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3:00 PM
@AnthonyIngram-Westover Oh, that's an issue we actively avoid in Lit. SE
We try very hard to diversify the kinds of literature there. Such as our monthly reading challenges!
Which I have only participated in one but shhh
I was one of only two students at my University to ever double major in Computer Science and Creative Writing, and we were the same year too, so we had like 99% of our classes together
Anyone want Bobble's Book Recommendations?
We even got the same first job after college
I'm always up for Book recs
Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein, are hands down the best historical fiction novels I have ever read
World War II women doing spy work and flying planes!
Hmm, not a genre I typically go for, but if there's ever a way to try something new it's to start with the best
3:04 PM
Rose has a major plot spoiler for Verity in it, so read it after
Both have the conceit that they're hand-written by the point of view characters, so the narration is just DA BEST. So much character!
For fantasy series, I'd recommend the Demon Cycle series by Peter V. Brett. Not as well known as some of the other fantasy series out there, but unlike some authors cough coughRothfuss and Martincough cough he actually finished the series
Starts with The Warded Man (The Painted Man in the UK)
For superheroes, the Sidekick Squad series (Not Your Sidekick, Not Your Vilnian, Not Your Backup, and the as-yet unreleased Not Your Hero). Basically: it's like any superhero story, except the characters are incredibly diverse in gender, sexuality, and race.
(I will stop now. Don't want to flood the chat)
Young Elites series is amazing should be read 10/10. Also 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is one of the best mystery books I have personally ever read
Young Elites is great, I second this.
Also, the new Halloween Google Doodle is soooo cute
"Spicy!" a book by Q. Min
3:15 PM
Lit.SE doesn't have any questions & answers that are short enough for the Tour, it seems
Your Tour question is the standard unicorns-and-daisies one, at least for me
To be selected for the Tour, there has to be a sufficiently short question with two sufficiently short answers, all with no spoiler blocks
I think it's just bc it's a beta site still
Oh okay
Hey Matt!
@bobble You should also stop by our chat page :P
3:19 PM
hey North! and bobble!
@bobble Oh wait, I forgot! You would already have sufficient enough rep to comment: I forgot about associate bonus!
quietly feels betrayed
A: What determines the questions available for selection in the tour page?

Sonic the K-Day HedgehogTo formalize the proper criteria, as per the query linked in the other answer: in order to appear as an eligible choice for the Tour page, a question must: Be less than or equal to 400 characters in length, including spaces (the rendered HTML is checked for this criterion, not the Markdown or r...

You get automatically get 100 rep because you have over (I think it was 250) reputation in a site
(oh sorry mick)
hey Mick!
3:21 PM
and here is SQA's meta question about Tour selection from when there were still in beta
Things you learn from trawling a bunch of site metas
(When you're trying to increase your edit count, so you need to ask the mods if it's being extra by editing slightly wordings in tag excerpts)
3:25 PM
I am only 245 edits away from reaching the copy editor gold badge :(((
hows it gooooiiiiinnnnngggg
@PrinceNorthLæraðr AGREEE
hiiiiiiii vooooollllllldddddyyyyyyyyy
3:27 PM
hiiiiii mmmmaaaaaaatttttttt
I'm seeing a lot of "hi"s.
omgsh extra excited
3:28 PM
Hello He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!
heeeelllllloooooo sssscccciiiibbboooorrrrrgggggg
watcha doin?
Taking my lunch break :)
I love lunch breaks!
What's for lunch?
I've got some macaroni and cheese on the stove :D
What are you doin?
I'm in math class
I'm bored
3:31 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath Saaaame!
lol nice north
i actually love math but it's boring because I already know the content we're doing
Been there
@Sciborg Is it good mac and cheese or bad mac and cheese?
Are schools open yet or do you all have online classes?
3:33 PM
online for mee
It's just Kraft, I usually coat it in like 2 pounds of butter.
So it's pretty darn yummy
I see
more artery cloggers
I have the right to have a heart attack if I want to dangit
3:34 PM
absolutely :):)
but that would make me sad :(:(
heart attack = bad [citation needed]
Dying is bad [source needed]
@Voldemort'sWrath That just killed me
oof sorry for your death north
@PrinceNorthLæraðr a heart attack?
RIP North
Dying is bad [source: heart attack=bad[citation:dying is bad]]
3:35 PM
correction: dying is bad [source: heart attack = bad [citation needed]]
oh no a circular reference! quick! chest compressions!
@Voldemort'sWrath Wikipedia in a nutshell
Dangit I knew you were about to post it
3:36 PM
I was looking for it lol XD
I could sense the xkcd energy
Ah yes, the ritualistic XKCD in order to appease the gods
it's like a brite humming
the xkcd energy
My favorite part is the passive-aggressive rollover text
3:38 PM
I love the tooltip text everytime
"I just read a pop-science book by a respected author. One chapter, and much of the thesis, was based around wildly inaccurate data which traced back to Wikipedia"
"To keep people on their toes, I'm not going to say which book or what author"
btw today:
I'm angry at how accurate that is
My lunch is over but I'll be back later today :)
4:42 PM
you're back fast, apparently
ssshhh i have you open while i code
5:20 PM
physics teacher - "have you, male or female (or somewhere in-between)..."
They said that just now?
yep :)
we're having a lecture about Women In Physics.
Aww. Brownie points for inclusion :D
There was a chemistry lecturer at one of my research conferences who started her speech with "ladies and gentlemen, and gentle-folk and gentle-people" and it was really cute
5:51 PM
Q: Aluminum Foil Folds and Cut

TSLF A diamond shape monomino that is made from a roll of aluminum foil should be converted into an x-shape pentomino (see figures) by making folds on monomino foil. And with only one straight cut using a pair of scissors all the cut-off foil pieces made could be unfolded to form the pentomino with ...

Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins, I'm here to discus that answer. You can ping me with @bobble.
(I would open an answer-specific chatroom, but I have no idea how to do that)
The puzzle setup is a little vague, it's good you asked for clarification
That's referring to the above question, not the answer?
Oh oops, which answer are you referring to
A: Celebrity picture rebus

FLdancer00Ed Sheeran. It's a guy, presumably named Ed who is sheering sheep.

5:58 PM
multiple moderation tasks at once >_<
Sorry, I thought you were talking about discussing the tinfoil question :p
My first thought was still the Deepthinker drama, because that's the new user who was involved in that
Which it sorta is
I really hope they come in, as I said, I don't want to get into a comment argument
Yeah, the answer he is referring to is the Deepthinker one where this user gave a more complete answer and Deepthinker lost the checkmark and got into a bit of a tizzy about it
6:00 PM
And I know about it, I was the one telling off Deepthinker in the question's comments
I'm on your side of the fence here about not answering questions with already-accepted answers - usually if you have something new to contribute to the existing answer, it's nice to comment it, not post your own
Again, the whole "this is a collab site" thing
But at the same time, once in a while (rarely) the accepted answer is incomplete and it's obvious there can be more to contribute, and a new post with a more polished/complete solution can sometimes be nice
It's not even a good answer. I mean, you can't just declare that a person is named "Ed" because it's useful for your answer. That's not how rebuses work
The Deepthinker situation was a situation where their answer was incomplete and there was more to contribute, a user gave a much more complete and polished answer, and OP made the choice to switch the check - which is completely their choice and they are free to do so.
Yep, totally agree there
I can see both sides of the coin, but definitely agree in this case. There are some situations where a new answer can make sense even if there's an accepted answer
Like my earlier example, if there's an accepted answer but somebody has an elegant mathematical proof for the general case, I think that justifies adding a new answer
6:06 PM
Exactly, yeah.
I mean, if I gave an answer that I knew wasn't perfect, but it was accepted but OP clearly wants more out of it too, and then Stiv hopped in and gave a beautiful complete answer, I'd probably ask OP to switch checkmark to Stiv.
But in this case, the new answer added absolutely nothing
Two important considerations when you give a new answer when there's already an accepted one: Does this answer add something of value? And does it agree with the accepted answer, which is the correct answer for this puzzle?
On both counts, this answer is bad.
"this" being the above-linked answer to a rebus
I have returnèd
6:08 PM
I like those as general guidelines for considering adding new answers to accepted questions. Does it add value? and Does it agree with the accepted correct answer?
I can see situations where the second consideration won't be true, so I think the first consideration is the crucial one
Sometimes you can violate the second one, such as if the correct answer is terrible and another fits much better.
There may be times where the accepted answer might not be correct (I'm thinking of optimization puzzles, usually it will be correct but it's possible to have an accepted answer that is later found to be incorrect)
Some riddles, I'd say adding another answer the creator didn't intend but still fits could also be of value
But I'm not much of a riddle person, so I use those to see where there can be confusion in creating a puzzle
Ideally an optimization puzzle wouldn't award the checkmark until the optimal solution has been found. Of course that requires the OP to know the optimal solution, but they should anyways.
That's fair. I think the adding value requirement is indeed the important one
But if it's something that can be expressed in a comment, I would lean towards just leaving a comment on the accepted answer if possible.
Like if it's just "hey, this answer might fit that one clue you were stuck on"
6:11 PM
Yep, that's what comments are for!
Because collaboration!
thoughts on this edit of mine?
That clears it up
The original explanation was missing the exact rules
well, I'll be leaving for lunch right now. Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins, I'll be here later if you still want to discuss.
Seeya :)
6:40 PM
Q: Minimum number of moves to win this number game

risky mysteriesThis puzzle is inspired by this puzzle that I answered: Is equality possible? Here is the number grid from that puzzle: And here is the rule for how to move: A move consists of selecting two adjacent squares (either vertically, horizontally or diagonally) and dividing the sum of the two number...

7:03 PM
@bobble It doesn't have to agree with an accepted answer. It could just be an interesting insight or another answer someone else thought of. Though I agree that it shouldn't have been posted because it copied another answer.
It's... agggh. People are putting words into my mouth in that comment chain, and I just want them to come into chat to talk.
@bobble They could have decided the name was "sheeran" and connected it to the hint
Sorry to frustrate you :):)
Still doesn't make it valid - you can't make up words in a rebus, there has to be a clear hint
The hint was that it was a famous singer
And with "Sheeran," you get to the answer Ed Sheeran
TBH Ed Sheeran makes more sense (to me) than Shawn Mendes
Doesn't use all the the rebus - not the Ds on the wall, at least.
Also note that a very similar answer was already there
7:07 PM
Ed Sheeran? IDK, still a good answer but obviously shouldn't have been posted b/c of the duplicate thing
In my opinion it's terrible, but you can think as you wish.
Okay let's not get too harsh :):)
I wouldn't have thought it was terrible if I hadn't had to KEEP DEALING WITH PEOPLE TELLING ME I'M WRONG over this one answer that definitely isn't good.
See, now you're disregarding the fact that "you can think as you wish." People obviously found that answer good (obviously besides the duplicate of it) and if they are saying that to you, you can't start getting aggressive.
I am busy. I do not want to deal with this right now. Please, please stop.
7:11 PM
as you wish
I am not trying to be aggressive. I am just very, very done.
Hints are generally not considered part of the puzzle, and using them as a primary justification is unhelpful.
Okay, let's see if I can express myself clearer. I am upset because when I tried to explain why an answer should not have been posted, someone else cam along attacking a tiny part of my comment. Then they subsequently refused to acknowledge anything I said as valid. The answer itself isn't great - doesn't use all the parts, randomly assigns a name to a person, doesn't justify the "an" part of "sheeran", and was already posted. (cont)
@Voldemort'sWrath I understand that you think the answer is good, but please do not disregard other people's feelings on it. In this case, bobble's frustration is not solely due to the answer itself, but also the context surrounding it and the responses ignoring most of her criticism about the answer (both in the comments, and here). Telling someone they can't start to feel a certain way isn't helpful.
(cont) In chat here Voldermort's Wrath piled on, defending the answer. I disagree, obviously. At this point it was a lot at once, I didn't want to just leave him without any responses, and I had a bunch of classwork going on at the same time. I got extremely upset, which I apologize for.
7:24 PM
@bobble I agree that the answer is bad (or at the very least, very lacking). I'd recommend downvoting, maybe leaving a polite comment explaining your concerns, and moving on (well, in this case, it's deleted, so you don't have to worry about that). Sometimes, people just miss the point so much that it's not worth the effort to continue to engage. It's frustrating (believe me, I know this very well), but your time and energy is probably better spent elsewhere.
Most of my comments there were actually talking with someone else, who I very quickly tried to direct to the chat. I'm not sure if the original answerer commented at all.
But point is taken.
right, understandable
7:47 PM
It was understandable for you to be frustrated bobble, your feelings are valid. No need to apologize.
I wasn't being very coherent over the internets by the end of this
"end of this" being the Voldy episode in the chatroom
When somebody is upset it's important to acknowledge their feelings and talk about it constructively, "stop being aggressive" is not constructive as Deus said. There was a genuine reason for you to be irritated, I feel that Voldy was a bit out of line there.
heh. "acknowledge their feelings". that is not how I've usually experience the world when I'm upset.
My parents have gone to the lengths of berating me for the stupidity of feeling embarrassed.
hmm I shouldn't turn this chat into my dumping ground. sorry.
It sucks to get the verbal equivalent of "whatever" when there are emotions and genuine things you want to discuss, I feel that is what happened here and it's not on you. I hope we can talk about it when they get back so we can work things out.
@bobble that sucks :(
8:31 PM
on a lighter note, here's my list of subject folders for school stuff:
Is everything except "Useless" empty?
Nope :)
ayy comp sci
there's a 50% chance I could help with random topics within
what is in "useless"?
puzzles and things?
Class of 2021 and Homeroom.
I have a folder in a separate area with a "puzzles" folder inside it
8:38 PM
ahh keyboard messed up
*what's everyone up to?
watching >1.5 hours of flipped lectures
lecture as homework, discussion in class
that does seem a bit backwards
I write all my notes in rot13's text box, then copy-paste into a Google Doc. Best system ever.
8:46 PM
why not just use google docs to begin with? I mean...
It will try to auto-format my stuff. I don't want it to.
what about the times you have to write those dreaded equations?
no equations in these notes, just words
ah I see
besides, google docs' equation editor is a piece of crap
I'm really good at it after all the formatting I did for Chem
8:49 PM
@bobble ctrl+a, format -> number -> plain text
??? The auto-formatting is auto-caps and making things into lists
plain text = no fancy formatting stuff at all, I think
oh google docs, not google sheets
i believe there's a way to turn off autoformatting there too
checking real quick
tools -> preferences will turn off autocaps
8:52 PM
Would that turn it off for just one folder or doc? I still want autocaps for everywhere else.
it will do it for every new doc you make
not great, I know
9:19 PM
I found a band on youtube that has a puzzle in the video description. anyone interested in helping?
(there is a bunch of 3-digit numbers and then something that looks like it is base64 encoded, but it does not decode to anything meaningful)
Main-site is probably better than chat.
Much more audience there
really? is it on topic even if I don't know the solution?
Yes, just make sure to cite your source clearly.
ok, then I'll wait tomorrow morning to write it properly
You can use
9:21 PM
yep, questions about puzzles you don't know the answer to are perfectly fine -- but ideally, you'd include everything there in the question itself
I think. Not entirely sure what "real" is for
and we also don't allow questions from ongoing competitions. sounds like this isn't one, but just something to keep in mind
@Deusovi ok, I'll check the rules then. It says "SOLVE THE PUZZLE. GET BONUS MATERIAL." (all caps in the original)
The 3-digit numbers say
Backward and forward we walk in a line
Over a square made of space and time
Behold the numbers sometimes can lie
Not all of them in order you'll find.

Clusters of data.
Sectors and files.
Over and over.
Need to optimize.
Reading and writing.
Sorting and wiping.
Staring and waiting.
Sometimes frustrating.

When all the matrix is clear in your mind.
All of those numbers are easy to find.
Just look around. No need to grind.
Because the answer is all in plain sight.

Put them together. Clear all the spaces.
they're just rot13(nfpvv)
reading that makes me doubt the only other thing required is the base64, but who knows
rot13 = (decode at rot13.com)
9:28 PM
bloody hell, and I haven't even mentioned the video XD
there are smart people in the Lair
ah ok, the desc mentions clusters within the song and the music video also indicates it. perhaps something with the shapes or actual audio data. I'll refrain from going deeper until the puzzle is posted :P
(probably with the cells)
ok, I'll write it now
(side note: I really like your A.SE posts)
thanks :)
9:43 PM
tag suggestions? I don't think "real" applies, right?
again, I'm not sure what "real" is supposed to be. It feels meta-taggy
If there's no clear method of solving, [enignmatic-puzzle] is applicable
for the moment I'll go with cipher and enigmatic-puzzle
since there's apparently an ASCII substitution going on, [cipher] would work
looking forward to the question!
9:45 PM
Oh god, transcribing that grid will be fun xD
but no grid at the moment :P
Can you tell me how to pad 2 gifs when they are on the same line?
"pad"? You can make two images be on the same line by separating them with a space and not a newline
like separating by a tab
I have no idea
Perhaps add a third, entirely white-space image?
9:47 PM
Okay, thanks!
SE doesn't support CSS for this kind of thing right? Otherwise I'd say embed it as an <img src></img> and set the padding manually.
img tags do work, as far as I know
Ah, then you can do <img src="(image url)" style="padding-left:10px;"> or something similar, and set left padding on the left image and right padding on the right image.
I suspect all style="" will be blocked
but I dunno
That was what i figured, it would probably allow the img but block the style.
But I don't know for sure
9:51 PM
otherwise there would be some really funky posts on here for sure :P
Yeah :p
also, due to North threatening my bobblies finding an interesting question on Lit.SE, I'm going to join it.
Ooh nice!
are you supposed to be working right now?
It's 5:52 PM here, I finished at 5
9:54 PM
Did you like my list of school folders above?
"Useless" is pretty accurate for a lot of classes lol
Q: A (cipher?) puzzle in a YouTube video description

FedericoSo, by chance I stumbled upon this video: MASTER BOOT RECORD - C:\DEFRAG that contains the following puzzle in the video description: 066 097 099 107 119 097 114 100 032 097 110 100 032 102 111 114 119 097 114 100 032 119 101 032 119 097 108 107 032 105 110 032 097 032 108 105 110 101 013 010 07...

Also hi Federico! I don't recall seeing you around before, nice to seeya.
How many of your classes in college would you identify as "useless"?
I went to a liberal arts college where we had to take a lot of useless mandatory gen ed classes, so... about 25%
But there were a lot of gen ed classes I thought I would dislike and actually really enjoyed, like a World History class
9:58 PM
I needed 127 credits to graduate. My primary major required 32 credits... That's 95 extra credits that I had to fill in, almost all of them were completely useles
Your major required only 32 credits? What??
@Federico I think it would be useful to include a screenshot of the image in the video, so the puzzle is (more likely to be) self-contained (if it has nothing to do with the actual audio)
Yeah, most majors at my university were 30-36 credits. Comp Sci was 32 credits
I have a few credits, through summer programs. And I've taken a bunch of APs to hopefully get the boring classes out of the way.
Meteorology was 36, English was 30
9:59 PM
Dude, my compsci major was 62 credits...
I'm shook
also, the fact that[00:00] 01 CLUSTER 777
[15:12] 02 CLUSTER 1337

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