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@Bookworm The question about the Wells quote became HNQ 11 hours ago.
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Hopkins of the day
1:51 PM
Q: How do we know that Shelley's "Adonais" refers to Byron and Moore?

bobsmith76In every site I've seen that analyzes Shelley's Adonais, they all agree that in the following stanza the "Pilgrim of Eternity" refers to Byron. Here is one example: From stanza 30 to 35, Shelley says that contemporary poets, in the guise of mountain shepherds with “garlands sere” and “magic mant...

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Q: What does "keep happiness away with a shotgun" mean here in this context?

Ahmed SamirIn [In the Midst of Alarms][1] (1894) by Robert Barr, a man was talking about a self-sufficient people in a Canadian village, saying: “Why, that this is the proper way to live. Old Hiram has an anvil and an amateur forge. He can tinker up almost anything, and that eliminates the blacksmith. Howa...

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Q: Has Herakles been swallowed by a whale?

b_jonasI heard a rumor that there was an ancient Greek myth about a human swallowed by a whale (or other large sea monster) and living to tell the tale, similar to the Biblical story of Jonas the prophet. I was surprised because I hadn't heard of such a myth yet, and it's one that would have surely stu...

It's been rather quiet here in the last 24 hours because everybody has been (and probably still is) watching or reading about you-know-what...
Also North and I have been busy making characters for a D&D campaign
*and Mith
there you go
9:08 PM
No idea what else you're talking about. What else important is happening in the world right now?
@bobble absolutely nothing
Dungeons & Dragons, a table-top roleplaying game
though we'll be playing it in a chatroom, since we don't know each other in real life...
Oh, nothing. I thought there was something yesterday, but I may have overestimated its importance.
just an attempted coup in one of the most influential countries in the world, nothing major
9:12 PM
My family watched news instead of Angel (the TV show) last night
Though I'd rather deal with evil lawyers than crazed rioters any day
noted: bobble is not one of the Nac-Mac-Feegle
no idea what that means
Pratchett characters who have a fear of lawyers
I was re-reading The Wee Free Men while stuck on base with nothing to do
@b_jonas This is from (pseudo-)Lycophron's Alexandra (2nd century) in which the Trojan princess Hesione is about to be sacrified to the sea monster Cetus by her father Laomedon, but Heracles rescues her by allowing himself to be swallowed and hacking his way out
The story of Heracles and Cetus is mentioned in the Iliad, but the detail of Heracles being swallowed seems to have been introduced by pseudo-Lycophron, so it could be based on Jonah
10:13 PM
@GarethRees Ah good. I have heard of him saving Andromeda at least.
@b_jonas It was Perseus who saved Andromeda from Cetus — Heracles was their great-grandson
@GarethRees I see.
"Heracles rescues her by allowing himself to be swallowed and hacking his way out"
Cetus must have had a long princess-eating career
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11:24 PM
Wait, that actually explains something!
In Andrew Lang's Prince Ricardo gutenberg.org/ebooks/21994 , Ricardo saves a girl who was about to be sacrificed to a sea monster, and the text even mentions Andromeda about this. And the sea monster actually swallowed Ricardo and he has to carve himself out.
I didn't realize that part was from that legend too.
> “Stop!” he cried; “I see a beautiful princess, fastened by iron chains to a rock beside the sea, in a lonely place. They must have fixed her up as a sacrifice to a sea-monster, like what’s-her-name.”
> “Why, the sea where the girl is, has turned all red as blood!” exclaimed the king. “Now it is all being churned up by the tail of a tremendous monster. He is a whopper! He’s coming on shore; the girl is fainting. He’s out on shore! He is extremely poorly, blood rushing from his open jaws. He’s dying!
> And, hooray! here’s Dick coming out of his enormous mouth, all in armour set with sharp spikes, and a sword in his hand. He’s covered with blood, but he’s well and hearty. He must have been swallowed by the brute, and cut him up inside. […]”

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