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12:44 AM
@Fx Do you feel the need to start something like this ? We have one (rather broad) question. chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/404/books-on-chemistry .
12:59 AM
Or we can just keep it in mind and do it when we have enough
@cbeleites Your email address isn't publicly visible. You can enter it in your bio, though
@Manishearth: thx. well, I'm a bit resluctant about having on sites that possibly attract harvesting robots... is there something like private message here somewhere?
@cbeleites Nope
Q: How user messaging could be realized

BoldewynHi, I know, I know, there are dozens of questions here and over at uservoice that demand private messaging, like this for example. I just want to throw in a possibility how it could be realized. To jeopardize this: Would the following be a way to be considered to implement private messaging? ...

The answer on that one is hilarious
@cbeleites What I do is supply a different email that forwards to mine
@cbeleites You can set up your own chat room
And you can make it gallery(I can do this for you if you want)--but this only restricts write access, not read access
@Fx Also, should that book question even be allowed? It's a sort of CW question, and CW is pretty much dead now
what is gallery?
@cbeleites Means that the chat room is invite-only
ok, thx. I.ll have a look next week. it's horribly late here, even for me...
1:10 AM
Everyone can still see what's going on
that's ok
Good night
2 hours later…
3:38 AM
Q: Should we allow books questions?

ManishearthWe had our first books question today: Books on Chemistry Now that one in particular is slightly too broad and gets a CV(yes, I chose the wrong category) from me (anyone agrees?), but I'm talking about books questions in general. They don't have definite answers and really should be CW--but CW f...

3 hours later…
6:26 AM
@RichardTerrett Hey, our chem.SE reps are mirror images! 938:839 :D
7:25 AM
@Manishearth - I was going to say something witty about stereochemistry but I've got nothing :)
8:02 AM
@RichardTerrett We can call each other "fellow enantiomer" :)
8:26 AM
yeah, we're no longer the lowest-traffic site on the SE network!
@Fx Who is? Chess?
It seems that we're doing much better than Music
@Manishearth yes
(They have a dismal question rate and they're much further into their beta)
I wonder where we could announce the launch of the site, to help gain a bit of traffic
A Music regular, on MSO was cribbing about it--I offered to ask some questions about playing the flute. But since my other two flute questions haven't been answered yet (less flautists out there, I guess), I think that it'll trade one metric for another--overall accept rate
Probably get us banned for spamming
Too bad our logo isn't catchy like this one:
8:30 AM
@Manishearth what kind of flute do you play?
You can't miss that :)
@Fx Both a western C flute, and an Indian bamboo
@Manishearth I've played the (western) flute for many years, but haven't touched it for months now
I used to play C and piccolo, as well as the occasional alto and bass (loved it!)
@Fx Same here, actually (though it was like 2-3 years for me). Then I had a gap of four years, now I'm reteaching myself
@Fx I only know C
@Manishearth well, the others are very similar… the longer ones are fairly easy to use, but not that common…
@Fx Aah.. Don't your fingers get stretched?
Or are they longer just at the stem?
8:34 AM
@Manishearth the keys are well designed, so no
@Fx Ahh, right. Keys :) One issue with the Indian flute is that it has holes--they allow more flexibility, but playing the lower ones is hard since your fingers can't reach
piccolo is much tougher, though… every tiny mistake (lip position, airflow orientation, anything) will change the note a semitone or so :(
Sounds interesting :)
but in an orchestra, it's kind of the only instrument you'll instantly recognize if the full orchestra is playing forte
@Fx Yeah, it's just way above the rest
Aah, my fellow enantiomer has appeared :D
8:37 AM
@Manishearth - I wasn't going to say enantiomer because our reps are linear
@RichardTerrett Diastereomers?
@Manishearth - sadly no
@Fx Ouch
@RichardTerrett Hmm, right--they aren't
Stereoisomers, then
@Fx Are the notes in the parentheses the impossible-to-play ones?
(Like low C on a C flute)
@Manishearth - linear molecules are incapable of having stereochemistry
One calculation left in my broken symmetry set...
come on EDIIS
8:39 AM
@RichardTerrett 938 isn't linear--it's 2D
@Manishearth the lower C requires a piccolo with a special key, like the lower B in C flute
the higher one is the conventional limit, but using harmonics you can still go two tones higher than that if you're skilled
@Manishearth low C is easy on a flute, unless it's forte :)
@Manishearth - are we treating the digits as atoms?
hum, I've just received an invoice for 0.00 euros
@Fx All I can manage is a whisper :/ (And I don't think I have the special key for B, but the key for low C is used only for low C)
I'm wondering why they waste the electrons
8:43 AM
@Fx Of course, there's tax
@RichardTerrett Then the compounds are identical, no? What's the fun? 2D chirality is muuuch more fun :)
@Fx Soon you will be charged 0.05 euros for the electrons
Yeah, not mine
that's a B foot (third key to access the low B); not very useful
mine has the E flat doohickey, and two keys next to it
@Manishearth that's the standard one
@Manishearth for you high C-D trilling, you should use the sharp-D trill key anyway… I'll try and find a reference on that
I don't have an account on music, and don't plan on having one, so feel free to write it as an answer if it works for you
(I'm talking about this Q: music.stackexchange.com/questions/6206/…)
Awesome resource!
Flash sucks on Linux. Who knew?!
also, when you have difficult high trills, harmonics can be a worthy alternative
@Fx I don't know how to use harmonics :(
8:52 AM
in your case, you could trill the F-G second harmonic
easy to try: 1. key a F, 2. blow a low F, 3. blow a middle F, which as usual: speed up air flow, correct air flow by reorientating flute/lips
(step 3 is just your usual middle F, but it's already a harmonic of the low F)
then: 4. speed up air flow even more, to reach an even higher note with the same fingering… this will be the high C, which is the second harmonic
Oh..I see--I've had that happen to me sometimes :)
Didn't know you could use it
maybe the easiest keying for that is the low C, whose harmonics are: low C, middle C, middle G, high C, high E, high G, high B-flat, top C, top D, top C
(actually, I've never reached higher than high B-flat, but better flautists can)
the most common use is to avoid difficult fingering on high notes by fingering a perfect fifth (and an octave) below
it gives a more "eerie" tune to the note, also, and is used for this effect in modern music
@Manishearth in the "flute lessons" curriculum I followed, this was something like a sixth-year topic
@Fx Hmm, interesting
@Fx :O /hides
@Manishearth well, I think it's mostly used if you do modern musics or if you play in orchestra, where sometimes the guy writing the score wouldn't know enough about flutes to avoid difficult fingerings :)
I don't think you're supposed to do it solo in classical music
this is one modern piece where it's used somewhat extensively, IIRC:
anyway, gotta go, see you later!
9:54 AM
@richardterrett just to make sure you see this… meta.chemistry.stackexchange.com/a/121/30
@Fx +1 the nom... Planning on doing it myself if nobody was stepping up
Also maybe CHM
@Manishearth indeed
Nick T?
@Fx Yeah him too--but not seen him on meta
But yeah, otherwise
"-Have a reasonably high reputation score to indicate active, consistent participation.
-Show an interest in their meta’s community-building activities."
10:03 AM
Fabian/Mad Scientist, too
@Fx I asked him already, he declined
(already a double mod)
well, gotta go again!
Me too
I may nom some of the others if I get time
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
@Fx Unfortunately, aside from Richard, all the other nominees don't have much activity on either meta or main. I'm still nominating NickT--don't know much about him but he seems pretty good. Hopefully he can fill in what I don't know :)
(By nominees I meant the guys I mentioned above)
And Fabian has no time :(
1 hour later…
12:43 PM
@Manishearth I've uped the ante with an animated GIF answer… now try to best that! :)
Q: What is it about the relationship between the $\ce{Fe^{2+}}$ and $\ce{Fe^{3+}}$ in magnetite that makes it diamagnetic?

jonscaHematite is composed of $\ce{Fe2O3}$, and is paramagnetic, whereas magnetite is $\ce{Fe3O4}$ and is diamagnetic. Magnetite's nature is due to the presence of both $\ce{Fe^{2+}}$ and $\ce{Fe^{3+}}$ (Wikipedia even goes so far as to call it $\ce{FeO}\cdot \ce{Fe2O3}$, but explains that this is not...

1:13 PM
@Fx I throw in the towel.
I recall a similar situation--I got a whole bunch of votes for a post which contained a floating frog
1:35 PM
hum, I believe we have our first “is this chemical or natural?” question: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/416/…
I dreaded that we could be overwhelmed by this type of question, and I'm glad we haven't had any for now
@Fx "All nature is chemistry, period" and close anything else as duplicate ;-)
@Fabian We can extend
Stick nature in there somewhere
Ahh.. There... Fixed i.stack.imgur.com/9UT9C.png
@Fx WHat's the difference between "chemical" and "natural"?
Aah.. he's asking "man-made chemical"/"natural"
2:08 PM
hum, the problem is so many people (not chemists) are confused by this chemical/synthetic/natural/organic terminology…
@Fx Yeah
I've added a comment to his question to try and get him be more specific
I'm unsure as well
also, regarding this answer, I'm wondering: chemistry.stackexchange.com/a/417/30
I feel it is just restating the obvious… but maybe it is helpful? Manisheart, you asked the question, what's your take on this answer?
@Fx It's not really a good answer, it's not too bad either..
But he has no idea what he's talking about
Yeah, and it's circular logic
By "not too bad", I mean "could be improved to make it a good answer"
2:10 PM
also, I feel that cbeleites's most recent edit to this answer actually answers your AgCl question, doesn't it?
@Fx Oh damn. Is there any need to delete my question? Or can I ask cbeleites to answer it as well?
But that's sort of experimental anyway--I was looking for a theoretical explanation.
Doubt that one exists, though
@Fx I'll just ask cbeleites to post a similar answer. The question is separate from the reaction direction one
(Similar things have happened before on phy.SE, we just ref the answer and blockquote it)
Or are they overlapping enough to be dupes?
@Manishearth I'll let you be the judge of that :)
hm, I have to edit almost all of Ashu's posts for spelling (cant vs. can't, Im vs. I'm, capital I, space before opening parenthesis, that kind of stuff)…
2:28 PM
@Fx Yeah.. Need help?
(don't edit it simultaneously)
Techinically this: Na+ is from a strong base(NaOH), while RSO−3 is from a weak acid, thus the resulting solution is basic. could be improved
$\ce{Na+}$ is from a strong base (making it a weak conjugate acid), while $\ce{RSO3-}$ is from a weak acid (making it a weak conjugate base), thus the resulting solution is **basic**. is better
@Manishearth ok
Damn, have to go. I submitted the edit, unfortunately I didn't get time to recheck
2:55 PM
@nickt just to make sure you see it: meta.chemistry.stackexchange.com/a/122/30
3:06 PM
@Fx I already pinged him on a post of his
(or did you superping?)
3:20 PM
@Manishearth superping
Stupid ninja mod tools
hi there.
@ manishearth: your comment crossed my attempt to put something to your question as well.
I still don't know why AgCl is unsoluble, but I think I have a pretty good explanation why it is so difficult to answer...
3:44 PM
@cbe that'd be great!
then have a look. I'm off for a nice long weekend now :-)
Bye :)
@cbe I'll wait a while for any other answers and then accept yours
2 hours later…
5:34 PM
@Fx hola, gracias :P
Would you be okay with us moving this across? Seems a better fit for here:
Q: How does one calculate the resolution of a crystal structure?

bobthejoeConsidering that I have a diffraction pattern of a crystal, how would I calculate the resolution of a structure in Angstroms? How does that value differ from the information that I would get from the beta-factor? I'm aware that the resolution can be calculated by Bragg's law but how does that pr...

@Rory i'm fine with it, but it fits Physics as well--try to migrate to graduated sites if possible.
Up to you.. Decide where it may get better answers..
I think it'll be answered in Phy.SE well, i've seen other xray crystallography qs
@RoryM why didn't I see that question :(
@Nick what does the cover of the book in your gravatar say?
5:49 PM
6:00 PM
@Manishearth Perry Bible Fellowship = the new Far Side (though it's publication schedule became really slow a couple years ago)
@nick Oh, I've read a lot of the pbfs. Forgotten many :/
@Manishearth I'm vaguely familiar with the crosslinker for some proteomics but the side-reactions question is more orgo
2 hours later…
8:11 PM
@NickT hola!

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