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12:00 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr So many good lines from that scene
on a semi-related note, i'm not really sure why i joined puzzling.se in the first place
not like i'm a great puzzle-solver or anything
(ok fine, I'll shut up now)
12:30 AM
i keep reaching this contradiction in @msh210 's nonogram
and i-- ugh it's tiring to backtrack
What is a nonogram? I've never solved one before
it's also known as "picross"
you might know it under that name
Ahhhh, yup
another grid deduction genre/puzzle
Nonogram = Picross = Griddlers
12:34 AM
also that
I think Conceptis calls it Pic-A-Pix
I'm familiar with it as Picross, never heard it called a nonogram before. The more you know :D
it has at least a dozen names
The Puzzle of Many Names
1:00 AM
I hath returned
1:42 AM
I found a typo in a scientific study I'm reading... do I earn a prize?
a bobblecrown-shaped medal?
hmm. @Sciborg, Doodle Request: a bobblecrown-shaped medal, possibly on a bobblie or other being.
@bobble usually if you mail the authors pointing it out you'd earn their gratitude
unless it's really trivial
the typo is an extra "r" in "corals", turning it into "corrals"
...yeah that's probably not worth bothering to mail
but you get to keep the extra R
collect enough of them and you can redeem those for actual words
1:47 AM
... I'm not going to edit again, because Edit Wars Are Bad, but also don't use MathJax to make lists
oh they reverted your previous edit before...
and yes true to both statements
should I leave a comment, you think?
2:01 AM
Q: Find the next term of $\frac14,1,\frac94,2+\frac2{\sqrt{3}}, \frac{5}{2} + \frac{5}{2 \sqrt{2}}, 3 + 3 \sqrt{\frac{1}{10} (5 + \sqrt{5})}$

Conor HenryYou are given the sequence: $$\frac{1}{4}, 1, \frac{9}{4}, 2 + \frac{2}{\sqrt{3}}, \frac{5}{2} + \frac{5}{2 \sqrt{2}}, 3 + 3 \sqrt{\frac{1}{10} (5 + \sqrt{5})}$$ Transcription: one fourth, then one, then nine fourths, then two plus the fraction two over the square root of three, then five halves ...

^ see text transcription I made. Did I leave any ambiguity, or make any mistakes?
(It's intended for screen readers that can't parse the MathJax)
it looks unambiguous and correct to me.
looks good to me too
(minor nitpick: is "sum of [x] plus [y]" correct? I'd say "sum of [x] and [y]" or just '[x] plus [y[")
"plus" is kinda redundant in the first-- yeah i'd use either of the latter two
2:32 AM
@bobble I've double-checked and it looks like my C4 is clear
that is good
I edited it to be "sum of [x] and [y]". It's nice to be able to fix stuff!
it sure is :)
@Sphinx I think I see a pattern, but it fails rather spectacularly for the first two terms
2:52 AM
can someone draw me a four dimensional bear
I am the 18th more prolific editor, of all time on Puzzling. That is unexpected.
meanwhile i am contemplating four-dimensional bears
3:05 AM
@bobble nice!
plus, I'm going to pass Gareth soon (he's 5 edits ahead)!
probably will never catch Rand, though - he has 1970 edits to my paltry 172
huh, wonder how many I have
It says 53 for me?
12-edit gang
make sure you're looking under "all"
3:09 AM
um on my front page and badge progress tracker it says 31
that is...weird
it says this under Users -> Editors -> all
... huh, mine says 127 there
I am confused now
Maybe "posts edited" means that if you edit the same post multiple times it counts once, and the plain "edits" means that if you edit the same post multiple times it counts each time.
3:15 AM
ah, possible
btw anko since you're here
i stalked you looked at your earlier puzzles and i think i found my favorite so far
Q: I never knew my words could speak!

AnkoganitThis is an entry to the Fortnightly Topic Challenge #25: wordplay. "These words! – they come falling free; / speech: daft here, deft there..." — Emrakul You know, I've kept some words. Words that work for me. No no, they aren't really my slaves; more like, my pets. They never said they don...

yes, that's my favorite too
(among mine)
3:17 AM
(maybe don't look at really early ones, they are mostly trashy)
What's your lowest-voted puzzle? Mine is a crossword that had very little crossing in far too many areas. (sitting at +4 as of now)
back in the day I posted a lateral-thinking number-formation "puzzle"
you can probably guess how that went
not good
...yeah, not good
3:21 AM
May 21 at 8:50, by oAlt
cuz i posted a cryptic clue puzzle ~9 months ago, asked for feedback, and turned out there were rules i broke in making the clues :P
the puzzle in question has net score +2
your lowest voted puzzle has non-negative score? pfft, amateur
... let's not speak of lowest-voted answers.
(oh but it's tied with another one, although i think that one was way better than dysfunctional cryptic clues)
and belated hi @Avi
3:58 AM
@bobble You're like me in Lit SE
... you mean Lit?
@bobble Oh so each edit stuff is a bit weird depending on where you look
The edit count on the profile page doesn't count tag edits, I don't believe
It also doesn't count self-edits
The one on the user page counts tag edits though. I'm not a hundred percent sure on self edits, but I don't think so
It doesn't, I can confirm that
By the way, fun fact: if you go puzzling.stackexchange.com/reputation you can see a bunch of stuff about your reputation, including those earned from edits
Tsundoku hit the max cap at 1000
I got 10 from suggested edits
4:02 AM
I've earned 588 in Lit
Also, I know I have tag wikis to do, I'll get to them tomorrow, I need to sleep
22 in Lit for me
Good night!
(Have school tomorrow)
me too :)
same here
g'night! :)
Q: The tip of a colorful triangle

Bubbler(Inspired by a problem I found on the Internet. I will reveal the source after the puzzle is solved.) You're given a bunch of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) balls. I arrange some balls on a line. Then I ask you to complete the triangle of balls under the following simple rules, and tell me the...

4:10 AM
gnight :)
1 hour later…
5:23 AM
Q: Four Cells: No Threes!

AlaikoFour Cells is an area dividing puzzle. You may see an introduction to this puzzle here: Four Cells: An Introduction Rules of Four Cells: The grid is to be divided along the grid lines into areas containing exactly four cells. A number in a cell indicates how many of its four sides are segments...

@Sphinx argh, not enough time to solve + post solution
5:46 AM
I have another Pentikabe solution that reuses a pentomino. I've actually made 4 unique ones like that so far.
I guess at least I know I'm using the right size of board?
3 hours later…
9:09 AM
Q: Find the next two numbers in the sequence

pilotjoker999I found a number sequence puzzle that goes like this: Find the next number in the sequence: $1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, ?, ?$ Despite trying my best, I did not come to any conclusion. The only pattern that I managed to find was that the numbers in the sequence went something like this: odd, eve...

9:34 AM
Q: A magical thing?

00xxqhxx00 I come in colours, I fall like raindrops. I will vanish if I am too many. Climb to the top and you will die. Who am I?

1 hour later…
10:50 AM
Q: Move 2 matchsticks to make the equation correct, and give 3 ways to do so

pilotjoker999I am trying to solve the following matchsticks puzzle: Move two matches to make the following correct: You also have to give 3 ways to do so. Despite trying my best to solve this, I wasn't able to give 3 ways to do so. I could only think of one. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

11:08 AM
i saw some very-recently-made puzzles that became HNQ's. I cannot remember all of them but one of them was msh210's nonogram :D
ah, right now I'm seeing Stiv's Targui puzzle too
3 hours later…
2:11 PM
Q: Two sequences with more than one logic

gmn_1450Find the missing terms in the sequences below $5, 7, 11, 15,...? $ $A)23\\ B)28\\ C)25\\ D)19\\\\$ $10,11,19,23, ?, 41... $ $A)24\\ B)38\\ C)31\\ D)37\\ $ Interestingly, the exercise presents alternatives. I believe that to force the identification of a specific logic. The first sequence appears ...

2:32 PM
I'm tempted to define "crappy number sequence questions from other sources" as off-topic
or at least dupes of each other, since my response would be the same for all of them: "it's inherently ambiguous, throw it into fire"
and crappy IQ questions too
i wouldn't be opposed to that - if you can give a slightly more detailed categorization than "bad" i'd say go ahead and make a meta post with a proposal
2:49 PM
Do you think it's worth making a making-of answer for my nonogram? Not that it's a particularly complicated or clever puzzle -- I'd be writing it more to explain the incongruity of what appears to be a complicated puzzle (a nonogram followed by something else!) on the one hand and a very simple [something else] on the other.
Y'know what -- I'll just vent here instead of posting about it on the site. I'll even link to it in a comment on the question. Here goes:
up to you!
V unq gur vqrn bs znxvat n DE ababtenz (zl bja bevtvany vqrn, V guvax, gubhtu V frr abj, nsgre gur snpg, gung bguref unir qbar vg orsber) ohg qvqa'g xabj jung gur pbqr fubhyq yrnq gb. N cvpgher be zrffntr fnlvat "jryy qbar!" frrzrq n yvggyr jrnx. N chmmyr frrzrq gbb unefu: lbh gubhtug lbh jrer whfg tbvat gb qb bar chmmyr naq abj lbh unir gb qb gjb?
Fb V qrpvqrq ba n irel fvzcyr chmmyr, fb vg jbhyq freir zber nf n cevmr ("V tbg n fvzcyr chmmyr gb qb") guna nf n uheqyr gung zvtug naabl crbcyr. V perngrq gur pbaarpg jnyy naq hcybnqrq vg hfvat FR'f hcybnqre naq tbg n ybat HEY gung znqr sbe n ynetr DE pbqr; nygubhtu V gevrq guvf n srj gvzrf, V pbhyq abg trg n pbqr jubfr ababtenz pyhrf jbhyq pyhr vg hanzovthbhfyl. Fb V qrpvqrq gb hcybnq gb Vzthe qverpgyl (abg guebhtu FR) naq trg n fubegre HEY gung jnl.
Svanyyl V tbg n HEY gung jnf hanzovthbhfyl pyhrq -- nyzbfg. V fnvq, gur urpx jvgu vg, V'z tbvat jvgu vg nygubhtu vg'f n ab-ab, ohg url V pna hfr gung cha. (V qvq purpx gung gur bgure cbffvoyr fbyhgvba jnf abg n inyvq DE pbqr.)
3:04 PM
Good morning!
@PrinceNorthLæraðr looks outside What a dark morning. Must be very early yet.
@msh210 Hehe
@PrinceNorthLæraðr um, I mean -- Good morning to you!
It's 7:05 am, so I guess it's very, very late midnight :)
Hmm, 8 hours until the C4 hint
3:08 PM
Indeed timezones are fascinating
@oAlt They're relatively new. As I understand, they were necessitated by the popularity of the train. Until then, no one really cared whether the clocks in city A and the clocks in city B showed the same time, so there were no time zones as we know them.
Yeah I think I remember that a bit
Now imagine you'd have to convert between Earth time and Mars time
C4 Hint #1: "The" is mostly extraneous, and was added aid in the surface reading
3:20 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr That was a quick 8 hours. Did you travel a third of the way around the world very recently?
Actually, I did
For real though, I guess I tend to give C4 hints when I wake up, rather than the full 24 hours
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Was that in reply to chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/14524?m=56163380#56163380 perchance?
In that case, I guess "(the) auditor" is the definition.
(I'm not expecting an answer.)
Welcome to my candy storeeeee
@bobble C4 hint ;)
hehe you took my idea
3:30 PM
I think you're missing a word in your hint: "was added to aid in"
I was just wondering whether that was on purpose.
Guess not.
9-letter synonyms for auditor, according to wordhippo.com, none of which do I see wordplay for: appraiser assistant collector detective earwigger evaluator examinant financial informant inquistor inspector ombudsman operative paymaster penpusher receiving registrar scrivener secretary treasurer (I may've missed some.)
3:41 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Læraðr's Candy Store does have a bit of a ring to it
Q: An altered MineSweeper

PsplI've been searching for an old project I did in college about a computer program to create and solve a special variation of the popular game MineSweeper where, instead of always one, you could have multiple bombs on the same cell and all the numbered cells are displayed at the very beginning of t...

4:11 PM
Doot doot doot
I don't know :P
I'm bored
I'm in math
Dear goodness, I wish I had a math class
I wish I didn't have to take math
Math is fun! Especially the homework
(yes, I am being serious here. I like math homework)
4:13 PM
Bobble, I like you, but you're weird
I'm going to make sure I never have to take math classes in college
Just this year and one more year :(....
For what it's worth, I never found high school math very fun
I am basically taking AP Calc AB, though, given that I'm tutoring several people in it. With one person, the sessions go longer than the actual class, and I end up essentially re-teaching all the material.
But teaching is fun, yes
Well, I'm thinking about taking Calc BC next year, because it gives me 8 credits for a college I'm planning to apply to
For either of my major, I only need 3 credits for math
I can tutor you :D
4:15 PM
Sure :D
@bobble agreed
Weren't you complaining about factoring?
@PrinceNorthLæraðr *doot skeleton appears*
@PrinceNorthLæraðr "complaining"? i- hold on
nvm, too late to edit
@PrinceNorthLæraðr ok fine, i like math homework most of the time
I honestly shouldn't be in this chatroom. I'm such a not-made-for-stem-kid
4:25 PM
This isn't a made-for-stem chatroom
So I think you're good
Yeah, but most everyone here is a math geek :(
Or does something cool STEM related
well, North, if you ever need help with anything, you've got your Grove
@PrinceNorthLæraðr this room is for people who like puzzles, not people who like STEM
True, but people who seem to like puzzles seem to like STEM
that's sometimes true but definitely not always
it's certainly not a requirement that you like STEM to like puzzles
4:38 PM
and of course, correlation does not imply causation (although it can sometimes)
(but only sometimes)
Oh also @Deus since you're here, Obra Dinn was incredible
it's so good
i've been looking for something else to scratch that itch - paradise killer was alright but not really the same
And it proves you can make quality detective puzzles without stupid minigames or hilarous multiple choice questions
oh absolutely
5:04 PM
econ teacher as he starts a tangent: "I know, guys, we're going off a little bit, but it's okay"
oh, you know that means you're in for a half-hour diversion
"okay, guys, why are the old people angry?"
in before "I know we didn't get to what's actually in the curriculum, but it's still in tomorrow's exam. Pages 59-64 in my textbook"
reminds me of mathprofessorquotes.com, which has some great stuff
> “At least the order of magnitude of the order of magnitude is correct.”
> “The graph looks just like a Pringle. After class you should buy some Pringles. Observe it then eat it to understand.”
ah yes, math flavored pringles
5:33 PM
Q: Explain this pattern of water spots in a parking space

FlanManToday, I found this pattern of water spots in a parking space. Other parking spaces with cars in them also had similar patterns of water spots. What caused this pattern, and why are there more water spots on the right side of the photo than on the left side? It can all be explained by normal proc...

6:27 PM
So I don't watch anime, but that's some pretty sick piano skills
does A:TLA count as anime?
Avatar: The Last Airbender?
Idk, don't ask me
7:02 PM
probably not
it's very similar in style but I'd classify it as a cartoon
7:28 PM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Solution to your CCCC is CONS + TRICT (homophone of TRICKED) meaning "contract". I think you're missing a preposition before the auditor.
@GarethMcCaughan Correct! A preposition?
What do you mean?
I mean you need something like "to the auditor" or "for the auditor".
Ohhh. My bad
Did you like the surface?
7:39 PM
Q: Does any one know how to solve this math puzzle?

Prince DeepthinkerI came across this math puzzle today and I am completely stuck on it does anyone have an idea on how to solve it? Source: https://pin.it/53s8DNO

@GarethMcCaughan I wasn't sure if TRICKED---> TRICT was valid, because I thought that the homophone had to be a real word
Nah, that's fine (at least it doesn't bother me at all)
Hm, I'm not sure what preposition would've worked for this situation
I would have to change "duped" to something else, probably
Can I just complain about regular "quick" crosswords?
They're so vague sometimes
Like "Words in Newton's First Law", and is 6 letters long
It could be OBJECT, MOTION, or UNLESS rolls eyes
Or what is Core (4) supposed to be?
7:52 PM
I've made some "regular" crosswords were you don't get enumerations... hehe
I mean, they are kind of fun still, but sometimes its just so vague. That's what I appreciate about CCs. It could be sketchy, but I don't know
Everything is within the clue
I've been meaning to tackle that sometime
Really? That's cool! :D
Yeah. Haven't had time to look at it though
The CCs that you get at the end have sketchy surfaces, but their wordplay is perfectly fair. It's just that it was difficult to get a proper surface and wordplay and make it work in the grid.
@PrinceNorthLæraðr the whole point is that crosses disambiguate
they're intended to have somewhat ambiguous clues at times
7:56 PM
Yeah. Don't really like that much though
CCCC: Very stable genius in former communist state's on vacation (10)
do I sense a political reference?
Former communist state USSR?
US___SR is what I'm thinking
U(EINSTEIN)S, obviously
wow, you got it very quickly
US is actually a former communist state, little known fact
7:59 PM
depends what part you're talking about
The entire US is a former state of communism
US({genius})SR+{vacation} is my thinking for the parsing
"Very stable" being the definition
Definition could also be "on vacation" though
wait "state's on vacation"? Hm
oh state is
Oh, actually, USSR might be kind of awkward. Don't know very many words that end in _SR
a quick search brings up mostly acronyms
I just reached my vote limit and I have one vote left before I get the electorate badge
Maybe it's soviet union? SU?
Seems unlikely
Russia? RU?
R___U? seems also unlikely
could be one of the satellite nations? or maybe "former communist state" isn't one block, perhaps "former" + "communist state"?
8:08 PM
Looking for opinions: is the MathJax here neede?
Czechoslovakia= CZ
C_Z? I find it unlikely
Poland seems promising with PL
@bobble *case in point :)
@bobble CA(P)SE? :P
i don't think so
you can just replace the `\equiv`s with = and it would still probably make sense
8:17 PM
it's technically math, but it's math that can be represented with common keyboard symbols
do you want the edit, or I can?
you can if you want to
on it
or, North, opinion?
although it would give me a nice even 370 rep lol
probably should get more than one other person's input
@bobble Not familiar enough with MathJax to comment, sorry
8:19 PM
As in, is the fancy math formatting worth the lack of accessibility & the increase in load itme?
@Deusovi best one I've found after some browsing was "This is a proof by hand-waving, because writing is long.”
@bobble If that's the case, it's just pretty straightforward equations, so I'd say no
editing now, then
you can just copy the ≡ character in there
8:22 PM
but... at the same time i'm not sure it's worth editing
it's a joke answer on a 6-year-old question
It just got bumped by a new answer
so the question is already on the front page
ah fair enough then
"Proof by postponement"
> Later. ∎
not sure how to insert spaces, oh well
formatting is hard
multiline markdown is not rendered in chat
for example,
**this is not bold**
8:50 PM
unless it's starred in which case it'll format and ignore the newlines
right but like in the main chat thingy
(also, how's button-pushing going?)
Q: Who dances what musical genre and with whom?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: 4 couples attended a magazine opening celebration party. These couples danced among themselves and at the same time a disco suite, a pop ballad, a jazz tune and a waltz. Upon leaving the party the girls commented: Natalie: I enjoyed dancing to a pop ballad with Rudy tha...

... and apparently my spanish teacher has covid
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