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4:18 AM
Since the deprecated tags are being discussed, probably including some statistics about them might be reasonable.
I have included some stats on March 5. You can see here also the numbers from December 23, August 25, June 2, etc.
These stats are from the last update of SEDE, which is on May 3.
There are 684 questions with deprecated tags. The same list ordered by most recent activity.
There were 1000 such questions in August 2017, 845 about a year ago.
... 40 questions with no top-level tags.
There are 147 questions tagged abstract-algebra and not ra.rings-and-algebras.
... 113 with no top-level tags at all. There are 293 questions tagged geometry but not mg.metric-geometry.
Also deprecating of (convexity) was discussed on meta. It was also suggested to deprecate (continuity).
There are 325 questions where was removed, 785 questions where was removed, 106 questions where was removed, 228 questions where questions where was removed.
Some time ago I have posted also short analysis checking how many users contributed to the removal of the deprecated tags: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2019/6/15
Removals of deprecated tags per month: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/1192815/…
As I have mentioned before, it would be not difficult to prevent deprecated tags at least from being added to new questions: The existing deprecated tags should be blacklisted.
Recently a synonyms have been created by S. Carnahan, related post on meta did not receive any response so far: What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?
22.036% of questions without top-level tags, 17.240% of questions if we take the less strict interpretation.
Here are the links which can be used to find the the posts with top-level tags: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2018/10/27
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5:38 AM
It is possible to find questions in a given tag by a specific user. For example, this user has several questions tagged (geometry).
Although most of them are also tagged (mg.metric-geometry). There is one exception - however, for that one the tag (mg.metric-geometry) would fit there.
If we're searching for a tag which wasn't synonymized, we can also use on-site search - for deprecated tags (in the current state) we'll need SEDE.
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7:15 AM
@MartinSleziak The tag is gone. As it is not shown in the revision history, it was most likely removed by the script. (Or maybe merged by moderators. The tag still exists.
Q: Do asymptotic series at roots of unity uniquely determine a $q$-series?

HenryLet $\{a_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ be a sequence of integers. We're interested in specific limits of the formal series $$f(q) = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}a_n q^n.$$ Let $\zeta$ be a root of unity. Say $\zeta^k=1$. Formally, when $q = \zeta e^\hbar$, $$f(\zeta e^\hbar) = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}a_n(\zeta e^\hbar)^n = ...

Q: Finite version special case Jacobi triple product formula

LibliIn this paper, Shanks uses the following formula: $$ \sum_{s=0}^{n-1}q^{s(2n+1)} \times \left( \prod_{k=s+1}^{n} \dfrac{1-q^{2k}}{1-q^{2k-1}}\right) = \sum_{s=1}^{2n} q^{\frac{s(s-1)}{2}}$$ to get a one line computation of the Gauss sum: $$\sum_{k=0}^{m-1} e^{\frac{2ik^2 \pi}{m}}$$ in the odd cas...

The tag is gone. It seems that this tag was created at least twice - in March 2018 and in October 2019. In one case the question was deleted, in the other one it was probably removed by the script.
@AIM_BLB I see that you have created the tag before: mathoverflow.net/review/suggested-edits/122739 (The comment says: "Needs new tag...there is surprisingly none on Malliavin Calculus?".)
When creating new tags, it is useful to create also a tag-info. It might help other users to use the tag correctly. (This is probably not a problem here, since the tag name seems to be descriptive enough.) Another reason is that the tags used on only one question are automatically deleted after certain time unless they have tag-wiki.
I am not in position to judge whether or not would be a useful tag. Maybe you would like to discuss creation of the new tag on meta before creating it - either in a separate post or in an answer to some tag-related thread such as: "Help improve tagging!".
I did not know where to ping you with the information about the tag. I have sent you invitation to this room instead - I hope you'll be notified.
7:43 AM
Q: Malliavin derivative of Ito process

MrMMSLet $X_t= X_0 + \int_0^t \mu(s,X_s)ds + \int_0^t \sigma(s,X_s)dW_s$ where $\mu$ and $\sigma$ are $C^1$ functions satisfying the usual growth restriction and $W_t$ is a $d$-dimensional Brownian motion. Let $f\in C^2(\mathbb{R}^d;\mathbb{R})$ and let $D_t$ denote the Malliavin derivative at time $...

Why is ${{{{{{}}}}}}$ includete in the title here: Sexy vacuity .... ${{{{{{}}}}}}$? Is there a lower limit on the number of characters in the title? (The question was bumped by a new answer.)
Q: Sexy vacuity .... ${{{{{{}}}}}}$

Michael HardyI included this footnote in a paper in which I mentioned that the number of partitions of the empty set is 1 (every member of any partition is a non-empty set, and of course every member of the empty set is a non-empty set): "Perhaps as a result of studying set theory, I was surprised when I ...

It seems that a title needs at least 15 characters - unless something changed since this post: "Don't warn about 15 character minimum for titles until body content added". However, "Sexy vacuity" is already 12 character- so that might be doable also without MathJax.
Yes I agree that the tag name would be pretty self-containing. I did not know tag names should be suggested here first.

In that case, what do you all think? In my mind it represents a different flavor of questions than the usual stochastic calculus stuff (since many of my colleagues regularly are found saying something like "oh I don't know any Malliavin Calculus"))...
8:07 AM
Well, the main thing I was trying to communicate was that if a tag is created and it is only added to one question (without creating tag-info), it is quite likely that Stack Exchange software removes it at some point. You can find some such instances mentioned in that room.
I do not claim that every new tag should be discussed on meta. In fact, if you check some tags which were recently created, many of them had no discussion on meta: chat.stackexchange.com/… data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/1228860/…
Still, meta might be useful if you want some feedback to see whether the tag is considered useful.
Let's wait a bit to see whether you get some response here in chat.
@MartinSleziak In fact, now I noticed that the ${{{{{{}}}}}}$ wasn't in the title originally, it was added in a later edit by the OP. mathoverflow.net/posts/45951/revisions
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9:43 AM
In case it helps in considering whether or not tag:malliavin-calculus should be created, here are [questions containing the word Malliavin (ordered by score).
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10:46 AM
I am not really sure is suitable here: On the definition of regularity. If the question is bumped, also the tag could be added. (And some typos corrected - such as "litterature".)
Q: On the definition of regularity

AFKIn the litterature on D-modules, there are many definitions of regularity of holonomic D-modules. (1) Bernstein first defines regularity on a curve then says a holonomic D-module is regular if its restriction to any curve is regular (2) Mebkhout defines the irregularity complexes of a complex ...

11:30 AM
@MartinSleziak the geometric part for D-modules would in general pertain to , , . In view of the OP's background certainly would be the right one. Also I'd add and remove
12:10 PM
It's often quite difficult to find into 5 spots available for tags.
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3:17 PM
@MartinSleziak I don't understand your last sentence. There are 4 tags, I'm suggesting to remove two and add two.
Sorry, I should have read more carefully. I though that you suggest all three tags - , and .
The tag seems to be suitable too - that will make it five tags.
Still, sometimes there are questions where it is quite difficult to decide which five tags to include and which tags to omit. (Although I am more active in retagging on Mathematics - I am pretty sure that I have encountered such situation a few times on that site.)
2 hours later…
5:38 PM
@MartinSleziak I have edited this post following the above recommendations: mathoverflow.net/posts/73430/revisions

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