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12:19 AM
it's a Nasuverse kind of yuri day today
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3:00 AM
Q: What is the music that plays in season 5 episode 25 (episode 130) at 18:42 of naruto

JoshThere is some evil sounding music that plays when sasuke sees itachi’s face in the water during his flashback. It can also be heard when asuma saves shikamaru during the attack on the leaf and a few other times.

3:26 AM
lol, i get the feeling that no stars to the last one is more that no one knows who the fuck they are while everyone knows Mordred and the Rin Psudo Servants
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12:29 PM
yeh but they are sisters. it's easy to ship sisters
@Memor-X I do suppose sisters go hand in hand, eh?
1:09 PM
@Tonepoet yeh. pretty sure they are twins too
Perhaps you'd be more interested in that feeling wherein a woman doesn't really want to be used as a resting post but can't bring herself to awaken the sleeper:
@Tonepoet no it's more one's a vampie and the other is from a division in the church who hunts vampires and was also the incarnation of their enemy
so they are sorta at odds, but you know what they say about opposites
@Memor-X I'm aware of the vampire hunteress/vampire situation. You see, it's the perfect battle tactic. Acruid's stuck until Ciel awakens, but she doesn't know how long that'll take! =P
@Tonepoet you sorta expect it the other way because how Arcuied is sometimes shown off as a catgirl
not just the doujin. Kagetsu Tohya shows her off as a catgirl and it's not Neko-Arc
@Memor-X I don't know. I get the impression that ciel's the sort of person who would stab her targets in their sleep. I mean she's an assassin of sorts, right?
1:24 PM
@Tonepoet if you're talking about her use of Black Keys all Church members uses them. Kotomine has a bunch too
@Memor-X Well, it's basically a church of assassins anyway, and Kotomine's not exactly known for fair play either. =P
@Tonepoet true but that's more of his role in the Holy Grail War.
@Memor-X Or perhaps more of the role of the grail war itself. Nobody plays fair in that, except maybe Shirou.
@Tonepoet and Rin and Waver. could argue Souichirou Kuzuki aswell because he didn't like some of Medea's tactics and reeled her in when she was getting a bit out of hand if i remember
if i remember like he didn't like her using the leylines to siphon energy from the populace but he had her promise not to kill them
@Memor-X If Rin's playing fair though, it's probably because of Shirou's influence rather than her own idea though. Fate/Stay Night without Shirou is quite a scary thought if you think of it.
1:40 PM
@Tonepoet well Rin didn't do anything underhanded like try and sacrifice the students in the school to boost Archer and her method of killing Masters i a legit thing given that Kotomine is proof that a Master who lost his Servant can recontract another
now Tokiomi on the other hand, he conspired with the Church's supervisor
have to wonder how high up in the Church knew of Kirei's selection as a Master and decided to withhold that they had a conflict of interest
because while the Church will always say that the Einzbern Holy Grail is a fake and not the True Holy Grail, they could very well take it, use it's power to bolster the faith and make their Magic stronger
Did somebody mention something about bolstering faith?
When they said Sanae was Suwako's descendent, I expected there to be a more distant relationship than that. XP
2:03 PM
Q: looking for anime with swords that are activated with three beads in the handle

Yussssdon't remember anything else about this but there where light swords that where activated by putting three red or blue beads in the handle th think it also had monsters involved, like a monster the the main character could talk to and fight with and it would give him advice

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6:22 PM
Is that a young Sanae? :3
That's adorable.
2 hours later…
8:12 PM
Q: Anime & Manga Site Design

JNatEarlier last month, we collected some new ideas for the site design. You suggested that the design be simple, picturesque, and representative of the anime and manga culture. It's been a long time coming and I’m excited to share what the design team came up with for our community! \o/ You can se...

oi oi, people ^^^^
Doesn't look very much like an anime theme.
Feedback's welcome, but please take this into consideration ;)
(also, refresh this page :)
Well seems it's already set so not much I can do.
I mean it's better than the beta theme...
8:18 PM
@forest It feels pretty aligned with the ideas tossed around in the older post from a month back...
if there're tweaks you have in mind that could make a difference, please leave some feedback!
It seems more like a mobile app than an anime site though.
It has that really flat, simplistic look.
Kind of abstract too.
Like with Arqade, you could tell just by the theme alone that it's for video games, but with this it's hard to tell what it is, other than some kind of theme.
Like what does a bus in front of a sunset have to do with anime?
Compare that with a mock-up from an older meta thread:
So how come you didn't mention these concerns when the idea gathering post was up? :)
If you mean anime.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4229/43313, then all those ideas were really nice.
and how is this design not reflective of and inline with those ideas?
Well, because it looks more like a public transport-themed site.
I don't see any anime or anything with a similar style.
8:24 PM
welp, if you can express these concerns in a constructive way, they'll be welcome in the announcement, even if we're not able to incorporate 'em into the final design :)
Did I miss out on a development thread or something?
@forest what do you mean?
As in, that theme doesn't look anything like the themes in the ideas thread.
So I'm wondering if I missed an ideas thread.
A: Anime & Manga Site Design

forestIt's certainly better than the beta theme, but honestly it doesn't really scream anime to me. It looks more like a theme for a site about public transportation. Looking through the 2019 site theme ideas thread, I can't see any of those being implemented. I see a flat theme with some clouds and a ...

I hope that's acceptable.
The tone... doesn't feel like it's coming from a place where you wanna be constructive :\
I tried to add a sentence asking how we can improve it.
I'm not trying to be negative, just to point out that it doesn't seem like anime.
8:36 PM
I might recommend removing the images — they feel a bit... bash-y to me
How about just shrinking them (I actually don't know how, without editing the images)? I really want to include something of a distinctly anime theme, like the moving castle.
And you might wanna try to go a bit more into depth with regards to what doesn't feel anime-y, and how it could feel a bit more anime-y
@forest I think it's the "I was expecting this, and I got this" that is the bash-y part
Well, none of it feels anime-y. I might just be slow or something, but it seems like it's a bus and a bus stop. I mean I get that public transport is important in Japan.
not necessarily the images in and of themselves
@JNat Oh, that's part of an anime meme.
"What I watched, what I expected, what I got"
And I'm too lazy to edit this.
8:39 PM
@forest so is it the style? Elaborate on that, then. 'Cause you're saying the ideas in the other post are good, but they're there
@forest that's cool, but it comes off as really abrasive
It's the lack of an anime theme in the style. Is there a better way I can explain that in my answer, other than saying that it doesn't seem like anime to me?
I mean, if you can't get into specifics, that's all right, yeah
but the way the whole post is, now, feels bash-y and abrasive to me
Hm, I'll think of rewording it.
I just want to be able to emphasize that it really seems like it's a site about buses.
8:42 PM
I find that mentioning what you like, aside from what you just dislike, helps make it clear that you're not meaning to put someone down. Also, I often even make that explicitly clear, by actually writing that
Yeah I just added that now actually.
I would, again, really suggest removing the images ;)
Can I at least keep the castle?
sure; maybe elaborate on what in that image you like and you feel is missing...?
That's described in the theme post I took it from.
8:45 PM
d'you get the spirit of where I'm trying to get at, @forest?
Yeah, but honestly I can't think of any better way of saying that it doesn't seem like an anime theme. A general litmus test is to put it on some random site, and see if it fits any better. The way I see it, a bus and a bus stop with some clouds could fit anywhere as a sort of placeholder theme. It'd probably fit well in Traveling.SE though.
@Jnat It's hard to pin style down into precise words. To me the mockup looks like somebody was told to make something look japanese, but rather than using the vibrant colors and thick outlines characteristic of comics and animation, they went for more of a traditional style with soft pastels and thin lines more characteristic of traditional Japanese art, kind of like this:
Better put ^
@Tonepoet this bit of feedback feels way more constructive and helpful to me, though
it's short, to the point, and actually points out what feels off
It is better. I didn't notice that, but it does look like someone was told to "make it look Japanese", without explicitly being about anime.
8:49 PM
compare: "this doesn't feel like anime" with "although the theme does feel Japanese, the tones and colors reflect a bit more of traditional Japanese art than Anime styles." And hopefully that makes it clearer why I'm saying your feedback feels kinda bash-y, @forest :)
My first thought was that the only connection was public transport, which is important in Japan, but that seemed too unlikely for me to put in my post.
While it does seem kind of like traditional Japanese art, it seems more like a mobile theme like the kind you'd find in a mobile phone app.
Which is something that's absent from traditional Japanese art.
@JNat I think I understand. It's hard to appear constructive when all I can say is that it doesn't seem anything like anime.
Especially the bus. It doesn't look even like traditional art. It's 100% flat.
And not in the good way.
Plus the soft clouds and the flat bus seem juxtaposed.
The clouds look much more like they were made in an anime style, whereas the I can only think about mobile apps when I see the bus.
I'm not getting the mobile thing xD
in any case, see how you're getting a bit deeper there?
The clouds convey something the bus doesn't
try to put that into words
Well even the clouds I don't think convey something, but they would fit.
Stylistically, the clouds are fine. Thematically, they're out of place.
then, y'know, you can use more of "I think doing x would convey more of y"
instead of just "I think this is flat. This is not anime"
(Thinking about how to put this into words suitable for the answer)
@JNat How big can proposed changes be? The way it is now, I can't think of any small tweaks which could improve it in any way.
8:54 PM
@forest a suggestion: The clouds feel out of place for you
you see the difference? Between trying to convey how it makes you feel, and less how you think the designer doesn't know what they're doing?
I think the designer did fine, just for a different subject.
@forest hopefully, we'd just be looking at small tweaks. That's not to say you can't voice your concerns anyway... :)
Would "remove the bus and sun and bus station, and replace it with something else" be small?
Because adding a little shadow to the bus won't do anything.
@forest I mean... this is the stuff that you shoulda mentioned in the feedback gathering post...
But the feedback gathering post did.
All of the examples were of anime themes.
8:57 PM
ok, so, again: it's not the bus and the clouds and all
I didn't see one thing in the theme related to buses or nearly as flat, and the only one mentioning a flat theme seemed to be talking about silhouettes.
I don't see the mystical, whimsical themes that can make anime so appealing.
it feels like you have all the right words here, but are just missing how to put 'em together in a way that's constructive :\
I edited my answer to add a bit more, trying to be constructive.
a bit better, yeah
a note: kudos for trying to work on making it better
Also, the one answer in the ideas thread that did mention a bus stop had it in a theme that appeared very eastern. What we have here is just flat and simplistic.
It seems like that, except simplified as if it needed to be done by vector graphics.
9:01 PM
so what conveys "Eastern" there? Maybe you can expand on that?
And with all the depth and exoticism removed.
I don't think I can. It's just a feeling.
I find it difficult to decompose art into a description explaining the hue, saturation, shades, and how that fits together to make it aesthetically pleasing.
it feels like bringing one or two of the images you liked and mentioning what you like about 'em is way more productive than just doing that "what I wanted/what I got" thing
again: that feels really bash-y
Yeah I'm going to edit it into that exploitable (ugh I hate that term) and make it a bit smaller so it doesn't have one big ugly bus staring you in the face.
@forest you talking about the meme thing?
Another point is that the theme right now looks like it was made entirely by a computer using vector graphics and the fill bucket, not as if it was drawn at all. So I guess another point is it's "too" perfectly straight.
9:04 PM
Again: it's not 'cause you put it into a box that makes it better. It's the fact that you're doing this comparison in a way that feels like it's putting down someone's work
OK, I removed the bus.
Anything else I can do to improve it? Seems someone already disliked it.
Perhaps in adding too much more detail, I made it too confusing.
My initial revision just got to the point (that it doesn't seem like anime).
@forest Not sure how else I can help you improve it, but it's definitely better than the earlier revisions. Also, if people vote down it may just be 'cause they disagree with what you're saying, so...
Well it is better than the beta theme...
I'll rework the answer and try to keep it to just a few sentences.
There, I cut it down significantly and kept the bus removed.
OK, I think it's finished now. Still quite disappointed about the theme and hoping that others will notice in time, but I'm not hopeful that it will be changed in any useful way.
@JNat Is it possible to use the theme I linked above instead, from the ideas thread? What was the motivation behind changing it from what was suggested?
9:21 PM
Awww... the rep requirements went up.
Lost all my privs.
Well it "graduated" from beta.
9:39 PM
It's so frustrating to see this theme when there were so many alternatives. :/
It would be nice if the theme was one picked out by the community.
(Converted my answer to a comment since I must have misunderstood the purpose of the feedback thread. I didn't have any bug report or CSS feature suggestion)
@forest I think your answer is fine IMO
I didn't have any specific feature suggestions.
Looking through other threads, it seems it's too late for me to do anything.
I agree it doesn't look anime, I think changing the style of the clouds from high-resolution clouds to lower resolution 'anime clouds' would be enough.
But the flat bus and flat bus stop don't seem good either.
The suggestion in the ideas thread for the same thing was great though.
But having a theme made behind closed doors with absolutely no active feedback by someone who likely thinks Spongebob is an anime is not a great idea...
If only we could just steal World Building's theme. :P
10:29 PM
Q: Has any other work of ONE been animated aside One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 001?

PabloOne has written several stories , the best known ones probably are One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 001. These last 2 have been animated. How about the other ones? Has any other work of ONE been animated aside One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 001?

10:40 PM
holy fuck, when did the Miad Cafe get a paint job?
@Memor-X See the sticky. New (ugly) theme.
Also affects the chat.
@forest yeh i just opening that u.......WE GOT A THEME!
i don't mind it to be honest
It's far better than the beta theme, sure.
But it's just... not anime related, and not nearly as good as the suggestions in the original ideas thread (which were all wonderful).
@forest the one on the site more reminds me of the one from Monogatari actually
It does seem a bit like that... but that bus?
It's so flat.
10:59 PM
@forest yeh but if you see it from the perspective that the theme is sorta slice-of-life and thus simplistic in nature it sorta fits (my oppinion)
A little bit, but it doesn't seem to be in the style of anime.
but yeh give me a sec and i can find you css selectors so you can get them chnaged with a userscript if you so want
Compared to the other bus stop theme posted in the ideas thread.
It could be worse I guess.
bus 		= document.querySelectorAll("#footer")
background 	= document.querySelectorAll("body")
bus stop	= document.querySelectorAll("header .site-header--container")
@Memor-X I've been watching that lately, and definitely agree it fits in that art style.
11:14 PM
[screams internally]
11:26 PM
@forest Now you no longer have to guess. ;-) Anyway, I think part of the difficulty here is that we are talking about an exotic art style from a relatively small nation with a culture that is notoriously perfectionist in nature. I think the types of artists who could actually supply us with something that is completely satisfactory are in short supply, and that probably goes even moreso for the Ghibili-esque art you seem to want.
True, but what we have now just seems like someone gave up halfway.
Q: English letters in anime titles

Nu'DaqI've frequently noticed in anime seasons the title of a series or film will have an English letter at the end of the title (for example: Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon S)- what is the significance of the letter?

@Tonepoet "with a culture that is notoriously perfectionist in nature" - explains why it took so long to get the theme
i just imagine @JNat looking at it fussing over all the imperfections
tbh I tend to gravitate towards slice of life / iyashikei themed anime, so this new theme doesn't feel that off to me
11:47 PM
but @forest does have a point in that the style is sort of generic and could possibly be applicable for several other sites as well, which limits its usefulness as a quick "which site am I on" visual cue
where it's immediately obvious "oh this is the subreddit for animus / mangos"
idk what are some more obvious anime/manga visual cues?
Scenes from anime.
Landscapes from anime.
"Buses" is not what usually comes to mind.
@ahiijny yeh but one of the issues with the design way back was selecting what anime to feature in the design. that manga one i know i've seen the girl from somewhere but don't recall where
@forest Kyoto School Trip, a stable of Slice-of-life school anime
reminds me a bit of this gwern.net/Death-Note-Anonymity
any visual cue could apply to lots of other concepts as well, with varying degrees of specificity
so we would need to choose the visual cues that zero in on the topic of "anime / manga" most effectively

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