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12:03 AM
At any rate, I must have known about the change after that 'cause I linked to rightstufanime.com in here before now, so I just forgot about it.
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1:32 AM
@Tonepoet lol, not really because all those messages are from today
the times would be in SE's local time so you was posting close to midnight for them but for me it's was still the morning
2:29 AM
@Memor-X I may have acted somewhat prematurely, and presumed that the search function would find embedded U.R.Ls. XP
@Tonepoet ahhh i see
well in those cases you're probably not looking at the url anyway
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why do they have to come up with different names between Japanese and English?
Japanese = Saitou
English = Bea
@Memor-X I think part of the idea is that Japanese names would sound exotic to English ears, when they are not really meant to be exotic within the circumstances of the story. Changing Kasumi to Misty was probably a good call in that regard, particularly since the names mean the same thing.
The other part of it is that it's kind of too late to go back on tradition. Ash, Misty, Brock and Hitomi makes it pretty clear that one of those things just doesn't belong, if you catch my drift.
@Tonepoet but they didn't have to change Ash, Misty's and Brock's names though. and it's is another world too so of-cause it'll be exotic
5:25 AM
@Memor-X Eh, I don't think that's what Pokemon was going for at the time. If you look at what most of the characters in the early series were wearing it was pretty down to earth normal clothing for the 1990s. Maybe Misty's clothes were a little skimpy, and especially so for a girl of her age, but not entirely unthinkable either and much more modest than what she wore in the games.
Besides, it was 4kids that was handling the anime at the time.
Then again I guess 4kids may not have actually devise the western names for the main characters. Which was localized first? The games or the anime?
@Tonepoet "Misty's clothes were a little skimpy, and especially so for a girl of her age" assuming ofcause that Pokemon isn't just some Coma dream of Ash's and Misty isn't just Ash's ideal girl wearing what he like to see
@Memor-X Ash is too oblivious to come up with such imagery, and I am pretty sure Misty is too tomboyish to be his ideal visage of a female.
I think he even comments upon how much prettier Giselle and Cerulean City's Sensational Sisters are near the very beginning of the show.
Giselle from The School of Hard Knocks episode.
^ Looking at her picture before they meet her.
No points for guessing why Misty looks so cross.
Another thing worth noting is that I think the first time Ash shows any interest in Misty as a girl is when she puts her hair down and wears a kimono in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak.
Aside from a demonstrated interest in more feminine and elegant women, something that is also worth nothing is that Brock doesn't lust over Misty either, so even if we play along with the notion that Ash is in a coma dream, then Brock is probably the embodiment of his libido, so Jenny and Joy are probably more along the line of Ash's ideal woman by way proxy. And yeah, Jenny is also a little tomboyish, but not to the same extent as Misty and it serves her role as a protector well.
They're more motherly figures for the Oedipus Complex.
Come to think of it though, we probably never do meet Ash's ideal girl in the anime. We never do see or even hear about Gary's sister in the anime to my recollection.
Kind of strange come to think of it. You do meet her in the games. She's the one who gives you the town map, and she goes by the name of Daisy Oak in both Pokemon Adventures and The Electric Tales of Pikachu.
6:04 AM
@Tonepoet or on the other hand Ash's libido goes out of control to all girls except for the one girl he wants to have a serious relationship
@Memor-X Perhaps, but then you have to wonder why she's the one wearing the skimpy outfit.
sorta like my head canon about Genocide Jack how people that arouses her or Toko's she want to murder but doesn't want to kill Komaru maybe because Toko and/or Jack have legit feeling for her which is why Jack would go out of her way to save her
@Tonepoet isn't the Ash is in a Coma theory center around Ash having been attacked by a bunch of Sperrow at the start of the anime. didn't Ash steal Misty's bike before that?
maybe she's the only one who has a real life appearance because he saw a glimpse of her before ending up in a coma
so all the other non Jenny/Joy women that Brock lusts over are the imagination of Ash except for Misty who he has a crush of front hat one moment
or and maybe his mum and Oak too
That theory creeps me out.
didn't Brock lust over his mum too?
@Memor-X I think it is, but I very strongly doubt that any boy could live ten years and only somehow manage to see one girl in his whole life, even in Pallet Town.
6:12 AM
@forest the Ash is in a coma theory? or my head canon about Genocide Jack?
The former.
There's also a theory like that for Rugrats.
Which I found out through a Vocaloid song lol
@forest which is debunked by All Grown Up
@forest There's a coma or death dream theory for almost everything to be honest.
@Tonepoet except Death Note
@Memor-X Oh great, I can pioneer one when I start reading it and become quasi-youtube famous. =P
6:16 AM
we all know that no one can Dream L up
@Memor-X That doesn't stop L from being the character in a coma. XD
@Proxy G'mornin'.
@Tonepoet so then we are actually seeing L's inner murderer
@Proxy morning
@Memor-X Maybe an L is dead theory works better. It'd explain why the death note defaults to heart attacks. That's what killed him. >_>
Induced by a drug overdose that explains his pale appearance and bloodshot eyes.
Or maybe Light is in part responsible for his death.
But honestly, I mostly prefer to take shows at face value.
6:26 AM
@Tonepoet no no, we know Rem was responsible because if L was to die from a sugar endued heart attack at that moment then it would have been his natural time of death for him and Misha was never in any danger of being executed
but ofcause if Light did work out L's name that would have been a legit way to kill him
Light: Look! See! i didn't kill him! the Death Note clearly says that L will die from a heart attack because of all the crap he eats!............oh fuck
The poison people willingly put into their mouths.
The salty, crispy and greasy artery clogging poison. Well, I want to eat potato chips now, but the closest thing I have in the house is salted cashews.
7:23 AM
7:55 AM
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10:58 AM
Q: Pls help me I'm tryna find an anime with specifics

Lachlan HudsonAnyone know of an anime where the main character tries to assassinate or kidnap a princess or rich girl and ends up getting kidnapped by then (and he has a special power or something like isekai no sekishj monogatari) I've always wanted to find one I'm kinda looking for something with the same k...

11:56 AM
@Tonepoet Sun and Moon Pokemon Anime right?
@Memor-X I don't know. It looks counterfeit to me. =P
@Tonepoet not entirely, after one gen which i think was Sun and Moon they changed the style while keeping Ash
so it's the same Ash but they look different
@Memor-X I know. XD
When James looks more like Officer Jenny than Officer Jenny, who can say who is the imposter? XP
12:11 PM
@Tonepoet he passes for a better than than Jessie
@Memor-X James is an experienced transvestite:
That and naturally, he already has the hair for it, more or less. Jessie's less willing to alter her hairstyle for disguises.
12:32 PM
Also, speaking of people dressing up like Jenny and Joy, if I may say so myself, this is some great cosplay by Aline and Odinia:
user image
The only thing that is noticeably different is the fact that Joy doesn't usually braid her hair, but I take it that Joy's actual hairstyle relies in part on anime physics anyway.
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4:02 PM
Q: Did Orichimaru use the real bodies of the First and Second Hokage against the Third on the rooftop?

MikiI just wanna know if it was the real bodies, if so, wouldn’t they be like skeletons??

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1 hour later…
6:28 PM
@HellButterfly @forest Hey, get in here and take a look at the new design.
1 hour later…
7:41 PM
I like it ^^
8:00 PM
definitely looks more anime-like now ^^
seems it overlaps the text alittle there though
@Dimitrimx It looks fine to me.
I'm using Firefox on Windows 10 though.
@Tonepoet seems like you are on a smaller window
Im using firefox on w10, 1920x1080
8:19 PM
On a higher resolution it seems to break quite bad.
chrome on w10, 1920x1080
Ill add it to the meta
All together, this design feels way more anime-ish :)
@Dimitrimx I must admit that my monitor is set to 720p resolution for some reason.
Yeah, I could tell. You have clouds in the shot ;p
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10:18 PM
This is what happens when you take Youmu and remove all traces of Lady Yuyuko's influence: Apparently you get Youmu Alter. Alternatively, since when did Youkai Konpaku have an affair with Brock's mom? XP
user image
I thought Youmu was all business before, but Saitou doesn't just look ready to kill like Youmu does. She looks downright furious, like she wants to kill something right now.
10:41 PM
morning allAAAH!
chat's changed again
it's now blue
@Memor-X Wait 'till you see the main site.
@Memor-X I also, I find your surprise vaguely amusing given that it was blue for years and years, and then it turns green for a few months. It's almost as if you found it was now purple! XP
@Tonepoet it's a different blue though! and also i was getting used to the green
will be curious how this looks on my laptop at home since it's screen is shit and made the green here look like shit
(note to self, get an Alienware Laptop next time)
@Tonepoet yep, saw it, nice they took the feed back and while i was not one of the people who was totally against the old one i can admit this feels more anime-y
oh wait if i had scrolled up in chat as opposed to looking in another tab i would have gotten a glimpse of the new design
@Memor-X Alienware might be a little overkill. Any laptop with an O.L.E.D. display should be fine in that regard the next time around. I think Samsung had plans to make one.
Also, J.O.L.E.D. is going to make 15 inch panels soon, so you might see some other models.
@Tonepoet yeh but if i was do ever to multiplayer gaming it'll be on the laptop. current my laptop now was just a replacement of my old one who's spacebar stuffed up. would still be using my old one had that not been the case
at the moment my laptop is juts for looking up stuff on the net/mass autodownloading yuri
(fun fact. Dyntasy Scans is getting to 25,000 "chapters", i have more because i even have the stuff they removed)
11:33 PM
11:58 PM
@Tonepoet what is the little one, a shikigami?

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