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5:37 AM
@StephenKitt muttprint looks like it might do something similar, but I haven't tried it.
6:27 AM
Something is up with the close-vote review queue still/again. I don't know if it's lots of flags or not many reviews, but it's very long
I suspect it's reviews, since there's a particular question I've been watching that still isn't closed after 36 hours
And Jeff is only one vote, so it's not all terdon's fault
3 hours later…
9:09 AM
@MichaelHomer I don't know if it could be something, but the 1st of may and the 8th of may (being a non worked day in a lot of European country) are Wednesday I guess a lot of persons took small time of during this time of the year.
1 hour later…
10:36 AM
The close queue does seem to be fuller lately; I haven't dug in to see why, yet. I'll take a pass through it in a few hours.
But there are lots of close votes I know absolutely nothing about, so I press "skip" on those instead of blindly following the lead stallion in the herd.
10:58 AM
@Fabby there are still 23 in my queue :-/
Yeah, but you're playing in a totally differnet league than I am: You're a professional, I'm an amateur...
11:40 AM
@Fabby I know you're not calling us horses asses :) after all, if it wasn't for us professional close reviewers, we'd never gone to the moon! (Outlandish claim of the day #1)
11:55 AM
I don't what "we" you're refering to @JeffSchaller but I've never been to the moon :-(
@Kiwy I am lot of times on the moon ;)
@RuiFRibeiro The use and abuse of drug do not count.
@Kiwy You do not need drugs for that.
12:33 PM
@RuiFRibeiro just a good Pinkfloyd album ?
12:59 PM
@JeffSchaller :D :D :D I always tell customers: If you want me to take you to the moon, give me a Saturn-5 or the budget to make one.
And it they don't get that bit, I follow up with: Even for the budget of a Ferrari, I cannot get you to the moon: just speed you around on this planet more rapidly...
1:50 PM
Ok! Zeroes in the review queue again -- at least in my view :)
@JeffSchaller wow, nice, down to 7 in my view
(6 now and I’ve hit my review cap.)
2:06 PM
@StephenKitt I migrated a question you'd answered away, so you got a -10. Were yu notified of that?
@terdon not the -10, but I did get notified of the +10 (now +45) on AU
I think I got a migration notification too, but it no longer appears in my notifications.
Oh, it does, in my inbox.
It helps that my close votes clear the item out. One of them was already at 4 close-votes, though. Not sure if my leave-open vote clear it also, though.
@StephenKitt oh, you do?
But no mention of the -10 rep here?
@terdon not in the drop-down, but it does appear in my profile rep tab.
@StephenKitt Yeah, that I saw. But not in your rep dropdown? Huh.
2:12 PM
@terdon the above shows everything I have today in my drop-down.
@StephenKitt Right, so both the original +10 and the subsequent -10 are hidden.
@terdon it appears so!
And not at all in unix.stackexchange.com/reputation which makes sense.
200 rep on 430 days, where are my extra legendary badges!
(I know, I know...)
@StephenKitt I came this close to kicking you out of the room over that!
I don't think I have a single legendary badge on any site!
yeah, I don't
@terdon I still haven’t received my badge for usurping your #4 spot...
Q: Now that Socratic is awarded multiple times, Legendary should be too

user259867The logic of Socratic and Legendary badges is similar: Socratic is given for 100 good asking days Legendary is given for 150 good rep-harvesting days But Socratic can be awarded multiple times, while Legendary cannot. I propose that Legendary should be a multiple-award badge too: For consi...

@StephenKitt It's in the mail... I suggest you get into the habit of smelling your packages before you open them!
You become a Legend once, and you will stay Legend forever. That's why it is called Legendary. That's why it should be awarded only once. — Tomas Nov 29 '14 at 17:32
That's fair actually ;)
2:20 PM
It is indeed, I like that answer!
Speaking of mail, I scheduled a FedEx delivery for Monday, they phoned this morning to say they’d be delivering it today, but it looks like they’re not. Ho hum.
@StephenKitt "Hi! Just wanted to let you know that we're not doing what you didn't want -- isn't that great of us?"
@JeffSchaller or put another way, “oh in the end we’re doing what you wanted, (not) sorry for making you stay in all day”
What usually happens is that I end up having to go to my local FedEx depot to get the package, local being 50km away.
@StephenKitt 20 more than me :-)
I heard something at the RH summit that surprised me -- Amazon delivering packages before you order them! Presumably in the hopes that you'll avoid the trouble of returning it -- and thus, paying for it (I guess!?!)
(Meaning, pay for the delivered package, I assume)
@JeffSchaller as in, they send you stuff you haven’t ordered, but would have ordered if you hadn’t received it?
I’ve had Amazon orders arrive before the scheduled delivery date, but that’s not unusual...
2:30 PM
@StephenKitt I didn't hear what the criteria were for the pre-delivery; perhaps items in the cart and/or wishlist?? First I'd heard of it; crafty!
@JeffSchaller ah right, I hadn’t thought about pre-emptive handling of the cart...
@JeffSchaller it should work for everyone
Did you enjoy the Summit?
@StephenKitt I feared the worst when I saw a session-like string in the URL. The summit was interesting; fun seeing CEO's from RH, IBM, and Microsoft sharing the stage. really heavy tones of "open source" coming from the RH leadership, which seemed to me to be a signal/hint to IBM. And Boston is still an amazing city -- so much history (he says to an audience living in older countries!)
@JeffSchaller ha ha, yes, there have been people settled where I live for over 8,000 years
Had you been to previous Summits? The “open source” message tends to be pushed an awful lot at all Summits, I’m curious if it was even more present this year than in the past...
2:41 PM
@StephenKitt and I get all excited seeing gravestones with 16xx on them!
@StephenKitt I went to 2017's as well. The "Open" message seemed much more prevalent this time. I mean, yes, the company is founded on it, but every other sentence was open this or open that.
@JeffSchaller right, that’s interesting
Ginni said she wanted to keep RH independent, but we'll see. I hope so.
@JeffSchaller that’s what we’ve been told all along, I hope so too!
@JeffSchaller People had lived where Boston is located for thousands of years. But I guess they don't count.
@FaheemMitha indeed they had!
2:53 PM
BTW, anyone listened to "Ein Deutsches Requiem" recently?
It didn't occur to me when younger, but it's pure musical angst.
@FaheemMitha well, it wasn't "Boston", but I get your point :)
@JeffSchaller It wasn't called Boston. That's true.
I don't know the derivation, but I'd guess that the name "Boston" is of British origin.
At least according to Wikipedia.
I once spent an afternoon in Boston, but don't really know anything about it.
Well, except for the obvious.
Well, I've been recommending the Bell & Bones tour at King's Chapel ever since I did it. If you like history, anyway. Quite the place, straddling lots of historical divides.
@JeffSchaller Are you religious? Or do you just like churches?
BTW @JeffSchaller this is begging for an ed answer: unix.stackexchange.com/q/517924/86440
3:06 PM
@FaheemMitha 0 for 2 :) I just like history, in some sense.
@JeffSchaller Ah, history.
Buildings aren't technically history, though. They're part of what's left over from history.
@StephenKitt thank you! I saw and starred that when I saw it. I haven't been at a computer a all week, or I would have.
@JeffSchaller you mean you didn’t even spin up an ed container on OpenShift at Summit?
@FaheemMitha indeed, it's the historians that put together the stories based on the remaining evidence.
@StephenKitt old hat ;) -- did that months ago (locally, not on the cloud)
And survivor bias tells us that the most interesting aspect can be the buildings that didn’t survive...
@JeffSchaller I’ll ask Burr Sutter next time I see him, it’s sure to make him laugh
3:10 PM
@StephenKitt I attended a couple of his sessions. Energetic guy :) he did a good job with the live demos
@JeffSchaller yes, he’s very charismatic, which is a virtuous feedback loop (from his point of view) since it encourages people to work hard helping him prepare great demos
It was a good sequence/story, so it worked :)
Better start packing up, my flight 's about to board. Have a great day y'all!
Safe trip!
Where is Jeff going?
I have it on good authority that history is scary.
You wouldn't want to have been there. Famine, floods, wars, plagues.
3:44 PM
@FaheemMitha All of that stuff still happens every day too. Just some of us are lucky enough to be away from it
3:58 PM
@Jesse_b Excactly. Today was history in the making.
Speaking if history, the news says China and the US are starting a trade war. That should be fun.
if -> of
Make America Trade Again
I saw a documentary about garlic from china and I am all for anything that prevents them from sending that here
Q: Can 'sudo apt-get remove [write]' destroy my Ubuntu?

Jesper Joachim SørensenI am pretty new in this ubuntu domain so please be gentle :o) I wanted to remove my 'write' app, so I found this on a site: To remove a package type: sudo apt-get remove [package_name] So I typed: sudo apt-get remove [write] And afterwards I agreed on the prompt: 'yes, do what I say!' or so...

I tried sudo apt-get remove [write] and I got:
> 0 upgraded, 5 newly installed, 5870 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
I'm not sure why, but no doubt someone can tell me.
Oh, never mind, the top answer explains why.
Aren't regexes fun?
@FaheemMitha home, ideally! Sitting on the plane, about to hit "airplane mode" so we can take off :)
I had no idea I had 5870 packages installed. I wonder what they are.
@FaheemMitha ... and thanks to globbing, touch w before that to get slightly different behaviour ;-)
4:08 PM
(Outlandish claim of the day #2)
@JeffSchaller man, all the other passengers are waiting for you!
@StephenKitt Hmm?
@JeffSchaller Ah, returning from a conference?
@StephenKitt just need to w\n\q on this ed script! :)
@Jesse_b Not a garlic fan?
@FaheemMitha yes; red hat summit
4:09 PM
@FaheemMitha if you don’t have a file named w, r, i, t or e, apt-get remove [write] is run as-is; but if you do, it’s run as apt-get remove w or whatever file you have...
@JeffSchaller Oh right, you were just talking about it with Stephen just now.
@StephenKitt How would touch w create a file that apt-get would remove? It works on packages.
Every couple years, I leave the home radius. Listen, I'd love to chat, but these passengers are getting rowdy. They've unfastened their seat belts and are holding the oxygen tubings around my neck
@JeffSchaller I hear if you don't turn off your cell phone bad things happen.
@FaheemMitha it’s the shell, not apt-get.
4:12 PM
@StephenKitt congrats!
Cancer of the brain. Stuff like that.
@JeffSchaller thanks!
@StephenKitt Oh. You mean apt-get remove w, which would then presumably error out, because there is no package called w.
@FaheemMitha I wrote apt-get remove w, so yes, that’s what I mean.
@StephenKitt Ok.
4:16 PM
grumble Debian cronolog builds from source, technically. Just barely. I'd send a patch (well, a bunch) except I just hit it with a hammer until it worked. And it seems its been unmaintained since, errr, debhelper 8 was current.
@FaheemMitha The peeled garlic that comes from china is peeled by prison inmates and they peel so much garlic a day that their finger tips wear down
so they end up peeling it with their mouth/feet
(seems upstream is dead too. Have everyone else switched to something else?)
@derobert last maintainer upload in 2011 so that makes sense
@derobert logrotate
@Jesse_b Peeled garlic? That's a thing?
@terdon Yeah you can buy prepeeled garlic. It's mostly what is used in restaurants
4:19 PM
@StephenKitt true, though that works slightly differently. (And I guess it's what I'm using everywhere else)
@derobert indeed; I had forgotten the piping stuff.
@Jesse_b Huh. I've never seen such a thing.
@Jesse_b $201.13 shipping to Europe!
@Jesse_b Oh, I don't doubt it. I'd just never heard of it before.
4:22 PM
@StephenKitt hah
@terdon They have it in jars at my grocery store, it's down the same aisle as olives and such I think, not in the produce with the real garlic
Although, I must admit that anyone who can peel garlic with their feet, or teeth for that matter, has my respect!
Sounds a tad implausible.
Well they just bite the tips off to get it started
And feet?
Their finger tips get worn down so they use their feet to peel the skins off
@Jesse_b Here they have both in with the olives (stored at room temperature in acidified brine) and with the produce (refrigerated). Really fairly different products...
4:25 PM
@Jesse_b How the hell do they manage that? That's both depressing and impressive!
@Jesse_b finger tips, or fingernails? I remember the latter
@StephenKitt I guess yeah, I mean I don't think they meant their finger tips were literally being worn off but getting too sore to use
I just read "brittle nails"
@terdon yeah, they couldn’t use their nails to peel any more
So how'd they use their feet for this? Holding the garlic clove down with one foot and biting its head off?
4:27 PM
@Jesse_b “finger tips get worn down” suggests something more gruesome ;-)
You guys sure you weren't watching a documentary on Ozzie Ozbourne or something?
@terdon no, just Jeff using ed
@StephenKitt Ah, yes, he bites off the leading 's'!
@terdon I think they are just holding it with their hand, biting the tip off to get it started, and then rubbing it on their toes to peel the skins off
4:28 PM
@Jesse_b Ah, I see.
Next up, they'll be watching the documentary on the poor Chinese prisoners being put out of work by garlic peeling machines :-/
There are only short grainy clips of it in the documentary I saw but there are definitely lines of prisoners sitting in a filthy room barefoot peeling garlic
and you can clearly see them at least biting it
@terdon and then he uses his feet to hit the w and q keys he had specially made
Or Chinese prisoners learning to use ed and putting @JeffSchaller out of work
(in the same way there’s Emacs footpedals)
4:29 PM
♪ ♪ Oh don't'cha know, that's the sound of a man, working on a clove, yeah-e-yeah ♪ ♪
@StephenKitt Yeah, but even I must admit that M-X deploy-foot-pedals is annoying to write.
@terdon there’s another key for that :-P
@StephenKitt Bloody hell, that was real!?
@terdon like all the best jokes!
Damn, now I want one!
Actually “there’s another key for that” could be Emacs’ motto!
4:31 PM
Oh, vim off.
Hey I’m an Emacs user too you know...
@StephenKitt I'm sorry to hear that
@StephenKitt Oh, so you are! Sorry, I forgot for a minute.
Apr 3 at 11:30, by terdon
@StephenKitt And yet you didn't run in the elections and instead abandoned me to a bunch of vimites!
@terdon Mostly us vimites (or is that vimers? No idea) leave you alone with your emacs. And stare in horror and some amazement at the contortions required to use it.
I do all my code editing in microsoft powerpoint
4:40 PM
That just deserves staring at in horror! ☺
If ever it was deserved!
Hah, if everyone stars it, your shame can live forever...
4:42 PM
@derobert Kinda why I starred it :p
I think I'll ask SE to implement a new reason for deleting user accounts...
I wonder if there is a worse thing to edit code in, that at least is capable of editing text sanely. So dd doesn't count.
I would have said a web browser, but you have weird things like the GitLab IDE nowadays.
Maybe "on a phone, with Swiftkey?"
@Jesse_b hah, your love of the caps lock key has foiled you
@derobert I didn't use it, powerpoint just wouldn't let me type in lowercase lol
Sure, that's what they all say. I've definitely seen powerpoint slides with lowercase on them.
4:49 PM
I should make a question asking why that code doesn't work
Huh, I used Wolframalpha to calculate the number of tablespoons in a decilitre (6.7, if anyone is interested), and it also told me that 1 dl happens to be 1.6 times the volume of an Apple iPhone 4. Thanks.
I should add some tablespoon to liter conversions for my merika and innit tools
@Kusalananda Very useful comparison there.
I feel like the deci prefix is underused in metric
deca/deka is even less used. You see deciliters sometimes...
4:58 PM
I feel like people's height should be measured in decimeters
@derobert decathlon, decapentahedron, um, decapitation, decalcification
I think some of those might not be units. Or even the same prefix.
@derobert I have no idea what you're talking about. whistles innocently.
Ah, a decapitation is the unit of what, how revolutionary a French government is?
Ha! Exactly!
5:01 PM
I'd like to take part in a cathlon. Sounds relaxing.
Cathartic, even.
Although that's the only one where it actually is the same dec- as deciliter.
dec+athlos (sport) = 10 sports.
5:33 PM
At the RH summit they had a section walled off with (adoptable) puppies in it; sign said "imagine the pawsibilities"
5:50 PM
user image
@JeffSchaller Awww
@JeffSchaller GIMME!
@JeffSchaller I'll take two
@JeffSchaller I found this little guy walking in front of my car in the middle of the road, and the night, last summer:
We foisted him on gave him to my GF's parents.
6:11 PM
They were all spoken for by the time I got there; not that I'm in the market, but they were cute :(
Oh? tmux gains "simple menus"? I wonder what that means. Could be interesting to play with. marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=155751147026050&w=2
6:37 PM
@terdon What is that stuff on the ground
@Kusalananda Ah, that makes sense. Seems fancy
6:58 PM
@Jesse_b seaweed, yes. And not fancy, just a beach :)
@terdon Seems pretty fancy to me. I live in a landlocked state
even when I lived on the coast we didn't have any fancy seaweed like that
our seaweed mostly looked like snot
@Jesse_b It's more of a nuisance than anything else to be honest.
It's as common as dirt in the Mediterranean.
must be nice
7:50 PM
@Jesse_b I can believe that, but do you have a source?
(Hoping to go back to sleep now...)
@FaheemMitha I believe it was in the docuseries "rotten"
Yeah rotten season 1 episode 3
@Jesse_b Ok. I don't believe I've seen that.
There was some good stuff in there
the most atrocious is chicken farming in the US
I believe abusing prisoners for labor is very common in the US. You mean the US, right?>
that is a really screwed up situation altogether
No china
the US does it too though
7:53 PM
@Jesse_b Oh, China.
I am fairly certain every single american flag made in the USA is made from prison labor
every other flag is made in china :p
@derobert Debian packaging often seems quite poor at cleaning sources. They could just put the source under version control to make sure it's all cleaned. Though of course that may not help if it gets interrupted during the build.
@FaheemMitha apt-get install dgit
@Jesse_b Though don't make American flags outside the US?
I also remember reading about this a while back - prisonblues.net
> Their main goal was to significantly reduce the burden of incarceration costs on taxpayers. Prison Blues gives inmates the ability to earn a prevailing industry wage while paying for their own incarceration costs and other payments.
Sounds like a great deal, really.
@FaheemMitha Yeah most US flags are ironically produced in China, but I was saying the ones made in the US are all made in some prison IIRC
7:58 PM
(I guess ./debian/rules clean not working fully mainly annoys the maintainer, so I can see why everyone else ignores that bug.)
@Jesse_b I misread, sorry.
@derobert Sometimes it annoys me too. And I've sent patches for those things.
In case you don't know it (and all Americans should know it) that's a good song.
I remember it from my childhood, but I don't remember how or why.

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