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9:22 AM
Q: Simple Arithmetic Puzzle 8. Or is it?

TheSimpliFireThis one's different to all the previous ones... \begin{align}7+53&=28\\16+6&=21\\5+19&=97\\15+8&=\,?\end{align} Can you find the value of the question mark?

2 hours later…
10:54 AM
@GarethMcCaughan far-fetched guess: POTTS
{ T(ime) (attached)to STOP(=put an end to) } anagrammed(=running) = POTTS (a group)
(Far-fetched because it anagrams a synonym which I'm guessing you wouldn't do (though I'm unfamiliar with CCCC norms) and because "group" is a terrible clue for POTTS.)
@msh210 It can't be that, because indirect anagrams are forbidden
@EricTressler see my chat post just above ^
11:22 AM
Q: 3D nonogram – The one-thousander

jafeThis is a three-dimensional nonogram. The first ten squares depict the layers of a $10\times10\times10$ cube. The final square gives the enumerations for the Z-axis, top to bottom. Some rules: If a row or column has no numbers, that means that the composition of that row/column is unknown. Note...

11:41 AM
No indirect anagrams in any of my cryptic clues.
12:22 PM
Q: An Efficient Riley

Brandon_J My prefix is for my infix. My suffix recalls a baritone or a bass. My whole is quite dreamy - what am I?

12:43 PM
Q: Chess Puzzle to calculate the minimum number of movements of pawn

susaneGiven an N×N chessboard, with two pieces, a black pawn and a white pawn randomly placed on the chessboard. What is the minimum number of steps required by the white pawn to reach the black pawn under the following assumptions? The pawns are always inside the board. The white pawn can move in ei...

And now it’s time for today’s Bad C4 Solution™️: where we note that a ROUT puts an end to a fight, and paired with our old friend Time, gives us TROUT which, as we all know, run in groups.
legit imo
alternatively we can note that dropping TROU also puts an end to running
1:02 PM
@EricTressler Thanks, by the way. I never knew what anagrams of things not in the clue were called.
I suppose that depends on context. Dropping trou in the middle of a public place is likely to start people running out of there.
1:17 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Another poor guess: T.O. (="Time!" as called in a game) + NIX (to put an end to) = TONIX (a group (company) that deals with running (the sport))
(poor because the company is not well known AFAICT & because it's not exclusive to running but about team apparel in general)
Q: Red and White Squares

OrayThere are two grid boards with the dimension of 9x9 and 14x14, consist of all white squares. You are supposed to color some squares with a red color on the conditions below: In a board, if two square has a common edge, they are neighbor squares. Every square needs to have at least 2 colored nei...

2:03 PM
Q: Defuse... It's going to blast!

Ak19You are an intelligent decoder. The FBI now needs your help to defuse a bomb. You move near it and find the following notes. You have a glance at the notes. You are now ready to decode and defuse.. What should you enter???

2:45 PM
@msh210 Nope, not that either. Sorry!
(Nor is it TROUT.)
3:39 PM
I'll jump on the bandwagon of iffy solutions: T (Time) + RAID* (a RAID puts and end to drug dealing or other such activity) = TRIAD (group)
Indirect anagram...
3:55 PM
4:24 PM
Indeed, not TRIAD, sorry.
It's about time you give some hint.
4:50 PM
This was allegedly “a nice, straightforward one”
2 days ago, by Gareth McCaughan
(of course now it'll go unsolved for the next two weeks)
cf. Gareth’s use of the word “obvious” elsewhere ;)
CCCC hint: First letter is T.
5:07 PM
@GarethMcCaughan is it T+AX+ON?
@Ankoganit Yes, it is! Well done.
CCCC: Cold drink in popular drug — it's available in bars (9)
That was quick.
Had one in stash :D
@Ankoganit CHOCOLATE
5:13 PM
Yep, that's it
now, returning briefly to an earlier theme:
CCCC: Setting where heartless pet consumes fifty men, having taken something that makes its blood pressure go up (9)
(I spent a little time wondering whether this was actually the answer to MOehm's clue, though of course it wasn't.)
5:57 PM
aww. I was afk for the clue. Not that it would have helped me as I have never seen the word taxon before hehe.
Yes, "straightforward" definitely referred the composition only.
It's not my fault if the rest of you don't know any words :-).
Oh, we just know the wrong words. (For example, I would have expected you to write ax with an e.)
6:15 PM
I would write it with an E if I were using the word normally. But in a crossword or when playing Scrabble, it's sometimes better to leave the E off despite the ugly Americanism of it :-).
I don't understand TAXON other than T. Please help.
T = time; AX = to put an end to; ON = running. ("The machine is on / running.") TAXON = group.
Okay. Now I get it. Apparently, Ax is a thing and is the same as axe. Ugh
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
@GarethMcCaughan placement
placement, where P_T contains L MEN, having contained ACE (a hole in one, which makes a golf audience's blood pressure go up, since otherwise the game is pretty much boring as heck)
Oh! ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme. That's better.
Bingo! Well done. And yes, I meant the enyzme rather than the hole in one; I doubt many pets would be excited by a hole in one. (And yes, I verified that at least some pets do indeed use ACE to regulate their blood pressure.)
8:52 PM
Maybe I'm not well-enough versed in cryptics... I thought the wordplay half doesn't have to be straight also. Meaning it's enough that "P_T" takes "ACE", even if a pet doesn't take the enzyme. No?
Yeah, I wouldn't use "it" that way (to specifically refer to a pet, even if "pet" would be the referent in a straight reading).
Anyway, I'm completely new to the CCCC (or other social solving). What do I do now, just post any valid clue of my own devising with "CCCC:" ahead of it?
Yep, that's it. No requirements other than that it be a cryptic clue.
Okay, I'll post one I posted elsewhere a while back and no one solved there ('twas the wrong type of audience):
CCCC: Two worms converging on a point (8).
The taking is part of the wordplay. But the def of ACE is "something that makes its blood pressure go up" and I don't think that would be fair if it were only something that would make your blood pressure go up. I take @Deusovi's point that it might be cleaner if that def didn't refer back to the pet, but I don't think it's wrong for it to do so.
9:03 PM
Could be a difference between British and American cryptics. I'd say that "something that makes its blood pressure go up" is invalid as a definition, because the "its" doesn't have a referent when taken in isolation, and one rule I've seen is that definitions should be something acceptable in a straight (noncryptic) crossword -- meaning that they'd have to be taken in isolation, ignoring context of the sentence.
(If you do want definitions to use context of the sentence, it seems inconsistent to also allow, say, part of speech changes between surface and cryptic reading.)
I've definitely seen that sort of informal cross-reference in cryptics in reputable UK papers, though it's not very common.
10:04 PM
Make sure to ping me with any solutions, please, as I don't plan necessarily to follow all the conversation here.
1 hour later…
11:24 PM
Q: White's last move?

shoopiYou guys have proven to be quite capable chess detectives. So here is one more mystery for you to solve: What was White's last move?


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