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2:27 AM
Q: Explain usage of "kaved" re Moshe's raising his hands w/ war of Amaleq

DanFIn Shemot 17:12 it says: וידי משה כבדים Targum (and Rash"i in a sense) translates כבדים as יקרן, which I gather means "precious". I don't know where or how this translation fits here. Doesn't כבד mean "heavy"? If it does mean "precious", is this the only occurrence in Tanac"h that has this...

3:01 AM
@Alex Surprisingly, I haven't quoted him by name on this site. Interesting, since I have cited him a few times in shiurim I've given (although depending on the audience, sometimes not by name...)
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4:51 AM
Q: Can purchasing tickets for high holidays services count as maaser?

AMRMany synagogues require purchasing tickets/seats to attend high holiday services. Can money paid for this purpose count as a donation to the synagogue from a ma'aser perspective (count as a valid use of the 10% of income)? Assume that there are multiple synagogue options in this city. Edit: I ...

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12:58 PM
Q: Is it possible to pray to Hashem for a specific person as your prospective spouse?

Yaakov PinchasI understand in the first Amud of Masechet Sotah, an individual’s future [first] spouse is predestined. Is there a possibility of praying to Hashem, such that one may change the decree and designate a particular person for marriage?


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