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12:09 AM
that's such a strange question
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1:27 AM
Q: Custom close reason for clearly off-topic questions

ankiiFor questions like this (not calling out, it's just recent and an apt example) . . How can I read faster? . . and comments like these . . I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question is not related to interpersonal skills. . . which: vary user-to-user and are n...

2:19 AM
@ElizB I saw your profile picture and it reminds me that I have Ghostery off..
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4:47 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan i think reading
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8:54 AM
Q: What terms can be used to state orientation / preferences towards cis or trans?

Jayne DoughWhat terms can be used for cis/trans preference that is equivalent to gay/straight/bisexual for gender preference (or more accurately, equivalent to gynephile/androphile)? Example usage: What terms would you use when defining the orientation of a male attracted only to trans males, or a female a...

@ankii my flag window looks like this
being the blantatly off-topic reason a standard one for every site when custom flags are not filled in.
A: Why are there two different close reasons for questions that aren't about the site's topic?

Glorfindel♦ moderators have the option to create up to three custom off-topic close reasons*. One of them might or might not be a general 'not in scope' close reason. On the other hand, the "blatantly off-topic" close reason is a system-generated one. Because of the flexibility, the system cannot 'detect'...

9:14 AM
@CaldeiraG ohh I see something interesting. I have <3000 rep on Apple and > 500 rep on IPS.
9:24 AM
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@ankii Right, what that means? :p
On Travel.SE i have 107 rep and I see the blatantly off-topic flag and I see the same on Superuser with 2035 rep
@CaldeiraG that I can decide off-topic and close vote or reopen questions on IPs, not on Apple.
You can't, on either ^^'
Guess my question needs some updates.
9:53 AM
Anyone ever heard of "woorank" woorank.com ?
no.. but familiar with SEO techniques and Amazon site listing.
10:10 AM
@ankii I know why you suggested that edit, but please remember that closed posts may go through the reopening reviewing queue only once. If we accept your (valuable and needed) phrasing edit and then OP comes and edit their post to make it on topic, it won't go through the reviewing queue again and chances are it won't get reopened, unless they raise a mod flag.
@avazula ah thanks.. I had thought about it a few times.. never went up to search on meta etc. will keep in mind.
@ankii I'll try to find one of the meta posts that discuss it :)
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12:24 PM
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Fixed. :P
@AJ You cheat, you have extra power! :p
I missed Joke of the Friday on Friday, so here is the one for Monday. ;P
in The Screening Room, Sep 19 at 12:05, by A J
> Timmy : I'm Hungary.
Mum : Why don't you Czech the fridge.
Timmy : Ok, I'm Russian to the kitchen.
Mum : Hmm...maybe you'll find some Turkey.
Timmy : Yeah, but its all covered in Greece. Yuck !
Mum : There is Norway you can eat that.
Timmy : I know, I guess I'll just have a can of Chile.
Mum : Denmark your name on the can.
Timmy : Kenya do it for me?
Mum : Ok , I'm Ghana do it.
Timmy : Thanks, i'm so tired Iran for an hour today.
Mum : It Tokyo long enough.
Timmy : Yeah, Israelly hard sometimes !
lmao :p
Travel.SE chat would be more appropriate for that joke :p
12:40 PM
I wanted to post a joke too, but... hum... let's just say that the one I have now might not be the more appropriate here. So have a cute puppy instead !
(yes, this was totally an excuse to post a cute picture :p )
12:56 PM
Q: What techniques I can use in conversations with my schizophrenic friend?

User2349BI have a friend who I've known for over forty years. Early on in our friendship, my frend was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and has been on medication and psychiatric care ever since. There are occasional psychotic episodes that result in them being sectioned. We 'talk' (it's mostly writt...

@ExtrovertedMainMan It took me a full minute to decide between the "friends" and the "friendship" tag and it turns out, it's the same one! ><
1:14 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I have this link who basically answer the question, but I can't post it as an answer because of copyright issues (I could only post it as a link only answer which is bad). So, should I post this link as a comment?
1:26 PM
@Ælis Oh, man, it would be awful if we had two different tags for that! :o
Well, when we type in the name of a tag, we have. The only way to know that those two tags are the same is to choose "friendship", then see it turn into "friend" when you post the edit (which is a bit disturbing until you understand what is going on)
@Ælis There are copyright issues with wikihow?
@Rainbacon I think? I tried to write an answer based only on WikiHow once and it was deleted because of copyright issues. Their copyright page is here and it seems doable to follow attribution, so maybe things have change since then?
1:50 PM
In all honesty, I wouldn't use WikiHow to back-up my answers, nothing wrong with it but better find other sources than rely on a single one
@Rainbacon I found the discussion we had about it: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/20578/…
I'm not sure an IPS answer classifies as "commercial use", though. It might be worth a meta question
That would probably be a question better asked on Meta.SE if you end up doing a meta
Yeah, I was thinking about Meta.SE, I should have been clearer ^^
2:15 PM
@ankii I approved your edit, but generally there's not much point in editing a question that is definitely off-topic without much hope of becoming on topic
2:49 PM
@Ælis well, I think the bigger issue with that was because the answer was just copy-pasting the wikihow page, not just quoting a bit of it with your own context. but I agree with @Rainbacon that meta.se would be a good place to ask about license stuff :)
another thing to consider is, if you need an entire very long article to answer a question, maybe it's too broad. (I haven't read the new one yet though, just a general note)
3:08 PM
@Ælis looks like you need to include something like the example they give for attributing credit:
> Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki that is building the world's largest and highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Tie a Tie. Content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons License.
(I'd just put it in <sup> tags somewhere). But that answer you link is basically just a copy-paste of the article...I think it's good to use quotes from the article to back up your points, but I'm not sure something like that is much better than a link-only answer
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4:15 PM
@EmC It crossed my mind that this new question might be too broad. But I'm too emotional about it to see things clearly here, so I'll other decide if it's on scope or not
4:49 PM
Hey all, I'm looking at implementing this pretty soon (sending a warning here in chat that a post is "hot" if it's had more than X comments in Y minutes). Are there any opinions on the parameters? I'm thinking I'll flag the post if there have been >=5 comments in the last 30 minutes.
5c in 1h, 10c in 2h, 20c in 5h, excluding OP comments
Err. I guess I could check all of those. But they would all be different conditions. (Why excluding OP though?)
That's a different issue. If the OP is having a back-and-forth conversation, that's different from a post attracting a lot of comments. Also, if the OP is responding generally that means that the comments were asking a question and so fine.
I can see the reasoning behind excluding OP comments, but should we really do that? For instance, if the OP got into a comment war with someone
@Rainbacon this is exactly what I was thinking. Especially on answers
4:54 PM
Having a comment war seems like it'd be worth a different alert - if the OP has left more than 3 comments in, say, half an hour, that could be a "possible argument" alert
What about a comment chain longer than X number of posts where there are only 2 users in it?
How about you just make a generic rule evaluator and then let users define rules the way we do regexes. Then if your rule gets tripped, the bot spams you with @ pings in the closet
@Mithrandir it should IMO decrease per unit time. 5 in .5 hr, 9 in 1 hr, 12, 14, 15.
@Rainbacon I did repent after editing it.
Make a retract button *—*
5:19 PM
Both of those suggestions are possible and not too difficult. We just need to decide on what we want
regex_match: true
magic_comment: false
@Rainbacon like the regexes, this'll be run with ever comment posted, but it'll be a little more expensive since it's a few db queries as opposed to just regex matching in a 300 character string (that gets ridiculously more expensive if we want to only check non-deleted comments, which--to determine--is a call to the SE api)
All that to say, I don't think it'd be good to have a huge number of these that are user controlled
5:38 PM
For what it's worth, I was mostly joking
6:05 PM
Hey @HugoZink any chance you're still going to edit your answer here, to address some of the comments and make it fit the question a bit better? :)
@scohe001 They can be changed afterwards if necessary, no?
@Mithrandir since mods get an auto-flag for 20+ comments in the last 3 days, I'd say no need to alert for >=20 (unless I'm mistaken on the conditions which is entirely possible)
Can we ping people within posts, or does that only work in comments?
Only comments.
...and chat, naturally ;)
Ah. My meta post may not get noticed, then. Which is fine, and perhaps appropriate
6:19 PM
@Upper_Case I noticed ;)
@Ælis Lol, I suppose you're active enough on meta that it wouldn't be an issue. I removed the @ anyhow, since it does nothing
7:04 PM
@Mithrandir I suppose so. Guess I just wanted something agreeable as a baseline at least
7:15 PM
Q: 2nd party supplying backup in an answer?

DaveGI recently edited another person's answer to supply backup. There had been a comment that the answer required backup, and that answer brought to mind a pretty interesting story I had heard on NPR where a black man had, over a period of years, won over a Klansman and got the guy to "hang up his h...

7:29 PM
@IntrovertedMetaMan I feel like there's probably some MSE/MSO post out there talking about "augmenting" another person's answer with your own content. But a quick google from me didn't turn anything up :/
@Tinkeringbell it kinda slipped my mind, what was the issue again?
@HugoZink See the comments, they basically want to know a bit more about your experiences ;)
With whom you've had those, for example :)
Ah well I prefer not to say too much about my gender in a public answer since that's super easy to find when you dig around, but I'll expand on the answer in a bit.
@HugoZink If it's super easy to find, why make us dig? :D
(your choice, but perhaps you can at least address the others a bit, put what you said in a nice blockquote...)
Yeah I will, no worries. Although I might not be able to until tomorrow morning (GMT+1)
Also that's not really the way I meant it
7:40 PM
Sure, but please don't wait another week :D
@HugoZink No worries, just teasing ;)
I meant that I prefer not to say too much about my gender in answers, because anyone can just click on my profile and look at my highly upvoted answers
If they look for my name externally for example
I didn't mean it like "well you can infer that if you just click through my profile so it isn't necessary"
And yeah I'll get on it soon
@HugoZink Ah :) Well, I was really just teasing anyways, we can't really force people to give up more personal details than they want too... though that makes answering on this stack a lot harder for those who won't :(!
@HugoZink Great, thanks! :D
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9:21 PM
Q: How should I (and should I) inform my parents that I no longer believe that the religion I was brought up with is the truth?

PleaseAdviseI am 15, and have always been intelligent and an independent thinker. I am also quite introverted, and may have borderline Asperger's syndrome. I live with my parents, who are members of the local (ultra) orthodox Jewish community, and they have attempted to raise me to believe in their views reg...

9:59 PM
TIL @M.A.R. is responsible for our fp's and tp's--thanks MAR! chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/44123114#44123114

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