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7:17 PM
Welcome to chat for: Drones and Model Aircraft
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Hello and Welcome to the Drones and Model Aircraft Stack Exchange website/chat room!
Q: The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta

asheeshrThe blog post Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta gets linked to prominently from every beta's meta. However, this blog post is somewhat inaccurate and misdirects new users. In almost every beta, the site design question, for example, gets asked and undergoes a fair bit of discussion eve...

Congrats ifconfig Your proposal made it into private beta now let's see if it will get out! :)
7:57 PM
Hello everyone!
8:09 PM
Really excited to see what we can to together here!
8:29 PM
*do together, not to together. :)
8:40 PM
Hey all! I don't know much about Drones or Model Aircraft, but maybe I can help out with SE site mechanics and meta :) Looking forward to that, never been through a private beta before :)
Just a heads' up: I'm writing the obligatory "What should we name our chatroom?" question. If anybody has creative suggestions, now's the time to start thinking of them.
If it doesn't include 'droning' I'm going to be disappointed ;)
But given my history of naming rooms... I don't have any other suggestions :P
(I know it's early; but Retrocomputing got theirs in day 2 and it worked out pretty well.)
@Tinkeringbell You have a history of naming rooms‽ I did not know this.
@wizzwizz4 Just the moderator chat on MSE. Aptly called 'Mod Room'
‽ < Fancy. Where'd you get that?
@Tinkeringbell Debian's compose key. Shift + Alt Gr enables "compose mode" which lets you type all sorts of stuff.
8:46 PM
Ah. I think use that for Æ, shift + alt gr + z on Windows...
But that's the only one I know so far ;)
They implemented that into Windows 10‽ Wow. Try :) and see if you get ☺.
Nope... I get ° when I hit the :, then it just does nothing. So I don't think it's really compose mode, just shortcuts to special characters.
Well, I don't know about the compose key in Windows...
It does have Win+; which brings up an emoji search pane.
Ah well.´That's not the compose key; it's just a normal special characters mode. ☹
Yeah, I just figured that out too :(
8:49 PM
@ifconfig Back in my day we just had character map! :-p
lol yea
(I'd have typed the stuck out tounge emoji, but that's not in character map.)
tounge is a cross between a tongue and a lounge.
Back to discussion of room names, I'm all for "droning on", much like @Tinkeringbell's idea. :)
Feel free to put that as an answer there then, I'm about to turn in for the night ;)
Ah, will do.
8:50 PM
Why do things on SE always coincide with bedtime?!
lol, IDK. Stuff happens on the american time zones, so if you don't live here....
Yeah, that's kinda obvious by now, isn't it? :P
Q: What should we name our chatroom?

wizzwizz4Our third place is currently just called Drones and Model Aircraft. It's descriptive, but a little dull. All1 the other sites have really cool names for their main chats; what should ours be? Upvote suggestions you like. The one with the most upvotes at {date}, but we can always decide to change...

If you're quick, you can post it now.
Just finishing writing up the list of other cool names; I'm not sure which to plagiarise.
I had posted my response on the other meta thread for this question.
There are two…
@ifconfig I'm deleting mine; could you delete the answer? Never mind; it didn't have upvotes, so I could delete it anyway.
8:59 PM
The gentleman's decision
How am I meant to make a mark in the site's history now? I'll have to make a meaningful contribution! :-/
Well, if anyone wants to amass some helpful flags on their first day: From this comment on the 'extended discussion' seems to have sidetracked from question improvements to comment moderation. ;)
@wizzwizz4 Do you fly drones?
@Tinkeringbell Only rarely, and I can't think of any questions.
Hmm… If mine's broken enough, I suppose I could ask a repair question.
Nope. It still works.
*AAAAAH @Tinkeringbell what were you saying about that long comment thread?
@ifconfig That if people wanted to flag some comments as no longer needed on their first day, flagging the ones that are discussing comment moderation instead of the question itself could be a good start ;)
To make that 'long thread' a little less long ;)
9:04 PM
ah.... staying alive!!!!
Ooh: what should our comment culture be?
Delete all the things! XD
Are you going to ask that now? Then I might come back after brushing my teeth to answer it :P
Do we want feeds in this room? I could set one up for questions on both main and meta :)
Wait, I'll put that on Meta :)
@Tinkeringbell Just asking it. I'll ping you when I do.
@Tinkeringbell Don't we have two set up by default?
No… huh.
My internet connection in the SF Bay area is highly volatile right now... Comcast sucks.
9:14 PM
@Tinkeringbell I think feeds at this early stage would be a bit too much. Questions are being asked very very frequently, and having a big advert in the chat room for each question, would be a bit too much in my opinion!
@user1271772 agreed
I posted anyways, as ticker feeds are also an option. I did add a link to a question saying they might be too noisy too, but feeds also carry some advantages.

Oneboxing e.g. would allow people to reply to them, and discuss small things that way in here informally before deciding whether it's big enough to go on meta.
We definitely want that at some point, if our chat room gets big enough.
How about appointing room owners?
@gparyani We do need to do that, too.
9:19 PM
Room owners receive some moderation privileges over specific chat rooms
@gparyani I think HWHH will do it when they feel they're ready.
It can probably wait until after we've got pro-temp mods; for now, network mods can probably deal with things. I want a second opinion from somebody who isn't a network mod, though. :-p
I don't mind keeping an eye on this chat too, but I'm also a network mod. I'd wait a bit with room-owners too ;)
IIRC, feeds might appoint one automatically anyways, that's what happened to me.
Does it auto-appoint if there are mods in the room?
I think so? Catija and HDE were also chatting regularly when I got mine.
9:24 PM
huh, interesting
@Tinkeringbell when you got what?
Room ownership
@Tinkeringbell You're an owner of this room?
No, that was back on IPS.
I woke up one day and was a room owner.
Oh, and for those people that mentioned feeds noise concerns: ;)
Should I add a link to the naming thing in the description?
Q: What should our comment culture be?

wizzwizz4The Stack Exchange model treats comments (on main sites) as sticky notes, used for clarification and basic interaction with the post owner. On questions: Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. and answers: Use comments to...

9:28 PM
naming thing?
@Tinkeringbell The chat room naming question.
Wait, never mind; that's what stars are for.
First star!
Oh. hope you didn't mind me doing that.
It's late, I'm forgetting manners.
Nah, it's fine.
Mod abuse between mods is AOK in my book. But maybe that's Wikipedia rubbing off on me.
Be Bold, that is. Not that I think their admins muck around with their superpowers.
:D glad to hear :)
@ifconfig congrats, this did move forward in the end, thanks in no small part to your recruitment effort.
9:38 PM
It's a little ironic we've got a question about drones when you can't go outside. How do you get the drones out of the residential area?
Hmm… Where can you fly a drone along the normal route that a car takes, at car height?
9:53 PM
@wizzwizz4 Few. Small novel written. ;)
@AEheresupportsMonica Thanks, man! I hope this becomes a thriving community. There's a lot of potential here.
@Tinkeringbell I posted a comment asking for a second volume.
@wizzwizz4 I think I answered it already? :P
Doesn't asynchronous communication give me the right not to check my inbox?
(I turned off the bleepy box that notifies me when I get a Stack Exchange notification, and have yet to adapt.)
10:05 PM
@wizzwizz4 It does. It also gives me the right to do things like this in that case though :P
That's excellent.
10:15 PM
Hello all
I hope to contribute to the beta, not an expert but quite interested in drones :)
Nice to meet you all
@DaniilManokhin This description fits me too. Welcome.

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