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12:03 AM
what is the best brawler game like super smash bros?
I can't think of anything like that for xbox or playstation
or pc even
12:17 AM
@William i'm not sure about best but i enjoy Melty Blood on PC and Dissida: Final Fantasy which one was released on PS4 recently and you have the BlazBlu and Soul Calibur series
thank you for responding I look into those
if your looking for character mashups like how Smash has Mario and Link, aside from Playstation All Stars there's the upcoming Jump Force which uses Shounen characters like Naruto, Goku, Luffy, etc. they revealed Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh and characters from Toriko, Yu Yu Hakusho and First of the North Star
Melty Bloodand Dissida come close to that but they only use characters that belong to a single company (Type-Moon and Square)
and Melty Blood generally only has Tsukihime characters with the exception of Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai and i think Saber-Arturia was unlockable in the latest version
I like the mash ups for sure
not very familar with yugo though
know naruto and goku though
@William Yu-Gi-Oh is card games so for a brawler it seems Yugi just summons monsters to attack on his behalf, sorta similar to how Yuna attacks in Dissida
12:50 AM
Q: Minecraft chemistry Update with fish Update

brandonSo how do you use chemistry inside minecraft? it has confused me help me please.

3 hours later…
3:39 AM
> voter registration form
This form lets you register to vote in the regular election for Seaside Town's Mayor. And by 'regular' I mean 'daily'. Don't ask.
You can also vote to enact local initiatives. Local to your campsite specifically.

Look, everything is weird here, why should politics be any different?
lol kol's newest IOTM
cc @ash @Yuuki
3:51 AM
@Wipqozn Serial is an insane ability
World bought me a WoW pet that is as tall as my character
(shes a gnome so she's shooooort)
so cuuuuuuuuute tho
I know, it delights me
It's their charity pet, so World was like "I donated to charity, you get a cute thing, everyone wins"
4:05 AM
but I just....every time I summon it I laugh because it reminds me how tiny Stara is
It's up ther with the fact her feet don't touch the floor when she sits in chairs
it reminds me of the stuffed toy that was a plot element on legends of tomorrow
1 hour later…
5:16 AM
Hi I'm on mobile so I can't create tags. Can someone please create the tag for this question gaming.stackexchange.com/q/340532/73976
It's for the Education Edition of Minecraft
5:44 AM
Wait, shit, that was supposed to be in the Bridge
@SaintWacko rekt
6:20 AM
Q: Minecraft bedrock edition(the newer one on Xbox one) command: how to test for item in players inventory, IF that player is in a certain radius.

userOn the newer of the two minecraft versions on Xbox one (bedrock edition I believe?) How do I test if a player has a certain item/amount of said item in their inventory IF that player is within radius of X. I've tried: Test for @p [r=5] with a comparator leading to another command block saying: /c...

graaaa, stop making me feel bad about IE
6:50 AM
Q: The water is making my game lag in scribble nuaghts and it is ruining the fun

Guest a random personI have scribblenuats unlimited and I was playing it, I was having a bit of fun (I think I was spawning animals and pretending to be an animal doctor) so I was mostly mucking around and having a bit of fun. But I went into the water in one of the stages and the game was lagging! The rest of the ...

7:19 AM
Q: i can't to the glydon pipe clip glitch on super mario 😡

Help a guestI got super mario odyssey and I know and I saw on YouTube if you capture a glydon and put it on a pipe in a way it is slanted you can jump/glide kinda and clip through a wall. I saw many videos and did everything they told me to do but it is not working! When I got the game I think it was versi...

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8:40 AM
@Ave yeh this is what happens when you use the same single player engine for multiplayer and assume nothing will go wrong
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9:47 AM
1 message moved to Trash
Q: Help with the name of a 80s shump

AlexNPlease, can someone help me with the name of a game?. It is a vertical space shooter of the 80s. It has futuristic theme, good graphics for the time, you could power up your ship so one of the different modes was shooting ring-like bullets. Coop was possible in this game. The name of the game w...

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11:18 AM
Q: Thronebreaker - Where are the save files located?

xjiI'm playing Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales and I want to put my save files in Dropbox, which is what I usually do with all games, especially in light of posts where players claim that their save files have been lost. However I haven't been able to locate the save files on my computer, not in My...

11:54 AM
@SaintWacko You've done this before and it's great
I'll move the messages over
Including @GodEmperorDune rekt, because get rekt
I'm on mobile so prepare for the room to be deleted instead
Uh I need to move them one by one. It can wait 15 minutes until I'm on my computer then.
12:11 PM
8 messages moved from This Is Fine
@SaintWacko Yeah it's fantastic. One of the better top tier skills.
Next time I do an XCOM 2 playthrough I'm thinking of building a pistol sharpshooter instead of a sniper
I didn't even use a sniper on the A-Team of my last playthrough
@Yuuki maxed out at major, I think
1:18 PM
Q: What will happen if I already own the game and it turns out to be free with Xbox live Games with gold?

Saurabh SharmaHi I recently bought a game from Microsoft store, which turned out to be free with Xbox games with gold this month. I already have the Xbox live gold subscription and when I browse the Games with gold section on my Xbox, it says "Owned" under that particular game (which is obvious). Will there b...

1:58 PM
Gosh darn mutons
Killed one of my highest ranking soldiers
Well now I'm just sad
2:15 PM
@Wipqozn Just finished Yoshimitsu. He's definitely a top contender for my main after I'm done.
I've noticed a lot of people quitting after only 1 match recently, as opposed to last week where I'd always do the best of 3.
I wonder if it's because of the characters I'm using or something else.
Almost no one rematched me when I was Ivy.
2:32 PM
Q: Why is the docking bay locked?

LyricsBotI was just trying to get to my seamoth when the docking bay said "locked" when I hovered over it. I then tried to go in from the side to investigate, but it was locked too. Why can't I access my seamoth (I put it in the Cyclops by the way)

3:29 PM
One of my friends mentioned that Dr. Horrible came out over ten years ago and a) now I feel old and b) the songs are in my head now
Noooo, the video at bad.horse got taken down
I still see a video there that works
Huh. Weird. Maybe it's blocked in my region.
3:47 PM
@Ash I was talking about that the other day
@ByCommonConsent BCC one time I literally got a caffeine overdose from my underwear. They had to call in a cardiac crash team and everything.
wow, what a thread
@GodEmperorDune Why the hell were they caffeinating spanx I have so many questions
4:05 PM
what on earth
@Ash i dunno, why would someone want that
That's what I can't figure out
Like what was the purpose
keep your genitals awake, i guess?
i don't even know
okay so apparently that was a thing a bunch of shapewear etc did because that was apparently suppose to help you lose weight
4:20 PM
@Ash How was clothes supposed to help you lose weight?
I mean maybe if it was weighted clothing, like in DRAGON BALL ZZZZZZZZ.
The caffeine was supposed to like go in through your skin and help kill fat somehow
It was a lot of bunk
That makes literally less than zero sense
Then again wouldn't exactly be the first nonsense weight loss method
Q: Bonus on skill damage or raw damage, which is better in this case?

BrunoLMI'm playing a Wizard and my main skill is Disintegrate. My wand gives me 21% bonus damage on Disintegrate. I found another want that doesn't give me that but has more damage and intelligence. Which one is going to do more damage when using Disintegrate? Why? How can I calculate that?

5:08 PM
@GodEmperorDune huh weird
I know that you can get estrogen from patches and they work best around legs etc but damn I didn't know that you could get caffeine from underwear
(speaking of estrogen, today was my last day on pills, tomorrow I'm moving to injections, yay)
I am not sure you can so much anymore, the FDA cracked down on it is my understanding from my research because it was causing harm and not doing what it pormised
Q: I lost my wife somehow... ((skyrim elderscrolls))

XxxBingeWatchxxXI dont think she died... but this was also acouple weeks ago. how do i get her back? I want the kids and her to move to a different house ;-;

@Ave yay
@Ash I'm mostly talking about the technical/biological possiblity
5:45 PM
A) Check if the diet in on NaturalNews.com
B) If yes, the diet is bullshit.
C) If no, it probably still won't work.
5:56 PM
@Sterno Speaking of you being a person which exists, you'll be happy to know I recently lost a few of my favourite soldiers in OpenXcom. Mutons are jerks.
@Sterno very true :)
@Ave I strongly suspect it's not really possible in any sort of logical sense as of yet, but who knows - considering the reaction that woman had, I am not sure I'd want to try :P
@Wipqozn Your failure as a commander does always make me happy
@Ash my understanding is that she had wounds in direct contact with the caffeinated fabric, which would indeed allow it to absorb it. It would probably absorb it through skin as well, to a much lesser extent, probably
kinda like nicotine patches, I guess (aren't there caffeine patches as well?)
@Sterno I figured.
Remember that time we played Fortnite or PUBG or something together for like 5 minutes?
Good times
6:03 PM
just spent 2 hours playing around making music, then my DAW crashed and I never had any of it saved. Good times
@Chippies there are, yeah
@Sterno PUBG
And yeah we ran around and a boat not shooting anything and got second
Does anyone own the Logitech G502?
I have the G203
@Wipqozn no, but I think it's a good contender for my future mouse replacement from G600
that price though
@Chippies That's actually the exact mouse I'm looking to replace
The left click is starting to act up on me occasionally, so I need a replacement
I considered just getting another 600, but I never really use all the buttons anymore so I'm looking for one with less buttons but still a decent amount.
Which that one seems to have
6:17 PM
@Wipqozn yeah, this is kinda how I feel about it
there are a few things I can't live without on a mouse anymore and g502 seems to have all of them
@Chippies Yeah back when I was playing MMOs more the mouse made more sense
mouse wheel tilt and the 2 buttons below the mouse wheel I use all the time
Even in non-mmos I used to always find uses for the buttons... but more and more often I only use a handful of them
I use 1/2/3 (and 4/5/6 in games where you need that many) in pretty much all games
I don't use numbers on my keyboard unless I have to type in a number combination or something
@Chippies Yeah I almost never go beyond 6 anymore
6:23 PM
@Wipqozn honestly, even when I did play MMO's all the time, anything past 6 was a chore to reach
Part of it being that I've started to favour the buttons around WASD just a bit more over the years
@Chippies Yup that's actually part of the reason
The main thing I actually liked was the shift functionality
with the ring finger button?
I never got into it tbh
@Chippies Yup. It's actually really nice.
I really liked it as a scholar in FF14
My main buttons would all be healing, but my shift was set up for my DPS.
I found it to compromise my grip on the mouse and it was just too much to remember
@Wipqozn I can see this being good
Well @Chippies you pretty much sealed the deal
BEst buy has some in stock so I think I'll just go buy one now
6:25 PM
I'm surprised we have them in our local walmart
does Logitech even still make them?
they should really refresh the g600, it's an excelent mouse
but it does develop the clicking issue after a few years, which, afaik, most mouses with newer sensors have fixed
@Chippies Yes, but I don't think it's ever received an update
but I've never had a mouse that doesn't develop the clicking issue, so Idk
@Wipqozn it did, a silent one
there's certain ones that can't be updated to newest firmware
Idk if we even have them in NA though, because the only one I know about was owned by my friend in Latvia
I think all the white ones are as recent as they can be
the black ones can be either
I've got a black one
I don't think there is any noticeable difference though
I've had it for years
6:28 PM
I have a white one, wife has a black one
when mine was having the clicking issues to a point where it was unbearable, I contacted logitech support, gave them wife's receipt (still under 2 year warranty) and they sent me a new white mouse :)
@Chippies I've had mine far longer than that
@Wipqozn I blame incrementals
mine was having the clicking issue around 3 year mark
Speaking of which, I'm going to go do that
6:32 PM
wife has had her's for over 3 years now and zero issues
and also trade in Mario Tennis Aces for a copy of Disagea 1
I might never play it, although it's been on my list, by local game store is doing a 1-1 trade for certain switch games since he got in too many copies of Disagea
and I know I'll never play MArio tennis again
It was fun for a bit, but the balance is goofy, the online lag is bad, supposedly the online community is completely dead at this point, and the online costs money.
cc @InvaderSkoodge
6:46 PM
Q: red dead redemption 2: what is the red and white bar on the status screen

MarkI've been playing RDR2 for about a week now, on PS4. When I hit the down directional button, to toggle the radar size, it also shows various health and stamina meters. At the very bottom of the screen, there is a horizontal bar, with a cowboy hat in the middle. What is this called, and what doe...

I just did a 1 cent EFT between my accounts
to get one's balance to 6.66TRY
my banks probably hate me
I'm pretty sure your bank doesn't care.
As long as they get their cut of whatever (like your service fees or whatever), they don't care
7:15 PM
Q: How to find Snowstone Island?

George WillcoxI’ve been flying around the two islands available at the start of the game for ages, but I’m aware that on mobile there’s a third large island called Snowstone. But I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. In the races section there’s a few I haven’t unlocked, including one called ‘yeti scramble’,...

Guys don't crush her hopes and dreams
It would be like raining on @Sterno parade if he came in all excited about the latest in Walker technology!
@Chippies Mouse get
@Wipqozn congrats! :)
7:37 PM
@Wipqozn I gave it to my sister.
She just wanted party games so that worked.
@InvaderSkoodge yeah I remember you gave it to someone
I just did something really dumb
I applied for fortnite.com.tr
7:55 PM
I have no idea why that would be dumb but I don't know what it is (assuming something fortnite related but that's it) - I am guessing this is one of those "I did it for the memes" things, where it's "dumb" because it's fortnite, which is cool to hate on for....reasons I cannot figure out because I don't really know much beyond "its a game that has made piles of money that kids seem to like"
@Ash Yeah but kids of today have really bad taste, unlike when I was a kid! We had perfect taste.
Wait no don't look at that
laughs right, that makes sense
@Ash it's dumb because it is likely going to get me a C&D from epic
even though I'm not doing it about the game fortnite
Q: SimCity BuildIt: Airport, is it worth it or not?

uDanI have 167 000 population in my city and I’ve been saving simoleons to get the airport that costs 80 000 and requires 120 000 population.(I’ve been buying other stuff so I didn’t have the time to buy it yet). Is it worth it? I know Parisian Residential Zones are 10% better than Standard Residenti...

It's about my fan site called for T nite, where I talk about dangers of having T at night.
8:00 PM
....sure okay
Even though you're piggybacking on the known thing, knowing they're going to likely call you out on it....
if they want the domain I'll give it to them
It just seems like a weird thing to do considering it's probably going to cause more fuss than it is worth, like it feels like the whole point is to get Epic to send you teh C&D or something
but hey, your money/time, you do you
cc: @I forgot all the people that play SC VI
@Chippies aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@Ash yes, that is probably what it is saying ;)
along with "kill me please"
8:09 PM
@Chippies Why would you do t his?
That poor soul
@Wipqozn nicely done.
@Wipqozn Beautiful
I should play that again once I beat Xcom 2
8:40 PM
Just did my first mission with Ethereal. Went much better than expected.
Didn't lose a single soldier
8:56 PM
@Chippies StarCraft 6? Did I miss a couple of versions?
@Mast Idk, did you?
Quite some, apparently.
9:25 PM
It's like windows 10
Except StarCraft
Also! Hey bridge elite people! I know most of you haven't played since like 2015, but elite is adding Squadrons to the game (think guilds except space, I think). I think I'll be flying with Communism Interstellar, but idk @ me if you want in
9:40 PM
@Unionhawk do i need a HOTASS?
@Mast Soul Calibur VI
November is here, and that means a massive shift is coming. And by "massive" I am of course referring to the redefinition of the kilogram unit of mass that the world has been building up to for more than 100 years. Let me explain:
yay science things
@GodEmperorDune this is super neat.
10:03 PM
Lol we gave my daughter an ice cream cone and she is eating it horizontally like corn on the cob
(It’s a frozen one so not really dripping yet)
hahaha aww
@GodEmperorDune that's pretty adorable
Yeah she chewed through the cone to get the ice cream from the side
Blizzard response to fan backlash: polygon.com/blizzcon/2018/11/3/18059222/…
10:25 PM
@Wipqozn gaming is a toxic community, film at 11
@Wipqozn Ah, thanks.
Q: Where is the ability "Flare" on ME3's coalesced list of abilities?

ImpKing72I need help in finding Flare because I am editing the coalesced files to give me abilites, which works as I did it with Biotic Charge.

This was a joke from the first episode of King of the Hill. In 1997. https://t.co/XNuOoUtBhv
I need a hulu sub now lol
(hulu picked up KOTH and Futurama)
@GodEmperorDune Yeeeaaaaah. I'm as disappointed as the next Diablo fan by the announcement, but some folks are just so damn toxic about it.
10:59 PM
Q: Dot puzzle wrapped around a pillar near the end of The Witness

Denilson Sá MaiaNear the end of The Witness, there are a series of puzzles wrapped around pillars. I'm having trouble with the one composed of a 6x5 grid mostly covered with dots ⬣. I've already tried drawing it on paper, but still couldn't figure it out. I need some hints. | --*--*--*--*--*--*...

11:29 PM
Q: Random dots on screen while playing game (Screenshot attached)

SpectrumI play PUBG on Tencent Gaming Buddy. It worked fine until a couple of days ago when random dots started moving all over the screen mid-game, something like static bubbles in old TVs. A screenshot looks like this : This doesn't happen with other games, just this one. And it's not just in the ga...

11:45 PM
11:58 PM
Q: I'm Bedrock-Edition How can I target the same player a previous command block targeted

King MurazorSo, I have been scouring the internet to find this answer to no avail. To be more specific on what I'm asking, I'm trying to replace an item in someone's inventory (let's say, a crafting table) and replace it with another crafting table with a can_place_on tag. I was able to do this with two comm...


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