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4:13 AM
@YvetteColomb strange,in the youtube chat there is people from the middle east-russia-europe-usa and many other places.
@trondhansen huh? I mean my foal was born in the worst winter storm over here
but can you watch the youtube channel?
Q: Dragon scratching glass alot

Jeffrey Gage PittsMy dragon is a hatchling from the pet store. I've got him in a 10 gallon tank for now which stays 95 in hot end and 75 in cool end. He surfs glass alot...and have checked all the sites on this to find out why. I even covered inside tank on three sides so he can't see reflection. He eventually goe...

oh which channel?
4:21 AM
oh beautiful!
yes I can see her
this is my foal 7 months old now
:) allmost an addult now after a stormy start.
she has a long way to go
still a bub, just big
they have so long legs and a tiny body when they get born LOL
she's a darling soul
this is Banjo, he's two now
a great picture beautiful.
4:28 AM
He's stunning and such a good boy
when he first came to me, he was aggressive. The previous owners were scared of him. He would stalk us to try and bite and kick us. Now he's a darling, He follows me around and helps me do the fencing.
my neighbour had a very stubborn horse it did walk to one place and did not go any further if one tried to make him continue he throw the rider,i have no number of how many times he returned riderless.first came the horse and behind came a crying girl :)
4:44 AM
the horse have the same marking on his forehead as yours do but he is way older probably close to 30 years,i did not think horses could be this old.
they can live well into their 30s, but that is very old. Average age is around 25
cheetahs are pregnant for an average of 90-95 days,and the one on youtube now is on day 98/99 so something have to happen soon.
5:33 AM
Q: Can horses eat yoghurt?

Yvette ColombI've been browsing probiotic solutions for horses. I was wondering if it's safe for horses to eat yoghurt with live cultures Related: Can dogs eat yoghurt?

I am developing spondylysis. My cat will rest towards the back of my seat for study and won't move. I have to seat in the front portion without any support to rest my back
5:53 AM
@Sonevol pick her up and move her
@YvetteColomb that's a really realistic cake dog I was gonna say
I had no idea
I had to click before I could tell
I read the caption, I couldn't tell
@YvetteColomb In my house my cat is the master and I am her servant, the suggestion is not applicable
6:00 AM
or get another chair
what type of civil conversation is this? @Henders ^^^
eh. If you're unwilling to take suggestions, that's what it is shrug
Either you move the cat, or you move, or you ruin your back
@YvetteColomb everything is just cat joke, hope you did not think I am going to doctor
6:17 AM
:48621201 Hi! It'd really be good if you don't get uncivilized while reporting an uncivilized conversation. Just flag and move on.
@AJ I am sorry for my behavior, but the reason is constant restraint for four to five times over 2 years resulting in outburst
@Sonevol You can outburst by doing activities you love. Taking it out on other people won't do you anything good.
@AJ For past two years I admit it was my fault to discuss things other than pet here. I was reprimanded by admins, some in friendly way, and a particular one in a most rude way 3 times. Since then I try my best not to say non-pet things. But today after a long time I came to crack a cat joke, and reprimanded for no apparent reason, so .... sorry for loosing my cool
6:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek sorry
Sorry for being snippy.
2 hours later…
8:47 AM
@Sonevol it's ok, you didn't start it. I understand your struggles. :)
how is your darling pussy cat?
Sleeping my my side chair :)
@Sonevol awwww
I am so tempted to get another kitten. My dad loves cats. He has one and my children have 3.
it's breeeding season here.
so there's lots of kittens
her new obsession is with teddy bear, she refuses to go out of house, if coerced, heartbeat increases
I love cats, dogs and horses all pretty much the same (horses a little bit more - probably cats second)
@Sonevol awww, take a pic
she sounds like a character.
I saw your question about disturbing her too much to play. I think she will let you know if she's tired. I mean you can see she is tired
You've been doing a lot of moderating on the site, flagging, reviews, questions and answers, it's really good :) we need that
yeah that day there was news in local paper, two female nurses has beaten 19 puppies to death, as they were barking and the nurses were having difficulty sleeping. They have been suspended and jailed for 5 years
8:54 AM
@Sonevol that's disgusting. What's wrong with some people?
Sometimes I have to avoid the news. When I'm feeling sensitive
I can't handle it
Other times I go in fighting for the animals
do you understand?
and over hear a daily problem is poisoning wild leopards
there is increased conflict between man and leopard
8:55 AM
because leopards now come into the cities? I watched a documentary
because leopards are taking away farm animals, the shephards keep for livelyhood
ah k
but are the leopards dying out?
People just destroy things around them
another major unfortunate event, wild elephants keep dying on train tracks
they think they're better than animals
@Sonevol oh I heard about that. Isn't that putting tracks through elephant walks?
leopard population is increasing, with decreased habitat they are coming to people for food
8:58 AM
and that's the people's fault
yeah like some areas are complete forest, no locality, so no alternate way to lay rail tracks.
I wonder if they can have railway crossings and stop for the elephants
like they do for cars, but make the trains stop instead
Plan is for electric fences
stopping trains is not feasible as speed is more than 200 km/hr
ah k
yeh that's fast
I have to pop off. I'll bbl. Nice to catch up :)
:) thanks
9:05 AM
:) we will do it again soon
In my experience, chat works best when we listen to each other and respond. We've got to remember that we might not always agree with each other but we need to make an effort to be welcoming and accommodating. Try not to just bombard the room with your own thoughts or agenda but listen to others and discuss things together rather than a one-sided dialogue.
If you're ever in doubt about whether something will be allowed or welcomed in the room, stay on the side of caution if it is likely to upset others. If you see something that shouldn't be in the room, flag it and move on. There is nothing to be gained from arguing about it. This is a general reminder.
Now, has anyone got a daily pet picture?
@Henders I thought daily pet is a thing of the past before @YvetteColomb started to come again :)
^ Jax.. my friend's Border Collie
@Sonevol Kinda looks like I posted the majority of them :P It was definitely Yvette's idea though :) Maybe we should call it 'featured pet' rather than 'daily'.
@motosubatsu Happy dog with a big bone! :D
9:19 AM
@Henders yeah he's a happy pup - really, really high energy
And since, I am concerned about Bhutu, although I know it is not proper, still asking - I guess THC in cannabis is not active unless heated, so Btutu licking grounded leaves here and there, but as the leaf's THC is inactive, it will not harm Bhutu in any way?
@Sonevol I love the daily pet. Please ping me if you have an idea for the daily anthing. I'll pin it for you. Daily cat, dog, elephant..
Same goes for any of the regulars! ping me if you want me to pin a daily pet
@Sonevol the THC will be inactive - the plant is still toxic to cats however
@YvetteColomb My idea, no picture should be made public before moderation screening, There are some pet pictures with blood sometimes and I end up vomiting. It is my mental disease to be averse towards all blood scenes
@motosubatsu why toxic still?
9:24 AM
@Sonevol well we gave a Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) policy. So if anything is graphic, please flag it. Any pics with blood should be hidden behind spoilers warning people that it's a graphic image
@Sonevol Not sure on the exact chemical interactions..but it's been listed on any "plants toxic to cats" list I've ever seen
> If you see something that shouldn't be in the room, flag it and move on.
@motosubatsu so what's the way out? It is impossible to ground leaves and not drop any powder anywhere. Bhutu is quick to lick anything that is rubbish
@YvetteColomb some sites have a feature when pictures are first screened before being made public
@Sonevol grind over a tray, clean tray afterwards
You might be living in Europe, but this is south asia. It's so hot and humid. our fan iis always on.
9:30 AM
@Sonevol grind outside?
illegal over here :):)
guess it's up to what you like more.. the weed or Bhutu
@Sonevol we have the opposite. Things get flagged
This is not the place to be discussing illegal activity.
yeah sorry, but I mentioned before hand, it is about pet health rather
@YvetteColomb and another idea, in daily pat, there should be pet limit, 2 days for cat, 2days for dogs. Otherwise all posts get dog post or cat post only
9:35 AM
@Henders agreed.. I didn't want to assume it was illegal in Sonevol's location which is why I hadn't brought that aspect up. The pertinent issue though is that aforementioned plant is toxic to cats (Pet Poison helpine lists it as "moderate to severe" toxicity) and therefore all efforts should be made to avoid cats being able to ingest it.
Fair ^ Thanks for that :)
@Sonevol or have daily dog. daily cat. daily snake. Make it fun, but that's me
Any idea like, we have to stop cat from doing this, training process
@Henders anyway I am accumulating money for a big flat some day, so I can have one as hobby room where I can keep scorpion. I shared rooms it is not allowed.
Also 50% of scorpions are only regarded as pets, 50% being illegal to keep because it is highly poisonos
So, may be you need to flag scorpion posts where the scorpion is illegal
9:54 AM
@Sonevol tricky, since countries don't tend to agree on what's legal and what's not
@JAD soory didn't assume that the post was about scorpions, thought something else :P
10:21 AM
Q: How to treat Queensland itch?

Yvette ColombMy horse has Queensland itch. I'm looking for a range of options to treat it.

@motosubatsu What is that on the ground, in front of the dog?
@motosubatsu the picture hurts my neck :)
the zoo and the vet will come with an update about the cheetah after 1400 cet.
@AJ it's a "bone" chew
@trondhansen yeah not sure why it ended up rotated.. it's the correct orientation locally
ok i am sitting here looking like a suprized puppy LOL
@motosubatsu I love border collies
sadly Its impossible for me to have one as a housemate :/
10:40 AM
@JourneymanGeek they're great.. a lot of work though
@motosubatsu I think 2 parents and a dog is about that much work ;p
but but...
that's one thing, the other is the kind of dogs you can have in most apartments is restricted too
there's no way I could have one at this point in my life, me being out of the house for 16 hours a day would just be cruel
10:52 AM
@motosubatsu @trondhansen do you know there is further two branch of evolution in the same feline family, cheetah and cat belong to one group||||||| lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar being in the other group
this is the reason why Cheetah's can purr, but lions can't
Cheeath has behavior very much similar to our house cat
yep, them cheetahs, always knocking stuff off of cupboards.
@Sonevol i know this but i love all of them :)
And in BBC, NatGEO, Animal Planet I watch only cheetahs, not lions, leopards or tigers
with youtube reserved for house cat :):)
do you follow the live feed on youtube?
10:56 AM
Hav you ever tried this? open pigeon, sparows and squirrel video in youtube, and show it to Bhutu
Bhutu thinks it almost like daily evening TV serial
the cat i have now is not interrested in watching videos :)
@motosubatsu Oh. It appeared something else to me at first glance and in a small view. ;p
11:13 AM
@AJ erm yeah.. the shape as seen at that angle <cough />
2 hours later…
1:43 PM
@JourneymanGeek I think you would appreciate this photo
His name is Taz - we are sitting at -37C so he got all dressed up for it lol
long haired JRT?
He's a terrier mix
regular mini mutt :P
... mystery terrier mix?
yes lol
He's very sweet
they tend to be ;p
1:45 PM
though depends on the master
if they treat them like little princesses they can be crazy
@RebeccaRVT oh boy, my mom dogsat a couple of those small terriers once. What dives they were. Terrible D:
@JAD What do you mean by dives? lol
Had their own stroller, all that jazz
ooh LOL
Yep! Pampered pooches
@JAD sounds like yorkies ;p
1:49 PM
My old colleague has a stroller for her CATS
a short update from the zoo,as long as the cheetah is calm and eat normaly the vet will not intervene,it is expected that the birth will take place in the next couple of days it is not a problem that she is a couple of days over due.
ah, that's why we were getting people talking over large kitty
probably is :) i want to see how many babies she gets.sleep deprivation is a thing here now.
7 hours later…
8:52 PM
Q: Does a neutered cat require some organ meat to be healthy (balance hormones)?

Winifred ChambersMy 3-year old neutered rescue cat appears healthy and happy, but he chooses dry food and lots of water over any wetfood (although he will lick gravy). I can't get him to eat a (prescribed) powdered organ meat supplement. So of course I worry whether he is getting what he needs to stay healthy.


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