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12:56 AM
Google image search of the day: google.com/…
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5:20 AM
@PearsonArtPhoto An advantage of sticking with Universe Sandbox is that it is not a game. Therefore you are not at risk for wasting time playing with it!
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6:36 AM
@uhoh I knew you'd post a question when I shared this link :p
Oh! I forgot to paste it here, thanks for the reminder!
Q: What is this transport aircraft, and why does it sometimes cary an air data boom when the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle is on top of it?

uhohThis comment in chat points to a "google search of the day" which was for Buran the Soviet version of the Space Shuttle. Looking there I saw images of a large transport aircraft with the Buran shuttle on top. What caught my eye were some photos of the transport aircraft with what looks like a la...

@Antzi Yes indeed!
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11:41 AM
Post a link to Reddit and the comedians come out. reddit.com/r/space/comments/8mp4nr/…
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5:35 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto I'm always up for humor about Matt Damon!
Q: pod bay bug, or stackexchange chat feature by design? Link corruption!

uhohI don't think the pod bay has a "meta" so I'll try to ask here? I dropped this link into the pod bay, hoping to see the link in blue font. Instead I got a vanity picture of Matt Damon and a summary of a Wikipedia article. The stackexchange chat function overrode my link and plopped a big thing ...

"But all I got is this lousy photo:"
6:09 PM
so, i'm downloading a 21 GB file from the USGS, which combines topographical data from the LRO and Kayuga missions into one corrected topo map of the Moon between 60 deg N and 60 deg S
as a grayscale image, which means it is possible to turn that into a displacement map in Blender, which means i could use it to create a highly detailed 3d model of the Moon
as long as i can convert the humongous file into something my computer won't choke on, which i think i can do. and i think i can figure out the rest of it.
if i succeed in this, expect evil laughter.
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9:10 PM
Anyone else notice something unusual about this image?
It's from the 2 minute video for the Falcon 9 launch that was released a few weeks later.
That's a hint.
2 hours later…
11:02 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto most people don't have roadster video urls memorized... what 2 minute video?
Are you saying something about me?
LOL, that came across totally wrong.
The thing that I'm noticing is it looks suspiciously like there is no motor or axle at all.

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