10:59 AM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/51266/… wow, this answer has the most rep in bounties I've ever seen, 1750!
11:42 AM
Q: Display 0 - 1000 - 0 each on a separate line

devI've tried this questions on two forums and have been told this is the best place for this type of question. I trying to print from 0 to 1000 then back to 0 again (and all numbers in-between, printing 1000 only once also each number must be on a separate line using vanilla php. my current code is...

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1:14 PM
@rak1507 one of the conway tetris answers probably has more
ah it's split across all of em
3 hours later…
3:54 PM
@Adám I think just adding a couple of new ROs who are fairly active would mostly be good
Encouraging HN and WW to stop by more often would be nice, but we don't have a lot of "mods, please deal with this" stuff
4:10 PM
Hi everyone
Its very quiet today
@ChartZBelatedly I'm willing to be RO if it is.
@Adám I think the way its been done before is to have an election on meta. I'd definitely vote for you if we do
I have far too many things I want to open meta posts about :/
I certainly qualify for "fairly active":
As you can see, I do sleep between 1 AM and 5 AM.
@Adám Idk, I see a time with zero activity, not good god enough :P
Real ROs never sleep :P
> not god enough
4:13 PM
My keyboard insists on forgetting letters from time to time :/
@ChartZBelatedly OK, I should have stated it differently. I do take a break from actively chatting between 01 and 05, but my laptop is next to my bed and I have "ping when mentioned" on, so…
Btw, I meant to ask why the name change.
@Adám Wow. I was joking, but that's impressively active :P
@Adám how did you generate the graph?
@Adám I thought I'd be able to change it back after a few days. Turns out, name changes last for a minimum of a month
4:15 PM
So I'll be caird coinheringaahing again on April 6th
@ChartZBelatedly did you last change on March 6?
@Wasif Yes, I believe so
Might have been the 5th, I can't remember if it's 30 or 31 days between changes
@Adám Thanks for the link, I visited this page before, but didn't notice the graph
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

expressjs123Build a Markdown to HTML converter code-golf string The Stack Exchange network uses Markdown as the syntax for writing posts. For example, using a # at the beginning of a line creates a heading (<h1>) while two hashes ## creates a subheading (<h2>). Your task is to write a program which takes inp...

Could I have some feedback on my sandboxed challenge?
@rak1507 This is the answer which got mindblowing +3100 bounty (Highest as far as I know): codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/88783/…
@expressjs123 Some more test cases? Consider the official documentation for more on the syntax: daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax
Anyways, its a risky challenge, and might have duplicates similar to it
4:32 PM
@Wasif I also figured there would be duplicates, but then I searched "markdown to html" and found nothing
@Wasif hmm... the first one is very similar, but it doesn't take the backtick into account, and the second one also but it isn't really markdown?
@ChartZBelatedly is "chartZ" pronounced "chart-zee" or "charts" in your username?
@expressjs123 Yes :P
Personally, I say "chart-zee", but I really don't care either way
@ChartZBelatedly and oddly "belatedly" is an actual word and so is "chart"... how did that Jelly answer work again?
It's “ ½ċṭ6Ỵ» decompressed and with the leading space removed
4:39 PM
@expressjs123 similar questions with small changes could be also closed, so I'd suggest you to harden your challenge more
@Wasif if I changed it to "html to markdown" presumably it would not be a duplicate, seeing as a search for "html to markdown" returned no relevant results
How the Jelly decompressor works: sss
@expressjs123 Then you can go ahead and post it tomorrow good luck :-)
@Wasif I'll think about it
Hello, it's me again with a new username
Q: Should we have even even more room owners for The Nineteenth Byte?

ChartZ Belatedly4 years ago, we voted on and appointed additional room owners for The Nineteenth Byte. That was the most recent time TNB has had new room owners. Currently, only 2 of the room owners are able to be pinged if needed, and one of those 2 hasn't been active since October 2020. The need for active roo...

4:54 PM
seeing as only 1 is left, we probably do need more room owners
5:06 PM
@ophact you also changed name! Mystery behind this
@Wasif This was randomly generated by JavaScript code and was basically the only readable one that came out. It can also have the tone of "oh, fact?"
@ophact you can update the meta answer in the post many users of cgcc
@Wasif done
5:56 PM
Ugh, SE's added in advertisements for SO Teams in the side bar ಠ_ಠ
@ChartZBelatedly yep, SE selling out more and more
@ophact Just an FYI, you can reply to specific messages (which prefills the @username bit) by clicking the arrow to the left of each message :)
6:21 PM
@ChartZBelatedly you mean to the right, correct?
well the one on the left links to the previous reply, does it not?
or rather
the message
that it's a reply to
you can click the downwards triangle on the left and click "reply to this message", or you can click the more reply-looking arrow on the right
ah that one. yeah i knew about that but i thought you were referring to an actual reply icon on the left
no that one does point to the previous message
6:46 PM
Don't you just love when SE makes arbitrary changes to the UI for no reason other than self-advertising (that also look horrible)?
Okay it looks slightly better when I turn off the random question userscript (hooray, that'll need to be updated) and close the ad, but...why?
7:02 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Because how else will SE show that they only give a shit about SO?
@Makonede Oh damn, I didn't even know about the one to the right :/
I somehow never noticed that either :/
7:22 PM
Seriously, Chrome removed the option to get rid of the "scroll too far to the left to go back" thing that was really annyoing :(
7:37 PM
@ChartZBelatedly it's bold of you to assume SE even cares about SO
They care about money (and not communities/people), and SO is where the money comes from.
@RedwolfPrograms can't it be disabled with overscroll-behavior-x: none?
No, there's a thing in Chrome where if you overscroll to either side on any website it'll do the same thing as the back/forward buttons, so if you're scrolling through a really wide text box you'll almost always accidentally go back to the previous page and lose your place
@pxeger So true, and the quality of SO posts is declining rapidly, I answered SO questions for a while in late 2020 but then quit because of virtually no support from SE and the quality of questions. least we still have ppcg
@RedwolfPrograms I never really understood the point of it... while scrolling through code on ppcg I would often go back accidentally
It's not too bad with touchscreen but I have no idea why they made it apply to mouse/touchpad as well. I wonder if it can be overridden with some sort of CSS or JS thing that a userscript can add...
Nope, tried all of the overscroll properties in CSS, and you can't e.preventDefault() or e.stopPropagation()
I don't understand why any piece of software would remove options, especially ones that don't require much effort to maintain
7:59 PM
@RedwolfPrograms what about adding some element to the far left of the screen with a scrollbar just visible, then adding overscroll-behavior none on it?
It don't think it'd affect anything unless it was the element being scrolled
Or maybe the parent of the entire page
@RedwolfPrograms the parent would be html, adding the property there might work, or overflow hidden
It seems like Chrome doesn't care about the overscroll properties at all for the back/forward gesture. You'd probably have to capture the scroll event somehow, or have it scroll by a pixel then reset it immediately.
@RedwolfPrograms with top/bottom it works, but with left right not so much. One of the websites I wrote, top bottom detected overscroll properly, but left right failed. If there's a DOM event for "back", we could capture it
8:36 PM
Oh no what did they do to the PPCG Ui, now it says "public" and the questions on the questions page look strange
2 hours ago, by Redwolf Programs
Don't you just love when SE makes arbitrary changes to the UI for no reason other than self-advertising (that also look horrible)?
Q: Shortest path for a chess knight

Keith RandallYour program should compute the number of moves it takes a chess knight to reach each square of the chess board. The input will be two space-separated integers representing coordinates of the starting square (horizontal then vertical coordinate, 0-7 inclusive each). Your program should output a...

God, the dyadic parsing rules for Jelly are complicated :/
anyone here a Linux kernel expert?
never mind, found the answer
guess I'll die
8:54 PM
@pxeger Dying isn't gonna fix your computer
Q: Finding the minimum number of steps required to complete

MichaelRecently had a coding challenge that went something like this. You're fixing a road, and the truck moves in units of 3. Given a string provided, where "X" indicates parts of the road needing to be fixed, and "." indicates areas that don't need to be fixed, what is the minimum number of steps requ...

it's not my computer, it's my code
damned cgroups
Oh cool, I got the Necromancer badge
It's weird how Necromancer is way easier to get than the bronze variant
@RedwolfPrograms What's the bronze variant?
9:01 PM
Revival is one of the few badges I don't have :/
You have to be the first answer, which makes it tough
go answer the "negate a POSIX regex" question then!
9:02 PM
I think I have it on SO
@pxeger Nope, not a fan of regex, or strings :P
Ahhh, the Stack Overflow homepage is different now too!
Has there always been an "Interesting" tab?
Or did they just rename Active?
There's an Interesting tab?
9:03 PM
I don't see one
Are you using a userscript?
No userscripts
The tabs at the top say "Interesting", "Bountied", "Hot", "Week", "Month"
9:04 PM
@ChartZBelatedly No more "We <3 people who code" :(
yes, either they did rename Active, or they're testing some fancy new recommendation algorithm
oh on SO
i was confused
"We </3 people who code" - SE
9:04 PM
Huh, it's still "Active" for me
"We want all people who code to leave me alone" - SE
We love people who code, except for most of them.
"We love people who give us money, most of whom code" - SE
And if you don't love to code, we definitely don't <3 you.
We <3 people who give us money
9:26 PM
oooh I can see close vote stuff now I have over 3K rep
@rak1507 More importantly, you can cast close vote stuff :P
unlimited power
10k is even better
with all these bounties I'll probably be there soon ;)
9:28 PM
I can't wait to delete everything I see use my powers for good.
@rak1507 Not from mine you won't - I'm running out :P
gotta take all your rep before anyone else does
I'd be most of the way to 10k if I didn't keep giving people bounties
NGL codegolf.stackexchange.com/… (posts with pending delete votes) is one of my "always open" tabs :P
Take Adám's, he has a lot more than me
dw I'm taking a fair amount of his too
that reminds me, that answer I posted earlier is eligible for another 200 I think
9:30 PM
@rak1507 Another answer?
No, the same one, it's eligible for the APL bounty
Oh ok
answering old questions in apl = maximum stonks
@user For your deadlineless bounty, does the number of answers include the answer posted to get the bounty?
Speaking of bounties, is anyone willing to help me with my bounty on good answers to old questions?
@ChartZBelatedly No
Because then unanswered questions would be eligible, and there's already a bounty for that
9:31 PM
I ask because I'm answering an old inactive question which currently has 6 answers, so does that mean that my answer would qualify for the 4 to 6 bracket?
awww, I was going to try answering an unanswered question which would get me 900 (!) rep in bounties
@ChartZBelatedly Yeah
@rak1507 900?
@rak1507 I'll give you 50 rep if you want, but certainly not 500. It's just one less zero, so it won't matter much :P
yes, 500 from user, and 400 from adam
9:32 PM
There's the 200 from Jo King
oh wow
1100 :O
rak is just drooling at the thought of all that rep :P
Either 200 from JoKing or some amount from me, depending on the question score
Man, I should have waited to post Hexasweep to get that 500 :(
I only got 200
you have enough rep anyway
9:33 PM
@user Coolio :) Oh, and so that I don't run you dry from bounties, I'm happy to claim the "not explained" amount when I claim bounties, even with explanations :)
It's not like I need the rep :P
Once I get 25k I won't care but I want those delete votes and site analytics :p
@ChartZBelatedly Well-explained answers deserve more rep, but okay, I don't mind :P
@rak1507 Find an underappreciated, unanswered question and I'll give you rep for this :P
@RedwolfPrograms That's my attitude :P
Beyond 25k, it's just a "look at how much I have" competition
I should really start doing that dowker notation one...
Although, I do need to get more rep in order to get Epic and Legendary :P
9:37 PM
The Checkerboard a Matrix challenge seems doable, but I'm lazy and haven't started on it yet
I think if you turn the original matrix to reduced row echelon form, it should be easy-ish
That one did win "Trickiest Challenge" in the best of :P
9:50 PM
@ChartZBelatedly no, you weren't JoKing. You are Chartz Belatedly. Get it right.
@Lyxal "was," Lyxal, "was." They used to be JoKing but then they created an alt account named ChartZ Belatedly. :P
Btw what is "ChartZ Belatedly" a reference to?
A: The many users of CGCC

ChartZ Belatedly"caird coinheringaahing" comes from this Jelly answer. Given that the answer is written in Jelly (my primary language on the site), and the challenge is very much about the site, I thought that it'd be a fun, unique username that references the site. And it should be pronounced "cared co-in-hear-...

@ChartZBelatedly Oh, I see.
"oppS,aback" would have been a much better name :P
@rak1507 imagine having more than 50% of rep coming from bounties.
@mods (@JoKing) Could we this? Having it shown in the sidebar on main would promote it more
9:57 PM
@Lyxal you have nearly 14 times as many answers as me
Answers don't mean anything :P
@rak1507 the way you're heading that's going to be irrelevant soon
Questions is where the rep is
@rak1507 We've earned the same amount from bounties!
9:58 PM
@user oh cool
10:09 PM
CMQ: Do you use tea bags or tea leaves when making tea
I don't make tea
@Lyxal Both, as the bags have leaves in them
@ChartZBelatedly I've never thought of it like that before
I suppose using tea bags is a roundabout way of using tea leaves
I have a teapot with a builtin "leaf filter" that uses loose tea leaves, makes the best tea I've ever had. I just can't be bothered to get it out for the occasional cup, you need to be providing tea for a minimum of 4 people to justify it :P
10:27 PM
@ChartZBelatedly heh, I actually have that badge once as an answer to one of your questions
@Lyxal neither!
@Neil I remember. You ruined my goal of having an unanswered challenge :P
(PG granules, fwiw)
@Lyxal Tea powder
@ChartZBelatedly Done. I don't know how long it stays in the sidebar though
10:42 PM
@JoKing IIRC Community removes after a month
@Lyxal no.
Emended CMQ: What do you use when making tea?
Tea, usually
@user n/a
@user Water.
10:52 PM
Q: Quandle Quandary Episode I: Identifying Finite Quandles

PhiNotPiWrite a program that will determine if a given matrix represents a quandle. A quandle is a set equipped with a single (non-commutative, non-associative) operation \$◃\$ which obeys the following axioms: The operation is closed, meaning that \$a◃b = c\$ is always an element of the set if \$a\$ a...

@user A teabag, obviously
@user Milk
@Bubbler "obviously"?
Very funny, ChartZ and Adám.
10:54 PM
@user probably some sort of fluid containment device
Raw tea leaves are way too luxury for modern people
I feel like I will get banned here for speaking shenanigans. Hell, I already am!
Okay, you know what? Lyxal's question was better.
I make most of my tea by boarding ships and dumping huge crates of it into the harbor
@RedwolfPrograms Wholesale :P
@Bubbler Really?
How much do they cost?
10:56 PM
@user yes. It took you 5 whole minutes to realise the truth.
@MarkGiraffe Welcome to TNB :)
@ChartZBelatedly Hello. I feel unwelcome and likely to get removed from the conversation anytime soon.
Why? Shchiekcemn.
@MarkGiraffe Unwelcome? Why?
Do you allow shenanigans in TNB?
@MarkGiraffe Well, take a read through our chatiquette, and don't worry, you won't get removed from the room :)
10:58 PM
@MarkGiraffe shenanigans are my favourite type of conversation
@MarkGiraffe Don't worry, unless you're being intentionally disruptive (which almost never happens here) you won't get removed or kicked out :p
@MarkGiraffe Depends on how off-topic they can be :P
Okay let me try something
Previously sus message
10:59 PM
@ChartZBelatedly ban him immediately
Looks like I'm not banned
I can't unsee him. Remove it, quick.
@rak1507 This is why I want more room owners :P
@Lyxal Could you delete it, it's kinda obtrusive?
@Lyxal Flagging as spam
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too obstructive.
11:01 PM
You realise there are enough 10k users in this room alone that flagging it would get it deleted very quickly :P
Okay so clearly as a result of my experiment, yes, you can be off topic to a certain extent
I challenged myself to code a lemon then eat it.
How do you code a lemon?
So long as the shenanigans are not obtrusive or disruptive, it should be fine
11:02 PM
I might make a room for shenanigans soon.
Otherwise, the shenanigans go here
You can always use the sandbox
Q: Simulate walking with collisions

Redwolf ProgramsIn this challenge, the task is to write a program or function which simulates a number of people walking. Input will be some representation of the people's positions on a 2d grid, and one of four directions (or none) for each. The movement follows a few rules: No person can walk into a space occ...

That's where I test some stuff
Oh hi NMP
11:03 PM
Oh no, the mods are here to kill me.
@ChartZBelatedly I'm sorry. It was to show the different extents of silliness allowed and not really accepted
@lila DW about the flag, all dealt with :)
Advertisement: LotM bounties are still up for the grabs for everyone!
Mar 12 at 6:50, by Bubbler
> I (Bubbler) will award 50 × n rep for any user's n-th Factor answer posted this month, up to n = 10, maximum 2750 rep in total per user.
been looking for interesting questions to do in factor but can't find any :(
@rak1507 suggestion
11:15 PM
looks impossible
Maybe without the [ ]
@rak1507 Pick some random challenges from here
11:36 PM
I think once you reach a certain amount of rep the minimum comment length should be removed
@RedwolfPrograms I don't think so. If a comment is way too short, it is probably not worth it anyway (other than answering a yes/no question from others, but how hard is it to rephrase it into a slightly longer sentence?)
Or it's going to be "@foo Thanks!"
and a thanks-comment is considered unneeded across SE (and I agree with it)
@Bubbler Thanks, by the way :)
There should be a version of stars that indicate "I agree with this"
11:43 PM
Upvotes on comments?
@ChartZBelatedly I agree with this
Or are you talking about chat?
@user Yeah, but in chat
@RedwolfPrograms Boo, too loud :P
@RedwolfPrograms ^
This. So much this.
@ChartZBelatedly That would imply downvotes for "I disagree"
11:45 PM
Let's just chat by posting answers for each message in a meta question :p
@RedwolfPrograms I agree.
@ChartZBelatedly that's not what stars are for? I've been doing this all wrong
I swear, if a Jelly answer reaches a certain number of votes (8 or 9 usually), it's a guarantee it'll get a "This isn't actually X bytes, it's X characters" comment :/
Hey, there's a button to the left of the star, maybe we should use that to say "I agree"!
@ChartZBelatedly That was the case on old questions, but does it still happen?
Nah, that's the "poll" button. It asks 10k+ users if they agree or not :P
I think it must say "5 characters", bytes may vary depending on the encoding (and as I see these arent ascii), or im wrong? actually enconding that uses 11 bytes in utf8 — UselesssCat 14 mins ago
11:46 PM
@ChartZBelatedly Let's see if 10k+ users agree on this comment.
I say we just flag anything we disagree with, then only things with enough support will survive to be discussed :p
@ChartZBelatedly can't blame newbies for that
Survival of the Fittest! Let's apply Darwinism to chatting.
@rak1507 I suppose its a good thing that people are keeping an eye out for cheating, but it gets tiring when it happens once a week :/
Argh, why did this get two upvotes?
11:48 PM
@ChartZBelatedly hey, that's what you get for posting the output of /dev/urandom as answers
What upvotes? :p
Also, I have 26k+ reputation. Believe it or not, I know how to count the bytes in my code after so long :/
The user who posted it is pretty high-rep, but probably forgot about it.
@user They weren't high rep in 2013
Yup, that's probably why
Please no one snipe me
11:50 PM
I consider myself to be quite good at counting. I made it as far as 200 once.
@user Flagged for deletion :P
Meh, I made it as far as `Long.MAX_VALUE` once, although I made a program for it :P
for (long i = 0; i <= Long.MAX_VALUE; i ++) System.out.println(i);
@ChartZBelatedly Thanks
@user See, your mistake there is to not use Python. My Python counting program is still running :P
The only numbers you'll ever need are 0, 1, and Long.MAX_VALUE. Everything else is just + and >> :P
@user Thank you for helping me get 1/500th closer towards Marshal :P
11:53 PM
@ChartZBelatedly Oh no, arbitrary sized integers!
@ChartZBelatedly You're welcome :P
Quick question: How do y'all make matrices and stuff in comments?
Does Latex/MathJax work there too?
I think it does
Yep, \$ delimited latex works
Not sure about $$
Ah, ok
I should use it more.
Hmm, what's the most intrusive comment you could make in the character limit?
Maybe a several hundred element tall matrix?
@user the real question is why are you wanting to put a matrix in a comment?
11:56 PM
Q: Formatting Sandbox

Ólafur Waage Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. This site, Meta Stack Exchange, is usually used as a "test bed" for pending changes happening to the way text is rendered on all network...

I don't like where this is going
I'm sure you can find it there
No mathjax there, right?
@Lyxal I don't want to, but I've seen people do it.
@user why not link to a TIO version of the matrix?
11:57 PM
@Lyxal I guess you could do that, but I was just asking out of academic curiosity. Besides, Latex is cooler :)
@RedwolfPrograms Not sure, don't think so
Nope. Do we have an equivalent on CGCC?
CMQ: Do you find CamelCase to be more readable in pseudocode than Each Word Written With Spaces?
Neither, snake_case FTW
11:58 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Go find a post of mine and go wild. I'll clean up the comments afterwards :P
kebab-case :)
@ChartZBelatedly I'll just do it on one of mine
Imagine having commands with multiple characters
@ChartZBelatedly Hey, Jelly has two-byte commands too
@user And they don't use camel, snake or kebab case :P

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