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1:35 AM
Q: Vox Populi stuck at 39 and failed

kelalakaI was decided to read algebraic attacks and gave points as usual. I got the Suffrage badge. Vox Populi badge continued as I continue. It stuck at 39 and did not allow me to gave any points. Now, it was reset. I think there is a glitch somewhere.

2 hours later…
3:46 AM
@MaartenBodewes Rebellion for the sake of making an example of the rebels? Or because there is something wrong with the principle?
5 hours later…
8:24 AM
@FutureSecurity @EllaRose @MaartenBodewes thanks! So since both uncompressed and compressed versions can leak information, is it irrelevant which one I choose? Since compressing might be ensure faster network transfers, compressing seems to be better...
5 hours later…
1:13 PM
Q: What to do with cross site questions

kelalakaThere is an example https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/2910433/key-space-for-a-restricted-substitution-cipher Keys-space for a restricted substitution cipher These two questions are posted from the same person. There are two cases; It is noticed early and can be closed immediately. A...

3 hours later…
4:27 PM
I would like to encourage everyone to not actually answer people's obvious homework questions on this site.
4:52 PM
@mikero Why? Homework questions are generally considered acceptable as long as they show effort and are specific about what they need help with and whatnot. If they just dump the question onto crpypto.se it gets closed.
Did you see your students homework questions on here or something?
1 hour later…
6:16 PM
Without any recent examples on hand, I'm mostly against answering homework questions. My philosophy for this site is that I'm not really here to assist the OP. (And definitely not to hand hold.) I want my contributions to be more useful for a "global" audience. Especially in the case where people find content via web search.
Which is why I answer the types of questions that you-know-who gives terrible answers to. But I don't engage with him anymore. He's a terrible "student" and I'm not here to fix him.
When it comes to actual homework questions, I vote them down if the question would never come up anywhere except in a homework problem. It's useless content for most people. Except for other people taking the same course who are also trying to take shortcuts. If someone might ask the question if it wasn't homework then I don't mind if the OP was actually submitting a homework problem.
6:59 PM
There are two major categories of users on the site: Those that curate it to be a bastion of knowledge for the world at large, and those that come here seeking help. I think both are equally important. If we only had the former, we'd basically just have an online textbook. And people who have questions that aren't already in that corpus would be out of luck.
Homework questions very well may be useful to others, provided they haven't already been repeated a thousand times and follow the conditions I listed previously (shows effort, has a question about a specific part that they need help with, etc)
I generally think of the bastion of knowledge of being a side-effect of the community service Q/A aspect
(I doubt I've ever answered a homework question)
I agree with you on your middle point though
Some people seem to actively oppose learning, and eagerly spout off garbage while smugly acting like some kind of rebel martyr.
7:59 PM
Oh... I just thought of something. Do we know of any major websites using Argon2? Has any breach included Argon2 hashes?
I frequently see recommendations to not use Argon2 yet. The argument is basically that Argon2 hasn't been battle-tested.
But people are only going to battle test Argon2 if there is a database breach of Argon2 passwords.
3 hours later…
10:49 PM
Does anyone see anything obviously wrong with my answer here: crypto.stackexchange.com/a/62852/29554 ?
It's received two upvotes, but after each one was immediately downvoted again
and more importantly, no explanation as to why
11:12 PM
I can't see it either
Thanks for the sanity check
@EllaRose I'm referring to when someone's entire post is a verbatim copy of their homework question from class. I've seen at least 3 this week. None of my students (they will be posting starting in January 😀)
Yeah, those types of questions are bad and generally are closed
11:29 PM
Sometimes they get answered, which frustrates me 😁
11:56 PM
@EllaRose with regard to people opposing learning. You should consider people who have experienced being taught incorrect information or trained for failure. People like that end up with an edge and a lot of anger. Failure by they own mistakes is the path they take. If they won't listen you must lie to them.

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