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^ Elinks-tan
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Q: Can't remember the name of certain manhwa

RandomGuyI remember that this manhwa was about a guy that started to live with his girlfriend. She was older than him and had a daughter. The daughter liked him and she starts teasing him and they end up having sex. Can't remember much more but I think the daughter ends up leaving the house. I hope this ...

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how are things
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@Proxy good. had our task tool just stop working and the Exception Error was hardly helpful (just said that the work item could not be saved). took us a couple of hours to realise that our area path in TFS had been changed and since the old one is hard coded into the application it was inputting an invalid area path
well have to remember that because this is the second time this year that they've done this. pain in the ass that we don't get a heads up
11:50 AM
well at least you found out
12:27 PM
Q: How does Kakashi's promotion to chunin at age six make any sense when Rin and Obito graduated at nine?

ElynthiaIt says at naruto.fandom.com that Kakashi graduated at age FIVE after a year at the Academy. His teammates graduated at age nine a FEW YEARS AFTER. And then somewhere it says again that Kakashi was promoted chunin at age SIX and that was WITH HIS TEAM! But they were at the ACADEMY at the time! Th...

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Q: How many characters have come back from the dead so far?

MaroonIn JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, characters seem to have a habit of ostensibly being killed off but reappearing later. I am currently in the middle of reading Diamond is Unbreakable, and so far, these characters include: While looking up an explanation of a plot point for Diamond is Unbreakabl...

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Q: Looking for a track from Assassination Classroom (S2E19)

RexdydI am looking for a background track from the Season 2 episode "Outer Space Time". Namely. the track that starts playing at approx. the 16-th minute and ends at the 18-th or so. In the background, the scene where Nagisa, Karma and Ritsu start descending to earth again after Ritsu's little monologu...

9:11 PM
Q: Thin books that everyone reads when in a club in sch.ool / slice of life animes

OtakuBoiI've had this question on my mind for quite some time and saw in an anime again that the characters when not doing much read a thin book. Does anyone know what this books are because most books are bigger and thicker.


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