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7:10 AM
@marmot I think you should definitely post your answer for this: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/498432/… , may be it will create something like perspective;)
7:29 AM
@Raaja My code is too ugly. The issue is that the tikzposter class uses hardcoded distances and also makes use of the .. controls (...) and (...) .. syntax, something I never became friends with. So if I add something, then I have the choice of either writing something very shabby or rewriting some big chunks of the package.
@Raaja I never got too excited about tikzposter because there is one thing it does not allow you to do: add a tikzpicture (without nesting tikzpictures). Do you know what that means for us TikZlings? ;-)
7:47 AM
My code is too ugly. The issue is that the tikzposter class uses hardcoded distances and also makes use of the .. controls (...) and (...) .. syntax, something I never became friends with. So if I add something, then I have the choice of either writing something very shabby or rewriting some big chunks of the package. -- I see :D (but, still you should post it, if you already scripted it, because I would say there is no wrong in doing so and the code would look better than my handwriting :D)
@marmot I never got too excited about tikzposter because there is one thing it does not allow you to do: add a tikzpicture (without nesting tikzpictures). Do you know what that means for us TikZlings? ;-) --> fair point though.
@marmot Nevertheless, it is your call ;-).
8:06 AM
@Raaja These days I am too discouraged. A user has reentered the scene who specializes on copying existing answers, changing one detail (like a length), and not mentioning the earlier answer at all. And gets upvoted like crazy for that.
8:34 AM
@marmot these things always happen (it's an internet community), because of that we shouldn't back-up. As we say, first one to do the work (of course correctly) deserves the credit (with less/more upvotes per se).
@mamot Summer is here ;)
9:12 AM
@Raaja I think chat threads are easier to follow if you use the reply feature rather than quoting the message you’re replying to. Look for the bent arrows: At the left to highlight the parent message, at the right to generate a reply. (In the mobile version you reply by first selecting the message, then using an icon near the top of the sceeen.)
@HaraldHanche-Olsen thanks for showing me this :)
9:34 AM
Apr 17 at 16:28, by David Carlisle
@PauloCereda dinner!
@DavidCarlisle oh no
yesterday, by David Carlisle
Dec 12 '17 at 20:26, by Alan Munn
20 mins ago, by CarLaTeX
Dec 26 '14 at 0:17, by Faheem Mitha
I've got a feeling we had this discussion in this channel before. I'm getting a sense of deja vu.
yesterday, by Alan Munn
@DavidCarlisle We're fast approaching the day in which all chat messages will be recycled.
9:50 AM
Jun 26 at 9:36, by Paulo Cereda
Aug 18 '16 at 16:36, by David Carlisle
@PauloCereda ooh you can reply to yourself?
@DavidCarlisle ooh a conundrum
10:20 AM
emacs is quite usable when having vim bindings. :)
This spacemacs distro thingy is interesting...
10:34 AM
@PauloCereda You mean that bloated OS? I doubt that.
@Skillmon it is bloated indeed. :)
@Skillmon how about the presentation, mr. rabbit?
@PauloCereda I have recently started using Neovim. It's pretty nice.
@HenriMenke Really? I heard very good things about it, and I plan to give it a try very soon. :)
@PauloCereda You can use it as a drop-in replacement for Vim, but for that you have to create the file .config/nvim/init.vim with the content
set runtimepath^=~/.vim runtimepath+=~/.vim/after
let &packpath = &runtimepath
source ~/.vimrc
@HenriMenke ooh clever! Thank you!
10:39 AM
@PauloCereda If you are interested, my Neovim config is in my dotfiles repo: git.henrimenke.com/netsettings.git/tree
@HenriMenke Thank you, I will certainly check that out. I have Janus (github.com/carlhuda/janus) set up for vim, but I think it's a bit too much. I should go with a lighter config.
@UlrikeFischer l3backend has arrived
@JosephWright yes, I have it already (but didn't test yet).
@JosephWright ooh
@HenriMenke you use airline too! <3
10:56 AM
@PauloCereda or emacs
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@HenriMenke what are the big advantages over VIM?
@Skillmon That it's actively developed.
@HenriMenke and is the performance comparable to VIM's?
@Skillmon Same if not better.
10:59 AM
@HenriMenke my VIM gets updates on a regular basis in the Arch repos, doesn't seem discontinued...
@PauloCereda I have 5 slides, but have to seriously consider what to tell them, the requirements are just plain stupid :(
@Skillmon oh
the objectives (poorly translated to English):
- Formulate an interesting title for your research idea
- explain your research idea
- why is researching this interesting?
- try to convince potential sponsors
11:25 AM
@DavidCarlisle can one test if a \noalign is allowed or not?
@UlrikeFischer no
general tips:
- create a short PowerPoint presentation (I will fail this point, mine is created using `beamer` :)
- your talk should be 4 minutes (no more, no less)
- the talk will be followed by a short discussion and assessment by the other students (who pretend to be potential sponsors)
@UlrikeFischer luatex?
@HenriMenke good link, thanks :)
@HenriMenke but one of the things he criticises (asynchronous linting) is possible in standard VIM, too: github.com/w0rp/ale
11:42 AM
@DavidCarlisle pity ;-).
@DavidCarlisle no, well perhaps it would be possible to push this, but currently I'm simply wondering if I can hide a \rowcolor command ...
@UlrikeFischer If you know that \noalign can only appear in an align_group, you can cheat using FFI by querying cur_group.
local ffi = require("ffi")
/* from tex/equivalents.h */
typedef enum {
    bottom_level = 0,
Line 44 \noalign allowed: false
Line 48 \noalign allowed: true
@PauloCereda what – does emacs eat ducks too, now?
@HenriMenke hm, that's a bit overkill ;-)
@HenriMenke isn't that same as just testing \ifcurrentgrouptype=6 ?
@UlrikeFischer ^^^ (if it is the same as that, it doesn't work:-)
@HenriMenke with



and luajitex I get
Line 44 \noalign allowed: false
Line 46 \noalign allowed: false
Line 50 \noalign allowed: true
Line 51 \noalign allowed: true
Line 52 \noalign allowed: true
so two of the three true lines are wrong (@HenriMenke)
12:16 PM
@HenriMenke currently testing.
@PauloCereda I found an emacs/neovim comparison and main con for emacs (even though they recommended neovim) was the following, could you believe this is possible, you have spacemacs.... : Con Sometimes the extensibility can distract you from your actual work If I ever want to lose half a day, I'll start by tweaking my .spacemacs config file. slant.co/versus/43/62/~emacs_vs_neovim
@DavidCarlisle still bloated OS!
@Skillmon look my OS is X windows over cygwin over windows 10, don't tell me about bloated OS, I have the gold badge in these things:-)
@DavidCarlisle :) I know, still confused how you can live with it.
@DavidCarlisle Yes, you are right. The only point in the LuaTeX source where no_align_cmd does not immediately lead to an error is in align_peek. I thought that checking cur_group would be sufficient and for the line !\noalignallowed\cr I am actually a bit surprised that it gives align_group. I would have expected hbox_group because I think the ! should switch to hmode.
12:30 PM
@HenriMenke presumably because it's not a normal hbox but an align unset hbox thing. that is why e-tex's \currentgrouptype is more or less useless for doing anything with tables. (and why tabu is broken as it tests this all over the place, and a re-arrangement of array.sty changed the group types...)
12:51 PM
@Raaja Yes, summer is also where I am. ;-) (It is true that we cannot do much about it, but IMHO it was more fun to answer TikZ questions when percusse and cfr were still active, who did new things and were always fair. Dysfunctional sites are plenty.)
@HenriMenke I love the asynchronous make!
1:06 PM
@Skillmon so is that like emacs has had since 1980-something?
@DavidCarlisle oh
1:25 PM
@marmot it is what it is ;-)
@marmot forget tikz, stick to picture mode questions.
@DavidCarlisle boo
@Raaja Yes, but have you looked e.g. on the physics site? I really do not want to go there. If I remember correctly, @AlanMunn said something similar about linguistics.
@DavidCarlisle As far as I know, all of them were answered by you. I mean both of them. ;-)
1:42 PM
@marmot I just avoid the linguistics site altogether, but the site I had a bad experience with was English Language and Linguistics.
@AlanMunn I knew it was something complicated. ;-)
@PauloCereda I take it that means "yes" ?
@marmot When people downvote good answers to mediocre questions because the question is mediocre it's time to leave.
@DavidCarlisle no :)
@AlanMunn Yes. Or when people confuse "physics" with "quantum mystics". ;-)
1:45 PM
@AlanMunn Urgh
@marmot they are absolutely right and completely wrong at the same time :)
@PauloCereda Or "not even wrong", a term coined by Pauli and abused later.
@marmot ooh
@AlanMunn -- English Language Learners is rather more forgiving than English Language and Linguistics. Mathematics is also rather "impatient" of non-professional mathematicians. I prefer civility.
@marmot Does that originate with Pauli? I had no idea.
1:50 PM
@PauloCereda To make @JosephWright happy you should write OHH or H_2O instead. I think OOH is not a molecule.
@barbarabeeton In my case they were downvoting answers by a professional (me.)
@AlanMunn Yes, that's what I was told. Actually, I was told he said "Noch nicht mal falsch.", which translates to "Not even wrong.".
"Not even wrong" is a pejorative applied to purported scientific arguments that are perceived to be based on invalid reasoning or speculative premises that can neither be proven correct nor falsified and thus cannot be discussed in a rigorous, scientific sense. For a meaningful discussion on whether a certain statement is true or false, the statement must satisfy the criterion of falsifiability, the inherent possibility for the statement to be tested and found false. In this sense, the phrase "not even wrong" is synonymous to "nonfalsifiable".The phrase is generally attributed to theoretic...
@AlanMunn Actually I am not sure if the Wikipedia article is correct when saying it means "nonfalsifiable". According to what I was told it had a somewhat different meaning originally, more something along the lines that the initial assumptions are nonsensical.
@marmot Yes, I've never taken it to mean "unfalsifiable", but exactly that it's based on nonsense assumptions. That's certainly how I would use it.
2:09 PM
@AlanMunn -- Understood. (In my case, I was supplying a link to the (recently made freely available) "Math into Type"; it was downvoted -- and deleted -- as a "self-serving advertisement". Fie.)
@AlanMunn Yes, but it got used (or, IMHO, abused) here. I never read the book but according to what I was told it was used as "unfalsifiable", perhaps that's why Wikipedia mentions this interpretation. (I am not interested in this discussion, though. ;-)
2:58 PM
@marmot @physics everyone is a professor there ;) no way for a novice to live there.
@marmot TikZ question: how to I use the current values of a node's inner and/or outer sep in another calculation.
@Marijn thanks for summarising my thoughts in a more civilised fashion :)
In the Qgate question.
3 hours later…
6:14 PM
@JosephWright so we now know who complained first ;-)
@UlrikeFischer :)
@UlrikeFischer I guess I should put in a note to Karl to ask for the dep to be added
@JosephWright and I should check if my tests fail on travis too ...
@UlrikeFischer I've pointed out to TeX Live: I'll wait for e.g. siunitx tests
@UlrikeFischer Probably I should auto-build docs for LaTeX2e as we do for LaTeX3
@JosephWright how many docs are there?
@JosephWright can you move tex.stackexchange.com/questions/498511/… to stack overflow?
6:23 PM
@UlrikeFischer Quite a few ...
@Skillmon I could, but it's going to get closed there; I'm only supposed to migrate if the question has a hope of staying open
@JosephWright in that case close it here?
@JosephWright thx for the comment :)
6:43 PM
Where's the documentation for the setspace package? texdoc setspace doesn't appear to bring up anything. It might be part of LaTeX 2e, but I couldn't find anything in the 2e manual.
The closest thing to documentation I have found so far is this blog post -> texblog.org/2011/09/30/quick-note-on-line-spacing
I wound just looking at setspace.sty. There is some documentation embedded in there.
Includes references to a mysterious GDG, but we never learn who he is. His full name is never revealed.
7:04 PM
@FaheemMitha the full name is there.
@UlrikeFischer there is no full name of someone with initials GDG, the only name coming close seems to be George Greenwade
@Skillmon and then you do a fast google search and find e.g. tug.ctan.org/info/greenwade-tug93.tex.
@UlrikeFischer but the full name is not in the file (that was my only point) :)
@Skillmon I count firstname + lastname as fullname.
@UlrikeFischer ok.
This message was written using a VIM subprocess :)
7:19 PM
@FaheemMitha The documentation is in the comments of the package... It's so old, but also still very much in use that I don't think the TeXLive people have had the heart to force proper documentation. For me, texdoc setspace simply brings up the package, and if you scroll through a couple of pages you'll get the actual user instructions.
@FaheemMitha I assume that's George Greenwade, (whose full name does appear once in the file) who died in 2003. He was one of the original people who set up CTAN, and was responsible for its name.
7:46 PM
@Skillmon ooh
@PauloCereda still have to figure out how to use NVim instead, if I stick to it. (this was written using a VIM instance as well)
@DavidCarlisle Is that the new documentation? :) Or do you want me to turn the package comments into docs?
@FaheemMitha what do you mean by "the 2e manual" ?
@AlanMunn it's all Robin's packages on ctan moved to github, with ctan upload rights. there are other people with write access but don't seem to have made their membership public, so I'll need to obscure their names as @gr@g or j@seph for example.
@DavidCarlisle Yes, I can see that. How come footmisc isn't there? Was it taken over by someone else?
@AlanMunn some bloke called Frank grabbed that
@DavidCarlisle :)
8:22 PM
@FaheemMitha the latex manual is split into two books, the LaTeXBook (which only deals with core distribution not contributed packages) and The LaTeXCompanion which does list (some) contributed packages, setspace gets a section in there (3.1.13, pages 106-108) So setspace gets more coverage than most contributed packages in the official manual.
8:49 PM
Hmm on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is it if your laptop turn's itself off and acts as if it has no power.....?
@DavidCarlisle ask Frank ...
Just died on me as o sent the above .. actually it's come back up but done a hard reboot I suspect the screen hinge is shorting something out as until I fiddled with it the power button did nothing computer support in the morning....
that was on the phone, let's see if the computer keeps working:-)
9:09 PM
Has anybody seen this?
@Bordaigorl interesting, I gather it's not ready yet but will be a mathpix rival when it is....
9:24 PM
Oh! I did not know about mathpix
Did the global sx login change in the last months? I thought I could login to all my sx accounts when I am logged in on tex.sx
but this is no longer the case for me.
10:13 PM
Suppose the command \part{faa}\chapter{foo}. What is the most simple way to save on external csv file the following pattern: faa,foo,<n>, where <n> is the page number of the part.
@Sigur What about the next chapters?
@egreg, for sure my template contains a single chapter per part.
Multiple use of \part{faa}\chapter{foo} should produce new lines in the csv file.
I was trying to use bash script to do that from the toc file, but it is complicated.
@JonasStein I haven't noticed any change. Switching to another site keeps me logged in.
@Sigur What document class?
@AlanMunn, report.
@Sigur Sorry, but I don't understand what would be the reason for having a single chapter part.
10:27 PM
@egreg, to be true, I am using a very old template. So, each author send me a tex file with part containing the title and chapter containing the author name (ugly, I agree). Then, when I compose everything I can produce a table of contents with titles and authors, easily.
@egreg, I know that I should update the template, but I did that years ago, and my knowledge was very limited.




@Sigur ^^^^^
@egreg, thanks, let me study it.
@Sigur @Sigur I changed it a bit
@Sigur Now the \jobname.ref file contains faa,foo,1
@egreg, it worked perfectly. the .ref file will be useful to create certificates. Thanks a lot.
@egreg, just one more question: what is the meaning of the 3rg argument in \getrefbykeydefault? You used {} and {0}.
10:56 PM
@Sigur It's a default when the label has not yet found its way in the .aux file. I used an empty string for textual references, 0 for the numeric one.
@egreg, perfect.
11:18 PM
Hello guys!!
I want to know that kind of hyphen would you use to describe a method. For example: "Use the Newton-Raphson method", or "Use the Newton--Raphson method" or...?
@manooooh single hyphen
double used like that is more for ranges 10--20
@Bordaigorl hello! Oh, I wanted to use the --, but what you say it's okay
11:54 PM
Is there a way to get a width of the current line in a paragraph shaped with \parshape? \linewidth always returns width of the page, no matter how indented the line is.
@bp2017 I don't use \parshape a lot, so I'm not sure, but it looks like you want e-TeX's \parshapedimen. Take a look at the end of section 3.4 of the e-TeX manual.
@bp2017 It looks like the "current line" isn't possible, because TeX doesn't know which line you are in until it broke the paragraph into lines, at which time is too late to use \parshapedimen. You can only know the length of a specific line.

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