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12:00 AM
Q: The room, the table, and the chainsaw

CStafford-14You're in a sealed room with no doors, vents, or windows. All that is in the room is a chainsaw with a full tank and a table. How do you get out?

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2:50 AM
@Brandon_J for this community, 13 upvotes is a very strong showing. I think consensus has been reached.
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8:12 AM
Q: Scheduling based problem

JonMark PerryCan you place these numbers into 5 rows of 4 such that each row totals 20? 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 8, 8

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9:50 AM
Q: Such a crappy riddle

CStafford-14I'm on patrol I'm on a roll! I want to clean Could you please lean? What could I be? Your answer should be one or two words, depending on how you spell this well-used phrase. Make sure you provide an explanation.

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11:08 AM
Q: Island of Knights, Knaves and Spies

trolley813There is an island with $N$ inhabitants (for example $A_1, A_2, \dots, A_N$), each of them is either a knight, a knave, or a spy. As usual: knights will always tell the truth upon answering a question, knaves will always lie, and spies can do both (however they always alternate the truth value ...

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12:46 PM
Q: James Bond must Go!

Swiss FrankOnce I was flirting with the receptionist at the gym. She marveled at my international business travel and I joked I was Bond, James Bond. She laughed... and instead of a locker key she handed me a key to the loo! What gives?

1:05 PM
Q: The weakest link

podloga123I've gotten this riddle and have been struggling with solving it: Suppose you have 20 stones which have different weights [0 ... n] . You have no way of measuring the weight of any stone individually, instead you can only measure them by putting 10 on each side of a balance. After doing this you...

Q: Extinction of THEM

Van NgAfter snowmobiles' usage had been wide spreaded, the one of THEM was mentioned to extinct. There are about 400 of THEM in the world. Who are THEY?

Hi @CStafford-14
I'm here and ready to talk
Only 1 and 3 work with a mailing address.
There's a little wordplay here
I'm going to say something
and it will probably give the whole thing away
1:08 PM
I think I see where this is going now
but here goes:
I already guessed that!
wait you did?
The Declaration of Independence... does not include that...
I know who it is
1:09 PM
grave faces...
It all makes sense XD
I thought it would
The g********* address...
Well, I still got Ben Franklin without your help. I'll leave it up to you on who gets the bounty
oh, you will of course
1:11 PM
but you need to give the explanation for Franklin
Which, I'm working on.
which shouldn't be too hard
So is the cipher related to the address or the person?
the address. See hint 1.5
1:12 PM
I thought so.
3 hours later…
4:01 PM
Q: What kind of puzzle this is?

logoI received this picture, and the sender told me that it means something?

2 hours later…
5:38 PM
Q: Picture puzzles

oodalgicI design picture puzzles and post them under an Instagram account @ruthlesspuzzle. What is this picture? [nohints]

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6:56 PM
Q: How much did he pay for the car?

KellingA man withdrew half the money that was in his bank account to buy a second-hand car, then sold the car two weeks later, receiving only three-quarters of the price he had paid for it. When he paid the money back into the bank account he found his bank balance was £600 less than it had been origina...

@CStafford-14 don't forget to tag me in a comment when you're done since I'm not notified of edits.
2 hours later…
8:35 PM
Ah, ok.
9:03 PM
@Brandon_J, the cipher is really tricky. I've tried extracting the letters at the number positions and words at the number position... Nowhere close.
Q: Take a deep breath

CStafford-14Here's a quick one that should be easy. You've heard me before. A Cinematic Icon Perfect audio. What am I?

9:33 PM
Q: Just a Simple Number Crossword

greenturtle3141I made a small number crossword for my mathletes club that I thought I'd share. It's not too hard, I think it's just right for a coffee break. Have fun! (Edit: No answer has a leading zero)

10:32 PM
@CStafford-14 hummmmm.....that first option should work
are you excluding all spaces/periods/commas?
also which version are you using
I picked the one that is considered the most common.
10:54 PM
The result is: "mytrhvesaysprinter" "My trhve says printer"?
11:08 PM
hmmm.....perhaps I got that wrong
@CStafford-14 the t is supposed to be a g
and the h an a
in "trhve"
my grave says printer
sorry about that
Its fine.
Lemme check though
and see if I messed up
Could have been my programming though
11:10 PM
cause I wanna edit if I did
I made a program to check. Want it?
if you'd like
I'm gonna go handcount
It's Scratch, and the code's a bit jumbled because I managed to make it in my small spare time.
190 is supposed to be 189
I think
Nope. That's a T
11:13 PM
60 characters long
Mine's 1141
I mean 60 chars/line
Just regular characters, no punctuation, numbers, or spaces
11:14 PM
in what I put up there
190 should be 191
119 should maybe be 121
er no
119 is completely off
make it 154
and that should work
gonna go fix that now
K it's fixed @CStafford-14
can't believe I messed that up
no wonder no one could solve it
thought I double-checked it, too
I'm trying to reword my answer so that it proves the grave thing
11:20 PM
Where on his grave does it say "Printer"
on his headstone
at least that's what he said
Who said?
he wanted "B. Franklin, Printer"
Maybe it isn't there?
Probably a bad site though XD
11:22 PM
Franklin wrote what he hoped would be his own epitaph:

The Body of B. Franklin Printer; Like the Cover of an old Book, Its Contents torn out, And stript of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies here, Food for Worms. But the Work shall not be wholly lost: For it will, as he believ'd, appear once more, In a new & more perfect Edition, Corrected and Amended By the Author.[210]
turns out his grave just put his name
but when he was alive
that's what he would say
also the GA was kind of aimed at honoring the dead soldiers
not the slaves
although they deserve a heck of a lot of honor
Sorry I didn't respond, I didn't see the notification until you mentioned me.
But it's done now.
that's OK
That was an awesome puzzle! Thanks for making it.
btw the send a letter in me references the apocryhal story that Lincoln wrote the adress on the back of an envelope
11:26 PM
edit when u get around to it; I'll go ahead and accept
I did it a minute ago
No I mean for my comments about the slaves and the envelope
Holy crap, that's a lot of rep in a day!
but u got the bounty
so you don't have to if you don't want too
all in all I got -13 rep for this puzzle with the bounty, but it was so worth it XD
-13? How? It was work 100!

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