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8:06 PM
@GnomeSlice: Well, I'll (removed) your (removed), too!
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, which is aiming its lazers as we enter orange alert condition. Have you voted in the elections yet?
I'll have to remember to go through the digest and cast my last vote.
I think passing out these ones randomly would be most ungood.
funny, i made sure to vote in this but somehow missed the last local election
Hi all. @Josh fancy meeting you here.
@espais The voting just opened.
8:09 PM
@Moshe hey there
@Josh I'm here to plug Nippon. :-)
@GnomeSlice just voted!
@espais :P
Anyone here got an iOS device?
@Moshe Nope, sorry.
8:14 PM
@Powerlord I know, you answered me a moment ago.
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, which is deploying its lazers as we finally reach red alert. Have you voted in the elections yet?
If anyone here has an iOS device, please check out my game, Nippon: itunes.apple.com/us/app/nippon/id415518235?mt=8&ls=1
Nippon is a turn based trading game, a throwback of Dope Wars for Palm.
:498956 Yes, I was looking again for it.
@Moshe I does!
@Moshe: port it to windows mobile and i'll check it out :p
8:24 PM
Voting for someone who's not running? That's talent!
@espais Send me a WinPhone and I'll port it.
@Brant Great, please check out my game. If you like it, please rate and review in iTunes, so that other people get to see it and enjoy! Nippon on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/app/nippon/id415518235?mt=8&ls=1
You need a WinPhone to port it? I thought you just needed Visual Studio and XNA Framework 4.
@Powerlord I need a testing device. ;-)
I want to do some iOS development, but I just don't like the idea of Obj-C very much.
WRU garbage collection?
8:27 PM
@Brant It's a bit hard to stomach at first, but the frameworks are so awesome once you get over the square brackets.
@Brant WRU = ?
where are you
@Brant Ah. Please, it's simple. If you call`retain` alloc new or copy, you call a corresponding release or autorelease.
And, autorelease is kinda like a GC anyway.
My day job involves a ton of asp.net mvc/jquery, so I'm basically a web guy. I've been toying with some of the mobile webapp frameworks like sencha touch and phonegap, but...
@Brant I was starting web but then switched to iOS.
@Brant I still haven't learned asp.net MVC, :/
Of course, I work mainly in Java where I work. :/
8:29 PM
@Powerlord please tell me you aren't using webforms...oh, good.
I gotta run now, but please check out my game and spread the word. If anyone wants, star my post so that other folks can enjoy. Have a great weekend!
15 mins ago, by Moshe
If anyone here has an iOS device, please check out my game, Nippon: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nippon/id415518235?mt=8&ls=1
@Brant Actually, the .NET devs here still do use WinForms.
I've actually never done any client-side .NET development, unless designing reports counts. I don't know anything about what the WTF-factor of WinForms is like compared to WPF or whatever the new shiny is.
(actually, could a mod move this over to Programmers? Maybe someone there will chime in.)
er... sorry, I meant WebForms. WinForms for the occasional client-side app, but we do very few of those these days.
9:01 PM
Q: Terran Scout Buildings Absorbing Damage

kazzamallaWhen playing XvT, Terran's often employ a barrack's or a factory as a cheap scout. I've also seen a lot of cases where they will like to fly the scout over one part of your base (say your main base) while then flanking with their army and attacking your natural. The reason for this is that ofte...

Yo guys, can we undo our votes after we vote?
@Mana Yes, partially
"The King is back, and he's in top form." - Cheat Code Central: http://bit.ly/fcZkMH
Okay. Uhm.
kicks Gnome
View Grace's entry then click "3rd choice", "2nd choice" and "1st choice" for her, in that order
9:12 PM
@badp I understand.
9:22 PM
@GraceNote and everyone else, I see I have a slew of corrections to make to the digest. I have been stuck in unpleasant work meetings all afternoon and will make corrections ASAP. Thanks!
Hmm... head home or stay here for another hour?
Q: Stack Exchange wide gaming night!

WilHi everyone! By posting this, I feel like this will become one of those Facebook parties where the entire house gets trashed... Crossing my fingers that it will not be like that! Just for the fun of it, a few of us are trying to hold a gaming night - So far it looks like there are going to be q...

9:38 PM
@Powerlord In case anyone was wondering, the answer to that is... Bacon.
Wee elections!
Now I just need to decide who to vote for :\
1 hour ago, by badp
user image
Nice edit :)
Actually I voted for you, @badp. I'm counting on your very high activity, since we need someone to replace me!
And I'm pretty sure that my online hours here ⊂ your online hours here
@Oak What are you talking about? I voted for you too.
9:45 PM
@Oak I'm sad you aren't running. Like @badp I keep scrolling up and down the voting pages even though I know I won't find you there.
I appreciate the support @badp @Gnome @kazzamalla but I think you overstate the importance of us mods :)
Many other good candidates
So many good ones, in fact, I'm having trouble with my vote.
um, I think I'm stuck again \o/
but this time around it's just figuring out what item to use
unless I switched one star too many
Hi! I'm just looking there for 2 mins, good night :)
So, any ideas how I can best abuse modship for the next 3 days?
9:53 PM
I really cannot get enough of this Chiptune Artist.
Even though most of his stuff is from 2005 or earlier.
@Oak Make a ton of private hidden chat rooms from which to complain about new mods from and plan conspiracies.
@Oak Delete good questions and then repost them as your own.
@GnomeSlice but most good questions are answered and I can't copy the answers...
@Oak merge.
@Oak No, but you can delete them and make us answer them again.
It's what I would do.
9:56 PM
@badp actually now that I think about it I can go through all the chat rooms and make myself owner :)
Er, wait a minute...
@Oak Heh.
@Oak No you can't.
@badp no?
No. Not here anyway.
@badp why, can't mods be owners?
9:59 PM
@Oak sure they can. Still you can't make yourself owner here.
Why, what's so different here?
not now, I misclicked a minute ago.
night :)
@badp but that's minor... I need to change myself to an owner of the mod room or something :)
@Oak that might work...
10:01 PM
Is any of our candidates living in Japan or Australia or something similar?
Or are the timezone options only the Americas and Europe?
10:21 PM
Wow, Timbral is a chat-killer, apparently.
@GnomeSlice Gah, I hate when I see something wrong but I can't call it out because I can't name it :(
@ArdaXi Eskimeau vs Eskimo?
That's the way the artist spelled it. Did you give it a listen?
@GnomeSlice No. Eskimeau is definitely wrong.
@ArdaXi Well, then I have no idea what you're talking about. :P
It's either Eskimo or Esquimaux. Not a portmanteau of both. Anyway, I didn't, I can't listen to anything atm.
@GnomeSlice I do. Eskimeau is a portmanteau of two of the different spellings. It's half English, half French.
That's like calling something a biscookie.
10:23 PM
Maybe that was the point?
Oh, that's what it's about?
No idea. It's chiptune. Instrumental.
Exactly. So it's wrong, and I want to know the name of the 'mistake' (or stylistic device, if you prefer)
Looks like he was born in Gothenburg, sweden.
@ArdaXi Mis-spelling?
@ArdaXi Star it anyway, it's great.
@GnomeSlice I thought there was a specific name for a portmanteau of two alternative spellings...
10:25 PM
@ArdaXi Even I've never heard the term portmanteau so I can't help you there.
@ArdaXi Melting Pot?
@Arda I know where you can ask though. Head over to the English SE chatroom.
@GnomeSlice A portmanteau is a combination of two words, like Wikipedia (wiki and encyclopedia). The word has an awesome etymology.
@ArdaXi Aha, I can imagine.
@GnomeSlice (Lewis Caroll)
@ArdaXi Evan Carrol.
Q: Curiouser and curiouser...

GnomeSliceIs "Curiouser" in fact, a word? (Yes, this question is very short, but that's really all I need to ask.)

Someone edited "curiouser" out of my question on SU, so I had to find out. :P
Turns out I was wrong.
It's definitely a word. Only the most pedantic will count it wrong.
A lot of words have been coined by Caroll.
10:33 PM
It's not actually.
See the question for details.
> Let me just state (for the record) that if you are wondering if this would be considered a word in the pure linguistic sense (rather than in Standard English), then I think that most linguists would say yes; it probably has been around long enough and is well-established enough to be considered a word.
The general consensus is that you can pretty much use it wherever, but technically it's not an English word.
Can anyone point me to where I can see graphs of SE2.0 sites' traffic over time?
@GnomeSlice It's not a Standard (read: Pedantic) English word, no.
But a lot of acceptable words aren't.
@ArdaXi Of course not. I wasn't asking it was acceptable though. I was just curious.
10:35 PM
@GnomeSlice I was curiouser.
@ArdaXi iseewatchoodidthar
@GnomeSlice ∎
(Literally nobody will get that)
Someone starred it. They must have understood it.
I did. And did not.
I just liked the character.
Google it.
"Your search - ∎ - did not match any documents."
I think I'm doing it wrong.
10:40 PM
Try Wikipedia-ing it.
Google doesn't support non-ASCII. ;-)
Short version: It means QED.
And I thought I was smart.
Hold on, I need to Google that one too.
It means quod erat demonstrandum.
End of proof, basically. ok.
What were you referring to?
← Idiot.
@ArdaXi :
in English Language and Usage, 50 secs ago, by Martha
Can't think of such a word, but this might be a good question to ask on EL&U.
Dammit, it looks like I broke YouTube...
10:52 PM
What a horrible night to have a curse... why hasn't Konami ever remade Castlevania 2 as a non-Engrish mess?
CV2 is one of those rare games that is unintentionally Guide Dang It.
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 11th, 2011

We just rolled out version 1.1 of the Stack Exchange API. To see what’s new, browse the revised documentation at:

Rebecca took an informal survey of the API developer community at Stack Apps, and determined that what everyone wanted most (beyond v2 of the API, yes, I know) was an improved application gallery. So we’ve made the default page on the site the application gallery, and spruced it up to be more visually friendly to average users.

This should make it easier for Stack Exchange users to find your app and start using it! Do bear in mind that we heavily promote stackapps.com both with house ads, and in the footer of every Stack Exchange site we launch. So developers, we have your back. If you build on our API, we will continue to fully support you in every way we can. …

@Feeds I wonder if they rolled out any fixes for @YiJiang.
@Powerlord Hmmm, no elections route
Will have to wait for the next version then
More Timbral. This one is probably my favourite.
Chat-kill again. :S
11:16 PM
@GnomeSlice I used to do that...
Q: Can you do a "new game+" in Muramasa: The Demon Blade?

RedStarted playing Muramasa recently and was wondering if once I've beaten the story I will be able to start the game as the girl or guy again and keep my level and weapons. In other words can I beat the game multiple times with the guy and girl and retain my XP and weapons?

11:36 PM
The Town Hall Chat Digest is now available! PLease submit any corrections to @Josh.
That kinect laser question keeps getting weirder and weirder
Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games http://bit.ly/f4WLPU
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