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5:32 AM
@aki Thank you! I have seen pics on facebook, they are cute! =)
6:09 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky haha, cute yes but more like.. wild ⊂((・x・))⊃!
6:22 AM
@AndersonCarlosWoss Hi! Done! =)
@aki Could you please tell me if you think we are ready to add a new help center page based on this discussion?
@NicolasChabanovsky All suggestions seem to be already added now, so yes!
(Sorry for Google Translate) 新しいヘルプセンターの記事を追加する準備ができたかどうかを教えてください。もっと話し合う時間が必要ですか? — Nicolas Chabanovsky ♦ 17 secs ago
I asked the same question on MSOja =)
oh great let me check on that
@aki Thanks! I'm going to add the page on Monday (my morning) if there is no objection.
@NicolasChabanovsky edited according to your info =)
6:33 AM
@aki Thank you a lot! By the way, could you please tell me if the comment is completely horrible?)
@NicolasChabanovsky Not horrible at all, I just want you to sound cool
Usually I try to translate first En to Ja, and then look what will be if I do the reverse Ja to En. Sometimes those two sound very different =)
Yes yes. Google translate are not always correct, and that's how Jimmy Fallon's Google Translate Songs could be funny..
But I think I can follow what you mean most of the time. (If it's actual detailed programming matters, then I will need a little time there)
7:04 AM
@lois6b, @fedorqui, @gbianchi, @Pikoh hello! Could you please tell me if you think we are ready to add a new help center article based on the discussion on Meta?
@NicolasChabanovsky I think the article is well translated enough, so let's do it! We can always use g3rv4's github to suggest improvements in the future
@fedorqui Thank you! By the way on SOru there were a lot of discussions around this term:
The great man theory is a 19th-century idea according to which history can be largely explained by the impact of great men, or heroes; highly influential and unique individuals who, due to their natural attributes, such as superior intellect, heroic courage, or divine inspiration, have a decisive historical effect. The theory is primarily attributed to the Scottish philosopher and essayist Thomas Carlyle who gave a series of lectures on heroism in 1840, later published as On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and The Heroic in History, in which he states: Universal History, the history of what man has ...
We decided to delete it from the text. Could you please tell what you think, if we need to remove it on SOes as well?
@NicolasChabanovsky I agree with @fedorqui, go for it
I'm about this "y no solo una única gran persona."
@Pikoh Hi! Thanks!
I'm planning to add it to the help center on Monday if there is no objection. =)
@NicolasChabanovsky btw, when you have some time, can you take a look at this question? I'm sure you could clarify it better tan me. If you need help with translation, just tell me :)
7:14 AM
@Pikoh I think you answered it perfectly! I would add only that I can ship some stickers if one pings me in advance.
@NicolasChabanovsky insightful debate :D You know half of my nick comes from Dostoyevsky? My love from this writer comes from 'Crime and punishment', where I discovered this Great man theory. So I wish I could contribute to the Russian debate
nobody commented on this point, so I assume it is fine as is now
@NicolasChabanovsky that's great!. I'll tell the op
7:30 AM
@fedorqui Yeah, we talked about that in sunny Barcelona (btw, yesterday was a snowy day here... again.) I would love to see your comments on SOru one day! =)
@Pikoh Thank you a lot! Could you please tell me if you hear anything about a presentation that @JuanM wanted to prepare / prepared? He told me that he was planning create a presentation which any user might use to prep their for such talks?
If you did what do you think if it is worth mention?
@NicolasChabanovsky I don't remember hearing about that. I do know that there was some SOes "party", I think one here in Madrid, and one in Mexico, maybe he did it for those. But I think it would be a great resource!
Q: Encuentro local de SOes en CDMX - 17 de mayo del 2018

Juan MFecha: 17 de Mayo de las 7pm - 9pm Dirección: Oficinas de Beek - #303 en el 3er piso Invitamos a todos los interesados en la informática y en en el desarrollo a participar en un encuentro informal para conocernos más y aprender sobre la comunidad de Stack Overflow en español. Tenemos espacio pa...

Yeah, let us wait for @JuanM (@JuanM could you please clarify if we have any presentations for SOes?)
Also, I would like to help if anyone needs any community statistics that are not available publicly but should have been or it's hard to collect the data.
@Pikoh Nice!
7:56 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky in here he mentioned it as well:
Me parece una excelente idea. Tengo la presentación en mano y puedo compartirla con ustedes. Lo único que se va a necesitar cambiar es la parte donde platico sobre lo que un gerente de comunidades hace - es casi la mitad de la presentación. Por eso pienso que hasta sería mejor empezar de nuevo. — Juan M ♦ Jun 16 '17 at 14:40
@fedorqui I hope he finish it. Would be a really great resource
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9:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer (60): Como llevar datos de una pagina web a otra? by Bilal Boulaich on es.stackoverflow.com
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12:42 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky Thanks :D
@NicolasChabanovsky And what is the idea of "proactive users"?
1:26 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky +1 is ok for me :)
3 hours later…
4:44 PM
@AndersonCarlosWoss You are welcome all time!
@AndersonCarlosWoss Could you please clarify the question in a few more words?
@gbianchi Thanks!
@NicolasChabanovsky that the text is ok for me :)
@gbianchi Miss clicked sorry!
@NicolasChabanovsky no problem ;)
Its evening here, in St Petersburg. Almost 8 pm.
I think it early morning in Argentina, right?)
@NicolasChabanovsky i'm having lunch :) 1 pm here
4:48 PM
Wow. You are closer than I thought. =)
7 hours...
Hm. Google cannot calculate the distance.
It says no routes :(
@NicolasChabanovsky lol.. mmm.. there should be a way..
you are in st.petesburg? or moscow?
I'm in the best city of Russia (St. Petersburg)!
@NicolasChabanovsky In MSopt you commented that proactive users should contact you, but it was not clear what the reason for this contact was. What you wanted to say was that if the user had any ideas he could contact them directly?
@gbianchi Not that far! :)
@AndersonCarlosWoss The idea behind it is that I would love to work more closer with users who want to grow site proactively, like gbianchi, fedorqui, Pikoh, KacosPro and many others on SOes (on the other sites there are such users as well). Usually when I have something to suggest for a community I ping folks in this chat for feedback. It works vice versa as well: if they have an idea or they want to change / test something on the site, they ping me for feedback. It seems it works well.
I would love to have something like that on SOpt!
5:14 PM
(Sorry, meeting)
5:59 PM
Could you please tell me if it answers your question @AndersonCarlosWoss? Did I understand your question correctly? Should I clarify something in more words?
A few examples of our cooperation:
Q: ¿Están de acuerdo con poner una validación a preguntas que son código unicamente?

KacosProEsta pregunta deriva de Añadamos una alerta en preguntas que son solo código. g3rv4 como siempre atento publicó una respuesta en la que nos decía Para activarla, tendríamos que habilitar una funcionalidad en /ask para que usuarios con menos rep que un límite definido hagan una "prueba de for...

Q: ¿Queremos banners de ayuda para usuarios?

gbianchiEditado al 10/12 Doy por concluida la votación y tenemos que elaborar una pregunta con las respuestas que se van a publicar en los banners. Original Hablando con el CM Nicolas sobre algunos problemas que tienen algunos usuarios nuevos y no tan nuevos para usar el sitio, él me comentó que en SO...

@NicolasChabanovsky Yes. Well, anyway I'll try to be more present here in the chat if you need anything
@AndersonCarlosWoss Thank you a lot! :)
@NicolasChabanovsky This code-only check would be interesting in SOpt as well
@AndersonCarlosWoss yes! Because according to data the situation on SOpt worse then on SOes, unfortunately.
I would love to help!
I think this should be the community initiative, community decision to have it (or do not have), not mine.
I can only assist, provide data, turn it of or on, this is your community.
Could you please tell me if it makes sense?
TotalImagePosts PctDeletedOrImageEditedOut TotalNewUserImagePosts PctNewUserDeletedOrImageEditedOut
--------------- -------------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------------------
8478 30.054258079735 3445 43.657474600870

SOpt data for using images in posts. ^^^
@NicolasChabanovsky One limitation I see a lot in users is that we do not know what can be done in the system or not. I have seen many initiatives (which we will now try to reactivate) that have been blocked by the SE team because they are not possible (at least at the time)
6:08 PM
A: Your community’s current problems, findings, and initiatives

Nicolas ChabanovskyList of international communities' current problems, findings, and initiatives Initiatives traducir.win Es: Traduciendo el sitio… Esta vez, con más control sobre el proceso. Ja: サイトを翻訳するための新ツールの提案: Traducir. Ru: Мы переходим на Traducir.win для перевода интерфейса сайта! Pt: Estamos mudando ...

Knowing that it is possible to create this filter, I will suggest it there in MSOpt
We have this answer for it. I have been maintaining only initiatives until now. I will collect all settings about which we know (from our international history) on Monday.
Please walk through and look at lines where there is no "Pt".
Could you please tell me if it works for you? Or do you see it somehow else?
@NicolasChabanovsky I believe it will work for now, thank you.
@AndersonCarlosWoss Thank you! Please ping me any time you think I can help!
7:16 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky Does the only code filter also work for anwsers?
7:35 PM
@AndersonCarlosWoss Let me figure it out!

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