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1:51 AM
@Shalvenay arrgh, got dragged into an "office meeting" that took place off site. Not braining right now. I'll check in with you on Friday? Hopefully?
@KorvinStarmast may be a bit later on Friday due to errands, I guess
2:31 AM
Anyone know a solo rpg involving stabbing things? It’s been a DAY
And I still have homework
@BardicWizard There's a larp called G.Y.M. that I've found to be effective stress relief in the past, but that's been less of an option for me recently.
I’m not surprised. Pandemic?
I can neither confirm nor deny in an on-topic manner :)
Well, I’m sorry it’s not an option
Stabbing things is good stress relief
I recall seeing a sign for a college fencing club: "Come make new friends, then stab them!"
2:34 AM
But I’ll take what i can get
@BardicWizard Dungeons of the Dungeons maybe?
@BESW That’s actually pretty interesting. Quick and stabby.
3:14 AM
@JoelHarmon I've kind of always wanted to learn fencing
Or really any skill involving swinging around swords and/or stabbing people for the entertainment of myself and others
Does Beat Sabre count?
No, those are lightsabers, totally different :p
But for real tho, I would totally play that
I've played it before; it's a good time.
Unrelated: has anyone ever played Jovian Chronicles? It's the main component of the current Bundle of Holding
And for those who are unaware, Bundle of Holding is like Humble Bundle, but for TRPGs'
3:47 AM
Oh, and one of the other bundles is a bunch of 5e adventures from Goodman Games
2 hours later…
5:41 AM
RPG design question: is “roll all the dice you have at once, don’t reroll any even if they land weird. If more than half (rounded up) of the dice are even, it’s a success” a good kind of mechanic? My 2 biggest stress relievers are rolling lots of dice and threatening to stab things (including stabbing holes through paper with a pair of compasses) so this is for an RPG that uses both of those things
It’s for a game that’s going to be about stabbing textbooks and rolling dice, so I guess it’s more about in that context.
Would that math work like a binomially distributed coin flip?
I have no idea?
Assuming each die has an even number of sides, P(even) = P(one success) = 1/2. Correct me if I'm wrong.
So I guess that would work like a coin flip then. I didn’t think of that.
It sounds feasible, though it would take me a very long time to determine success on a single roll.
5:47 AM
(My thought process was “I need to stab my textbook. Rolling dice is fun. Stabbing textbooks by rolling dice is awesome”)
If coin flip odds with fistfuls of dice are what you want, then it's great.
Fistfuls of dice are very important
If you've got lots of different sizes of dice, consider counting 1s.
Smaller dice are more likely to come up 1, so you can assign significance to different sizes of dice.
This is what Danger Patrol does, and it can lead to satisfyingly large handfuls of dice.
(Four and higher count toward success, natural 1s add complications. The smaller the dice the easier it is to add lots of them to your hand.)
Maybe, but that feels a lot less simple than even/odd. I’ve never tried a system like either, so I don’t exactly have a baseline
Whichever way I choose, I’m going to need a lot of dice...
I recommend an over/under rather than an even/odd.
How many dice are we talking about here?
I've got about 200, myself, and some of them aren't numerical, so adding them up more than once a session would be, awkward.
5:56 AM
Shadowrun is based off a system of counting 5/6s. As dice pools get bigger it gets repetitive fast. Though you have ruled out exploding dice which is a good time saver.
A good many, of many different types. I own 3d20, 3d12, 5d10, 3d8, 4d6, and 3d4.
At last full count:
May 21 '15 at 9:06, by BESW
9d4, 69d6, 24dF, 22d8, 44d10, 11d12, 17d20
I agree that over/under is better than even/odd though. Even odd is always the same odds regardless of dice size and its hard to add modifiers to the roll.
I’m probably going to borrow at least one more full set from my siblings so it could theoretically be bigger for this use case though
@BardicWizard We all start somewhere I guess. That isn't exactly what I would call "a good many"
Probably a hundred or so dice short.
5:58 AM
It's certainly enough for most D&D games.
@linksassin the thing is that “exactly the same odds despite dice sizes” is what I’m looking for in this case. Simple and stabby are the watchwords of this game
There's a system that has you roll lots of dice and then arrange them into straights, pairs, etc.
True. It is certainly sufficient for most thing. But is by no means expansive.
@linksassin it’s the second most out of my group. The only one with more is my bff who collects them for fun
Unfortunately my phone is gonna die in a minute so I’ve got to go, but thanks for the insights!
A lot of my dice came from friends who didn't want theirs anymore.
6:01 AM
@BardicWizard most of us become that person eventually if you stay in the hobby long enouhg. I don't even go out of my way to get dice but easily have 10+ sets plus assorted other dice
see ya later. Good luck with the game
@RevenantBacon Humble Bundle has a TRPG bundle at the moment, too. HUMBLE RPG BOOK BUNDLE: OLD SCHOOL REVIVAL DRAGONS, DUNGEONS, & MAZES
@BESW That's a shame. But a win for you.
@linksassin I had a friend who swore off TRPGs because they were "taking too much of his time and money" (read: he thought going to bars was cooler) and "sold" me all his books and dice for $10 to "get rid of the temptation." Three months later he was borrowing dice to play again.
@BESW A true redemption arc. Could make a movie out of it.
Also had a friend who had to leave island really fast and I inherited a lot of his kit.
6:46 AM
I've had that happen with gaming consoles
like one or maybe two times
@trogdor Me too. I've got 2 X360s a PS2 and a PS3 none of which i paid for.
7:22 AM
I got a Gamecube that I was supposed to be borrowing but the freind I got it from abrubtly left and never came back
there may have also been another one but I forgot what console it even was, and my memory is so faint on it I could have bought that one myself
so my memory is so un-exact I'm just not sure
3 hours later…
9:57 AM
I have many dice
10:42 AM
(but not enough dice)
11:38 AM
@AncientSwordRage Is there any such thing?
good morning/ish
@lisardggY <iTag>
I don't have a count, but the family dice bowl is about one hand-length wide and one hand-width tall. That doesn't count the kiddo's giant foam dice set, nor any die found in a board game.
I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, but I have very, very, very few dice.
For the past 5 years or so I've been playing with the same group, and we either use the GM's dice or use our personalized, customized sets - that we keep at the GM's place, along with the rest of the campaign's character sheets, minis and everything.
11:52 AM
@lisardggY What you mean is you have a large capacity to acquire dice.
Nothing to be embarrassed about. Some people are just minimalists. Others are simply sane.
I have 2-3 sets of Fudge dice and a small mixed bowl that the kid likes to play with and lose some occasionally.
@JoelHarmon never
@AncientSwordRage New head cannon: God didn't create the universe, he just needed a whole bunch of dice, so he made these quantum particles. Improbably enough, a universe formed.
@BESW Oddly enough, I've justified buying books with "Well, if I met friends at a bar or restaurant 3 times, I'd spend $X, but if I met friends at my place 3 times, I'd only spend $x. The book may let us meet up even more for free after that!"
@JoelHarmon That's a good rationale. Instead of justifying an expense on its own, justify in in terms of the good it does you. I sometimes hesitate to pay $10-20 for a game or an app, but then remind myself that I wouldn't hesitate spending that money on a meal or a drink, and chances are a game will bring me more satisfaction.
12:03 PM
@lisardggY you can't eat a game though
So I really liked this one set of infinite black elder dice
But it was $25 for a single set
@ThomasMarkov was it tasty?
@AncientSwordRage Dunno. Can I?
So I went to my local shop and dug through their dice bins and made five set for $20 of the same dice
@ThomasMarkov I'm now imagining dwarves mining for dice
12:07 PM
@AncientSwordRage They delved too deep, until they had awoken the fearsome D100.
The Arkendice
Legend says that anyone who rolls a natural 100 on it goes mad.
Some even say this...HAS ALREADY HAPPENED
@AncientSwordRage I thought BESW had an RPG built around making a sandwich.
It wouldn't surprise me
12:17 PM
Q: What are the limits of the Conception spell?

T. SarConception is an interesting spell. With the casting of this spell, you guarantee that on your next attempt, you and your partner will conceive a child. Conception overcomes sterility or infertility in either you or your partner, whether natural or due to an injury, illness, or curse, as well as...

Q: The BBEG wants to delay the party in the final battle... (monologue?)

IfusasoI have thought of a few methods they might accomplish this. In this question, I am wondering about a potentially more controversial option. I am considering having them attempt to monologue with a timer running, then increase the battle rounds by the amount of time they were able to enthrall the ...

@HotRPGQuestions what an interesting thing to have a spell for
@AncientSwordRage Magic tomes geared towards actual living in a fantasy world and not adventuring at the fringes thereof tend to have some interesting things in them. You can learn them . . . not from an adventurer-magus.
The context of the question very neatly explains why it might be relevant to know such a spell
12:47 PM
@AncientSwordRage I definitely read the title and was like "noooo.... that can't..... is it 3rd party? ah there it is woowwwwwwwwww"
1:05 PM
@AncientSwordRage I'm not gonna link to it because I have an unpleasant association with the author now, but it's not hard to find in chat history.
@BESW My kids like that one. Where you've got five and can reroll any subset of them, twice?
(he he he)
@nitsua60 You laugh, but CthulhuTech's core outcome resolution is basically Yahtzee but you have to call your shots and can't re-roll.
@BESW I do laugh! How'd you know?
I read the subtitles.
@lisardggY We've got one of those in my group. Alas, that as when in-person was a thing.
1:23 PM
@BESW I mistook 'had' for 'had made', apologies
1:33 PM
I imagine the dwarves uncovering large versions ofthese
Are there any real world materials that crystallize as icosahedrons? I feel like I should know this
@Someone_Evil not true icosohedrons as they don't tesselate
@HotRPGQuestions I can't even
@Someone_Evil Boron, sometimes.
@AncientSwordRage This would be a matter of crystal growth, and there are materials with Ih units and/or symmetry
1:40 PM
> The “icosahedral quasicrystal” looks ordered to the eye, but has no repeating pattern. ... Researchers say this property, called “icosahedral symmetry,” is frequently found on small scales around a single point, like in virus shells or buckyballs—molecules of 60 carbon atoms. But it is forbidden in a conventional crystal
> https://www.futurity.org/icosahedral-quasicrystal-826082
See also liquid crystals with icosahedral symmetry.
The dodecaborate(12) anion, [B12H12]2-, has the structure of a regular icosahedron of boron atoms, with each boron atom being attached to a hydrogen atom. Its symmetry is classified by the molecular point group Ih. == Synthesis and reactions == The existence of the dodecaborate(12) anion, [B12H12]2-, was predicted by H. C. Longuet-Higgins and M. de V. Roberts in 1955. Hawthorne and Pitochelli first made it 5 years later, by the reaction of iododecarborane with triethylamine in benzene solution at 80 °C. It is more conveniently prepared in two steps from sodium borohydride. First the borohydride...
@AncientSwordRage If this is a possible, dupe, can we get a link to the other question for easier comparison? — RevenantBacon 43 mins ago
@RevenantBacon the dupe candidates are listed above the question
[grumbles] Why do Irish wolfhound spines seem so much like slinkies?
Oh, those weren't there when I followed the link, only your comment was on
It's really hard to draw them without it looking like I have no idea what a dog look likes.
1:47 PM
@RevenantBacon weird, I only posted that because I had seen those links
Yeah, I dunno, I guess it hadn't closed yet? I was really confused, because it showed no close votes and no links for dupes, but you had a comment saying others had thought it was a dupe, so I thought maybe it had been discussed in chat, but there was nothing here either.
It was reopened and then closed again
@Someone_Evil ahhhh
that explains the extra dupe candidates
1:53 PM
Both the revision history and timeline show this, and the latter also shows comments, so can be particularly useful for "what state was the question in when this comment was made"
@NautArch what did you think of my meta answer to your dupe question
@ThomasMarkov Super long, but it covered it. Honestly, I was just trying to avoid a gold badge war.
but the Kryan just went in with the hammer anyway.
Does gold badge let you unilaterally open a question too?
yup (as long as it's closed as a dupe)
1:54 PM
the dupe hammer works both ways
And there's the added feature of editing the dupe list, which is (generally) how you see questions closed as a dupe of multiple questions
Can we add the 50 gp and 5000 gp questions to each others dupe list?
Theres honestly some good answers to both those questions as well.
Can't actually mark them as duplicates of eachother
There's a defence mechanism against dupe-chains
try harder
These questions are right mess, but aren't really well suited to merging either as far as I can see
2:06 PM
The current state of affairs is agreeable.
2:18 PM
@Someone_Evil I would have done it the other way around since the 50 gp one is much older
The timing is less important than the umbrella vs the specific
for me, at least
I may have (re)discovered the def.mechanism when I tried to close the other one, and it isn't important enough really for me to bother switching
@ThomasMarkov I just was looking that as well. Duplicate is a poor name if we're allowing things to be marked duplicates of subsequent questions.
Ford Model-T marked as duplicate of Ford Taurus.
I propose TEA: There exists an answer.
I got some mcdonalds tea this morning. It was a disappointing start to the morning.
I imagine just about any noun obtained from that franchise is disappointing.
2:22 PM
@ThomasMarkov do you hate yourself?
@AncientSwordRage More or less. Lunch will be better.
Ive got to run home and shower on my lunch break. I normally stay in the office, but I had to collect some data on dead chickens. Now I stank.
Better than having to wave chickens. I really dislike those procedures.
@ThomasMarkov I don't envy your job, whatever it is
@AncientSwordRage Data analyst for a poultry processor
@ThomasMarkov that chicks checks out
2:31 PM
I spend most of my time in the office.
But every once in a while I have to do something out on the plant floor.
Poultry processing sound stinky.
@GcL I second this motion, after all, everyone like TEA!
@RevenantBacon for a given value of tea
Now we just have to find a sucker err... champion to put the suggestion on meta.
@GcL It's not so bad after the chickens have been picked. Most of the evisceration floor smells like a hospital.
nose goes.
touches nose
2:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage Well, as in tea in general, not, y'know, burger place tea.
I don't think I know a single person who doesn't like some form of tea, whether it's hot chameleon tea, iced sweet tea, or something else.
burger place is a generous description. Rapid dispenser of technically edible consumable material...
alright, so ive got an idea for a cantrip
@RevenantBacon Leaf flavored water? Does gin count?
@ThomasMarkov That's never a good sign :p
@RevenantBacon Youre gonna love it, I promise
The cantrip is called can trip
2:45 PM
oh no
Concentration, 1 minute
target makes a charisma save, on a failure, target creature has disadvantage on saving throws and ability checks against being knocked prone.
oh dear
wait, why a charisma save?
sounds very panache-like
Because the verbal component is a rude remark about how clumsy they are
Ive got another one
Youre gonna love it
This next cantrip is called can't trip
It has a casting time of one reaction, which you use when you are knocked prone
You may stand up without expending any movement.
Ok, so the first one is reasonably useful, the second one is really strong, but also hyper situational.
3:08 PM
Those are good though.
I’ve got one: Can’t Rip
The clothing you cast it on won’t rip for 8 hours no matter what.
@ThomasMarkov Oh, I see someone dug up the spell list out of the Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming.
Captain Kirk would hate it, but it’s like preemptive mending
How about: Can Trip, you can pause combat while you get everyone a canned beverage
@AncientSwordRage verbal component is "beer me"
3:13 PM
@GcL non-alcoholic alternatives available
Sure, but they don't have as catchy a phrase.
oh no intensifies
Where's @Yuuki ? He's all about puns like these
speak "friend" and enter the devil shall appear
Oh, the summoning ritual was a success!
How about Can't Rip, provides 1 DR/tearing to objects.
3:23 PM
Wait, I gotta see if my latent summoning powers are manifest
@V͕̱̬͖̳͍͈͍͂͆̉́̒̈́͊͢͝͡2͇̟͎̠̙̭̗̱̗̹̳͔͕͈̘͕̓͂͗̅͆̓̊̎͑̀͋̾͐̕͘̕͢͡B̨̡̢͔̘̘̩̫̟̰̪̘̾͐̌͂͒̊̾̋̇̕͡͝͞ͅl̛̼̖̬̯̭̣͔͙̦̥̥͂̉́͐͊͗͂͘͘͡a͍͖͙̗̗͎̱͙̻̪͈̱̣͈̙͋̊͂̽̈́͛͊͐̑̇̒̚̚͘͠s̱̞̝̥̦̖̪̞̫͕͎̜̒̇̆̉͐̔̆͊̒͒͊͋͘͜͜͝t̤̣̺͖͚̺̼̘̭̺̪̯̹̫͔͂͊̇͐̿̊̿͒͊̐̐̋̚͟͢͠͞͝͝ I summon thee!!!
Hmm, I guess not.
the only person that can be summoned is @X̛̱̣̭̱̮̽ͪ̔ͪi͙͇͎̎ͧ̂r̯͕̫̪̺̘͍͆̊́̅̇ê̠̰̹̓ͯ͒̎͠m͖̬̜̤̍͂ͫͮ̓̂ä̘̠̖̱̮̬̻ͨ͐̈́̉̿ͭ
@RevenantBacon wtf is that
@Xirema is the only elemental
@ThomasMarkov sumoning ritual
didn't work, probably had the wrong inflections
gotta get those runes right
@Xirema eh hem. X̛̱̣̭̱̮̽ͪ̔ͪi͙͇͎̎ͧ̂r̯͕̫̪̺̘͍͆̊́̅̇ê̠̰̹̓ͯ͒̎͠m͖̬̜̤̍͂ͫͮ̓̂ä̘̠̖̱̮̬̻ͨ͐̈́̉̿ͭ
oh well
3:36 PM
are there any spells that allow you to walk through walls?
@ThomasMarkov Passwall?
meld with stone might do it. I don't recall if that allows you to go through the otherside or just hang out for a while.
Nope... investiture of stone is what I'm thinking about.
@ThomasMarkov Or a ring of earth elemental command
I've got an answer to the echo knight question that has gone 3 months with no upvoted answers.
I could pop by and toss a downvote on it if you want
I've got a few free ones remaining for today.
3:41 PM
Don't need to. I trust you.
@GcL my rep will never recover
@GcL forreal though you should read it and see if it is worth one of your precious costly upvotes
I don't do upvotes.
I ran out of upvotes the other day
At one point I decided that I wanted to get that badge for doing a bunch of upvotes, so I ran out my supply of votes for like 5 days in a row upvoting answers to get the badge
Play silly games win silly badges?
3:57 PM
Did I say 5 days in a row? I was wrong. it was for the Electorate badge and was like 2 whole weeks because I needed a total of 600 answers upvoted.
@ThomasMarkov I find the fundamental premise of what a character can do in the current timeline limiting how things might have been different in other timelines as fundamentally flawed. I think the presence of a floor in one timeline does not constrain the presence nor location of a floor in another timeline.
@GcL that's frustratingly accurate
Following the logic of different timelines, the ehco "in the air" is actually standing on a floor or ground that does exist in the timeline they're drawn from.
although if we're allowing different timelines to have different environment, then it's possible that timeline that allows for such movement also blocks line of sight
So you're echo could go 'up', but then it can't be seen nor can it see.
Now, I would absolutely remove the icon of the echo if they moved it someplace they couldn't see. They'd have to maintain where they thought the echo was themselves. I'd probably use the dimension door rules for teleporting into solid objects if they did the swap places while the echo was superimposed over a table.
4:00 PM
I blame the other Matthew Mercer effect - frustratingly ambiguous feature design.
I would allow movement through the air, as the ability does say any direction, but I would disallow moving through walls, since you can't see through them to move to the echo there.
I like @ThomasMarkov's ruling. It can't be supported (and I don't think the others can, either), but it makes good sense to me
That's a discussion about the nature of a translucent image.
however, the easiest solution is just not allowing wildemount
I'd warn the player that the character knows the inherent danger in "trading places" with an echo they can't see.
4:02 PM
@GcL But, this is an upsettingly fair point, I may delete and rework it further.
Nick's answer also makes an assumption about it being an object
I've deleted, Im going to outline both sides of the argument
Thanks for the feedback guys.
Just pick the side you think that's correct and go with that.
am I misremembering or did the proper spelling of JavaScript used to have a lower case 'j'? Maybe I'm conflating with jQuery?
I'd say ask Oracle, but they'll just sue you no mater what you choose.
I write it as javascript.
I think capital J and S are the trademarked version. JavaScript TM
4:06 PM
@goodguy5 conflating
ah, oh well
although it's really spelt ECMAScript
Since Oracle owns that... the proper spelling is anything else.
@GcL Oracle 'own' Java, but no one owns JavaScript
4:08 PM
@AncientSwordRage I'm reasonably certain Oracle does actually own "JavaScript"
@GcL ahh it's trademarked
so more accurately, they don't own ecmascript
I briefly mentioned @GcL's comments in the bottom of the answer.
> 1995 - Brendan Eich reads up on every mistake ever made in designing a programming language, invents a few more, and creates LiveScript. Later, in an effort to cash in on the popularity of Java the language is renamed JavaScript. Later still, in an effort to cash in on the popularity of skin diseases the language is renamed ECMAScript.
@GcL Rick and Morty explicitly don't do time travel (except a few incidents), so when Rick grabs a Pizza from another dimension it's because their counterparts ordered it earlier than the family in the current dimension would have done.
seems like a similar loophole
> It is a syntax error to write FORTRAN while not wearing a blue tie.
Mmmhmmm I can confirm my university programming was 90% syntax errors
4:30 PM
It’s 9:30, I’m halfway through my first class, and I’ve already got a migraine
I’m gonna stab someone
Correction— something
@BardicWizard what do you take?
@NautArch for the class or for the migraine?
@AncientSwordRage mgraine :P
4:49 PM
@NautArch I don’t take anything,thats the problem. It’s caused by some kid who isn’t muted feeding static right back into the meeting and it’s just so constant it’s triggering my noise sensitivity
@BardicWizard So not an actual migraine?
@NautArch it’s a developing migraine
@BardicWizard you've been diagnosed, but they didn't offer any prescriptions?
@NautArch i don’t think I’ve ever been properly diagnosed
@BardicWizard then it may not be an actual migraine. I'd highly recommend visiting a neurologist if you think you're getting them.
4:54 PM
It may not be
but it’s a bad headache for sure
and so now I’ve got to get to my next class and hope that removing the probem removes the headache
Sorry, very different things. And as a migraine sufferer for decades, it's meaningful.
Whoops. I didn’t know there was an actual difference, so I’m sorry if I accedentally offended anyone
no worries. Migraines are a diagnosable neurological condition. Very similar to epilepsy.
5:11 PM
@BardicWizard Kids these days! I blame the music they listen to. Just sounds like static!
Yeah, it's nothing like back in the day when the radio quality was so bad all you could hear was the static!
@GcL it's called dub-step.
@RevenantBacon or when the tv stations went off-air
@NautArch now with 96.5% more WUB WUB!
@AncientSwordRage that is the correct answer. 👍
Fun radio fact: morse code transmission is done by selectively transmitting and not transmitting the carrier wave. Basically when there's a sound, the carrier is on (key down), when there's no sound the carrier is off (key up). So it's based on rhythmically switching the wave on and off.

So what do the HAM radio people call this mode of transmission? CW. For *continuous* wave.
5:17 PM
@AncientSwordRage I am not sure that this is true. Wendy's had a D&D thing a few years ago, which IIRC involved eating actual Wendy's food. We may even have a Q&A on that.
(there is a decent historical rationale for it, but it's still funny)
@kviiri I learned Morse Code in the boy scouts and had to use it in the Navy (visual, flashing light signals, and aural, for nav station identification in aircraft). Not sure if it is still in use though ...
Q: How can I discourage gluttony while still granting buffs?

goodguy5In Wendy's Feast of Legends, characters gain bonuses for foods eaten by their players. The game explicitly mentions that buffs stack and there are a total 6 different food items (briefly: burger, chicken, frosty, drink, fries, salad). A particularly health-reckless power-gamer could gorge thems...

@KorvinStarmast Ham radio still uses it, but its in decline
My dad was a morse code user in the US Army Signal Corps in the 40's.
5:19 PM
It's not been mandatory for over a decade
(mandatory as a part of the qualifications)
Automated station ID messages are usually in morse
@Someone_Evil aha, that one! Thanks! :)
@RevenantBacon esper?
@AncientSwordRage pandora
@RevenantBacon white blue black (wub) is the esper shard on alara
@ThomasMarkov Or you can make your clothing indestructible with the can't rip cantrip
@AncientSwordRage Can Trip - bathroom break. ("The Can" was once slang for the rest room / Water closet / baño)
5:29 PM
@AncientSwordRage yeah, I'm aware, I'm currently running Esper Zombies for one of my EH decks, but I was referencing the BL2 trailer from way back
I, the mighty Archmage Feldomist cast Potty break, brb
@RevenantBacon What else are you gonna do with time stop?
@NautArch wisdom score higher than 14 is in evidence here
@NautArch I lent 10 bucks to a friend of mine for new pants for a funeral and he sent me back 20
@goodguy5 Lend him more the next time
5:35 PM
@goodguy5 That could be read as "money from beyond the grave" which is a weird variation of 'you can't take it with you'
Interest rates are higher and returns on investment faster in the afterlife.
There's an old joke. A man goes to rich cousin Wilford for financial assistance.

"Hey Wil, my father-in-law died and I need to buy a suit for the funeral." Wilford tells him to rent instead because it's cheaper, and hands him a slip of paper with an address. "This is my regular place, just tell them to send the bill to me."

A few weeks later, Wilford gets a bill from the suit rental and pays it. A couple of weeks further, another bill, which he pays, somewhat confused. When the third bill comes, he calls his cousin.
5:51 PM
@RevenantBacon BL2? I'm having a woosh moment
Oh borderlands
I mean, games don't have a monopoly on abbreviated names. BL2 could've meant anything.
5:58 PM
Now I want a game called Blighty Langoustine 2
I think there is a workable question here, but it needs a lot of work. I've got to focus on actual work now, maybe one of you could leave a comment?
@nitsua60 You're good at this :)
@RevenantBacon That comment on the focus question is really close to an answer (if not one.)
Well, it could certainly be expanded into an answer
then that's what we like to call...a partial answer :(
@GcL it’s not music just a feedback loop
6:12 PM
@BardicWizard That's what I keep saying!
im back by the way. At least precalc went better. The headache isn’t gone though cause theres just always talking in these meetings
@NautArch Maybe it will give them a starting point for making their own homebrew item
@NautArch not an impartial one?
so they can come back with a good question
I'm not sure what precalc entails, but I'm pretty sure post-calc is matrix algebra. My recollection was anyone who took that after differential equations thought "crap! I was doing it the hard way that whole time?!"
6:15 PM
@RevenantBacon Maybe, but that's not what comments are for. I'mjust sayin' it should probably be removed.
Precalc is a lot of graphing and generalizing.
I've never really learned calculus, if calculus is what I think it is
It's a word that we don't really have and I'm not sure what'd be the exact translation
@NautArch Well, we'll probably disagree on that.
@NautArch Eh, that one's borderline to me. Considering that item is a good suggestion for helping the question get stackshape.
And im usually pretty trigger happy about calling out answers in comments.
I learned a bit of integration for probability purposes and it seemed like a very useful skill but it just keeps slipping out of my head due to disuse
6:19 PM
@kviiri Whats your word for math that involves considering accumulations of an infinite number of slices?
@kviiri I used integration at work yesterday!
@RevenantBacon Hard to disagree when you say that you can expand on it to be an answer.
@GcL Riemann sum?
@GcL I think the closest terms to calculus can think of are differentiaalilaskenta and integraalilaskenta. Or "calculation with differentials" or "calculation with integrals" respectively
At least that's what the univ. courses related to them were called and I think that's what calculus is?
Sounds close enough to me.
6:22 PM
When I was a fresher at the university my favorite math course was the very foundational "Introduction to discrete mathematics"
@kviiri How would you say Riemann sum?
@ThomasMarkov with a lot of traumatic memories
@ThomasMarkov In Finnish? I think it's just Riemannin summa
Finnish usually uses genitive forms for science terms including proper nouns like that, so that'd translate literally as Riemann's sum. There are a few odd exceptions, though, and I'm not sure how much is just my young academic, very English-influenced bubble I'm in
@NautArch Negative, because in its current form, it isn't an answer, thus "could be expanded in to one"
@RevenantBacon At best, it's almost a frame challenge.
6:29 PM
Thinking more about echo knights. I think I'd allow characters to take attacks of opportunity against an echo knight's image if it moved out of their threatened space. It has an AC, hitpoints, and is moving under it's own volition.
@ThomasMarkov which would also be considered an a nswer
@NautArch no u
In a surprise turn of events, I have an interview (internally) tomorrow.
@goodguy5 What questions are you asking yourself?
in general?
How did I get here, when will covid end?
6:31 PM
@goodguy5 ouch, in your own body?
Are we going to win any warzone games tonight? etc
that seems unnecessarily intrusive
I suppose I could reduce my comment to "Have you checked out the magic items in the DMG for ideas? There may be something in there that is close to what you want to do already." but that feels like it would be less than helpful
@goodguy5 Are you changing positions? Best of luck!
I'm being laid off at the end of the month
so, I'm working on fixing that
6:38 PM
@kviiri most reasonable cultures would call it introductory real analysis.
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