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12:27 AM
Q: Electron transference during ionisation

GraceThis is a quote from my textbook: The irregular trend in the first ionisation enthalpy of 3d lmetals,can be accounted for by considering that the removal of one electron alters the relative energies of 4s and 3d orbitals. So the unipositive ions have dn configuration with no 4s electrons.Ther...

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2:44 AM
@GuruVishnu got it. No worries :)
Hello! Could someone please tell me the IUPAC name of Benzyl chloride? Wiki says the preferred one is chloromethyl benzene. I get this. But my book says it's chlorophenyl methane. I'm not getting this. Have they taken the molecule as a derivative of the side chain? Please help me. Thanks :)
3:15 AM
Q: How is this question off-topic?

DDD4C4UWhat does it mean to 'fuse' ores? I think I was pretty precise of what I didn't get and still the question was closed for being offtopic... what is the logic behind it?

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4:53 AM
@Mithoron Thank you for your reply :). I understood your point. And thanks for sharing the manual.
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6:40 AM
@user8718165 Sometimes, we might have two or more different IUPAC names for a particular compound without defying any rule. This is where Preferred IUPAC name is used to avoid ambiguity.
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8:13 AM
@GuruVishnu okay. Thanks a lot for your reply :)
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1:08 PM
Someone could do me a huge favour and check whether I haven't made a mistake in this calculation: How to calculate the partial pressure of oxygen in this mixture of oxygen and argon? Thanks very much!
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4:39 PM
:53529503 Well, that's what I said...
Oh, why did you delete?
Nevermind, this computer was set to German decimal comma, so I got wrong results.
Haha, I was struggling with that same problem O.o
And when using medieval witchcraft units like mmHg, you don't notice if the results don't make sense. ;-)
I was really pissed about that, too
So, just looking at the densities, the problem should be okay.
The given mixture has a density of 19.3 g/16.2 l = 1.19 g/l.
Pure argon at the given temperature and pressure has a density of 1.3683 g/l.
Pure oxygen at the given temperature and pressure has a density of 1.0961 g/l.
Thus, there should be a certain mixture with the given density of 1.19 g/l.
@Martin-マーチン Could you check your value for R?
looks like a typo
4:52 PM
yes I will
oh yes... 3.314 ???
I guess that should be 8.314
yes, yes it should
5:23 PM
@Loong Thanks a lot, it now works.
great :-)
Also, I quoted you there ;)
I saw that. :-D
5:50 PM
A: Can fluorine act as the central atom in interhalogen compounds?

andseliskAs a practical example there is (1) a fluorine-bridged iodine structure of $\ce{[R_\text{f} - I - F - I - R_\text{f}]-}$ composition with 5-centered 6-electron bond stabilized by fluorine in the middle: Here is an isolated anionic part of tris(diethylamino)sulfonium bis((perfluorophenyl)iodo)...

That's^ seriously cool (or perhaps hot ;))
6:42 PM
@Mithoron 5c-6e-hypervalent sigma bond mix and match the buzzwords ;)
And now someone please analyse it in terms of the charge shift bond. PLEASE!
7:02 PM
Heh, guys had some headscratcher there ;)
@Martin-マーチン I wager that F is more of a bridging ligand then "central atom" there
same difference ?!
Yeah, pretty much :D

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