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12:19 AM
Hey! A mod must have passed by, the flags have been cleared.
Jeromy, or @JoshGitlin?
@StevenJeuris ehhhhhhhh I can see the downvote = subscription being really annoying
@BenBrocka When?
@StevenJeuris wikipedia is quite awesome for many scientific things
My (relatively low) 236 subscriptions on MSO would get pretty old
Hmm .. MSO you say. :) Oh well don't get me started on that. ;p
MSO isn't Q&A.
Q: How can Meta be made more conducive to discussions?

Steven JeurisDisclaimer: This post is quite lenghty. To prevent out of context interpretations I kindly request either reading it in its entirety or not reading it at all. Thank you. Why am I writing this? I've been active on the Stack Exchange (SE) network for over a year on a wide variety of different sit...

You are right that it would suck on Meta, but would it on let's say CogSci?
I'm not sure I'd care about Jim Thio's edits
I can see some merit in the suggestion, but I can see it being used as a tool to annoying a lot of people by making small changes to your crappy post as well
12:31 AM
@BenBrocka True, that could involve having to add extra complexities like flagging edits.
Make terrible, incorrect answer, get 30 downvotes. Edit constantly. Super annoyance straight to your inbox
maybe if it were hidden in your profile somewhere to check up on Qs
No need to flag edits, the Other flag works fine
@BenBrocka There! ... you solved it! :) Could be the new notifications feature.
@ArtemKaznatcheev that's not a dupe, it's NarQ. What reason do they have for believing it's impossible to achieve it? All sorts of problems with that Q
@BenBrocka You are right. Closed it.
1:08 AM
@BenBrocka Cool paper which might interest you!
Text in 3D: some legibility results: dl.acm.org.proxy.library.uu.nl/…
" Larsen et al. obtained evidence that a word whose first letters are more distorted than later letters are harder to read. As a resulting guideline they state "if only one side of a virtual environment is to be used for presenting text, the left wall is preferred"."
Seems like I did it right. ;)
No login...also Swedish, I think
@StevenJeuris interesting
I love ACM. What's your main resource?
used to use psychinfo and acm before I lost my university login
now it's google scholar as it's one of the only good ways to find openly accessible stuff
How do you call those relationships again if you e.g. say, that's still far off, when relating it to time?
There was a question about it here once, which we deemed to be better suitable on linguistics I believe.
I figured metaphors ...
But I remember it was a special kind of metaphor or something.
Aha! Wikipedia to the rescue once again!
In cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphor, or cognitive metaphor, refers to the understanding of one idea, or conceptual domain, in terms of another, for example, understanding quantity in terms of directionality (e.g. "prices are rising"). A conceptual domain can be any coherent organization of human experience. The regularity with which different languages employ the same metaphors, which often appear to be perceptually based, has led to the hypothesis that the mapping between conceptual domains corresponds to neural mappings in the brain. This idea, and a detailed examination of t...
" Conceptual metaphors shape not just our communication, but also shape the way we think and act." ... damn this stuff is gold for my thesis. ;)
As I'm following the conceptual metaphor of time in the distance ... and now being nearer.
1:46 AM
@StevenJeuris What do you think about Jeromy reopening that question that we just closed?
@jonsca Which one? I closed two today I believe.
And I'm sure he has his reasons.
Just my opinion, but I think that while this question is far from perfect and makes a number of assumptions, that I could give a meaningful answer that discusses those assumptions. Thus, my vote is to re-open. — Jeromy Anglim 1 hour ago
I would be fine with it if he's got an answer on tap
and wants to rework the question a tiny bit
The main thing it lacks for me is as Ben pointed out, why wouldn't it be possible?
On what is the question based?
I hate questions which are based on assumptions which aren't founded in any way.
I'm thinking of how to edit that into it, but I don't have a clue.
A good point. Well, I left a comment for Jeromy asking for him to edit the question and I'd vote to re-open.
Of course, he could unilaterally re-open it with his mod powers, but luckily he's not like that.
Seconding @ChuckSherrington's sentiments, I would only vote to open if the question is edited to reflect the assumption that it is or isn't possible to achieve expertise in two distinct domains. Where is this question coming from? We close questions when they aren't clear, that's standard procedure. If Jeromy invests time in answering assumptions, it might be that those assumptions weren't what the question was about at all. Thus, that's why I closed. — Steven Jeuris 7 secs ago
"Psychological research has demonstrated how real or imagined physical
motion scenarios can prime construals of time by activating the relevant source
domain" (http://www.cogsci.ucsd.edu/~nunez/web/timeaftertimeF+.pdf)
How awesome is that!
2:32 AM
@StevenJeuris it associated too much responsibility with down-voting... which would make it EVEN LESS common.
@StevenJeuris I understand the excitement to close questions quickly, but we are not overwhelmed with questions right now. I think in general, we should try to let the community act to make sure the moderators don't come off as too heavy handed. This is especially important in light of @JeromyAnglim's comments for the potential usefulness of the question
Of course, I would have voted to close currently, and agree with the decision, I just think it should have been left to the community.
@ArtemKaznatcheev You may be right, normally I invest more time in guiding users of which I close the questions, but I don't have that time atm.
(as you might have noticed) ... my thesis is progressing nicely though.
@BenBrocka I use Google Scholar even thought I have uni logins. I find it produces much more relevant results than other sources and is faster to use.
Would be nice of some more questions come out of it. ;)
@StevenJeuris awesome!
But still don't have any now.
2:41 AM
@jonsca that would be very poor use of mod-powers, especially since the question had two community close votes. That is one downside to being a mod: you have to cast virtual close and open votes. There should be a feature that allows mods to cast non-binding close/reopen votes
@ArtemKaznatcheev The general consensus between moderators is "close fast".
@ArtemKaznatcheev I was just joking. I know he would never do that anyway
It becomes more problematic when answers appear which then need to be edited, going back and forward between editing questions/answers isn't what SE is about.
But it seems we had a lot of questions yesterday UTC :D
That's why questions are closed, to prevent that.
2:43 AM
Yes! We're up to 3.1/day
@StevenJeuris that makes sense. It is also a very good point that these are all non-final things, we can always re-open if OP makes edits!
@ArtemKaznatcheev Exactly.
@jonsca Partially due to the accounting, but that's fine :D We are doing great! We just need to make sure to keep the momentum through out June. Don't let our confidence undermine our determination... don't want to pull an Italy
I asked one question, ... someone was able to help me out by email, so I can answer it when I have some time.
Q: Where does the distinction between motives and goals lie in activity theory?

Steven JeurisActivity has an hierarchical structure, and can be analyzed at different levels: activities, actions and operations. (Leontiev 1974) (source: interaction-design.org) The top level is activity itself, oriented towards its motive. At a lower level lie conscious goal-directed actions that must be...

I linked him to the website though, so it seems he didn't want to subscribe. :)
@ArtemKaznatcheev Someone should do a 15 day post tomorrow like your 10 day, perhaps showing the calculation
2:46 AM
@StevenJeuris that is awesome. I had that happen once on cstheory, where THE expert in the field emailed me and was like "I saw your Q on cstheory: here is a potential answer"
@StevenJeuris Tell him there's naughty pictures lots of great content here
Cargo? ;)
Content -> container -> lots of containers .... perhaps I should get some sleep. It's 4:51 AM here.
2:51 AM
@StevenJeuris Thesis and Sleep are not compatible notions
There, a frog that's up to no good. Email your expert about that.
I wish this question had a bit more initial research behind it:
Q: Measuring changes in hemispheric dominance over time

ajkI've recently started using my trackball left-handed after being right-handed my whole life. The motivation is partly to balance out wrist strain, and partly to see how much my brain rejects the idea. Since I am at the computer for a good portion of the day, this is a fundamental change. I start...

@jonsa can I tag this question as instead of :
Q: What could cause people to feel depressed without there being a problem?

Simon VerbekeThis issue is something I have noticed with myself, people in my surroundings and random people on the internet. Their lives are perfectly fine, but yet they feel depressed. In my specific case it's a feeling that lasts for a few days typically and then magically disappears. Only to reappear a co...

Sure, I think it fits
3:01 AM
he's not talking about abnormal psych
depression when not part of a depressive disorder is not abnormal psych
Okay, is social=psych fitting?
I don't really get how it is social-psych
not really no
closer to abnormal than social, but the most abnormal psych related part of it is the explanation of why it's not abnormal....
@BenBrocka how about
wouldn't really call it worthy of a psychiatrist either, as defined in the Q it's a normal emotional state not necessitating treatment
@BenBrocka It does sound just the slightest tiniest bit like dysthymia, but I don't think that's really what the OP was going for
3:09 AM
Just tag it terminology-request or something?
Didn't we have one like that?
Yeah, from their question it appears the depressive state is out of the ordinary
tagged it emotion and took off social psych, don't see how it was relevant
@StevenJeuris Wouldn't call it a terminology request
omg... why do we have a child-psychology tag?
@ArtemKaznatcheev oh, I guess that works. We don't have it
@ArtemKaznatcheev don't just remove, anything tagged with it likely deserves a dev psych instead
3:11 AM
@BenBrocka yeah, we don't... not sure I want to introduce it unless I can find other ones... might as well tag as 'emotion'
@BenBrocka already tagged as that, don't worry. I am not lazy ;)
Well... I am lazy, but not for tags!
If we never add tags because the tags aren't there yet, we're just never going to expand our set of categories
@ArtemKaznatcheev Synonomize!
@BenBrocka I am fine with adding tags when I can find an old question or two that they could be applied to
Also, can we embed youtube video in CogSci answers?
because then I have to make this comment into an answer for the sheer cuteness factor
@ArtemKaznatcheev I don't think so... unfortunately. You could try it, though
Oh, @BenBrocka already has a cute video of this!
However, I still think my comment video is cuter :P especially at the end when the kid decides the division is fair
3:23 AM
@ArtemKaznatcheev those are always great. My Dev Psych class had so many fun videos/examples like that
That was the first time I saw such a video and it totally blew my mind... especially when the girl could COUNT the coins and still was fooled. Or when she SAW her cracker being broken in half and still decided it was fair
I've never taken a dev-psych course though (or even psych 101) so I was not exposed to these cute videos earlier
Anywho, must run. Pleasant chatting with you gentlemen. Cheers!
@ArtemKaznatcheev I'm remembering this for later
Up until what age does it work? :)
@StevenJeuris CogSci question time ;) although I am sure the wikipedia article answers it
I'm finishing this paragraph and heading to bed.
The more I read into HCI research, the more I'm thinking a PhD might be something I do want to do.
Oh well, let's try to start with an internship.
3 hours later…
6:14 AM
@BenBrocka pubmed also links a lot of open source papers
8 hours later…
1:49 PM
The only questions I can think to ask are too obvious to ask /
How is babi formed?
Just pepper in some prostitution and killing people with your questions that might be obvious.
I know the feeling because anything I can ask, I can look up. I guess sometimes you can pretend to "forget" that and ask for something that an obvious search won't find
Or come up with an odd twist to something, or a connection between two subdisciplines that don't normally get along
@jonsca or ask broad vague "has this been applied here" questions of the sort I am proficient at
I was thinking "why does turning on lights alleviate fear" but really the answer is just that many people are simply afraid of the dark to varying degrees
@StevenJeuris --> how is nurvus sistem of babi form?
@BenBrocka There may be something to that, actually, in terms of illumination of the visual field, though.
2:01 PM
@BenBrocka But where does this fear of the dark come from?
Is it biological?
@jonsca They need to do way instain nurons, who extend their dentrites
'Get nutrition innervate dendrites'?
Are there any cultures which generally perceive spiders as 'cute', and bunnies as 'hideous creatures'?
Could cuteness be mapped as a function of eye-size, furriness or other physical dimensions?
@StevenJeuris yes, Little Albert ran away an founded his own nation-state on a remote island. Fuzzy bunnies are their devil.
Spiders can be cute
2:04 PM
What about spider bunnies?
It's freakish I could actually just google that and find multiple resources.
@ArtemKaznatcheev Don't you miss the era when it was ethical to experiment on your kids?
@StevenJeuris I got the impression that cuteness was basically a distance metric to human babies or "how much it resembles human baby"
@jonsca or somebody else's kids without their knowledge :P
@BenBrocka Well, but that spider has big eyes, and is quite furry ... so I might be on to something.
@StevenJeuris that is one of the most traumatic things I have even seen... someone has to make a stuffed toy version of this.
@ArtemKaznatcheev "Cuteness in L2"
2:06 PM
@StevenJeuris we di seem to have a fuzzy bias. Something about mammals sticking together I assume
There we go, we now have like 5 questions to ask
@jonsca psssh, everyone knows that cuteness is measured in trace-norm, screw Euclid... c'mon get with the program! :P
You know what makes me sad @jonsca: there is no mathematical-biology tag on bio.SE
what's wrong with the world?
Start one! :)
2:09 PM
Not enough rep, only 101 haha.... but I have two questions I want to ask on bio.SE
Seems like with bioinformatics questions, as long as there's enough bio in it, it's okay, so for mathematical bio, you're golden
I would be happy to retag at your behest
hokey-dokey... the modeling tag might actually work for my question
I am just not sure why that tag was created instead of the more general mathematical-biology tag
Eh, give a man some rep and he'll make a tag that's not useful
Also, does bio.SE support MathJax?
@ArtemKaznatcheev appending biology to all tags could get annoying
@ArtemKaznatcheev yes
2:12 PM
@BenBrocka true, but there is a field called "mathematical-biology"
But in the context of a bio site that should be fairly obvious
@ArtemKaznatcheev Actually, they never did implement it for Bio
Q: Is there a demonstrable need for MathJax?

AbeAccording to Shall we have MathJax?, to enable MathJax would require a demonstrable need. How can we demonstrate this need? Perhaps by creating a CW list of questions that would benefit from proper notation? To what extent is this a catch-22, in that the absence of MathJax restricts the ability...

You have company, evidently ;)
@BenBrocka It does not... I just tried writing my question and it did not render MathJax...
@jonsca I just noticed... how am I suppose to ask my question without MathJax?!
Oh, I was confused by this question... thought it was mathjax, but they just made a picture of LaTex formating biology.stackexchange.com/questions/2626/…
Make a graphic, hehe
2:16 PM
@jonsca cringe
Enter question on CogSci, screenshot formula, use it in bio question...
> An alternate theory was posited in the 1960s, when scientists conducted experiments in a search for molecules responsible for memory. In one experiment, rats, normally nocturnal animals, were conditioned to fear the dark and a substance called "scotophobin" was supposedly extracted from the rats' brains; this substance was claimed to be responsible for remembering this fear. Subsequently these findings were debunked
Classic thinking, fear of the dark must be a magic substance
@BenBrocka physics envy at its finest
"By the makers of Phlogiston"
This might be one the dirtiest questions I've written @jonsca can you give me your expert bio.SE opinion:
> I frequently use the fittest-win model of selection as a first approximation. Where the probability for a mutant of fitness r to invade a host population of fitness 1 is 100% if r > 1 and 0 otherwise. I also use the Moran process model for finite populations, or take its limit as n goes to infinity.
> In general I am interested in simple models of selection of a single (or small concentration of) mutant invading a host population of fitness 1, with fitness independent of frequency. Are there other mathematical models of selection of this type?
Maybe some more background in the beginning would help with context
2:24 PM
What sort of background should I give?
He he, moran process
I am going to expand the question with some background
and be an uber-asshole about it by typing MathJax and expecting the reader to parse the TeX in their mind
I see, okay, it was the disconnect between "approximation. Where" that made me miss that it was all connected, probably say "in which" instead of "where"
Definitely define that you're doing population biology just to make sure everyone's on the same page
there is a tag population-dynamics and population-biology....
based on the tag-wiki those two should be the same tag
I don't have enough rep in either to do that... oh well. I'd say pick dynamics
2:37 PM
@BenBrocka Is there any HCI term or theory about dedicating a portion of screen space at a fixed position to always be used for a certain purpose?
So the user knows he can expect to find it there?
'consistency'? :)
@jonsca neither fits; there is also no macroevolution tag
oh well
'Top-down processing' perhaps?
or neutral-evolution or genetic-drift
face palm
@ArtemKaznatcheev Don't go with macroevolution, that's become a hotbed for Creationist arguments, and even though your question has nothing to do with that, it might get lumped in
@jonsca was thinking of starting my message like:
> When modeling selective sweeps as a micro-building block in models of macroevolution (not to be confused with misuses of this in creationist arguments), I use the fittest-win ...
2:44 PM
@StevenJeuris Just sounds like consistency, wouldn't call it top down processing. If something is always important and deserves easy access, keeping it "on top" makes logical sense. There are some gestalt principles to be aware of if you're trying to make it's position make logical sense though
@ArtemKaznatcheev I would be more subtle, but okay, sure :)
@jonsca how would you recommend me to improve subtleness?
"macroevolution (simply in the sense of isolated gene pools)..."
or whatever conceptual notion you were going for
Okay, couldn't think of how to refine it.. so just squeezed it out as is. I'd love it if you edited upto community standards if I am not meeting them @jonsca
Q: Alternatives to fittest-win and Moran processes as simple mathematical models of selection

Artem KaznatcheevWhen modeling selective sweeps as a micro-building block in models of macroevolution (not to be confused with misuses of this in creationist arguments), I use the fittest-win model of selection as a first approximation, or Moran process model when I want a more reasonable approximation. In the ...

Do you still want Mathematical-Biology?
2:51 PM
@jonsca not really, since it would just be a superset of mathematical-models
I just edited in theoretical-biology
and that should be sufficient, I think
@BenBrocka Hmmm, I figured, 'first thing you should see', ... top left of the screen? This is a cultural thing though. Didn't think of Gestalt.
@StevenJeuris Not aware of any cultures that read bottom up, and the RTL/LTR distinction shouldn't be a huge issue. Why does "first" matter?
@ArtemKaznatcheev Yeah, let'er rip. Hehe. I gave you a leg up
@jonsca thanks, I am going on a voting spree now to use up my 40 daily votes
@ArtemKaznatcheev Do you think stats.stackexchange.com/questions/23402/… would be a better fit on CS.SE? Or is it too informal?
2:58 PM
This answer is so cool:
A: What are the trajectories of flying insects?

KevinDickinson (2005) has a good review of insect flight, including behavior, biomechanics, electrophysiology, and neural control with links to more of the primary literature. What follows is a general summary thereof. The jagged trajectories you mention are called saccades in the insect flight liter...

It could be adapted into a flippant answer here on cogsci, to this question:
Q: Asaccadia adaptation

John PickCan asaccadia (i.e., lack of saccades, due to neuronal or muscular damage) be overcome? Do other muscles (e.g., neck) compensate? Are the resulting gaze patterns the same as for saccades, and are they involuntary the way saccades are? Conversely, in normal vision, is the saccade-fixation system ...

@jonsca probably better for CS.SE. This sort of work has probably been done before, so also ask for existing literature
I don't actually get how it is ontopic at stats...
@ArtemKaznatcheev Hehe. It is a great answer, though. That Kevin is a good user over there
I mean they do have a machine-learning tag (although you don't use it) but they are awful at answering ML questions unless they are about stats
@ArtemKaznatcheev Yeah, it was part of the great migration from ML.SE
@jonsca I retagged it, you should flag to migration to CS.SE
@BenBrocka You need to know that 'first' thing in order the understand the context of the rest.
3:05 PM
@StevenJeuris I'd make it clear that the rest is a subset of that first thing then, make it "on top" and clearly connect the rest as being lower-order but connected to the first
@BenBrocka Okay, thanks.
@ArtemKaznatcheev Thanks!
@ArtemKaznatcheev I'm working on a question about the B-N form of one of the specialized BDI languages, so now maybe I'll have 2 questions!
I could just age out of that commitment when the site goes live, but I'd rather contribute something at least
@jonsca but BDI is also on-topic here on cogsci! So ask a question about that here as well and interlink heavily!
@BenBrocka "Minimizing information access cost. When the user’s attention is diverted from one location to another to access necessary information, there is an associated cost in time or effort. A display design should minimize this cost by allowing for frequently accessed sources to be located at the nearest possible position. However, adequate legibility should not be sacrificed to reduce this cost."
@StevenJeuris that's a good related one
3:21 PM
@ArtemKaznatcheev Well, thanks, just be careful not to overdo it hehe
Why are these sort of questions not on cogsci:
Q: Why are melodies/harmonies perceived as pleasurable by humans?

LanceLafontaineIs there any evolutionary advantage to finding melodies or harmonies pleasurable? Does the ear pick up these particular oscillating waves differently from other sounds, and if so, how does that affect our perception of pleasure? I'm looking for some sort of signalling pathway (most likely involvi...

Bio.SE has more neuroscience questions (62) than us (40 in )
@ArtemKaznatcheev I don't think that's a fit for bio at all, should be on cogsci
But @jonsca gave it an awesome answer instead of flagging for migration! evil glare :P
@ArtemKaznatcheev they're also 40 days older with twice as many users
the perception tag doesn't fit on bio at all..perception is not a biological event, I'd think only sensation would be directly relevant there
Well, I used up all my votes on bio.SE and still many good questions to vote on, hopefully you noticed a little bit of a rep boost @jonsca
3:28 PM
@BenBrocka It's all biology, all turtles, all the way down ;)
@BenBrocka We could go make a fuss on their meta :P
@ArtemKaznatcheev think it should be brought up on their meta? They have some blatant cog sci questions that really aren't "overlap", they're straight cogsci
@BenBrocka Honestly, though, I'm not sure how you can say perception isn't biological in some way
Bio has more Perception questions than sensation questions. That's just wrong
(not that I want to have a knock down, drag out over it, but still)
3:31 PM
@jonsca the sensation is, but perception isn't really a "biological event" unless you're reducing everything to biological events
It's a biological event in the same way that depression is a biological event
A photon hitting the retina is a tossup between bio and cogsci. Seeing a picture is cogsci
@BenBrocka It's all physiology at its core, though
@jonsca so we should post everything on physics.SE
speaking of physics and biology, my first 'answer' on bio.SE
-1 for not putting the umlaut over the 'o'
@jonsca Was just about to post what Artem did :P
Being too reductionist means we should post everything to Physics (or math)
And if you support that, I just dare you to answer a sociology question in terms of physics :P
@BenBrocka I have a philosophical objection to the brackets... math is not a science, you cannot be reductionist to the point of making science into art
3:38 PM
@BenBrocka Sociology is all statistical mechanics ;)
@jonsca true beans.
I think my actual point (beyond my general theme of reductionism) is if those questions landed on Bio, they do fit there
I must run, talk to you good chaps later
@jonsca Eh, perception? Emotion? Beyond low level stuff like dopamine and cellular level stuff it seems like a very rough fit if anything
3:42 PM
And while Bio isn't struggling as hard as we are, it's still struggling in its own right
@BenBrocka Ah, but cells become a part of cell assemblies, which become a part of networks, etc. all still very biological
I just don't like Bio being a go-to place for clearly cog sci questions (which are barely biology) when we have an explicitly cog sci site
When your question requires a Psychologist rather than a Biologist it's pretty hard to call it a biology question
Which example?
And you're clearly asking the wrong audience, even if it's tangentially related; physics guys know math, but I'd still ask the math guys instead for a math question
@jonsca like your very answer biology.stackexchange.com/a/1997/711 which sites psychology papers
I severely doubt such papers would have ever been published in a biology exclusive journal
There's fMRI papers in biology journals all of the time, actually
Cerebral blood flow is a biological problem
fMRI studies yes, but "does X make people happy" studies?
See the authors:
Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Department of Music, Finnish Center of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
Experimental Psychology Unit, Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Institute of Psychology I, University of Leipzig, Germany
Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
It's a psychology question with an answer from psychological papers. There's biology involved in psychology of course, but that doesn't make the field a subset of biology
> The part of neuroscience that is ontopic here on Biology.SE is anything related to the molecular basis of neural processes or illnesses. Anything that goes more into the directions of psychology or psychriatry would be off-topic here.
A: Line between cognitivesciences.se and biology.se?

Mad ScientistThe part of neuroscience that is ontopic here on Biology.SE is anything related to the molecular basis of neural processes or illnesses. Anything that goes more into the directions of psychology or psychriatry would be off-topic here. There is a certain overlap between the sites for sure, but t...

3:53 PM
This is along the idea of "does X make people happy" jn.physiology.org/content/101/6/3284.full
>Certain questions can fit on both sites
Well, if you feel strongly about them, flag them to come over and let me know which ones that you flagged...
@jonsca Okay, questions that are narrowed down to the location of exact action potentials could be asked on Bio.SE. That question (and the other perception questions I saw) aren't nearly that low level
I flagged that raindrops question over there and it didn't end up getting moved, so perhaps they are resistant to it anyway
2 hours later…
5:45 PM
Would you look at that! Don Norman wrote my thesis: cogsci.ucsd.edu/~norman/DNMss/Whats_wrong_with_the_PC.html
6:11 PM
@ArtemKaznatcheev Wasn't Albert's pet a rat rather than a bunny?
@BenBrocka Is using a shortkey Caps Lock - X for similar reasons as Ctrl - X 'top down processing'?
If that 'cuts' something else?
@HMuster it was a rat, I think it generalized to a rabbit of the smae color though
@StevenJeuris I'm not seeing the logical flow there
@BenBrocka Well, I'm still not entirely certain whether I interpret 'top down processing 'correclty. That's why I'm asking. :)
Wikipedia mentions that Christopher Hickens defined it as one of many principles for display design: "Top-down processing. Signals are likely perceived and interpreted in accordance with what is expected based on a user’s past experience. If a signal is presented contrary to the user’s expectation, more physical evidence of that signal may need to be presented to assure that it is understood correctly."
Oh well, I will stick to consistency, so I don't say anything stupid. :)
7:05 PM
@StevenJeuris That's easy. Top down processing is everything that is not bottom up processing. Eager to hear the definition for bottom up processing? :D
And don't get me started on middle-out processing
"a priori processing"
What happened to that hemispheric dominance question?
did the user delete it?
7:22 PM
@BenBrocka Or what-so-ever-processing.
Hey fellow mods (@JoshGitlin and @StevenJeuris) and @BenBrocka a user deleted this question because I think he concluded it was silly (partially from my comments) but I think it is an answerable question and I have a friend that wants to answer it. Is it inappropriate to undelete the question?
Sure thing
I put in my undelete vote, I see Josh got the other one
Er, I just saw you said "Is it inappropriate", I read "Is it possible", lol
I meant "Sure, I can undelete that" not "Sure, that's inappropriate" @Artem :-)
You know @ArtemKaznatcheev we could have undeleted that and flexed our community moderation muscles :P
7:34 PM
Well, I wasn't sure if my undelete vote would be binding
I can delete it again so you guys can feel powerful @Ben :-)
and I was curious of the protocol of it because it was deleted BY the user
Good content shouldn't be deleted
If the user really doesn't want it, I can disassociate it from his account (I think...)
Maybe I can't do that, actually
Maybe that's a dev-function
man, mods have so many powers. Is your screen just a million buttons?!
7:38 PM
@ArtemKaznatcheev It's one, 'dismiss flag'.
Much of it is the same as the 10K tools. We have our own area also where we can see flags and analytics, and all posts have a "mod" link which opens a list of options
@StevenJeuris ahahahahahahahahahha
I dislike how 10k tools actually require 10k rep on non-beta sites :(
@JoshGitlin unfortunately I think I only get one per Q
@ArtemKaznatcheev it is, only mod delete votes can't be overturned by the post owner
@JoshGitlin no that's a dev function
@BenBrocka yeah I realized that after I saw that I... couldn't do that...
I am searching MSO for a question which justifies my undeleting. I know I should have done that before but I am sure I have seen that the policy is that good conten should not be deleted
Actually I am finding answers to the opposite... whoops :-)
Q: Allow 25k+ community moderators to undelete self-deleted questions

Adam DavisI saw something deeply disturbing today: A completely sarcastic answer that went right to the heart of the question and eviscerated it with the clean precision of an exacto knife. But it was deleted by the owner! Presumably because they wanted to be nice -insert eyeroll here-. What was disturb...

Now we know
Let's hope the user doesn't mind?
7:49 PM
I commented and asked him. And just confirmed this is the SE policy
if he minds, the devs can disassociate it from his account
@JoshGitlin that seems to be implemented, I voted successfully
Also that's a smelly old meta post, I wouldn't trust it anymore. "Take my ball and go home" behavior is pretty strongly discouraged
@BenBrocka So much MSo to be cleaned up
@BenBrocka I know, I was so sure that I had read that in a lot of places. My search is failing me today.
8:04 PM
Only on the nature website, do you find ads like:
> Biosynaptic. Knockout rat models of autism now available!
You can cause autism in knockout rats?
Why does SE not allow arbitrary bolding __in__side a word?
It's a Markdown thing
@JoshGitlin Is there a way around it? I tried all the obvious approaches include <b> tags which seem to do nothing in chat
Not that I know of. I bold in side witha space
8:07 PM
but I wanted to bold the Bio in Biosynaptic :(
not in Bio synaptic
only Google takes care of little details like this :(
@BenBrocka professional boxing is a common cause of autism in rats
But seriously, knockouts are awesome, made me want to be a geneticist
Knock out some genes, see what happens, get swag money
8:21 PM
Totally do research for the swag :D
2 hours later…
10:17 PM
Awesome, our issue with the re-opening has been resolved (the user doesn't mind) and an answer has been posted:
A: Measuring changes in hemispheric dominance over time

VielleI would first like to discuss the concept of lateralization and clear up a common misconception about hemispheric dominance. "A brain is considered to be asymmetrical (or lateralized) if one side (hemisphere or other brain region) is structurally different from the other and/or performs a di...

10:28 PM
Also, this question is a possible duplicate:
Q: What are conscious methods for manipulating the brain and cognitive quality?

Greg McNultyFor example, there have been numerous studies from Jeffery Schwartz about deactivating different parts of the brain in OCD patients by relabeling actions as they are happening. They find that parts of the brain actually become calm and the repetitive behavior is stopped, when doing this. Anothe...

of the following older question:
Q: Research suggesting conscious control over brain region activation?

BenColeHas there been any research proving, disproving, or exploring the concept of conscious activation of specific brain regions? To elaborate on this: I've read that performing processing tasks causes the brain to reinforce that type/kind of processing or thinking. For example, visualizing perform...

11:14 PM
Q: How long does it take to read X number of characters?

JoJoI am creating an iPhone app where I need to show transient confirmation messages. For example, when a user submits a comment, I pop up a message saying "thanks for submitting your comment". Shortly after, the message will fade away. There exist many such transient messages all over my iPhone app....

Us or UX?

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