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12:00 AM
Happy New Year, +0000 timezone offset (UK)!
cat @Rob you've posted "🎆🎉" in idk how many rooms so far... :P
Happy New Year!
A couple, worth hats. Also polite to wish the people you chat with regularly a Happy New Year. What is the practice where you are from? Some places fire guns into the air. :(
guns no, simply fireworks from some churches, nothing extreme... oh, and vasilopita with a coin :P
12:09 AM
They do that here in L.A. but it's a bad idea. When bullets are fired upwards, they stall out & then return to Earth with the exact same speed as they were fired. Some people have died due to head strikes from celebratory gunfire.
stray bullets eh?
Yup. I like the fireworks from churches idea though.
Do you have to save them for 6 months from the 4th of July?
except if they throw them at your feet instead of the air...
uh... I'm Greek, we don't celebrate "4th of July" here
My areas's usual practice is to set off explosives beside the police station, along with regular fireworks. One year the police tried it, but the people involved were disciplined.
tough dudes you are...
12:12 AM
Tougher in LA.
@Clomp Depends on where you live and where you go to buy them. There are places that have fireworks available year-round, and others that have fireworks as legal for New Years.
Usually people just drink fizzy apple cider or champagne at midnight.
Nice! I guess Amazon would sell them year round.
We simply see them on every street corner in early Summer.
Vasilopita: A coin in your cake.
In the US, fireworks are much more common around the 4th of July, but there are various places you can purchase them legally throughout the year. OTOH, possessing them and, in particular, lighting them off are things that are commonly regulated. While the places selling fireworks don't usually care where you are from and where you're going with them after your purchase, it's definitely a good idea to do a bit of research as to where you can enjoy them legally.
Happy New Year! +00 UTC Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you big success, a lot of luck and all your wishes realization!
12:20 AM
They're common nightly at Disneyland @ 9:35 PM!
@Makyen yeah, and regulation is actually pretty necessary... you don't want to know the accidents we were talking about at another room
@Makyen You can probably buy them on the Rez in stronger varieties.
Blah blah blah, this is a test for A Glasses With A Number On The Top hat, lol, :D
Looks like it worked!
@Clomp Really?
12:26 AM
Did everyone get your 2019 glasses?
@Rob Yep, that's definitely one source.
I just starred your message. So give SO a few hours to update the hats. They run on a cron.
actually... it doesn't work here lol
Oh well. It should.
12:27 AM
Still, my blue top hat is pretty sweet!
this room doesn't have a parent site that's eligible for WB
that's why Eran made a special room
Ah ok.
@EriktheOutgolfer I agree, regulation is necessary. Unfortunately, people, in general, don't take ownership of the responsibility for their actions, or even think about possible consequences.
@Makyen we were also talking about people not considering them as explosives, or even fire at all
This video starts at least a few seconds too late, but it's barely half a minute long: Whole barge worth of fireworks goes off all at once:
12:31 AM
Yup! Pretty sad night for those fireworks watchers. It's all over in 30 seconds.
@EriktheOutgolfer Yes. People largely don't think through things. Even for those that do, it's something we all fail to do from time-to-time.
The actual 2019 Glasses chat room for SO is at: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/185976/happy-new-2019
@Clomp I posted a comment just to try getting hat :-)
on a CM's post? ;)
@Rob There have been too many cases of fireworks factories blowing up to count ...
12:35 AM
I've never actually spent time in SO's chat rooms. So this is new for me.
it's really just chat
only the server is different
True, but the link is hidden.
Guys, usually i get hats faster, but not this one...
because this server has no relationship with that server
I got glasses on Meta in a few seconds.
12:37 AM
the glasses with a number on top? because this must be the fastest hat ever
just don't try to get them here
@EriktheOutgolfer I posted some messages here: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/185976/happy-new-2019
they must be starred too
gives star
It works in other rooms.
@EriktheOutgolfer I did now.
yeah, because I starred it
(no I really like your honesty... :P)
12:42 AM
U9 didn't get the glasses yet.
it does take a minute or two... ;)
can we get the new year hat yet?
On The Tavern I was starred and hit my snowflake as quickly as possible, and I got my second set from Meta.
hey we can't help him here!
@David-27 Sure, it's the right time now, i just starred your chat message to make it work.
12:45 AM
as I said before, starring him here won't help ;-)
@EriktheOutgolfer @Clomp I have received my hat! on SO!
yep, just now
See my snail profile picture now :-)
:Yes, the link above confirms U9's glasses.
um... and that he's already wearing them doesn't? :P
12:47 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer That's true :-)
You know how it works.
Guys, happy day for me so far, being back to 3rd place on Stackoverflow Winter Bash.
wait, does the hat not work in rooms without a parent site or something?
hats need a site
this isn't specific to the New Year's hat
however, stackexchange.com doesn't count as a site
@quartata Good point, on SO, use this chat room: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/185976/happy-new-2019
See SO Leaderboard top 5 users: i.stack.imgur.com/zcMZ3.png
I am really really missing Pizza Hat.
I think i have the best profile picture to put on that glasses, because my snail wants to be casual, lol, :D
1:04 AM
It says pizza is: "answer +3 a question with accepted answer", surprised that you don't have it.
@U9-Forward You have the pizza hat!
@Rob Not on SO.
@Rob When my main site that i wanna compete in is SO
tfw you compete for specific leaderboard
@EriktheOutgolfer What you mean?
1:07 AM
like, pretty sure most of those who actually compete (me not included) do so for the network leaderboard
however, you seem to want a different kind of competition, SO-only :P
@EriktheOutgolfer Am.. but i am 7th rank on Network, and 3rd rank on SO, so i chose to compete on SO.
Only a couple of sites have prizes for their own leaderboard ,(I think Lego is one).
@Rob Not for SO right?
Does SO have a prize?
One prize I got (earned) was 100 Rep gift (thanks again, Nog) and a doubling of my Rep on Meta (since WB started), and ironically I can not knit - but that's 99% where the Rep came from.
@Rob How did you get that gift?
1:16 AM
b, o, u, ...
Nog started a Bounty for the specific purpose of giving it to me - in the comment area he announced that, and it stayed up for 5 days promoting my answer - then the system awarded the bounty, ending the advertisement.
I gained several hundred during the advertising period.
the system?
pretty sure he awarded it
The software that powers SE.
Nope, it times out when you choose a specific answer and don't award it manually after two days.
1) the system can't award a bounty to an answer that existed prior to its start 2) the system only awards half the bounty's amount 3) the system only awards the bounty after 8 days (7 days + 1 grace period) 4) I remember it pretty well
Then how / why would you choose an existing answer ?
1:24 AM
you can award it manually as well
actually, a FR has been made for this reason to behave different in case the starter doesn't award it
Shog's answer: meta.stackexchange.com/a/137950/282094 - and other associated links.
1:42 AM
@David-27, @U9-Forward, and @quartata yes no 2019 hat from this room. The chat room needs a parent site, and you need an account on that site to get the hat.
@David Yup, i earned it on SO only even when i got starred message half hour ago on this room.
fun fact: your chat message can be stared anytime. you just need to post the message +-12h from 0000 UTC.
@David Yup..
2:15 AM
We shouldn't waste hat chances now, last day of Winter Bash.
@EriktheOutgolfer Answer must have a score of at least two (3?) to qualify for the automatic award.
Q: What will happen at the day when Winter Bash is over?

U9-ForwardTomorrow is the day that Winter Bash will be gone. So i am thinking will there be some sort of a final ranking page? It would be nice so i don't need to keep going to the Leaderboard every day to see my rank. If there isn't gonna be anything like that, what should i do to see my final rank on ...

My question.
Q: What will happen at the day when Winter Bash is over?

U9-ForwardTomorrow (January 1st 2019) is the day that Winter Bash will be gone. So i am thinking will there be some sort of a final ranking page? It would be nice so i don't need to keep going to the Leaderboard every day to see my rank. If there isn't gonna be anything like that, what should i do to se...

Same thing we do every year... wrap up blog post.
@Catija What's same thing, i am new to Winter Bash, and also last year i had only 63 rep during WB, and 0 hats.
So this is my first winter bash.
2:30 AM
@U9-Forward you could do some research. Google "winter bash Stack Overflow blog".
2:45 AM
@Catija the blog didn't help me.
1 hour later…
3:51 AM
10 hours ago, by Nog Shine
@Feeds I edited it now. If my theory is right, I should get a hat when it gets an upvote or when it goes to a +ve score
So fellas, the theory is right. Edit a question. The question should get an upvote after it is edited without your upvote
4:26 AM
You may experiment on this question meta.stackexchange.com/q/321317/357396
The tag should be [meta-tag:support]
5:22 AM
@U9-Forward oh! welcome. you did great for your first bash.
1 hour later…
6:31 AM
@David Aha, last year i had no rank, this year 3rd on SO and 7th on all sites, last year had 63 rep during WB, this year 10~13k, good progress, no?
6:56 AM
I made a backup of all the hats: github.com/unikong/winterbash-2018-hats
@AlexanderO'Mara Cool.
7:11 AM
May i ask you? if i post a question now i wouldn't have any chance to get Silencum Hat right? since tomorrow (less than a week after now) is gonna end winter bash.
7:24 AM
Yeah, that hat needs a week.
I got the final hat!
7:40 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara Thanks for that, my only suggestion for improvement would be for the "secret hats" section put a guess (or if there's an official announcement, an answer) indicating how each hat is earned. Also if you can find prior year's hats archive them for posterity. +1 for your efforts.
8:00 AM
@Rob I might add official reasons once posted, but we have the guesses in a meta topic already.
You can find some of the past years in other repos: github.com/unikong
I don't know if anyone backed up the years before them.
If I spot them in my travels I'll let you know.
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
forgot my glasses somewhere, can't seem to locate. asking for a star in this message, it may help me find a pair of special one... :)
oh, and hatty new year, folks!!
@SouravGhosh You can't get the glasses here, this chat isn't connected to a site.
@AlexanderO'Mara OK, thanks, need to find my glasses....
9:30 AM
@Eran Congrats on getting all the hats!!
@Panda Thanks. Silencium was tricky. I almost got it nearly a week ago, but someone posted an answer a day before I got it (I just had enough time left to post new questions in order to get it today)
@Eran ah that's frustrating (I was really lucky to get it before they fixed the bug lol)
2 hours later…
11:34 AM
What a beautiful Winter Bash 2018!
11:45 AM
Even tho i am pissed of on some hats that i couldn't get :-)
Wow, could maybe receive Pizza Hat on last day of WB (not asking you to vote): stackoverflow.com/questions/53994982/…
A: Checking if a number is the sum of 2 other numbers(Python)

U9-ForwardYou could also do itertools.combinations, little shorter than @bitto's solution: import itertools def f(lst,num): for x,y in itertools.combinations(lst,2): if x+y==num: return True return False lst=[1,2,3] num=int(input("Give me a number: ")) print(f(lst,num))

Wow, 2 up-votes!
Man. one vote away! then i will be the luckiest guy in the world, last last of the last day of WB, earning hat!
(still not forcing you to vote)
Now it's 3
I'm also close to a Pizza on SO (stackoverflow.com/questions/53949739/…) :)
The accepted answer is actually wrong.
@U9-Forward enjoy your Pizza!
1:00 PM
@Catija but it already had a much greater score... and yes, 2 is the minimum
1:46 PM
About New Year hat:
2:02 PM
@Panda, @AlexanderO'Mara, and @alecxe can one of you take a full page full size screen shot of this page? I like to have a record of all the hats filled in, but I won't get that this year.
2:23 PM
user image
@David ^there you go
2:53 PM
@Panda thanks.
Last stab at the triggers:
Eliza Doolots: gain 1600 rep on one site or 2000 across multiple sites during the WB (min 200 rep gain to get counted)
Waffles: post 15 comments within one hour. Or post 15 comments before some time (0800 UTC).
Clean-Up Duty: edit a post that gets UVed after you edit it. (own votes do not count)
6 hours later…
9:10 PM
@David Okay, let me try...
Eliza Doolots: No clue.
Waffles: post 15 comments within one hour. (your first, not your second)
Clean-Up Duty: edit a post that gets UVed 3 times after you edit it.
9:40 PM
@EthanK I think clean-up duty needs: edit a post with accepted answer, which gets upvoted afterwards
10:02 PM
@Vickel Well, you could look at my edits on SO and see if any of my newest meet that...
@EthanK sorry my bad: I should have written: edit a question with accepted answer, which gets upvoted afterwards
10:47 PM
Q: Let's give top winter bashers some reputation!

Ethan KThe people like eLRuLL, Eran, and Panda are really good at Winter Bash, with 30/30 hats! They deserve a reward! Hats aren't just for fun because getting a hat means that you did something good on the site, and if you get a lot that means you did some pretty spectacular things. Most of these thing...

11:30 PM
you know what hurts? that, in half an hour, WB will be over...
11:55 PM
the hats are going away in five minutes' time
Well, although I didn't get that many his year, it was an honor fighting beside you.
So long winterbash.

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