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12:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user2284570Shortest code to send an html s/mime signed message with one attachment over smtps Simple challenge : use a valid RSA based security certificate in order to sign message according to s/mime rules and send it over smtp over TLS on port 465 (or starttls on port 25). Rules : The program paramete...

@Downgoat if you want to draw a square shape, use Box. I don't know what you thought your strange sequence of symbols was going to achieve.
12:57 AM
@Downgoat Use Verbose mode.
1:14 AM
@quartata obligatory tree fiddy
@quartata tweet for you, taken from the gem that is drunk IRC
> i lost my gcc privileges when i violated the gnu gpl and i lost all gnu privileges
funny you mention that because I was just telling someone that Kaze should have his assembler privileges taken away...
does that mean i get to be an official tweet contributor™ and you'll post that quote
1:30 AM
technically speaking, you all are tweet contributors
everything that happens to me contributes
so if it the direct quote doesnt show up, don;t worry.... 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, youll see some bit of it in The Lore
however in yuor specifc case ill probaby just deep fry a screenshot of you saying it without the quote
(by without the quote I meant without the quote marks..,)
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3:28 AM
Q: n = length * height

GammaGamesChallenge Given an integer input, n, print a rounded square with the parameter of n characters. Rules The characters for the parameter can be any non-whitespace character The square should have equal sides when possible The square should have one whitepsace character in each corner The square...

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5:44 AM
@Neil oh wrong permalink. I had: tio.run/##S85ILErOT8z5/98tv0jDM6@gtCS4pCgzL11DU0fBKb9CI0OnUFPz/… I don't think h is the loop index variable though. I dunno if charcoal even passes that
I don't see an enumerate function either though
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7:14 AM
thanks to comcast it takes 8 seconds to send a single packet to google.com
7:52 AM
@Downgoat so more like this?
@Neil I want the box to be filed though, I dunno if I need to use a seperate Fill() or if there's some way to do a box/rect with that filled
something like: for i, digit in str(input_num): FilledBox(i, digit)
so, in answer to the first question, Oblong draws a filled box
but if you loop over like that then each box will overwrite the previous which is unhelpful
do the commands return a list whereas they should return a string? this is what I have: tio.run/##S85ILErOT8z5/…
Since it's StringMap, I assume it is expecting a string as a return value but not sure if there is a way to take advantage of the fact that it also gives me the index
because doing a execvar enumerated seems like it would be much longer
@Downgoat there is a way of using a command as an expression but I don't know how. I'd just loop over indices: Try it online!
oh ok thanks
8:07 AM
actually I'm not even sure that using a command as an expression helps in your case
why would charcoal output 2 for this: tio.run/##S85ILErOT8z5/98jMacsNUUjoCg/…
8:23 AM
@Downgoat product != times
so you get two outputs, one for halved(add(0,2)) and one for add(0,1)
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10:46 AM
o_O The comment template (on SE) looks so weird now on mobile
11:04 AM
Q: Draw an ASCII meandering curve

Galen IvanovFor the purpose of this question a meandering curve is one that follows the general direction from left to right, but makes repeatedly n+1 turns at 90 degrees to the left and then n+1 turns to the right (for n>0). The turns are denoted with +. The width of the meanders (the distance between two +...

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12:23 PM
12:34 PM
Is telegram.org up for you?
@mınxomaτ Nope
Hm, italic user name means RO. What if I changed my name to 𝘙𝘰𝘰𝘮 𝘖𝘸𝘯𝘦𝘳, Would that be allowed? It would look a lot like Room Owner
1:18 PM
@mınxomaτ It is now for me
That was a big outage :/
1:33 PM
Q: Cities and roads

chris burgeesA network consisting of M cities and M-1 roads connecting them is given. Cities are labeled with distinct integers within the range[0, (M-1)]. Roads connect cities in such a way that each pair of distinct cities is connected either by a direct road or along a path consisting of direct roads. The...

2:07 PM
Q: Recamán's duplicates

Stewie GriffinRecamán's Sequence is defined as follows: or in pseudo-code: a(0) = 0, if n > 0 and the number is not already included in the sequence, a(n) = a(n - 1) - n else a(n) = a(n-1) + n. The first numbers are (OEIS A005132): 0, 1, 3, 6, 2, 7, 13, 20, 12, 21, 11, 22, 10, 23, 9, 24...

3:03 PM
@Adám, I forgot to ask this when we were talking about names: what is the origin of the "á," if it's not in your legal name?
@Zacharý My name is in Hebrew, where most words are pronounced with emphasis on the last syllable. However, in Danish (the language I grew up with), where the name Adam is has emphasis on the first syllable, an acute accent is indicates non-default stress.
1 message moved from The APL Orchard
⍨ too many iss.
Ah, okay. Mine is just a borrowing from Czech orthography. I keep it solely for the purpose of distinguishing my name when it's written fast: there's not that many people with an acute in their name, and mine ends up looking like: Z-----ý when signed fast.
@Zacharý Yeah, when I sign, it also basically becomes A~≈~.
@Adám I'd have assumed a Polish pronunciation to your surname without that page ⍨
@Probie ME TOO.\
@Adám What language does your last name come from?
3:12 PM
@Zacharý It is indeed Polish.
@Adám but you've dropped the "w"
Ah, so someone turned it into their language... explains how dz => dž (I need an IPA keyboard)
@Probie And dz is still dz when it's accentless...
@Probie Not intentionally. I should update the page to say broo-DJEFF-skee, no?
Still, why is <dz> not /dz/, judging from the wikipedia page.
@Zacharý that's phonemic, not phonetic
3:15 PM
@Zacharý How would you spell it to approximate it as "English" syllables?
@Probie Does Polish do that?
@Adám Depends on Polish phonetics
This seems like my 9th grade english teacher's name: Dzikus.
@Zacharý Which, to the best of my understanding regard dz as a single entity, like g in gin.
@Zacharý My father had a colleague at IBM, named Trnka — 'cause who needs vowels anyway…
@Adám "ah damn, brew Geoff's key"
@Adám I'd expect (might be wrong) it be an affricate /dz/... like in "beds"
@ngn That's really cute. I might use that.
3:19 PM
@Zacharý Polish, like most languages varies in pronunciation by area. "dze" might be a genuine [dze] but it could also be a [ʒe]
@Zacharý This appears to say you're right, i.e. a dentalized laminal alveolar sibilant affricate.
@Probie Would that variation explain an initial devoicing? I've been trying to determine why my former teacher's name was pronounced /číkous/ (where /ou/ is like "house")
@Zacharý I'm not sure - I'm neither Polish nor even European. I can tell you that initial devoicing happens in Mongolian, but for Polish I have no idea. Names are often separate to languages and they persist beyond language changes
I can explain the <dz> => /dž~č/ thing as people dropping accents, for my English teacher and possibly for Adám as well. Initial devoicing and <u> as /o/, I have NO clue.
3:42 PM
@ngn Does Adám brew Geoff's key? Yes, Hebrews it.
4:04 PM
fueled by the desire to play windows-only games like tametsi, I've been inspired to dual boot windows 10 this morning
and I feel so sorry for y'all who have to deal with ads in your start menu
@Riker FYI, Tametsi works fantastic in wine (at least on OS X)
oh does it
tha'ts news to me
Yeah, I got my Mom hooked on it XD
@Riker yeah, suggested apps and partly pre-installed ones
@Riker I'm so grateful for StartIsBack.
4:11 PM
oh is that a thing I'll have to check that out
also, great work windows, I love having a fake BSOD on installation
@Riker This is how my start menu looks:
@Adám ??
huh that's kinda nice looking
@Zacharý ^^^ looks like it's an add-on that changes the visuals
@Zacharý Not to suffer from Win10: startisback.com
@Riker Not just the looks, the functionality too.
That's a lot of APLs...
4:15 PM
@Zacharý Yeah, but not nearly as many as some of my colleagues.
@Adám ... how many do they have?
@Adám yuck, proprietary software
@EriktheOutgolfer One of the very few pieces of software I'm willing to pay for.
Any ideas? (math question)
@Adám hm, do you know if the downloadable version is a limited-time trial?
4:17 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer As far as I remember, yes. I tried it, and couldn't let it go after the trial. Really cheap too.
I hate it when they don't explicitly state that it's a trial and you have to determine it from the Buy tab, which isn't always possible
that is, if there's a Buy tab and the fact that it's just a trial isn't revealed to you before you install the software, and there's no option to buy it through its website
@EriktheOutgolfer Uh, it says Free Trial.
> If you're a visual styles (skins) creator and intend to make visual styles for Windows 8 with Start Menu skinned, or you want to promote StartIsBack with review, you can get StartIsBack license key for free.
hm, so, if I promote it, it's free?
@Riker My solution is to never actually use the start menu for more than searching for the exact app I want.
I never actually navigate through the menus
are there many menus in there?
4:29 PM
I have no idea
I never look at them and I'm not on Windows rn
I just wrote one of the ugliest regexes I've ever used \vFoo[^\[\]]*\[[^\[\]]*\]\)
is that sed?
Vim (shocker, I know)
looks like it would match Fooxx[xx])
with xx being any substring that has no [] and is any length (0 included)
@DJMcMayhem A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a regex that was over 7kb.
4:39 PM
@Riker The goal was to match that, but to explicitly not match Foo([a, b, c], [d, e, f])
I added a second list parameter to Foo so I wanted to check all the calls are correct
And actually there could be non-list arguments before the first list, so Foo(a, b, c, [d, e, f]) would be matched too
@Riker \v is a flag not a literal
i just discovered \v means 'very magic'
I am very confused
Ah, OK
so that's the golfed version, and you don't have a ( at the front?
imo there should be one but it does make it 2 bytes more
I don't think Foo[^(] would have matched anywhere in the file
And it wasn't explicitly golfed or anything
I meant \vFoo\([^\[\]]*\[[^\[\]]*\]\)
4:43 PM
@Adám :|
@Riker Yeah, my point is that the \( isn't really needed since it'll match the same things regardless
Foo[^(] couldn't possibly match
Woah should I leave
Thats a lot of blue on the screen... oh nvm thats just more code talk
@Adám What was this for?!
@Zacharý Matching all possible, but only, tradfn headers.
@Adám +10
@Adám ;_;
4:48 PM
I think my biggest regex was somewhere around 0.7 KB
It became so big because I generated it from a list of spelled-out headers. Later, I hand-rewrote it from scratch and then it was just 0.2 kb, iirc.
@Adám Oh, so you optimized it later for stuff like lots of spaces, repeated letters etc
@FreezePhoenix No, that was already in the original list of patterns. I just used regex's capabilities to combine patterns instead of listing them all separated by |.
@Adám Oh, so you found sections that were similar even between headers
@FreezePhoenix Yes.
Here is the hand-written version, 312 chars:
^ *∇ *(?|{ *[\w∆⍙]+ *} *←|[\w∆⍙]+ *←|{ *\((?| *[\w∆⍙]+)+ *\) *} *←|\((?| *[\w∆⍙]+)+ *\) *←|)(?|([\w∆⍙]+)(?| +[\w∆⍙]+| *\((?| *[\w∆⍙]+)+ *\))?| *(?| *{ *[\w∆⍙]+ *} *|[\w∆⍙]+ +|)([\w∆⍙]+)(?| +[\w∆⍙]+| *\((?| *[\w∆⍙]+)+ *\))| *\( *[\w∆⍙]+ *([\w∆⍙]+)(?| *[\w∆⍙]+)? *\)(?| +[\w∆⍙]+| *\((?| *[\w∆⍙]+)+ *\))) *(?|$|⍝|;)
4:54 PM
Before I spend a bunch of time writing a line editor, anyone know of a library that can help me with stackoverflow.com/questions/51067238/…
5:12 PM
Q: Spoonerise words... in Finnish

Pietu1998This challenge is based on, and contains test cases from, a programming course I took at Aalto University. The material is used with permission. Two and a half years ago there was a challenge about spoonerisms in English. However, in Finnish spoonerisms are much more complicated. Spoonerisms in...

5:27 PM
@Adám ^ Brudam Ádzéwský's QuadR must be the right tool for the job :)
@ngn yeah...I, uh, don't think so
especially with long vowels...
6:14 PM
@ngn :D
6:35 PM
Hi all.. I am thinking of setting a challenge based on the SPIKE distance between two arrays of floats
Please explain what SPIKE distance is
The distance is defined as the minimum cost associated with the transformation of one point pattern X into a pattern Y by deleting, adding, and moving points.
So... levinthawhatsitcalled distance, but the minimum.
no not that
the cost for point patterns X and Y is
What the heck is a point pattern? An array?
6:37 PM
p_d|X_delete| + p_a|Y_add| + Sum_{x in X_move} p_m d_x
a point pattern is just an array of times in sorted order
like (4.3, 5.5, 9.1)
where p_a, p_d and p_m are parameters
X_delete, Y_add and X_move are subsets of X and Y that are deleted, added and moved
OK i give up
@FreezePhoenix noooo :)
I can explain it in simple terms I promise
Do you happen to know Javascript by any chance? It would be helpfull if you could write it in JS :)
I don't:) But I know English
@Anush OK that'l do
6:40 PM
news in American politics: Kennedy's stepping down from the Supreme Court, effective July 31st.
@PhiNotPi oh wow.. which side of the recent 5-4 decisions has he been on?
so let's say X = (1,2,3) and Y = (2, 4)
we could delete 1 from X and move 3 to 4
@Anush ok lets try this again
so that would cost us p_d + 1*p_m exactly
(1,2,3), (2,4) => (2,3), (2,3)
@FreezePhoenix well.. you have to spell out the operations
mine are one delete and one move
6:42 PM
moving 3 to 4 in X is equivalent to moving 4 to 3 in Y
in this case at least
so the distance is the minimum possible cost for the transformation
I am wondering what its complexity is
Wait is (1,2,3) = X
I was just giving an example of an X and a Y
I know
but in this case, is (1,2,3) = X
X = (1,2,3) yes
you can think of that as events that occur at times 1, 2 and 3
6:46 PM
Welll then
@Anush IIRC correctly, he is somewhat a swing justice. Has been on the "conservative" side of some of the recent verdicts, but not always.
@PhiNotPi right.. I have to say there have a succession of really worrying supreme court rulings recently. This will only make it worse
I am glad not to be american
@FreezePhoenix my question may be of more interest to people who love algorithms of course
of which I believe there are many at ppcg
Lemme write something up
Wait this is a lot harder than I thought
So it has to be the least cost?
6:53 PM
And the move cost is the same as the delete cost is the same as the add cost
well you can say that.. they should be three parameters
pa, pd, pm
So it is levenshtein just with arrays of numbers
levenshtein.. yes sort of
6:55 PM
And the weights are fixed, instead of dynamic
got there in the end :)
pa, pm and pd are fixed yes
Well I already wrote a levenshtein function for arrays of strings
Shouldn't be that hard to make one for arrays
@Anush good luck :)
@Anush I'm pretty worried about it TBH... haven't read very much good news recently.
6:59 PM
@Anush Which ones out of curiosity?
@DJMcMayhem The travel ban, the recent one about unions, the one about a baker refusing to serve a gay person
these are all pretty extreme rulings for a supreme court
in a western democracy
To be fair, the baker ruling was on a technicality, not on the baking-a-cake question itself.
@AdmBorkBork what was the technicality?
wasn't it a split decision where the majority took the view that the state had shown anti religious views, or something like that?
The previous level's trial was prejudiced against him by the language that was used in the court.
I just find it really odd as almost exactly the same case has gone to the highest courts in other european countries
and the pro gay rights side always wins
7:04 PM
iirc, didn't they say that it was unfair that the previous level was comparing the bakers actions to nazis or something like that?
The majority opinion actually affirmed the "public shops must serve the public" aspect
@DJMcMayhem It was overtly hostile, yes
I know this is too political, but I just feel confident now that the Supreme court will rule on the wrong side on all major modern political questions, from my point of view
unlike the highest courts in Europse
and even more so with kennedy replace by a trump friend
> As the record shows, some of the commissioners at the Commission’s formal, public hearings endorsed the view that religious beliefs cannot legitimately be carried into the public sphere or commercial domain, disparaged Phillips’ faith as despicable and characterized it as merely rhetorical, and compared his invocation of his sincerely held religious beliefs to defenses of slavery and the Holocaust.
@FreezePhoenix thanks :)
@DJMcMayhem that makes me think of the travel ban ruling
Whoa this is just the biggest political accusation of all time occuring right in front of me
7:08 PM
How so?
1 min ago, by Anush
I know this is too political, but I just feel confident now that the Supreme court will rule on the wrong side on all major modern political questions, from my point of view
@DJMcMayhem where trump had disparaged muslims left right and centre.. but the majority decided it didn't matter
let's just say, there is a large cultural gap between the modern US and Europe
Any justice that Trump picks is going to rule along whatever the party line is
Expect a lot of 5-4s
@quartata and 6-3s now :(
Why can't I search for rooms?
The "filter rooms" button does literally nothing
7:10 PM
Kennedy voted with the majority on the travel ban
ok here is a coding question.. I found mariomulansky.github.io/PySpike/#tutorial so I tried spike_train = SpikeTrain(np.array([0.1, 0.3, 0.45, 0.6, 0.9], [0.0, 1.0])) which fails!
Q: Shortest code to send an html s/mime signed e‑mail with one attachment over smtps

user2284570Simple challenge : use a valid RSA based security certificate in order to sign message according to s/mime rules and send it over smtp over TLS on port 465 (or starttls on port 25). Rules : The program parameters takes an ʜᴛᴍʟ string consisting of message body ; a message subject as string ; a...

can anyone work out how to get it to work
@DJMcMayhem if you're looking for this room:

 This Is Fine

The news discussion offshoot of the Bridge. Stars reserved for...
No, I was looking for the PPCG-politics
But I literally can't search
7:12 PM
Isn't that one deleted
Oh, is it?
I dunno
Oh guess not

 PPCG Politics

Politics chat for Programming Puzzles and Code Golf
I don't know what just happened, but that link froze up my chrome for a good 45 seconds and then the tab auto-closed itself :D
Having a GPU would help.
Yeah, that's most likely it. It's a crap Dell work laptop like you'd find in a bulk-discount bin lol
Shadertoy is behind GLSLSandbox in terms of support for low-end GPUs. GLSLSB starts in 1/4 resolution by default. I wish they would fix that.
7:45 PM
have we had a challenge based on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincenty's_formulae ?
don't think so
doesn't look familiar, but we mya have had one that's effectively the same
i.e. same formula but with a different use or smth
@Downgoat can I ask a few fan questions about your number.js repository?
@FreezePhoenix number.js?
Well can I ask a few questions about it?
7:58 PM
@FreezePhoenix just ask teh questions, the goat will probably answer them when he can (from personal experience, he goes afk frequently)
- why does an Int class support decimals
- why did you port it to es5 from es6
- How did you get it faster than adding raw primitives
@FreezePhoenix I can answer #2: support.
@Zacharý but browsers these days almost all support es6
Then: boycot classes.
es6 was used in there anyhow - not boycotting
8:05 PM
using ES6 in prod without Babel is unacceptable
@FreezePhoenix no idea what you’re talking about
  times(n) {
    let I = new Int(n); // Iterator
    let A = this.val;
    while (+I.minus('1').val !== 0) this.plus(A);
    return this;
@quartata Meh, just don't support IE
Oh lol
@Pavel it's not just IE
8:06 PM
@Downgoat how do you not know what I'm talking about
@Zacharý Repeated addition.
@quartata What else doesn't support ES6?
@FreezePhoenix But WHY?
Oh let’s pretend that repo never happened
i need to take it off my website
@Zacharý Multiplication is just repeated addition
@Downgoat NO
It is wonderful
I just wish there was some way I could merge it with one of my repos
@Pavel only two of the devices in my house support ES6, and only one fully
8:08 PM
Only useful syntax in ES6 is arrow notation.
@Zacharý spread operator
you can just use Coffeescript if that's what you want
@FreezePhoenix .apply
I got yelled at by @ASCII-only for using .apply
Forgot about those... still hate JS classes tho'
8:10 PM
noooo so many ascii-art challenges while I was away D:
@FreezePhoenix It's sorta like how I hate Perl: IDK why in all honesty
@Zacharý check out github.com/FreezePhoenix/Angels-And-Demons for a good reason why to use classes
so..back to my spike distance :)
But there's one thing I see sometimes that I cannot stand: using let when it has no difference from var
maybe a dynamic programming solution is called for
8:13 PM
@Zacharý Performance.
You know you've been explaining an answer too long if 4 new answers are posted while doing so, and you golf 96 bytes off, while explaining :P
@Zacharý yes who needs classes or imports
@Downgoat No one needs classes... imports on the other hand.
8:39 PM
@Zacharý wtf
@Downgoat It's like my hatred of Perl: I have no explanation, but it exists.
Hello, what is unclear here ?
Q: Shortest code to send an html s/mime signed e‑mail with one attachment over smtps

user2284570Simple challenge : use a valid RSA based security certificate in order to sign message according to s/mime rules and send it over smtp over TLS on port 465 (or starttls on port 25). Rules : The program parameters takes an ʜᴛᴍʟ string consisting of message body ; a message subject as string ; a...

BAsically, it’s asking for sending a signed HTML e‑mail
What’s the problem !
@Anush I wouldn't say that with Kennedy's resignation you would have a star chamber for private interests but the politicization of the historically independent judiciary really breaks precedent when you have Gorsuch and McConnell shaking hands
@user2284570 Jonathan Allen sums it up perfectly in my opinion:
"simple challenge:[technical jargon] [link to 45 page spec] [technical jargon]" :( — Jonathan Allan 1 hour ago
It may seem like a simple challenge for someone familiar with the topic (as I'm sure you are), but for most people, it doesn't make sense.
@cairdcoinheringaahing but those 45 pages aren’t needed for answering the question.
8:46 PM
Luckily, we have the Sandbox for people to refine and clarify their challenges.
@user2284570 generally challenges in applied topics aren't received well
@cairdcoinheringaahing where it was correctly received
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user2284570Shortest code to send an html s/mime signed message with one attachment over smtps Simple challenge : use a valid RSA based security certificate in order to sign message according to s/mime rules and send it over smtp over TLS on port 465 (or starttls on port 25). Rules : The program paramete...

@cairdcoinheringaahing But seriously… Shortest code to send an e‑mail, how this can be unclear ?
You have 0 votes. They usually means it isn't ready for posting
@user2284570 It isn't unclear, as much as 'underspecified'. Unclear is simply the uneditable close reason we use for that. Too broad would also be applicable.
I'd recommend (for now), deleting the post on main and edit the following into your Sandbox post:
- How exactly to send an email, preferably with a code example
- A sample input and details around input
- A sample output and details
- What you mean by "use a valid RSA based security certificate"
- Details around the "attachment" part: what type of file it is, what it will contain etc.
A couple of good ways to check (at least I've found) whether your challenge is understandable and postable are: ask in here. We're the ones doing your challenge, we need to understand it and are more than happy to give feedback, and to ask someone who isn't familiar with the field (family member, friend etc.) to read over it and make sure it makes sense.
8:53 PM
How to send an e‑mail ? Same level as asking how to download a page…
No input, nor output requires.
I mean not malformed certificate
Free of choice concerning file attachment.
@user2284570 One final note: 20 hours is quite a short amount of time to leave a question in the Sandbox. 72 hours is recommended, as is asking in here for feedback
> "They can be obtained either as function/class parameters or program arguments or read from keyboard input."
That seems like input
9:15 PM
any algo whizzes see how to solve stackoverflow.com/questions/51069611/… ?
I could pose it as a challenge on ppcg instead
are fastest-algorithm question still acceptable?
well I have posted one in any case :)
9:38 PM
Q: Computing the spike distance quickly

AnushGiven two sorted arrays of floating point numbers X and Y, we can define the spike distance as follows. The distance is defined as the minimum cost associated with the transformation of one point pattern X into a pattern Y by deleting, adding, and moving points. The cost of a transformation is: ...

10:01 PM
huh, that's buggy
@ConorO'Brien Well done sir, you broke TIO!
ty lol
I mean, .debug.tio should appear where it is
on the Debug section, not popping as errors
the only error should be hello :P
10:08 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is it ok with the last edits ?
@Adám wrong box too...doesn't make sense to me
@EriktheOutgolfer Exactly.
10:34 PM
@user2284570 I still have the same complaints as many of the commenters. Claiming it is easy to understand doesn't work when 4 people are telling you otherwise, and no one else is agreeing with you. As I said before, I'd recommend moving to the Sandbox and then asking the entire room for a wider range of feedback.
@Adám That's not strange, .debug.tio is what is displayed in the Debug section, and you're writing to that file.
but it's not displayed in the Debug section here
Oh, yeah. Misread the box labels
@cairdcoinheringaahing How does it end up in output, then, including the actual debug info?
I saw the normal debug info and instantly thought "Well, that's in the right place" :/
11:01 PM
CMC: Given a string, S, output it in one of the pop-up things on TIO (inspired by those two links)
11:23 PM
@Adám By truncating .debug.tio with >, you remove a special seperator sequence that the frontend uses to seperate debug from output after .output.tio and .debug.tio are concattenated and sent to the server. This causes debug output to appear as normal output.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Try it online!
@Pavel So then there must be certain outputs/errors that also mess up the system, without directly touching the special files, no?
@Adám Correct. This separator sequence, however, is randomly generated for each execution and is rather long, so in practice the probability that any given program outputs the sequence is extremely low.
Unless, of course, you determine this sequence by reading one of the files, which is why cat .output.tio also causes a similar break.
@Pavel If it is randomly generated, how does the server recognise it?
@Adám It has a constant length and appears as the very first part of the data sent to the server.
@Pavel ah.
@Pavel Why not just send the two files separately?
11:29 PM
@Adám You'd have to ask Dennis. I know how these systems work, not why they were designed like that.
I suspect it's because it's not just two files, there's quite a lot of information that gets sent in sections, so making them seperate requests would get rather complicated.
@CatWizard Would you mind editing the question? I voted 40 minutes ago, and can't revert it

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