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12:12 AM
Vaguely interesting article:
12:51 AM
A: Please figure out this Pan digital Prince

Brandon_JPartial answer that I'm saving for now (For convenience, I will call $PCRON$ "the root" and $PRINCETOM$ "the square". We can first deduce that the digit N We can also do some quick tests to find the approximate range Let's try that: We can then determine that C is

How is that in the HNQ?
(that's my answer, not the original question D:
aw be quiet ;)
Seriously though
3 upvotes; 2 answers
What's so special about it?
no. of views?
Not included in calculations of Hotness
12:53 AM
per meta
Q: I Just Don't Know What to Say

Brandon_J I must have been having a terrible time getting out my words during today's meeting. I found my notepad covered in nonsense! What was I trying to say? tea Sasquatch unusual frog peptide crime goldfish relevant red herring democrat caucus water ...

someone needs to solve that^^
no idea, great puzzle tho
So I can post my next one
Did you see the hint?
i see lots of doubling letters
1:00 AM
Do you?
do you now?
I won't say more
sounds atrocious
ah, I was trying something like that but not with enough generality
1:17 AM
Woah, I had two of you working on it!
what did you guys think of it?
(if you have any relevant feedback)
in my humble opinion, this is very creative as a new idea, but not good enough for a second puzzle with the exact same trick
the fact that so many of the words go unused, and the fact that extra repeated letters are ignored, is a bit unsatisfying -- I was trying ABA patterns, but they didn't make a coherent message, and in some words it was ambiguous which to take if that was the right method.
@Deusovi agreed
The decision to only take the first repeated letter of every word seems pretty arbitrary, and I don't think there was really much of a hint to that (either in the presentation of the puzzle or the specific choice of words)
Hm, good thought.
The unused words I think I can defend: if I hadn't thrown in extra words, the solution would have been inherently obvious
But I probably should have added another hint for the whole first pair of double letters thing.
I wonder how I could have worded that.
Anyway, my next puzzle's coming soon, and I am super-pumped about it. Be ready!
It'll probably be a dud, but oh, well, I'll like it.
1:29 AM
At least to me, puzzles that don't use a lot of information inside them feel unsatisfying -- a good puzzle should have everything accounted for when it's done IMO.
Gareth posted the "sounds atrocious" message several minutes before posting the answer -- it seems like there was at least a bit of time where he was looking for some other message in the remainder. I know that I was about to ping you and ask whether there was anything else hidden, because I wasn't sure if that was all there was to it
1:42 AM
Q: Should we change the [no-computers] tag to allow for calculators?

Brandon_JUsually when I see no-computers, it's used to deter people from using brute force. In my time here, I have only seen this tag used to exclude brute-forcing a solution with a computer. However, the tag wiki reads A puzzle designed to be solved without using calculators, online decoders or com...

1:58 AM
@Deusovi Yeah, that's true.
FWIW, I threw in the tag.
but still
I see your point.
tysm for taking the time to talk about it. I'll try to improve on the points you mentioned in the future.
2:27 AM
actually, most of the delay was not being sure whether Omega Krypton's remark meant that OK had already figured it out, in which case I'd have felt uncomfortable posting a solution. After a little while had elapsed I decided probably not.
anyway, it's stupid o'clock here; going to bed now.
i'm fine with that :) @GarethMcCaughan
any idea?
21 hours ago, by Ankoganit
CCCC: Woman I arrested at first after primary verification, lost it on provocation (10)
2 hours later…
4:20 AM
@Deusovi alright, my new puzzle ought to at least fulfill this requirement :D
I'm perhaps overly proud of it
But it feels quite elaborate to me
4:34 AM
Q: A Salute to Poetry

Brandon_JIn honor of National Poetry Day (which happens to be March 21st - go figure), I have crafted a puzzle which I hope will do a small bit of justice to this day. Carefully hidden in the four sections below (which may or may not be related) are the names of five of my favorite poets (admittedly, I h...

4:54 AM
Q: Question on Linear Diophantine Equation ax+by=c

GohmaSuppose we are given an equation in ax+by=c. Now we have to find for how many values of c where c belongs to [1,inf) will have a negative integral solution. I'm new to diophantine equation, so i can think of a brute force approach..but can it be found mathematically?

4 hours later…
8:35 AM
Q: Find the Missing Members of this Powered Sequence

UvcThere are 4 missing members in this small series...labeled ???. Complete the series. $191$, $426$, $931$, $???$, $???$, $646$, $971$, $???$, $???$

8:55 AM
Q: Who are we, and where am I?

user3303504We twist and turn, going round and round. No need to worry, we can take the strain. While some of us are delicate and timely, Others can lift more than the strongest man. I myself prefer to peacefully take notes in a diary. Who are we, and where am I?

1 hour later…
10:15 AM
Q: Frobenius coin problem variation

GohmaSuppose you are give n currency notes from k to k+n i.e k, k+1,k+2.....k+n. Where $k,n>0$ It's asked the total number of denomination of money that can't be formed using any number of these notes. My approch. I can solve this when n=1. Ans is k*(k-1)/2 But How should i approach when n ≥1?

10:54 AM
@Deusovi @Rubio @GarethMcCaughan @GentlePurpleRain

Riya SrivastavaAn integer is round if it is greater than 0 and the sum of its digits in decimal representation is a multiple of 10. Find an optimal procedure to compute the N−th smallest round integer. E.g. If N=2 then Answer is 28 As the first round integer is 19(1+9=10) and the second round integer is 28(2+8...

please lock codechef thanks

Riya SrivastavaAn integer is round if it is greater than 0 and the sum of its digits in decimal representation is a multiple of 10. Find an optimal procedure to compute the N−th smallest round integer. E.g. If N=2 then Answer is 28 As the first round integer is 19(1+9=10) and the second round integer is 28(2+8...

thanks for letting us know - I'll take care of it
welcome :)
The "Frobenius" one is a CodeChef problem too.
just interested - when is the next mod election?
or will there be one?
@GarethMcCaughan @Deusovi
11:01 AM
There will be one if it's felt that we need one (e.g., if PSE becomes busy enough, or we become slack enough, that more moderators are needed to keep up). There isn't a regular schedule or anything like that.
oh i see thanks!
2 hours later…
12:58 PM
@Deusovi @GarethMcCaughan If they’re dups we should close as dups - I think both of those had been posted before
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
Q: As easy as Three, Two, One...How fast can you go from Five to Four?

UvcYou have to reach Four from Five in minimum number of tries with the following rules. You are only allowed to change one letter at a time. You have to keep the word length the same. For example....How do you go from $LAND$ to $SANE$? $LAND$....$SAND$(1).....$SANE$(2)...done in 2 steps.

3 hours later…
5:37 PM
Q: Rubik's Scramble Search

Jonathan AllanFind a scramble which will produce a Rubik's cube fulfilling the following criteria which uses as few turns of faces as possible (Half-Turn-Metric): Each of the six faces show exactly three colours No face shows its opposite colour (the colour of the centre of the opposite face) Each of the eig...

5:57 PM
Q: Help with an image I'm assuming is cryptic

Riko Got sent this on Discord, and I need help with identifying if it's like anything secretive or etc. If anyone can help that'd be thankful (Edit) Here's a zoomed version of that string: "a67340824040cbf489c23ec04eb88c3e"

2 hours later…
7:37 PM
Q: sum and gcd june19 challenge!

Auditya PrratapaCan you please help me out with the above question? "Example case 1: For example, the sequence A can be divided into subsequences B=(4,4,6) and C=(7)." But how the output comes out to be 9 As gcd of 7 is 1 itself.

8:17 PM
Q: Grandpa has another non math question

DEEMGrandpa says, " This is not algebra or may be it is! IF X = 2 R + C = 6 B + P = 5 or 6 Then What is I + T ? There are, with my logic, three different answers!"

8:57 PM
Q: A simple association between letters and numbers

Rand al'Thor $X$ is 5. $U$ is 9. $O$ is 0 or 7. $I$ is 4 or 5 or 7. What is $V$? And what is $K$ (two options)?


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