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2:01 PM
Of course @badpDr is too busy with his demo of Dungeons to do the right thing.
actually I was talking with Stefano about the AskUbuntu favicons in the Steam answer
making sure no one would take that as a justification to start plastering the site with 16×16 image ads to wikis, faqs and other stuff
you're welcome
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we speculate upon Arda's phylum, gender, and hair coloration. The lazers are at maximum charge, and aimed squarely at the Stars next to everything Arda says.
@GraceNote That is not better.
It is, however, changed
@badp I dunno, sounds neat.
2:06 PM
can we spell lazers correctly please?
sure, just corrected yours.
Can we also spell 'colouration' properly please?
Q: Grid layout for lefties does not work with 'v' key

tenfourI cannot get my v key to work in sc2. I can assign a hotkey to it in settings, and it works in the chat, so it obviously "works", but it never works for unit command hotkeys. I have a bizarre setup I realize, but I cannot really live without it: I use Dvorak-International keyboard layout, beca...

Q: Does keyboard monitoring violate EULA of Starcraft 2?

MetaI've read starcraft 2 EULA and wonder if application that collects info about user's keyboard/mouse activity (i.e. "how many times user clicks 1?") violates this. If I understand part 2 correctly - the answer is "no" but I want you to help me.

room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we speculate upon Arda's phylum, sex, and hair colouration. The lasers are at maximum charge, and aimed squarely at the Stars next to everything Arda says. [†: Fixed again because I don't particularly care for just changing your gender. ♪]
@ArdaXi Wacky-brit-speak, GTFO
2:07 PM
laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation not Light Amplification by Zimulated Emission of Radiation
Light Amplification by Zombie Emission of Radiation
therefore S
@Ronan: It's a meme :)
Also, good afternoon all
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we speculate upon Arda's phylum, sex, and hair colouration. The lazers are at maximum charge, and aimed squarely at the Stars next to everything Arda says.
@FallenAngelEyes Wait... our room description is based on SE2?
2:10 PM
@RonanForman I see your backronym and raise you a real citation:
Gaming Lazers. Serious Business.™
@GraceNote I think that 'gender' is the only debatable thing here.
Yeah, I mean, we've settled on your mermaidness.
@badp at least put tm after lazer
then its a brand
@badp I am not a mermaid!
@RonanForman sadly we don't have the trademark for that
@ArdaXi I know you have to say that in public
2:13 PM
I am suddenly GLaD I don't have a Facebook profile anymore
@badp he's bound by law after the last indecent
@Arda The lady doth protest too much
@RonanForman understandable.
@RonanForman Oh, I get it. Very punny.
do planets even have genders?
2:14 PM
Well, they're named after gendered gods/goddesses
Mars is the male planet, Venus is the female one. Duh.
@ArdaXi depends on the mythology
@RonanForman Looking at what sparked the mermaid reference, Nordic.
why do I always make such obscure references?
@ArdaXi because you were raised by philosophers
Well, actually, the same obscure reference.
@RonanForman Self-taught, actually.
2:17 PM
@RonanForman not just philosophers, but mermaid philosophers.
Like, a totally different perspective.
goes back to reading The Parmenides
@badp the best kind
And yes, I'm serious. I'm writing an essay on this.
I don't doubt you; I've been in high school too.
Yknow, way back in the days.
Erm, nobody else in my class is doing something quite as difficult.
Also, the Italian education system is confusing
2:20 PM
It's okay, there's worse. cough UK cough
@badp I'm not arguing
In the Netherlands there's three levels.
Dumb/lazy, medium and smart.
But even then I'm the only one crazy enough to try to read The Parmenides
(you could drop out of a Liceo, but it'd be silly)
2:27 PM
@badp which ones that?
(as the Italian kinda gave out)
It's could have been any language execpt english, french, german or japanese as far as I knew
UK's isn't that bad unless your upper-class
(There are multiple variations on the idea of Liceo's or Tecnico's and Universities, but only one of what's before that)
@ronan then you can start inventing levels if you child's thick
there needs to be a thing to say it continues from a previous post
2:33 PM
You can link to .svg's just fine, just prepend the '!'
This worked too, on my end
Just a tad too small to read
It's an SVG, you can zoom indefinitely
I know.
Well, not indefinitely.
um, your browser may stop at some point...
Quite soon. And even if it didn't, the farthest I'd get is a completely black/white/etc square. After that, zooming further accomplishes nothing.
2:43 PM
Just keep zooming on a curve
like the Y junction
Oh great, snow. >.<
I hate snow.
@Arda Yeah, it was flurrying about an hour ago here, but it really started coming down about 15 minutes ago.
Indeed. Luckily, just after I got home.
The ground seems too warm for it to stick, but the sloot in my street is beginning to freeze.
Already? Hmm. Not a lot of water lying around in the centre I'm afraid, so I wouldn't know.
And for the hoofdvaart to freeze would take quite some time.
2:57 PM
Yeah, it's about 2C here, but the surface is already solid enough for the ducks to walk on.
ugh, my head
and my thumbs :( DRUMMING SUCKS
Maaaaaan you complain a lot.
@Arda maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you're right, I'll stop.
@Mana Don't stop! Whatever will I complain about?
3:07 PM
the fact that the only times people ping you are to complain about stuff
@ArdaXi Perhaps you can complain about how your mermaid tail is ill-adapted to transport on land?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I can't, for obvious reasons.
@ArdaXi Oh, you have some sort of newfangled Amphibious tail? Nifty.
I've never seen an amphibious mermaid.
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, I don't have...
Q: Day9 casts list - where to see a FULL list that is updated daily?

BuddaSubj. I tried to find - but didn't find... Please help. I was one on teamliquid (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=104154), but it doesn't seem like full. In particular, I am looking for cast where Sean is talking about macro during micro. Thanks a lot for any help

3:12 PM
Maaan such a nice day here. Sun and sunlight and blue sky and maybe some clouds but oh well
awesome day to be outside
returns to Serious Sam
@badp Speaking of being outside
I should probably get to Brooklyn, I guess. Later all.
@badp Try snow. Snow everywhere.
@ArdaXi does your amphibious tail look like this
No. It looks like this.
@RonanForman With fair long hair
3:26 PM
and Mars as head
Get it?
@badp give me a minute
@ArdaXi I see your problem now
You're an invisible mermaid
3:28 PM
Q: GT5 Racing Daytona in Nascar

DavidYellI'm currently racing the A-Spec Extreme series, and despite having won the Nascar Series with a gold, the last race, the best I can do is last. Last by about 15 seconds! I managed to start lapping about 43s a lap and then it seems to drop off to about 47-48s a lap. I noticed that I'm losing spe...

room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we speculate upon Arda's phylum, sex, hair colouration and opacity. The lazers are at maximum charge, and aimed squarely at the Stars next to everything Arda says.
Makes sense, that explains why people don't normally see mermaids.
@badp The only unfortunate thing is that the length of that description is now pushing all those valuable stars off my screen :(
Y'all have biggar screenz tahn meh! ;_;
I'm currently at 5 lines of description
two lines of people
6 other room previews
6 stars
and a 'disable destkop notification' link too for good measure
Hey @Drake, benvenwelcome to chat.
3:36 PM
fixed it!
I vowed to use my art for good, but, I have failed :(
I see Arda also has a dislocated ring finger :(
Hi all, just passed to show a small dark restyle I made for Gaming SE :)
making him a war-scarred invisible female fair-haired arian mermaid
3:38 PM
@badp no that's because the thumb covers the joint, it was done really quick
@RonanForman shh, I'm trying to dress it as a feature
I hate you guys.
@Drake Add to that the Greasemonkey thing by @badp and that is beautiful
@ArdaXi You wouldn't have it any other way.
3:39 PM
if anyone interested and like black/dark sites stackapps.com/questions/2113/beta-gaming-se-black-edition
@ArdaXi I'm sorry, I'll stop now
@ArdaXi no star for you :P
@Drake I think dark green on black isn't the greatest thing
@ArdaXi Now, now, we know it can't be easy being a war-scarred invisible female fair-haired arian mermaid
3:41 PM
We should get some custom emoticons for this place
so, @Drake, here's a couple of suggestions
@badp Woah. Woah. Woah.
That's over the line.
@badp I know probably many ppl will not like dark sites, but I prefer them. So I decided to share
trying to change the subject
@ArdaXi It is. Sorry.
3:42 PM
@Drake Who turned off the lights?
@Drake The background is okay, although I'd have gone for a dark gray with that awesome scanlines effect, not just black
@Drake Your skinning talents would be better put towards covering the front page with unicorns IMO
@YiJiang I think that was me, I was refilling the personification potion I knock over yesterday, and slipped
@Mana Cornify already does that ;)
@Mana unicorn would be too easy success
3:43 PM
the text, especially the top bar, though, is kinda too dark
@Drake Why don't you have all the CSS rules in one string? This seems a bit inefficient.
Oh, true.
You're modifying the DOM like 50 times to add 50 elements.
@Arda Xi yes it is, is only for test/beta. I will fix it when is almost finished. But I don't have performance problem in rendering
@ArdaXi Alternatively, use a fraking userstyle, not userscript
3:44 PM
@YiJiang No difference.
@Drake I have performance problems with the Javascript on SE anyway.
Here's our designer's take on dark themes:
Q: Design for Physics-SE

JinHi all. I'm Jin, and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic. However, all sites will share quite a bit of common elements so they feel like they're part of the Stack Exc...

Oh man, Jin. What an artist.
@badp Frankly, that looks like a dark version of Programmers
It's more "blackboard" than truly dark, but it can be useful for inspiration.
Hmm, for some reason it seems like every design Jin makes is better than the previous.
3:46 PM
@YiJiang It does.
@ArdaXi It's called experience
Jin is great! Very talented designer
We got ours too soon.
I'd say sworn Jin's getting lazier ;) He's just inverted the colors there :P
at any rate, @Drake, you don't have to have our approval. No one else here really likes my pixelation mod, but I'm still very happy with it and I keep refining it
(Arda did try it, dunno if he's still using it.)
3:48 PM
@badp I uh. I use your pixelation mod. :(
Honestly? Not a fan. The top tab font sizes are far too small and won't survive the ps -> css translation
@badp I'm not talking to you anymore.
@ArdaXi what about me?
@RonanForman silence
3:49 PM
@ArdaXi It still counts as talking!
Tags do not stand out. They just... don't. Dash in front of tags doesn't separate them out enough, esp. when used inline
@RonanForman shakes head
The italics mean nothing!
@YiJiang eh, Jin has been going minimal on tags in his design
still yeah, I don't foresee as much chalk effect in the final design
Gaming was meant to be full of pixelation
And really not a fan of using all squiggly fonts on the footer (though that probably won't survive the translation)
@badp At least enough to have markers on both side of the tag
3:50 PM
does the writing in the background make sense I wonder?
How can you have inline tags when they have the same color and style as the surround text and are not enclosed in any way?
@RonanForman Jin has listed the equations on the background in the meta post
@YiJiang it does match the chalkboard effect honestly
I don't know how that'll translate to on-hover effects etc.
still I'm afraid there's no CSS for freehanded circles :P
The tags have the same color as the action links below them as the action links below them, same size too.
later all, gotta go to bass lesson
@FallenAngelEyes have fun
3:58 PM
Q: A first-person underwater maze game

Sergio BoombasticIt was a game where you were in a sort of old Windows 95 esque maze place. It was first person as you navigated through it. I distinctly remember an underwater theme to it where the walls were blue and watery and you could see a lot of paintings/pictures on the walls and interact with them. I t...

kicks "edit committed while you were writing an edit" box Speak up next time.
@Mana I thought you weren't editing. Ever.
That's an awkward thing to respond to. Do I take it you thought I was being serious, or is this another one of those joke things?
@Mana you said so yesterday
4:00 PM
yesterday, by Mana
I will never edit again. Ever. melodramatic face
The edit ruse was a...distaction?
@Mana to what purpose?
steals car, drives backwards into lake
@Mana that doesn't solve anything!
4:05 PM
@Mana wtf
@badp did you graduate?
@Oak I got a degree
@badp what in?
@badp congrats! How I envy you :(
IT Engineering
it's a "bachelors" basically
4:09 PM
I thought it's a PhD, with the "Dr." and all
@badp You can now say "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
we still call it "degree" and I still get to call myself "doctor"
@Oak I know it did confuse quite a few Germans :)
@RonanForman I prefer "Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?" myself
@badp me too, I'm used to BA -> MA -> PhD
with only the last being considered "Dr"
But hey, if you get to use "Dr.", it's good enough :)
Italians need instant gratification I guess :)
I'm not currently planning to get a PhD btw.
...not in Italy.
Here PhDs are mainly only to get into an uni career.
4:12 PM
Here's my current status:
eh, at least your thesis got any comment at all :)
I basically worked solo on my work nobody cares about anyway
I don't care about it myself right now
Hold on, let me get a photo...
+1 for TeX
No other option
4:22 PM
Still this kind of work is twice as hard in IT
changes to the thesis must reflect in the code too, and viceversa. Not easy to keep them in sync.
Oh I do have code
I guess it's the same with all other Engineering fields tho
Yeah, I figured (I actually did read 4.1 :P)
It's a very early draft, please don't judge me!
Why would I?
I don't know the first thing about code analysis
lol @ tenfour's edit of his question
4:27 PM
so I see you're planning to take your flag score out of the roof Oak :)
Just doing my job
(thank you)
Hmm, this looks bad
besides from my days as a mod I know there are other users who flag way more often
Well you didn't flag because you consumed them
4:30 PM
True, what I mean is that there was this user in particular who flagged a lot, way more than I do now (I think)
Hey Ivo!
Don't want to give his name away, though
Let's just say he's got a 120 weight lead on you
Probably less than you'd expect
Noctrine thinks this would belong on Gamedev, so I ask you, does it belong on Gaming?
Q: Starcraft II vs Warcraft III engine

ShikiIf you take a look at the two games, they look the same. Okay, it got an overhaul, but nothing extraordinary (look at COD1 and COD7. Same Quake 3 engine with some fancy stuff). Same cartoon like unit graphics (though you can blame the models on this), same custom mode/map support, etc. Does anyo...

I kinda think it doesn't
although it's more of an uninformed rant than anything else, all we can reasonably offer as gamers is more rants and unsubstantiated talk
(I think I've been proved wrong already)
I saw it and wondered about it myself
I ended up just downvoting it, since I don't consider it useful or interesting,
but I didn't vote to close
Since technically he can get a very good answer of "here are the similarities, here are the differences"
Buzzmack is a developer :p, there are people who would probably (or possibly) explain the differences in writing a fixed function graphics engine in relation to a shader based engine, I don't think it would help the asker much though since as @badp said it's mostly a rant.
4:35 PM
alright, I'll check later on close votes and make the call myself
Something objective
@Oak Yes but is it about playing games?
@badp well it's sort of curiosity about games
fair enough, @Oak
brb now
no it's a good question
4:36 PM
He doesn't really talk about the games themselves and what makes them different, he is just pointing out that they look the same and have the same mod tools.
I feel like the people on Game Dev would be better suited for answering such a question but that it still works fine here.
If someone asks a comparison of unreal 3 and crytek engine... is that on- or off-topic? I don't know.
I'd say it is, but I'm not sure
@Noctrine yes the wording itself is very rantish
It might be worth a meta-topic.
Then again I think everything, every little minor thing, needs a meta-topic.
I just get lazy and don't make them. :(
4:38 PM
Umm... NaNd ago?
I think with different wording, like what impact the changes from WC3 to SC2 had on gameplay would make it a lot better suited for here.
@Oak I'm not seeing it
@Oak Me neither.
Which starred message are you talking about?
I only see three of the non-pins
nice, I finally got HL2:Episode 2 for 1.79euro
4:40 PM
@IvoFlipse Thinking about buying Portal 2, but if Portal is any indication I'll be able to acquire multiple free copies in no time.
That...that's an interesting thing.
[status-no-repo]: Can never get this onebox to work.
Here's a question for the room at large:
Would a question along the lines of "How do Aim-Bots work" be a good question for Gaming?
4:41 PM
yeah, I also want to buy the RB3 real guitar, so I probably can't afford both, so I'll wait with Portal 2
@RavenDreamer I'd say it is
@RavenDreamer Depends on what kind of answer they are looking for. How do they work? or how do they work?
Someone is playing a shooter and is being blamed to be using some aimbot, he has no idea what that is so he's searching online
@Oak That's more what is an aimbot though
As long as we do not provide instructions on where to get them or how to use them, seems OK to me
4:43 PM
In terms of their design I feel like that question would be better suited for gamedev
@Mana OH right, I see your point
Another question I was considering asking was, "Where does the concept of Mana come from?"
@RavenDreamer yes Raven I take it back, asking how they work is borderline
But I'll admit that's much more subjective
@RavenDreamer The etymology of the word Mana? Or who used it first?
4:44 PM
Where does the modern definition of Mana, "a depletable resource used for spells or abilities" come from?
feels like English Language and Usage
Neither DnD or Tolkien have "mana" so I'm curious as to how the term originated.
Well, I know the biblical definition of mana.
@RavenDreamer So that wouldn't be subjective, it'd be going back to who used the term first in that capacity and who followed.
Mana is even used in the Bible
darn you @RavenDreamer :P
True. I'm everywhere these days.
4:45 PM
It's probably something like: Food for the spirit
@IvoFlipse wikipedia lists a different source than the bible, though
I'd consider asking it, seems like the kind of question that would make it high on the popularity thing (especially if gets decent answers) and would drive traffic to the site.
But should you ask it on Gaming or English :P
By the way, @Mana -- where does your avatar come from? I've seen a few users elsewhere with derivatively similar pictures.
Now if you said, "Why do games continue to include mana" that would be subjective.
4:47 PM
@Raven Homestuck, a webstory comic thing on MSPaintAdventures.com
If I were to ask the question, I'd want to use the word "eponymous".
So maybe I should be asking it on English.
It starts off slow and gets really awesome; I definitely think it's worth catching up with.
@RavenDreamer I think it will be more interesting for gamers but more answerable but English experts
double-post it :)
that's fine as long as you make sure the post fits the site @Oak
I can't parse your penultimate setence, Oak.
4:50 PM
Or ask the two separate forms individually and link between the two for extra google juice.
@Raven by -> but, fixed
damn typos.
I think I fixed two instances of "Loose!= lose" within the past 24 hours.
Damn typos indeed.

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