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12:50 AM
Vexillologist must have something to do with having a Raised Flag marked as Helpful. I got this rather quickly on at least two sites after having my flag acted on.
Three sites acctually
@PieterGeerkens Yes that is one trigger. We haven't found the other yet.
@Scratte: By "the other" do you mean a second independent trigger, or the second half of a single trigger?
If the latter, the Raised Flag has to be a "For Moderator Attention" flag
@PieterGeerkens That's another mystery :) I just know that a community manager said there are two triggers.
As that's the flag type (the only one I beleive) that I araised on all threee sites where I got the flag.
@PieterGeerkens No, I'm pretty sure any flag will do. There's a bot that only raised NAA (and maybe VLQ) flags that also got the hat.
12:54 AM
I've only raised two types of flags: For Moderator Attention and No Longer Needed, and the latter only on 2 of the three sitess I'm prety sure.
If you search for Vexillologist in the room search, you'll find lots of conversation on the topic :)
Did you get it for a comment flag?
My guess is Vexillologist awarded for having a For Moderator Attention flag raised being marked helpful.

That should now show up on the search by spelling it correctly, and giving the full guess in one comment.
1:16 AM
@PieterGeerkens The bot doesn't raise any custom flags.
1:37 AM
@Scratte: uh?
Who mentioned the bot raising flags?
I'm pretty sure I got Vex for NLN, and those are frequently rubber stamped; on some sites.
@Derpy Oh I was aware that I likely wasn’t banned because of the script I used since I managed to sneak top scores into the leaderboard whenever I was able to get them. However, afterwards, I tried another way to automate the game but accidentally allowed a high score with an unrealistically low totalJumps to be submitted. Sometime after that, I figured I got banned which led me to that conclusion.
Also, after I posted my script on Meta, the game was promptly fixed to disallow it. It now rickrolls me whenever I try using it.
2:01 AM
@PieterGeerkens My point was that you think it's for raising a custom flag that is marked helpful. And I'm saying that we have a bot that never raises those and it got the hat.
2:20 AM
@Scratte I've got the hat and didn't raise a custom flag, but a RED one
@Vickel Ahh.. I think raising any flag having it marked helpful does give one the hat. But then the second trigger is still a puzzle.
@Scratte I had only spam, VLQ and comments flags raised and marked helpful before I got the Flag aeh Hat
I think I linked to them before: guess "is the Vexillologist hat earned by having a flag validated?" and answer "You could say there's two triggers for Vex."
I wonder.. if having a flag disputed also triggers the hat. Or having it age away.
@Scratte I just checked, all flagged were either comments or answers, and all of those got nuked
So raising a flag that isn't declined or retracted.. (not sure about my guess about retracted though)
2:28 AM
didn't retract any flag, "I STAND FOR IT"
^just kidding I've 21 flags retracted
^out of 2462
Heh.. but to test it you'd need to go to a site where you don't have the hat. Then raise a flag.. and retract it :)
Getting a flag disputed is a lot more tricky, unless you're trying to do it on Stack as a <3K user.
I have a lot more: 79 out of 3000 post flags.
Combined.. we have exactly 100 retracted flags :D
2:50 AM
@Scratte last flag I retracted was before WB, IIRC
@Scratte soul brother :)
@Scratte can't be through retracted: the last one I retracted was a RED one on Oct19th
@Vickel Ah :) When did you get the hat?
Wait.. how does that prove it can't be through a retracted flag?
let me check
@Scratte because I didn't retract any flag... ok: now I got you, if you consider the "there are 2 triggers" is actually true
I do consider that. But it could be "Raise a flag that is not declined"
Meaning raising a flag that is helpful/disputed/retracted/aged away could potentially be triggers.
If there are only two.. then helpful is one. But which is the other?
3:05 AM
@Scratte I actually don't know, because it doesn't' show you a timestamp, but I think I got it early, by my flag stats most likely for the RED on the 16th
Yes, OK. That makes sense :)
@Scratte happy trigger hunting, I've to go, 3am bed calls... btw I've finished my short story, it's in my profile now. Enjoy:)
@Vickel I'll have to read that while you sleep :)
@Scratte something that most users can't do.
3:20 AM
@Catija Most users cannot mark a flag helpful.
That's a true statement.
Most users can't even raise a flag :) They're 1 reputation point users.
They can if they have created a post.
@Catija I though it required 15 reputation points to raise a flag.
Can they do that on their own post with just 1 reputation points?
Most users also cannot close vote a post. Which is a flag is one hasn't gotten the close voting privilege.
@Scratte yep
A: Under what circumstances can a user flag a post without them having at least 15 reputation?

Glorfindel New users can always flag their own posts for moderator attention: Should 1-reputation users be able to flag their own posts? New users can flag comments on their own post, or comments on answers to their own question: Allow new users to flag comments on their own posts Note that the latter can...

3:33 AM
@Catija Thank you. I didn't know that :)
Well.. since I couldn't possible test the scenario, I'm guessing the other trigger is marking a flag helpful. Meaning validating or having a flag validated will earn the hat.
But if that is the case, then a user that close votes a post that has a flag on it will validate the flag (if it's for the same reason). Or the action of the last user to close vote a post will also mark a flag helpful. So do they also earn the hat?.. :)
3:58 AM
@Rob My city doesn't have that facility
4 hours later…
7:33 AM
@Catija will there be Kwanzaa hats appearing between December 26 to January 1, or are there none?
Hey guys back from my trip!
Oof Pandas 35 hats...
7:50 AM
How do you guys get the Defender of the Unicorn hat? I don't seem to get it...
@YaakovEllis Is it that you have to answer something about the Hat Dash to get Defender of Unicorn hat?
@U11-Forward Yes, you basically have to provide a valid answer for meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358104/….
@nobody Ah that's hard
8:17 AM
@YaakovEllis it looks like I'm banned; I'm not sure why.
@YaakovEllis I am banned to...
@double-beep you are unsure why you are banned at all? or unsure which thing you did led to the ban (there are a bunch to choose from)?
@U11-Forward you didnt use any of the cheats? were you playing multiple games simultaneously? weren't messing around at all with the API posts?
@YaakovEllis Wait once I have no idea why I got a new best score.. I didn't play and somehow the horse jumped itself and got a new high score...
@YaakovEllis not sure why I was banned. I blocked /hat-dash/ban-me-please-because-i-cheated and then increased speed to 1000 to see if it'd work
those scores didn't get to the leaderboard (ofc)
@double-beep do you remember a game that took 12 seconds where you only scored 42 points? That is the one that got you banned.
Close second to the one where you scored 57K in 38 seconds, quite impressive
@Anonymous do you pledge to not try to cheat anymore?
8:30 AM
@YaakovEllis that was before the unban iirc, right?
@double-beep Huh? You expected the server to sit back and accept blatant cheating just because you blocked the frontend checks?
@double-beep yes. The first one that I cited is what gave you the auto-ban. Though there are other less immediate bans that will be triggered if you put in too many games that are banned
@nobody I think Yaakov mentioned that some individual games might be banned from leaderboard
but not the user
@double-beep true. but there is a threshold of banned games that can also trigger it (though in your case, there was one specific game that triggered an auto-ban)
@double-beep No, I meant that cheating by setting the speed to 1000 would be a bit too obvious for the server to miss. Blocking /hat-dash/ban-me-please-because-i-cheated would at most prevent front-end checks from triggering a ban, so you should have chosen a bit more subtle technique to cheat
8:41 AM
@YaakovEllis How did Panda get the Defender of the Unicorn hat?
@U11-Forward meta.stackexchange.com/a/358558/51 - was the first time someone posted this one
@U11-Forward I am working on a non-cheating way for folks to earn it as well. Stay tuned…
@YaakovEllis Hope there will be man, since I have no idea about how to use javascript and html...
since apparently people are already discussing ban prevention, I have a question too. Thinking back about the bot and how other people have used bots too without any consequences, I had another idea about what I did to be banned.

Free to avoid replying if this is asking for too much info but currently I have the felling that the game check the game history sent on the end request. If that doesn't pass some validation it bans you.
So, what I am asking myself is if playing the game on a) multiple browsers (yep, I consistently use both Firefox versions to browse Stack even when there is no ga
@Derpy no, I didnt get into cross-session analysis. The game history being sent afterwards is just to show you your history including games you did using konami code.
@YaakovEllis weird then... Just one more question then I guess. In case you track the ban reasons and not just the fact an user is banned, could you please even AFTER the event ends tell me what the reason was?
8:48 AM
@YaakovEllis no (I think I only increased the speed), but I may not remember correctly.
@Derpy I track the reasons. happy to tell you later
@double-beep ok. you still got caught (somehow)
@YaakovEllis That's enough for me.
I am just curious if it had anything to do with the bot. Either is "too fast key pressing / reflex" or it must be totally unrelated
Anyway, switching topic... The fact you are keeping saying "Stay tuned..." about an other way to get the hat... and the origin of that message... and you saying you made the hat "yesterday" in that post....

.... you didn't had anything planned for that Easter egg originally other than "must think something", did you? ^_^'
@YaakovEllis no problem, I'm OK if you leave me banned
@double-beep I am glad that you are ok with it.
@YaakovEllis So Panda got it on that post, but then will like Vickel get the hat? even tho he didn't post any way to cheat?
8:58 AM
@Derpy correct. I doing my last code check before going live (for the 5th time) and ran across the old "animal" routes, I did what I did to them, and put in "Stay tuned" as a placeholder for something that I would hopefully think of during the event.
@U11-Forward no. hats given on the post are for posting a new way of cheating that someone hadn't posted previously (or at least with a new novelty that changes it significantly)
@YaakovEllis Aww okay, damn maybe give up on this hat unless there is a new trigger...
The purpose of the game is now Cerberus jump (instead of Unicorn): 1. play normally, 2. cheat, 3. avoid getting caught cheating, 4. use method that can't be detected or defended against.
@Rob The purpose was really just to do something fun. But I knew that some of y'all would cheat, so that ended up taking a life of its own. Has been instructive though.
@YaakovEllis Exactly because of that, I would like to renew my request for the game to tell you if you would have been banned on gameover. I could use that for a little fun on the not-logged-in version.
@Derpy I am about to push code to do just that
to allow the cheaters who have been caught to continue to try to find new ways to cheat
9:06 AM
@YaakovEllis Thanks.
(but I am probably done with new anti-cheating features)
@YaakovEllis don't worry, it is just for fun. And to be fair, IF I will be able to, I prefer to get the hat the other way, assuming it will be some scavengerhunt sort of thing.
@YaakovEllis will it be considered (by the server) cheating if Ι jump in the start of the game when there are no obstacles?
@double-beep no
because I see that the total jumps are sent once in a while
9:09 AM
Hat Dash will now print in your console after each game a line with [Date] | Is Game Suspect | (true/false to let you know if there was something caught in the game. Note: not all suspect games will lead to auto-bans.
@double-beep I guess that IF that is used, it is only to do some reasoning about the number of jumps being unrealistic.
@YaakovEllis A programming challenge for both sides.
@Rob though working with JavaScript is a big handicap for me. So easy to see everything, debug anywhere (or even just replace it with your own).
@YaakovEllis All of my games are being marked as Is Game Suspect = true, even the ones I play normally. Is it because I'm already banned from the leaderboard?
We should have stuck with our knitting - if there was such a thing as cheating there, no harm was done.
9:17 AM
@Rob I fail to see any harm done here too :)
@YaakovEllis this means the game is banned from the leaderboard (if the user isn't)?
@nobody no. IsGameSuspect does not return true if the only reason it is blocked is because you are banned
@double-beep yes. Game Banned is IsSuspect == true or if user is banned or if user is anon
In the db though I record between 10-15 reasons for games being banned
but could be 47 points in 4.4 secs is banned?
@nobody As a minimum the Leaderboard was flushed, along with legitimate efforts.
@YaakovEllis Well then why are all my game's suspects?
Do I play like a bot? :)
9:24 AM
@nobody you are doing something suspicious
are you sure that you are calling /hat-dash/start before each game?
@YaakovEllis it thinks I'm cheating, too
@double-beep are you?
@YaakovEllis no
nice, I just got Carnaval
I'm playing for winterbash2020.stackexchange.com and for every game I play I get Is Game Suspect = true
9:27 AM
@YaakovEllis Nice!
@double-beep hmmm...
same reason for you and @nobody, looking into it
ahh, I see. Fix incoming.
@YaakovEllis Yup
side effect of you being banned
that I hadnt accounted for in the IsGameSuspect logic
Too much carnaval!
btw, I have earned all of my hats honestly
@double-beep @nobody try again please
9:39 AM
oh fixed
Lol I reached 4000 rep on MSE
fixed. thanks
9:56 AM
@U11-Forward I made it to 3rd on MSE's Leaderboard, and we know that I earned my hats honestly.
@Rob Nice...
10:13 AM
Congrats for 2nd place on the Network Leaderboard, where I hold a not too embarrassing 10th place.
@Rob Lol you think I am happy
@Rob I am actually not, since I went for a trip the last two day, just came back 2 days ago, I never would of thought that Panda will get 4 hats...
@YaakovEllis <nitpicking>Does knowing all the triggers in advance count thought? :P </nitpicking>
There should be a special "Hat developer hat" that only the dev can get... but the users decide the trigger for :P
Like "watch at least a whole MLP season during the event period".
Do self answers count for Snaphat?
@Xnero Not sure...
1 hour later…
11:23 AM
BTW, I think that I was probably banned BEFORE using the bot and didn't even realize
^ @Panda in case you were interested
Where do we post any new cheats we find? On the hall of fame post or the old white hat hacking post?
Because people seem to be posting on the hall of fame post now.
@nobody Both is okay...
> That said, if you are able to cheat with the new system (cheat = manage to get an illegitimate score into the Leaderboard, and are able to report on how you did this; illegitimate = playing the game or accessing the API through any means other than using space/up-arrow/tap to play the game) and want to earn the hat/bounty/hof, feel free to post about it below or on the original post.
From the hall of fame post ;)
11:39 AM
@Tinkeringbell Thanks, though I'm not sure if what I have in mind qualifies as a cheat
@nobody just wait for the other mini-event that Yaakov promised and get the hat the other way. Probably easier for most users.... unless you ENJOY trying to see how the game works and how it could be hacked, in that case go for it.....
@Derpy Yeah
BTW, he kinda confirmed that playing the game in inprivate so you are not logged won't get you banned, so if you just want to test... probably safer that way
Now the game actually TELLS you if you did anything suspicious when it ends.
@U11-Forward ...ping me if suddenly the "stay tunned" url starts popping out something different
@Derpy How do you guys even get to the Javascript code of this hat dash game?
@U11-Forward Look at the console logs
When you jump, it prints the location of the script
It's the only way to get to it after Yaakov killed debugger access
11:52 AM
@U11-Forward I have the misfortune to have chosen to be a dev when I had the chance back in the old school days, thinking I would make games in a distant future
@Zoe Oh okay, but then how to edit...
@U11-Forward Console, or pull an iBug and use resource override
Although the console is just variable modifications rather than code modifications
code modifications weer blocked anyway
Don't have the time, but the bot kinda demonstrates that with enough effort and time-to-waste, you could actually even run a program that pretends to play the game and just calls the appropiate endpoints.
Notice that I am NOT talking about posting scores directly like someone did in the past.
@Derpy Good advice but actually, I think I found a cheat so I'll try getting the soon (and yes I do enjoy hacking stuff). I can't really get to the leaderboard because I'm banned but the browser console message confirms that the game wasn't suspected
I actually mean a game that pretends to play and generate realistic enough values.
@nobody To be fair, I think that my version of the bot from the second post wasn't the thing that got me banned too.
I must have been banned before for trying some random hacks from various posts on the web about T-Rex run (while I was verifying that some of the hacks posted on the first post were clear rip off from various internet sources without any disclosure)
12:42 PM
Anyone wants to try getting to the leaderboard with this?
I might try tonight, but that looks like a good approach :)
@Tinkeringbell Depending on how much time it takes for your night to start it might be fixed by then :)
@nobody Well, that'll probably be at least 4 more hours ;)
(For work, then walking, then dinner)... and if I don't remember, I'll be distracted and playing Stardew Valley instead of trying to cheat XD
@nobody Also: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56527388#56527388 So I don't think I have to be afraid of it being fixed ;)
1:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell Ah, I missed that.
@nobody Yep, I was thinking about something similar before. If you hack the obstacles heights you could be able to avoid all of them and just simulate jumping.
1 hour later…
2:25 PM
Bye guys I am off the PC!
4 hours later…
6:50 PM
Q: Can you help a poor unicorn to find its way back home?

Yaakov EllisOur poor /unicorn Sparkles got lost, and is stuck in a never ending loop of dashing and jumping. While it may be fun to watch him run and to make him jump, he does need some help to find his way back home. Once upon a Wint Bash morrow, while I pondered, full of sorrow Over endless db rows record...

@Derpy ^
Hope that the wait was worth it
Hard questions!
I have a complaint about the answer to question nr. 3.
There's 15 questions and the order is randomized, so ... there is no "question 3" per se.
Ugh. Okay. I'll complain on January 2nd then ;)
@Tinkeringbell You're not even allowed to share the question?
I don't know, don't want to spoil anything... nr. 5 is not working for me either.
7:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell if you think that an answer is wrong, contact me on Twitter DM or discord message
As someone who knows the questions and answers, I haven't had issues guessing the "correct" answers.
Not necessarily wrong, I got the right one on the second try. I just think both should be right ;)
I sent you a message though, as I think there may be something wrong with nr. 5.
7:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell Thanks for your help (was able to fix the answer to be more accurate)
I may have found another ;) But you were done for the day, so it can wait until tomorrow ;)
What's the URL to the hat-dash game? If I go to winterbash2020.stackexchange.com/hat-dash I just get rickrolled.
Also, can someone explain what the post that Yaakov posted is about? I'm not getting it.
@nobody Do you know where it gets linked from?
@Scratte from the main page
click "Hat Dash!"
7:36 PM
@Scratte If you go to winterbash2020.stackexchange.com/unicorn you'll get quiz with ten questions
If you can solve it, you get the Defender of the Unicorn hat
It seems I need to log in.. Thank you. It makes sense now :)
Sucks since the questions are harder than defeating the game's anti-cheat protections
@double-beep Is that linked from a meta post?
I don't have a meta account, so I think it's best for me to not log in
it doesn't need a meta account; your SO one is enough
Also.. I have no idea how to log in. It just gives me a static page.
7:39 PM
@Scratte winterbash2020.stackexchange.com > Log in or Sign up
@double-beep Oh! OK. But is there a link from there to the other pages?
Ahh.. sorry. Now I see :)
38 seconds..
Weeeee unicorn hat :D
Oh. Yeah. Caching.
yay! I have freed the unicorn!
@Tinkeringbell Congratulations! I'm having a tough time with the questions
but I already have the hat :)
7:48 PM
@double-beep I didn't have one yet, so I'm happy :)
@nobody You can do it! There's definitely been a few where I've just been methodically gambling too :P
Ah the quiz is wasting 2 of my minutes for nothing. I gave the correct answer just not in the format it expected...
That's nothing :P It wasted 6 of my minutes while the answer was correct XD
@Tinkeringbell On one question?
@nobody Yeah, the one Yaakov fixed :)
I took 3 attempts before messaging him ;)
Quick question: Does a SEDE query return all the posts that match a criteria?
Or does it give up after x seconds and returns only the ones it found
7:57 PM
Did I understand correctly, that I'm not allowed to use a space in my answers?
@nobody returns all or timeouts and returns nothing
Huh? then why is my answer not working? :(
Old data?
How old does it get?
Not more than a couple of days I think?
8:00 PM
SEDE resets every Sunday
@Catija thanks. I found one question I couldn't answer, so now I reset the progress every time I encountered it. Nice challenge @Yaakov!
@Glorfindel Cheat :P
@Tinkeringbell if I can't find the answer through Googling, extensive knowledge of Meta, SEDE, or jQuery, I don't have any other aces up my sleeve ...
@Glorfindel Now I wonder which question it was! ;) I found one that had a 'wrong' answer, so you might want to talk to Yaakov too...
@Tinkeringbell but you did find the correct answer? I've tried a couple of things so it might be a different one.
8:12 PM
@Glorfindel I eventually found correct answers to 10 of the 15 questions, without resetting. I never saw the other 5
(That is with Yaakov fixing the answer to 1 question)
I've probably seen all questions (didn't keep track TBH) and had correct answers on the first try, except for the one I mentioned above.
lol! I can't even answer a single of those questions :D
@Tinkeringbell for yours, was the answer a site name?
@Glorfindel Nope, the one that Yaakov fixed was a number.
OK, perhaps it was already fixed when I saw it.
8:14 PM
I had one with sites names too though: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56531880#56531880
@Catija Did you answer all of them? Or just 10
Every time I reset, I end up with this one question that I can't answer since the answer from a SEDE query doesn't work and I can't find any other source
@nobody probably the same as mine.
@nobody you can increase the number each time
@nobody check out the advanced search options on site search. Might be useful.
@nobody I learned my lesson. So logic is server side now.
@YaakovEllis What? So... if the hat dash hadn't happened you might have placed the logic client side???
8:34 PM
@Scratte You can find all the answers on Stackexchange search Google
@Nick I tried that.. not finding the right keywords a suppose.
For the ones I had no idea about I just googled the question
Heh.. I did land on one. Took me a while to figure out there had been a change :O
8:50 PM
I'm stuck on Q7 ... how legal is asking for help?
@Nick all answers are on stack sites or the blog
@Wezl questions are randomized
15 total questions, you get 10
but can I ask for help and paste my question to someone?
@nobody probably not. But I wouldn't have stuck in a trap for client side cheaters
@YaakovEllis Am I allowed to cheat in order to find an answer to your question? I pledge not to cheat for any other reason.
@Wezl ok to all for help on the method to find the answer for something. Not ok to just give out answers.
@Anonymous there are other reasons to cheat
8:55 PM
@YaakovEllis And I just pledged not to cheat for any other reason.
okay @anyone where can I find previous SO reports on progress (2009)
Hint: there is one question involving pageviews where you might be tempted to use sede. Know that sede can be put of date as it only refreshes once a week
@Wezl the blog might be a good place to check out
Alright folks, time to call it a day here. Later
@YaakovEllis my searches don't turn up anything. maybe because I'm searching for dates
* anything from 2009
@Wezl These are blog posts from 2009. See if any are relevant.
@nobody Thanks! success.
9:12 PM
Hypothetical question. Lets say I'm a moderator on both sites: "Folding Origami" and on "How to be a Hermit". Am I then two moderators?
@Scratte No, you are 1 moderator who moderates 2 sites
@DavidPostill Thanks :)
@YaakovEllis indeed - but I found most of the pages with answers by googling
Does anyone know if "Rep Hunter" requires all ten posts to have upvotes, or is just having the post accepted sufficient?
9:28 PM
@Nick positive scores are needed.
(judging by the hat description, not empirical evidence)
@Glorfindel that's what's confusing me, an accepted answer has +15, which seems like a positive score...
@Nick that's just rep points. Score is always (# of upvotes) - (# of downvotes).
@Glorfindel ah, that's my mistake then. thanks
@nobody ten. But I also wrote some.
@nobody which one?
@nobody Advanced search is always more up to date than SEDE.
10:02 PM
Rep Hunter is hard. I've posted 8 answers today so far on Super User and only 2 have been up voted. The clock runs out in 2 hours :/
@YaakovEllis I feel.. stupid :) Perhaps a warning should be given before someone spends way too long to get it all right? On the bright side.. I have nothing to lose! :P
@Scratte Well you know at least 10 of the answers now. So create an SE account and take the test again 😂
@DavidPostill Thanks, but no. One site is enough for me.
10:41 PM
The white hat took ~20 minutes, not too difficult.
I hadn't been on meta stack overflow much until the winter bash (this is my first year), but having looked at the many memes on meta yesterday, it took about 20 for me too
@Rob Took me an hour :( The accounts one had me going for 45 minutes, I think.
10:58 PM
Yes, there were some red herrings, wrong answers, and deep historical knowledge required, for some of the answers; a few were just too easy.
@Rob There cannot be any wrong answers as I got them all right 😂
Well, I put in a better answer; but it turned out that they wanted another, which took another few more minutes to track down. --- Also, there are 15 questions, of which we get 10, so we probably didn't get the same questions.
11:14 PM
Wouldn't that be 1 in 273 that you got the exact same quesions?
Can anyone clarify, if you have a 0-scored but accepted answer, does that prevent you getting "Rep Hunter"?
Wait.. you mean you already have 10 positively scored post, but have another accepted zero-scored post?
So here I am with 10 upvoted answers today (meeting the requirement) and 2 accepted but not upvoted answers and I can't get the hat? that seems unfair...
@Nick You have posted 10 or 12 answers?
I think you'll need to ask YaakovEllis about that. It does seem a bit strange.
11:27 PM
@DavidPostill 12, 10 with positive score and 2 accepted but not upvoted
2 hours ago, by Glorfindel
@Nick positive scores are needed.
@Rob But I have 10 answers with positive scores...
Accepted isn't enough.
@Nick That should earn the hat. Maybe the script hasn't run yet?
Maybe that's it. I hope so as it would seem mean to preclude getting the hat because I answered questions where OP didn't have enough rep to give an upvote as well as accept
11:34 PM
I see the 10th was posted 26 minutes ago, is that correct?
You have 10 but it's not been 1/2 an hour.
Hello guys!
At least the oldest is 20 hours, so if the script takes a couple of hours you won't be ripped off.
@Rob hopefully it just looks at the UTC time on the answer anyway, then it will know they were all in the same day
It's probably not "day", it's probably "24 hours".
Otherwise you'd have to start after 0000 and finish before the next 0000.
11:39 PM
@Rob that's what I was assuming the rules meant.
Technically it does say 'start after 0000': "Post 10 answers on the same day. All answers must have a positive score.". - but I don't think it's a stickler for that; you know who to ask ...
@Scratte I went back to the question site to see if I could see some more questions, which I can't, but now it's lying to me!
11:54 PM
@Nick The Leeway FAQ is unclear about that.
That seems to imply that 7 of the questions I've answered in the last 24 hours would actually count towards "yesterday"'s count, and I've only got 6 upvoted answers "today"? Or am I just completely confused?

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