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12:24 AM
Q: Can a fiance sleep at his in-law's?

yO_Seems to be a minhag that a fiance shall not sleep at his future in-law's house. Even just as a guest for one night. And obviously, even if there is no problem of yichud. Is there a reference in posqim about this minhag?

12:45 AM
Q: Oil in Shabbos Candles Caught Fire - What to Do?

JakeMy wife recently switched from using wax candles to oil in glass cups when lighting for Shabbat. The cups were about half water, half oil. She put some floating wicks in and lit them the way she normally lights. About 20 minutes later, the entire surface of the oil cup was on fire, and spitting t...

9 hours later…
9:22 AM
Q: Is there a minimum amount of time for Shabbat candles to stay lit?

DanFMost wax Shabbat candles that I have seen tend to stay lit approximately 4 hours. Some, I've seen stay lit closer to 6 hours. Is there a reason as to why these candles last for that time? Can one use Chanukah candles (which stay lit for about 30 - 45 minutes)? Or, is there a minimum amount of ti...

9 hours later…
6:08 PM
Q: Second Mi Yodeya Answerathon!

DonielFFor those who missed it: This program was first proposed here; the first round took place here; and the changes to the competition for this round were discussed here. Welcome to the second Mi Yodeya answerathon! If you're new here, welcome, and if this is your second round, make sure to stick ...

2 hours later…
8:05 PM
@Meta-Man Last time around, the consensus was to tie the Answerathon to Behab, but mbloch raised the concern that those who are involved in the siyum might not be able to post so frequently. Is this a concern shared by more of the community, and I should delay this round a bit more? Or should we push ahead with it as planned?
8:22 PM
@DonielF I'm going back and forth about this in my head, and my conclusion is to suggest that if you're game, you should just do it and see how it goes. It'll end roughly as quickly as participation is low, so the marginal cost and marginal benefit are correlated. You can then decide how and how soon to hold the next iteration based on how long this one goes on.
(There's fixed (WRT contest participation) cost, too, but the more times you iterate this contest, the lower the fixed cost will be, due to practice and copy-pastability.)
@Isaac WRT?
@DonielF Sorry. With respect to
It’s also because of issues like there’s that I added the public Answerathon
@DonielF There could well be some synergy between that and the siyum, i.e. people dredging up old questions to point to them for the siyum, noticing they're not answered, and feeling equipped and motivated to answer them due to being current on the source material.
3 hours later…
11:38 PM
Before I spread this more broadly, I'd welcome feedback from our community. I'm not all that experienced with putting together appeals.
11:49 PM
@MonicaCellio are you planning to add an in-case-of-overflow clause?
@IsaacMoses just did a moment ago. It's vague now because I haven't yet identified a charity.
@IsaacMoses thank you! I take it that means it looks good to you?

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