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1:34 AM
posted on October 24, 2018 by Rui C. Barbosa

China launched a new satellite for ocean observation from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on…

14 hours later…
3:33 PM
@uhoh What changed your mind? I of course knew I was perfectly correct, appropriate, yada, yada, allalong since my moral rectitude is manifest, complete, and absolute. :) I did think I was pretty close to an answer.
I wonder if I am answering the title question more than the worded question at times?
3:59 PM
@geoffc OP is satisfied, and that counts more than my opinion. They would have mentioned the launch aspect if that turned out to be the real concern.
There's a specific launch collision avoidance Q&A around somewhere as well, so that's "covered" if future people go searching, so why spoil a happy ending with a "Mr. grumpy" comment?
Ah, you will always be Mr Grumpy to me!
wait, my vote change didn't take. The red "you can't change your vote" sign never showed up and it went to 5, but when I returned later it's still at 3. Can you make a trivial edit, or I can
4:14 PM
You do it. Grumpy guy that you are. Be snarky.
I added the sentence "Yet." and a few more words.
This is the other Q&A that covers launch more specifically: What planning tools and techniques are used to avoid collisions in space during launches? I've added a bounty.
5:02 PM
A: Roughly how many self-viewing cameras are present in a Falcon 9 LEO mission?

geoffcThe Iridium-1 mission demonstrated that the downwards looking camera on the first stage can broadcast all the way down to landing on the ASDS.

@geoffc this one might need a bit of work...

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