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5:00 AM
@OrigamiRobot I realized you weren't, I was just on a roll.
Also, 3 times.
@GnomeSlicE You implied you thought knowing about a font in a game helped play that game. Please elaborate.
@OrigamiRobot it doesn't help you play the game, its still related to the game though
@OrigamiRobot What? It has nothing to do with gameplay. But it's still the logical place for a gamer to ask.
@OrigamiRobot @GnomeSlicE sorry to butt in, but this is a good example of what I'm talking about. You two are talking across each other while a few others of us are discussing almost the same thing in parallel.
@murgatroid99 Yes, this seems to happen a lot.
Multiple discussions.
5:02 AM
I would try to write a meta post myself, but it's 1:00 AM here and I should really go to bed.
Me too.
good night all
I really fucked shit up tonight though.
6am here
@pixel The only thing I did of the things you're now attributing to me was imply that you were being a dick, which I explained. The purpose of favoring meta questions for changing policy or consensus is that it severely curbs the type of rapid-fire conversation that occurred tonight where people misattribute, misinterpret, or misconstrue what people said before they can elucidate their position.
5:02 AM
@MarkTrapp My only issue with that is that people get deleted before everyone gets to read their posts.
Goodnight Bridge.
@GnomeSlicE nn
Gameplay and story are what I consider gaming. If it's not about those, I probably think it's off-topic. This is not a binary law I go by, but it is my first thought when looking at a question's merit.
@MarkTrapp nothing that has been said tonight has changed my opinion on the policy of brick walling stuff you don't like. Strangely enough, in what - 1000 lines, you failed to clearly advise me of the scope, yet @OrigamiRobot managed to do it without even talking to me.
Getting the game to play is a good example of an exception.
@OrigamiRobot getting the game to play is gaming related imo
5:04 AM
@pixel I'm sorry I failed so horribly, but I'm glad someone was able to get through to you.
@pixel I wasn't trying to ignore you, I was just focusing on @GnomeSlicE
@OrigamiRobot You're a robot who doesn't follow binary laws?!
@pixel That's @OrigamiRobot's idea of the scope, not necessarily the site's idea of the scope - that particular topic is one that hasn't ever been clearly established.
@pixel Right, but I can see how someone would say it isn't.
@OrigamiRobot I wasn't implying that you were, I'm saying that I picked up more from reading what you said
5:05 AM
Next you'll tell us you don't follow Asimov's Three Laws, which is really scary
A: Could someone explain this joke to me?

Ian PugsleyAt it's core, this comes down to the requirement that the context of the problem be gaming, rather than the context of the question. Not understanding or wanting to know more about something can definitely be a constructive problem - not one related to gaming, but a social one or an academic on...

@IanPugsley This is why I don't VTC all those questions and if I do, I don't choose off-topic.
@MarkTrapp the fact you see it as 'getting through to me' means you severely misunderstand everything that was discussed tonight
@MarkTrapp it's almost like you see everything I say as trouble making and arguing and I see everything you say as dismissive and insulting
we should probably work on that, since I'm sure that's not your intention and its certainly not mine
@pixel Apparently, and for that I apologize again. My intention was merely to help you better understand the site's scope, not to insinuate you are a troublemaker.
5:07 AM
Just put it under misinterpretations, it's the internet, it's full of them
@pixel Like @IanPugsley said, my ideas on scope are not always in line with the site's.
@OrigamiRobot the site's "scope" and everybody elses "scope" aren't in line with each other IMO, I bought it up several times
@Alok I never said I don't follow binary laws, that is just not of of them.
@pixel This is never going to not be true.
@OrigamiRobot your explanation of it was the one that made the most sense based on the actions I've seen
@pixel Well, I'm glad I could help by not talking to you :P
5:09 AM
@fbueckert: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/76843/… How did you miss 'two use' in the title :p
People should make up their own minds and evaluate each situation themselves though, rather than following each other around like sheep... somebody linking a question followed by "VTC" shouldn't immediately result in that question dieing without people actually taking responsibility for their own actions
Maybe the system needs to give negative rep to people who VTC if the question gets reopened
@Alok You shoulda seen it BEFORE I edited it. Compared to that, "two use" is relatively normal.
Yeah I did; one giant blob o' text with no punctuation .... does punctuation cost gold in LoL tourneys??
@Alok punctuation isn't required in "L2P NOOB"
lmao so true :)
5:13 AM
@pixel I completely agree on this, which was the point I was making on the heated discussion you asked about before all of the rest of this started. RE: the losing rep for re-opening, though: completely toxic
@pixel That sentence, right there, sums up why I don't like LoL.
@OrigamiRobot I've clarified a lot of my doubts my reading explanations from various people (you, LessPop etc.). Still, I think one complaint I have that applies here is that there is no single place which gives the nuances of where to draw the line: I searched all over meta and don't see a consensus, just individual examples. And if people who are using this site & actively trying to improve face problems then that doesn't bode well for new users :/
@pixel This is just unavoidable.
@Alok Consensus rarely exists here. As I said, people are very opinionated.
@Alok The only real line comes from the FAQ. If it says it's off-topic there, it's off-topic. That isn't to say the FAQ can't change, but if it isn't specifically mentioned there, it eventually comes down to the individual's judgement.
@Alok that is actually one of the points I've been trying to make all night
er, morning
there are hints to it and general etiquette but nothing conclusive that spells it out
and if we can't find it, new users don't stand a chance
You can't find it because there isn't one. What's in the FAQ is the baseline: you learn the rest on the job.
5:19 AM
@pixel Because it's not a simple matter nor can it be simplified.
@MarkTrapp Well put.
@MarkTrapp but my point is ultimately, new users try once, get shot down with a boilerplate GTFO, and then don't come back
@pixel Where is the GTFO you are referring to?
@OrigamiRobot I've read the entire FAQ (and, way earlier than my badge indicates, you don't get 'Analytical' by scrolling down and must click each link). It doesn't mention anything about the font/song type questions, also the 'catalog' part is interpreted rather quickly if a question asks for a list even tangentially (i.e. how do I avoid X, what stuff does X so its easier to avoid it)
the generic off topic banner, along with sometimes multiple people adding pretty much the same in comments
@pixel I agree, and the whole terse GTFOing we do on closed questions needs to stop. Either take the time to help new users, or—if you can't or are unwilling—let someone else.
5:21 AM
wasn't intended as a literal GTFO
@MarkTrapp there isn't really a method of doing that without inviting them to chat, without turning it into a discussion on a website that doesn't promote discussion
Q: will the new eve and twitch changes make them viable in high level tournaments?

peeps625After testing eve and twitch on the PBE they seem pretty good, but do you think they will ever be viable and show themselves in high reward tournaments like IPL. Or will they still be a too risky, "must be fed" picks. then forgotten again. I know twitch has been seen in tournaments but it almost ...

Could this have been handled better?
There are going to be instances where it couldn't, @OrigamiRobot
@pixel Helping a user understand why their question got closed in chat, meta, and in comments is not the type of discussion that's referred to when people say SE isn't for discussions. Discussion questions = bad, discussing the site with new users = good
The point is, there are currently instances where it could have as well, I flagged them and they've been deleted
@OrigamiRobot Agree with that close.
Q: How can I identify games that use Pando Media Booster, and is there a workaround to download the installer without it?

AlokI was looking to install Elsword (an F2P game) to try later; and discovered that it uses what is basically a customized bittorrent client, Pando Media Booster, to help with the installation download. After some searching, I've also found that PMB is used in several other F2P games such as LoL, ...

5:23 AM
@pixel I am not saying that one question is a reflection on the site as a whole. I was just wondering on your opinion.
@Alok I was asking more about the way the user was communicated to.
@OrigamiRobot my opinion in that instance is that it's obviously off topic - to fix that you need to ask why a new user who turned up as part of a competition sponsored by stack exchange has no clue of what this site is about. The problem began before the user came to us in this instance.
This one, I did ask 'which games use ...' in the title which caused a kneejerk reaction - but if you see the description, I am asking for a pointer to some list (on an external site would be fine) and main focus of the ques. wasn't about any sort of list
@OrigamiRobot Ah, nvm then :)
sssooooo....got me another legendary :p
@spugsley Damn you! Which one now??
Also - I got Natalya's Gaze so there!
@spugsley ...You can't even kill Belial yourself! Where do you keep finding them!?
5:25 AM
@fbueckert lmao
@Alok not good - two handed sword, low dps. Sultan of the sinking sand it's called, I think. It does have move speed though
@pixel What I am getting at is I recognize there is a large problem with new user experience, I just dont really have a good idea on how to properly solve the issue.
@fbueckert I got a natalya's gaze pre-patch (ie: when I was still playing) from a white trash mob in act 1 in new tristram
@Alok that's the weird part, I get them from random ass places. The last one I found in a sacrificial head basket. This one was off a treasure goblin which makes a little more sense
@spugsley Mine is actually useful; except that has the lowest possible value of Dex on it >_<
5:26 AM
@Alok NICE!
@Alok :(
@OrigamiRobot having a defined scope that isn't stored in people's heads would be a good start
and maybe not tucking it away behind some size 8 font heading somewhere would be a second start
@fbueckert May I suggest farming the Watch Tower in the Northern Highland. I have found two legendaries there
@pixel The largest issue being people not understanding that closure is not a horrible thing that means we hate you.
@spugsley Mm. MORE farming. Like I haven't done enough of that.
@spugsley That was @fbueckert asking you; as for me - I know lacuni bracers was off a random skel summoner; and I saw natalya after an elite fight so probably a random elite drop, there were other whites in the area too.
5:27 AM
and maybe not immediately VTC on everything that should be closed, bad wording/minor off topicness can still be answered
@OrigamiRobot "Closed as off topic" is hostile to anybody not familiar with the way Stack Exchange works
in fact, just "Closed"
@pixel No. No. No. Closed is not a permanent state.
especially 5 minutes after the question has been asked
we know this
you know this
I know this
@pixel So we should leave bad questions open to garner even worse answers? Nuh uh.
Somebody who landed here from Google or Bing or whereever does not know this
@fbueckert Leaving stuff open for a couple of hours even is not going to end the world
@pixel I think that also sends the wrong message.
5:29 AM
@spugsley You farm watch tower with a DH? What do you do about fast mobs (esp. with shielding etc.)
@pixel Leaving open bad questions that are a) against site policy or b) REALLY badly written are broken windows. They just encourage more of the same.
@Alok I have a shit ton of DPS. Act 1 Inferno is balls easy for me
@fbueckert really badly written questions, sure
@fbueckert "against site policy" - what does this mean? Do you mean "scope"? In which case it isn't written down so nobody cares. You might, new users don't.
I was wiz and popped up Hydra on other side of door; and stupid mortar elites don't even die easily ... wondering if latest patch changed how Hydra works when summoner is sitting safely outside the room :(
@spugsley How much dps?
The biggest issue is we need a good way to actively communicate how the site works before the windows get broken.
5:30 AM
@pixel Off topic, such as the one @OrigamiRobot linked above. That LoL one that invites discussion.
Leaving those questions open just encourages more users to post stuff like that.
But at the same time, there's the whole horse and water deal.
@fbueckert discussion may result in a valid answer, "we like good answers" - I'm sure I've seen that somewhere around here
"Well, you left that one alone. Why did you close mine!?"
@fbueckert if it goes wrong after an hour or so, at least the person who asked the question has visited the site multiple times and may still stick around
@pixel But the site itself is not the place for these discussions.
5:32 AM
@fbueckert shunning users within seconds of their arrival will nearly always result in them leaving, badly worded or off topic questions are not indicative of the quality of the user in all cases.
@pixel See, that's the thing. It doesn't go wrong later. It's wrong right away.
@pixel We spelled out the rules for the LoL contest, in an abbreviated form. We're still getting bad questions.
@fbueckert didn't do a very good job of it then did you
1 min ago, by OrigamiRobot
But at the same time, there's the whole horse and water deal.
@Alok something like 70k for my guarenteed first crit hit and then pushing 45k regular
2 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
But at the same time, there's the whole horse and water deal.
5:33 AM
@pixel Why is it automatically our fault? Why isn't it the new user's fault?
@fbueckert try that sentence the other way around, why is it automatically the users fault, why can't it be our fault?
@fbueckert as a programmer, have you ever asked the question "Well why did the user do that?"
Whether or not it's our fault shouldn't stop us from building a better new user experience.
@OrigamiRobot That, I agree with.
@fbueckert So assigning blame is pointless :P
@pixel Always. Usually before I smack them upside the head for trying something that stupid. :P
5:37 AM
@fbueckert the reason the user did that, is because you - as the programmer - let them. If you don't want the user to do that, you shouldn't have let them.
@OrigamiRobot I blame you for saying assigning blame is pointless.
@OrigamiRobot True enough.
Sure, it can't be translated to this situation 100%, but the sentiment is still there
@MarkTrapp I blame @spugsley in order to troll ping her.
@pixel You assume a programmer can think of and account for every single decision a user can make.
5:38 AM
@fbueckert If you don't design something that intricately then that's still your fault
@pixel That is pretty unreasonable...
@OrigamiRobot you obviously haven't read the FAQs. @Wipqozn is to blame
@OrigamiRobot yes, but truthful and factual
@pixel There's usually maybe a half dozen programmers. And usually two or three times that many users.
There's absolutely no way for a programmer to account for everything.
@fbueckert and this brings me to my point: Think like a user and you will be able to work out what most of the problems are
5:40 AM
@pixel No, it doesn't have to be someone's fault.
the users in this instance are new users, their first instinct is not going to be to read the FAQ
Civilization collection 82% off on Steam right now.
most people don't read manuals when they pull their new toy out of the box
@pixel You're not arguing your point very well. You're basically saying I have to think of and account for everything every last person can or will do.
@fbueckert Nope, just react more gracefully than 'its the users fault'
5:41 AM
@pixel And at the same time, we can't force the manual upon them.
I can barely keep track of myself, let alone thirty million users.
@fbueckert do you never stop and just play around with something you've written?
@pixel Where have I ever said it's the user's fault? You're misconstruing what I'm saying.
@pixel All the time. I test to the best of my ability, and within reason.
So you test it from the point of view of "its designed to this X"
that's not what I asked :P
and your comment already went off the top of the page and I've lost the will to care that much
@pixel Speaking from experience, it is very hard to identify problems with anything you had a hand in creating. Not only because you want it to work perfectly.
5:43 AM
Within reason doesn't include, "Throw a valid number in this field, put something non-valid in this field, dance a jig, headbutt your co-worker, and submit, and it crashes."
@fbueckert that's what the user does
@pixel And you expect a programmer to be able to account for that?
Do I expect a programmer to be able to have the insight to look at what they've created and go "hmmm, what if a user tries to populate this field AND this field?" - YES.
@fbueckert More like account for every variation of jig.
You're one of those users who expects everything to work perfectly, all the time, with no excuses whatsoever, even when you deliberately tried to break it.
5:45 AM
@fbueckert If I deliberately try to break something and it explodes in less time than it takes to open the application, then yes, I have a problem with that
@pixel Cmon, this is an oversimplification and isn't really getting us anywhere.
@pixel I'd never release something that broke that easily.
@fbueckert If I go completely off the wall and break something after randomly mashing on stuff for ages then I will submit a bug report like a more advanced user
but the analogy works well, user arrives here and raises a question which gets closed in less time than it took to write the question
That means there is an issue, and yes the user maybe shouldn't have done that but neither should we
@pixel I don't agree with that analogy at all; you're simplifying the issue.
Even if one finds 99% of the problems, a user will find that other 1%. They do not know about all the painstaking troubleshooting that went into fixing all the problems that were found. They only see the problem they found.
5:46 AM
Many instances of VTC on questions that don't even have a comment explaining why - do you find that acceptable? Is that the user's fault?
I don't know how the delete system works - if anybody can see gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/76823/wonder-mail-algorithms/… - do you think the 'answer' to that 'question' is good?
@pixel Some questions are obviously unacceptable; such as asking where to find a rom, or a barely concealed rant about controller sensitivity. Those users are just looking for a place to vent or pirate stuff, and this is the wrong place for that.
Can we please be done assigning fault?
@OrigamiRobot ...Am I assigning fault? I thought I was just arguing my side.
@fbueckert those people are equivalent to your 'non-users' in the programming example, randoms who aren't the target user who are just trying to cause trouble. I'm not defending their rights at all
And that's a serious question; I'm really curious as to if I am assigning fault or not.
5:49 AM
@fbueckert I am talking to whoever my comment applies to.
@OrigamiRobot Well, YOU'RE no help. :P
@fbueckert I'm not sure either of us are, probably another misinterpretation based on the example I was using
@fbueckert NO U
@pixel No, it's terrible. Which is why it was flagged, downvoted to hell, had delete votes, and was ultimately deleted.
@OrigamiRobot NO UR MOM!
...Oh, jeez. I just made a mom joke. For the first time ever.
I think it's time I went to bed and cry myself to sleep.
5:50 AM
severely overly pedantic I know
@pixel Now you're just trying to start something :P
@OrigamiRobot hey its not like I'm calling Canadians American or anything
@pixel The close reason is the explanation. We don't do anyone favors by clumsily repeating the close reason in comments just to say we commented on a closed question
@MarkTrapp that's not user friendly, you'll never catch the users who could have made valid contributions by shunning them like that
@pixel It's not user friendly the system explains why a question is closed? You'd rather it say nothing?
5:52 AM
@pixel But it isn't shunning them.
"The system" gives a boilerplate message that occasionally doesn't even match the reason why it should have been closed, why are you trying to rely on such a system?
That is where the problem lies.
@OrigamiRobot not from your point of view maybe, gamers like to win, you make them lose, that's shunning
@pixel If people are closing questions for the wrong reasons, that's not a fault of the system. That's an education problem.
@pixel We can't be expected to fix that perception.
5:55 AM
@pixel Gamers do like to win. And if they get a game over, they usually try again.
@fbueckert gamers getting game over within minutes of starting with a generic message don't try again in most cases
beat that, it has no instructions
@pixel Idea! We implement a game-like tutorial for new users! We introduce extra mechanics as they "level up".
have fun, let me know once you finish or give up
rename reputation to experience points
for great victory
Q: What level does the winner start on?

Alvin ReyesThere's a game play question in here, promise. Back in the 90's my friends and I followed these gaming etiquette "rules" for queuing up to play Street Fighter II and other fighting games. Not sure how much has changed or if this was standard elsewhere Challenger typically to joined in: If the...

Q: If I'm playing Diablo 3 without a mouse can I Identify items?

OkrubIf I'm playing Diablo 3 without a mouse, how can I Identify items?

@Lazers ...How do you play D3 without a mouse at all? I can't even fathom it.
5:57 AM
@pixel Commenting for the sake of saying "I commented" on a close question with a rehash of what the close reason already says is, to me, like that annoying friend who sees the game over screen and tells you "Hey dude, you lost." To me, I'd much rather my friend just keep his mouth shut.
Now, if my friend was willing to help me figure out why I immediately died, then awesome. Which I don't think anyone is arguing against: if someone wants to mentor a user, awesome. But leaving a one-off comment is next to useless
@MarkTrapp do you think its perfectly acceptable for a question to get to 'Closed' stage with no comments or indication on how to resolve the problem?
something that isn't a FAQ - since people don't read walls of text ever - takes a specific mentality to do that
@pixel Yes. Because closures are meant to prevent a question from getting activity until its issues can be resolved.
They're not a punishment. We can do better in explaining that once a question gets closed.
We should explain it better, because while you don't see them as a punishment in the current state they could easily be seen as one
especially if all the user gets is a system generated message
(yes I know its not completely system generated, they don't)
We should make sure the reason that we're voting to close a question for is actually correct
6:02 AM
I don't think anyone intentionally votes to close for the wrong reasons, or if some people do, they are definitely vastly overshadowed by the people who don't. That doesn't mean mistakes don't happen.
I'm not saying people intentionally vote questions closed in a malicious manner
Sure its possible, I just don't see people like that ever getting the rep to be able to though
Then I don't understand the point of saying people should make sure the reason they're voting to close a question is correct: of course they're doing that. People sometimes make mistakes because they're human
Because as you say, it doesn't mean mistakes don't happen - thus "make sure the reason they're voting to close a question is correct" is perfectly valid
@MarkTrapp Robots too.
The only way it wouldn't be valid to double check your work is if you never make mistakes
But it was also aimed at the mob closing 'VTC please' where people assume that the person initiating the vote got it right
6:05 AM
@OrigamiRobot A likely thing for a robot trying to embed himself into the indigenous population before killing all humans would say
@MarkTrapp @Ullallulloo - No, most robots do not. I was built with a spleen for the specific purpose of having it removed. This was done to develop a sympathetic bond with humans. – OrigamiRobot Feb 3 at 20:42
@pixel One of the things I like about Stack Exchange, and why I've spent a lot of time here, is assuming good faith is embedded into the culture. If we stop trusting people to do the right thing and stop assuming people are thinking before acting, the whole idea of human-powered community moderation seems to break down.
I don't think characterizing community moderation as mob rule is a great way to figure out how we can improve the rough edges with respect to new users.
@MarkTrapp one of the things I'd like to think we have established this morning at least is that there is some inconsistency - it's not saying that the whole system is broken, just that not everybody is singing from the same page
waaaaaait - mob rule?
like mafia?
not what I meant
@pixel No, the sense of the word you meant: moderation by mob/pack/hive mentality
6:10 AM
@pixel There's no need for everyone to be on exactly the same page, as it'd be an impossible feat, like herding cats. That's why everything requires multiple people to directly or indirectly sign off on. Closures can be reversed. Comments can be deleted. Posts can be edited.
herding cats is easy, fish on a stick
I do think actually outlining the scope in a single place with some examples wouldn't hurt though, perhaps drawing on the history
But again, as you say, it would just get discussed to death, which is probably why there isn't one already
I think this question needs amending/deleting in some way, it's one I found while looking for examples:
Q: What's the most complete/stable Commodore 64 emulator you've found?

gnovice Possible Duplicate: Where can I find mature and feature-complete emulators? I'm looking for a good C-64 emulator (preferably free) to put on a Windows laptop. I had one on an old computer years ago (I don't recall which one), but it seemed a bit buggy. Any suggestions?

It links off to a possible duplicate that has been deleted
However that question does hint at what I meant by 'delaying the close'
If you notice, it was left open 10 days, during which time it gained multiple valid answers
7:00 AM
Q: missing jiub's opus page 9

JosieDoes jiub's opus page 9 eventually reappear? It's not anywhere in the maze tower or on the floor of the maze tower, not near the portal, not anywhere around the chest at the top or in the chest and it's not on the ground on the outside of the tower. Been looking for days. Left Soul Cairn and came...

1 hour later…
8:23 AM
Minecraft Migrated Account Session Vulnerability: gist.github.com/3115176
A: What type of armor should I use as a thief?

Ravn StormrunnerLet’s just end the Skyrim assassin build armour debate once and for all, I won’t give monetary values as it is recommended that you keep all the armour pieces because getting extra’s if you lose any is EXTREMELY difficult especially with the advanced sets (Nightingale; Guild Master’s and Ancient ...

So, how to format this answer such that it's not a giant wall of text?
I've added in the line breaks, but that doesn't seem to help much
bullet points on each of the armors?
Hmm, good idea
But you can't have two sets of lists to appear separate without some hax between them
@YiJiang <p/>?
But the spacing is too big
Actually, <p> works better, hmm
Look better?
8:46 AM
@YiJiang yes
@YiJiang How about now?
@QAdp should you remove the "Linwe's" from the items other than the first so it follows the same scheem?
@YiJiang huge wall of text but nicely formatted
@QAdp Ha, much better
second table is slightly out of alignment though
oh it was @QAdp that did the table :p
8:58 AM
Yeah, I tried the list idea. Seems okay, but I think the table is better
table is a lot of hitting space but is worth the effort
Q: How do I trade damage effectively?

Jenny NguyenEspecially as an AD Carry in bottom lane. It's really difficult to understand how/why/when to do it.

@Blem Obviously
9:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I wish I had more upvotes to give your answer.
10:04 AM
Guys shouldn't be burned?
Q: Disable leaves spawn in mincraft technic pack 6.1.1

SleepyI am playing technic pack 6.1.1 and i am building my house out of logs and bricks, now from time to time the logs spawn leaves next to them, they are all chopped down and replaced but the leaves keep coming back. Does anybody know how i can disable this?

14 questions on a super subjective topic that can be summarised by just using the game tag fits all the of the requirements for burning
oh, Binding of Isaac
Am I just really really tired or is this incomprehensible?
Q: What PC First person shooter game is really sad?

SauliusI have written here was whether such a game, and offered me a "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". I asked that I would play that should, that is and I wrote much the same way: What the PC first person shooter game is really bad? I'm sorry, I did not at first use are the required word. Now I thought th...

10:30 AM
ANGEL ROOM! ...in Womb 2 T_T
sigh.I can't beat Isaac in 2 hits. I just can't :(
Not at the first try, no matter how much DPS I make and how much slowing effects I have
Maybe I should try for a secret room
... unicorn
is invulnerability.
I guess this a forced goodbye, Belial.
yeah, dead
the tiniest of tears first and then its 8 direction attack
Q: How to counter 12 year olds in Modern Warfare 3?

ShikiThis question may sound a bit stupid, but I guess everyone who played (or plays) MW3 knows what I mean. Kids tend to grab the most OP guns in the game, like Akimbo ones, or MP9. I wouldn't mind if the guns were balanced. But that's not the case. They can hit you easily on mid-distance with an ...

@Lazers don't play the game with strangers?
10:53 AM
@QAdp are you here?
what can I do for you?
:) would you be able to action meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/q/4976/27134?
it's a merge, not a synonym
Sorry to bother you guys, but, anyone on who can buy Steam games in USD as well as a USD Paypal account and have two minutes!?
10:54 AM
@WilliamHilsum there are not many people around at the moment
@pixel Yeah, I think I left it too late :( Just got a few hours and quite a load of savings :( I know some people from other countries can buy in USD, so, was just crossing my fingers!
11:09 AM
Q: How can I buy Scout rifle as Secondary Weapon in Counter Strike 1.6?

vincent mathewI am not sure but I think I saw a video in which the player had a secondary weapon other than the Pistols. I tried to buy the weapons, but it only adds to primary weapon. Is there any way that I can have Carbine as primary and Scout rifle in secondary together? Thanks

/via b3ta
11:27 AM
11:42 AM
Q: Creating a story and deploying it with Portal 2 Authoring Tools

Christian IvicevicFinding out about the editor for custom testchambers I was thinking about the possibilities it might offer. So I want to know whether one can only create chambers without any plot/story/dialog or whether you can (probably by using other tools) add interaction with NPCs, GLaDOS or something else. ...

Q: Minecraft mods for playing online?

Let_Me_BeAre there any non-cheating mods that can be used when playing online? I'm interested in some useful client side mods.

12:00 PM
Right now I'm just going to say some random stuff
so that the animated gif scrolls off my screen
because man, that thing is annoying after 40 minutes
In other news, we could fix any possible SE problems by electing ronnie as overlord
we had our chance, and we blew it
@QAdp If a user posts a question in a foreign language I can understand, is it appropriate to address them in that language and tell them why we need to use English or should I just use English?
or I guess I could just translate it...
Not sure what the best course of action is here.
@Sterno Hi, I shall aid you in your gif pushing.
Q: Downloaden van Apps op mijn mobiel Samsung Wave II S 8530

user29276Ik probeer via de site van Samsung Apps te dowloaden naar mijn mobiel. Gisteren lukte dit meteen ( na de juiste instelling van de site ) en vandaag krijg ik bestendig " wachtwoord niet juist foutcode 3007. Dit wachtwoord is hetzelfde als voor mijn email programma en dit werkt perfect. Ik heb zelf...

Q: Operation flash point red river

SouravI'm playing Operation flash point red river in offline mode but can't save any progress. Is there any work around or is it must to play the game online only ?

12:17 PM
@Lazers mod rec, off-topic
@Lazers also off-topic (the user is asking about problems with downloading apps from the Samsung website to his mobile phone)
in Dutch, no less
LA Noire is only $5
It's so hard not to buy it at that price, even though I have no clue if I would like it.
@StrixVaria From what I hear, it's worth that, but I haven't played it yet. I only just picked it up myself the other week.
I'm having a lot of fun with the investigation missions in TSW, and from what I hear it's got to be at least mildly similar to those.
@FAE I'm pretty sure that our policy is to have everything in English, so I would say you shouldn't leave anything in another language if you can translate it correctly
@murgatroid99 I left a comment in English and Dutch explaining that our policy is to have everything in English and that it's not the right site anyway. Should I go ahead and translate it then?
12:26 PM
> We see you're currently logged into the Steam desktop app. Would you like to remotely install your games onto this machine?
That's kind of creepy.
@FAE I think so. It's better if everyone can read it so we can all judge the content of the question
By the way, is anyone writing a meta question for the discussion from yesterday? I will write one, but not if there already is one
Also, for those who haven't seen yet, two MLP season 3 songs were released at Comic-Con:
Spoilers. Obviously.
Start a DR Fetus run to measure bosses' healths in bombs, pick up tick without thinking about it.
@QAdp well, tick sets boss's health to 85%, so you can still kind of measure it
but is it really 85% precisely?
also I just lost count vs peep :(
starts over
12:31 PM
@QAdp According to the wiki, that's what it does. I can't vouch for it
@QAdp I guess you could test it once you measure the bosses' health
Q: In BF3, can you steal a vehicle that has enemy players in it?

John BubriskiA friend told me that he saw a video of someone piloting an enemy transport chopper full of enemies (The enemy pilot had bailed out or something). He then proceeded to crash the chopper, getting kill points for all the enemies inside (and probably a suicide too). Is this possible, or was my fri...

The answers on this question makes me facepalm so hard
@murgatroid99 Translated.
@YiJiang Wow, did they really post all in bold?
38 mins ago, by FAE
@QAdp If a user posts a question in a foreign language I can understand, is it appropriate to address them in that language and tell them why we need to use English or should I just use English?
@FAE Good question, I'd say just translate it to English and explain if he reverts it or asks for a reasoning
Provided you do want to put in the work to translate it
@QAdp I ended up leaving a comment in both languages and translated the question to English.
12:48 PM
I'm getting incongruhent readings
Q: Should we allow questions asking to identify non-game elements in games?

murgatroid99Last night in chat we had a spirited discussion about whether to allow questions that ask to identify elements of a game that do not directly relate to gameplay or story, such as fonts or songs. This was prompted mainly by this question, but questions such as this one about Portal 2 were also bro...

wait why is my damage 2?!
I have Fetus, Mom's heels, Spirit of the Night, Breakfast and the Doctor's Remote. And mom's pearl. None of these change damage
The only thing I can think about is one range down pill
@QAdp does damage even do anything when you have fetus?
@murgatroid99 It's this kind of questions that's making me tear-count
@QAdp you start that challenge with 2 damage (and 2 of everything for that matter)
12:55 PM
oh okay.
1:14 PM
so, uh. Black monstro takes 67 4-damage hits to go down. Regular monstro takes 5 bombs. It wouldn't be too far off to say that a color version gets you one third extra health
50 × 4/3 = 66.66666666666666666
Q: Should we allow questions asking to identify non-game elements in games?

murgatroid99Last night in chat we had a spirited discussion about whether to allow questions that ask to identify elements of a game that do not directly relate to gameplay or story, such as fonts or songs. This was prompted mainly by this question, but questions such as this one about Portal 2 were also bro...

Q: Are there any keyboard hotkeys for any of the commands (clickable buttons) in the Build a Ship Screen?

EnderThe Game is Master of Orion 2, any keyboard hotkeys that can be used to assist someone in designing the plans for a spaceship?

that would put a 2-damage bomb at 10 4-damage hits
you were interested in the mechanics, and hopefully I've explained it well enough so that you can, without having to be all technically minded. I'd appreciate your feedback, as someone who doesn't have a bunch of computer programming expertise.
1:47 PM
Hmmm, there's a Steam flash sale for a game that's not in my region
I see Civ collection, Painkiller and Theatre of War
@EBongo, been playing some Infamous 2 on my PS3 in the evenings lately. I may deign to play some Diabloz this evening though, if you think you are likely to be around.
2:03 PM
crashes through the door. Yup, have to break it again.
2:16 PM
@Lazers just to make sure the people who cared see this question, @GnomeSlicE, @OrigamiRobot, @pixel, @MarkTrapp, @Alok you guys might want to voice your opinions on this
2:32 PM
@murgatroid99 Oi, is this still going?
@GnomeSlicE I thought it needed a meta question, so I asked one
@murgatroid99 Excellent. Link?
@GnomeSlicE the one I replied to
@murgatroid99 Derp, missed that.
2:48 PM
Q: Given a choice, should I plant sunflowers or sun-shrooms?

Steve V.In the early levels, a solid economic foundation of sunflowers is the key to an effective garden. In Act 2, it gets dark, and you start acquiring mushrooms. One of them is the sun-shroom, which gives little suns at first and fullsize suns later. I don't want both, because that's one less slot for...

Q: Does mirror images cancel each other?

Jim ThioThere are 2 ways to get mirror image as wizard in diablo 3 Mirror image Teleport (with mirror image after effect). Every time I cast normal mirror image, the mirror image from teleport goes out. I sometimes do this quickly to make sure that the teleport mirror images doesn't go out simply beca...

2:59 PM
@QAdp Q.U.B.E. is on sale now at 75% off: store.steampowered.com/app/203730/?snr=1_4_4__sfs

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