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12:17 AM
Yessssss my Gym Unicorn shirt shipped I am going to look so awesome in it FOREVER
@Ronan Makes sense, but also sounds tricky
Yay. Tomorrow, I get to talk to my bosses about a potential raise.
I think I have a pretty good case for it, but I'm so bad at working it.
1 hour later…
1:39 AM
Q: Fortnite the game on 0s4

Bryson NeighborsWhen does the pick axe ski boot come back and also what are the items in the new battle pass and last how much is the battle pass

1:56 AM
Q: How do I ensure all dlc is downloaded for my Xbox 360 game?

CDoveI decided to give Fable 2 another playthrough after years away from it. I have all of the dlc, including the little stuff. I installed the game to a memory unit I have plugged into the console because I would rather have it on flash memory than the aging HDD and the DVD drive is now old enough...

2:13 AM
Q: Elder Scrolls Online - DPS Gain on Max CP

RontabsMy DPS is currently at around 13.5K+ at CP360+. Everything else aside, what do you think my DPS will be when I hit max CP which is 720?

2:47 AM
Q: What are all the icons that can change?

Memor-Xi've noticed that in Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 that certain icons for the map change on their own. ie Chest icons change to be open when you open the chest of the same place Bridge Icons are empty in Ginnungagap when a bridge is up and filled when a Birdge is down 2 Way Arrow Icons are filled in ...

@Fluttershy I was going to comment on this but I figured just see how long it goes.
Anxiety busting thing I just learned - I can call teh alarm company for my work, provide them some access codes and then they will tell me if I armed the alarm
(I did)
3:07 AM
@Ash That does help.
3:58 AM
Q: How can I change the "Frequently Used" emoji in Discord?

ThunderforgeWhen I click on Discord's emoji button, there is a section for "Frequently Used". Unfortunately, it contains a bunch of useless emoji I've never used like 💯 and 🦑. I want to change it to the emoji I actually use. For instance, I often type in thumb in the search and select the 👍, but despite ...

oh no
4:15 AM
Q: What happens in the patched version of 2 Worlds if the final boss is killed by peasents

OganMIn this speedrun, we see the game ending in under 3 minutes, when the player provokes the final boss to attack some villagers, who in turn maul him to death. The player mentions that he's using a non-patched version of the game because this was fixed later. I am not planning to buy this game an...

4:36 AM
@Lazers2.0 @Ave that is an interesting approach to changing an emoji selector
thank discord
Also, we got first place in the term project showcase for our game development module
@PrivatePansy grats
4:47 AM
ooh nice
Q: Short-lasting schools of anchovy, herring and hake after ocean thaws etc. : fish mechanics, speed?

のbるしtyぱんkyThis is a coastal embark because the waves and mist are real nice but the weather ended up being worst than expected and the ocean froze. This provided an opportunity to dig a 2x3 shaft through the ice down to a cavern dozens of Z-levels below. Then we waited until May and suddenly it all thawed ...

@PrivatePansy Okay this looks awesome. Kinda overstimulating for me but then again it's 1 am and I am tired :P
Job interview in 2 jours. aaaaaah
You will rock it. sage nod I believe in you :)\
@Arperum good luck
5:22 AM
My daughter is playing restaurant. She just told me the special of the day, which is getting a pie smashed in your face. When I said no thank you she walked away muttering, “What is WRONG with people these days?”
5:59 AM
@GodEmperorDune giggles
6:25 AM
Q: Dawnguard DLC arvak broke Shadowmare?

Shadow FlameI have finished the dark brotherhood quest line and received the horse shadow are but in the Dawnguard DLC you travel to the soul caren and receive arvak the nightmare when I rode arvak, shadowmare disappeared and I want her back how could I get her? Obviously the "killing the last horse" tactic ...

Arrived 30 minutes early. Mentally preparing
@Ash A little, it's an arcade game, meant to be played in short bursts
@PrivatePansy that makes sense!
@Arperum you are awesome and super capable and I hope everything works out for you
Oooh, there is building security. I approve. I'm pretty sure I could have just walked past them if I wanted. But I'd run into some door requiring a badge I guess?
I now have a visitor badge.
Currently waiting
7:17 AM
Q: How do I effectively backup my 3DS saved games?

NelsonI lost a 3DS last year, and last week my SD card decided to turn half of itself into bad sectors. I finally got around to using the built-in Data Management option and have a backup on my PC, but I read that the backup only works on this physical system. How do I perform a real backup of my sav...

2 hours later…
8:48 AM
Q: Can we play “A Way Out” co-op with PC and PS4

Hasan KöroğluI've a pc and I was wondering that can i play this game with my friend who has a ps4.

TFW * 6 THU * * not 0 6 THU * *
cron is hell
Some client just got 60 emails instead of one. Luckily it was just the one person.
9:04 AM
Q: Is Conflux really overpowered in Heroes of Might and Magic 3? Why?

Baskakov_DmitriyI've heard many times that Conflux is an overpowered town. Some of its strengths are indeed a thing to consider: Phoenixes are good 7th level creatures (when upgraded), creatures of levels 1-3 are also good. However, many other towns also have strong creatures, for example, Castle with its also...

at the scale I imagine you're running it at, it's not the worst option I guess
you can't really use systemd timers for every single client
@Ave In my experience the only thing worse than using cron is using something that tries to replace it
I had much more success with systemd timers than with cron
I'm using Celery Beat, which schedules tasks with cron syntax (see previous message)
it doesn't seem that bad
9:16 AM
I don't think systemd timers would be a good replacement for beat, given the amount of overhead that would be required to build the interface
systemd timers don't really scale.
Yeah, the nice thing about beat is you can run it database-backed, so you can modify your schedule really easily
But very different use cases, systemd timers are clearly not designed for user-facing process management
we use them for backups
Yeah, it's perfect for that
also I have the hackiest approach to backups
9:21 AM
Interview went well :D
@Ave honestly I blame some of that on b2's cli tool, which doesn't work super well when you try to automate it. It's okay with duplicity, but raw uploads are a pain.
9:34 AM
@fredley They'll probably understand that accidents can happen. Although you probably should have tested it with your own address first
Also, I'm typing this from my new work computer
one monitor for now because the GPU is a 730, which has only one HDMI port and neither of my monitors has a DVI port
and our sysadmin would really rather not use a VGA cable, and neither do I
1 hour later…
10:42 AM
Hm. Just learned that my uncle (chairman of the Baker's Union in Flanders) has been working on a proposal to the EU to have "Limburgse Vlaai" (a collection of sweet pies made with yeast dough) registered as a local specialty product, so it can only be made in Limburg
hbvl.be/cnt/dmf20180418_03470050/dun-van-leer-dik-van-smeer dutch article, mostly paywalled unfortunately
11:28 AM
@Nzall Thank you for telling me what I should have done, that was very helpful
@fredley I see you are fluent in sarcasm, just like me
Lol, just saw a picture of my niece with a chocolate egg she won somewhere, the egg was bigger than her torso.
@fredley That sounds like an edge case.
(Sure, it is an 8kg egg. but it helps that she is rather small)
11:47 AM
@Arperum I'd suggest not eating it all in one sitting
@Nzall That would be slightly unhealthy
@Arperum Which is why I suggested it
unless you're with 80 people at home
because 100 grams of chocolate seems like a decent dosage
Okay, I reset my Chrome account at work because I think it might have gotten corrupt
12:06 PM
@Nzall Knowing German but not Dutch makes Dutch look even weirder than it did when I only knew English.
12:17 PM
@StrixVaria radio1.be/… is a full article that works pretty well with Google Translate
12:30 PM
🎺 https://t.co/L6NmjEdSgH
super finally did it
25k rt 41k likes
Q: Is there an alternate way of getting the masque of clavicus vile, apart from the quest: "Daedra's Best Friend"?

ElporteonSo, I've been playing Skyrim a lot lately, and I just initiated the quest "Daedra's Best Friend". I did the usual (went to Haemar's Cave, then Haemar's Shame, and killed a bunch of vampires.) When i got to the shrine, same thing happened as usual, I got the Rueful axe, then came back and he gave ...

I did not realize that was parody until after I shared it with my coworkers...
I need a patronus against fake news
12:46 PM
@Nzall ...how?
@GnomeSlice clearly I believe the prejudices about the Italians
And the problem is A) Clickhole looks like a respectable site like Kotaku or Gizmodo; 2) the comparison makes sense in a certain twisted way; 3) Given the things Rowling has said in the past, I wouldn't put it past her to say this too
Q: greedy cave , blacksmithing

sakuramikoI don't know what is the function of doing a reform on blacksmith , of someone already know it please tell me , i really need information about this thing

1:08 PM
@Nzall lol? Nobody says that stuff
says what?
@Ave check the image above
That article was just the right amount of believable to make it seem real
jkr is unpredictable
1:56 PM
I sorta disagree that discord is a "game specific utility"...
"gamer oriented utility"? sure. but "specific"? not sure.
@Ave It's an IRC client. Mainly used by gamers and other larger communities. I don't see a reason for a school to allow the install
IDK if a question about editing a json value on localstorage of a chat app to change which emojis are displayed belongs on arqade.
@Nzall this is a flag, where I recommended the emoji question to be migrated to webapps.se, which IMO is much more accurate.
ah, okay
w/e, I shouldn't argue here and should write a meta, but I don't feel like it.
I had enough drama for a year (not to say that a meta discussion will cause a drama, but I just don't have the mental energy to defend a point)
@StrixVaria Did you manage to get passed the bunker in Farcry 5?
2:06 PM
I'm creating the meta right now so you don't have to
(also discord has its own proprietary-ish protocol, it doesn't use IRC. about the -ish, there's documents about it (see here) and open source implementations 1 2 developed by yours truly's partner)
Question created
Also, it's pretty much an IRC client with window dressing.
That it uses a different protocol is not really relevant
I mean arguably everything is IRC with extensions
Q: Are questions about Discord on-topic?

NzallPrompted by discussion in chat about flags on How can I change the "Frequently Used" emoji in Discord? for migration to webapps being declined because "discord is a game-specific utility". Relevant discussion starts here: https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/44101486#44101486 The fl...

Calling it "IRC with extensions" implies you could connect directly to it with an IRC client, and you can't. It's no more IRC than AIM or ICQ were.
And (like Slack) it really is a completely different protocol under the hood.
2:22 PM
@Fluttershy Yeah, I did a few days ago and barely started Faith's region, but I haven't had much time to play since.
I'm a little annoyed by random grunts taking more than one shot now.
With the bow/sniper.
Like what's the point of having a bow (game design wise) if it doesn't one-shot most enemies.
I played most of the game on normal but turned it down to easy during the bunker and now there are no lower difficulty options and it still feels like the enemies are just meat shields.
I don't think it's very well balanced.
2:35 PM
April showers bring snow plowers
Q: How can I fully install a disc game before launching it

Kelly ThomasI have recently upgraded the hard drive on my PlayStation 4 and am currently in the process of restoring my current games to a playable state. I have cycled through the game disks letting each one install (or at least allowing the progress bar under the game icon to complete) and downloading the...

@ToxicFrog I use IRC in the meaning of "Internet Chat" client. That's pretty much what it is: a chat client
@Nzall IRC is a specific protocol and family of server networks. Calling every internet chat program "IRC" is just wrong
points at a passing seagull IRC
2:51 PM
I mean, by that standard, this is IRC, Slack is IRC, MSN, ICQ, AIM, gtalk, and Hangouts are all IRC.
So I may or may not be using Trello to plan OSRS stuff... lol
I think this legally qualifies as a problem but eh
laws are fake
Okay, I used the wrong term. So what?
you got my point: Discord is nothing but a fancy chat client
@Nzall words mean things?
osrs chat is IRC
I'm fairly sure that most people don't actually care that it's not actually an IRC client
and you got what I meant, even if it's not the right word
2:57 PM
I use irc a lot recently
I'm surprised Ankara hasn't blocked that yet
I use a bouncer so
they can't quite block it
though I'd be VERY happy if turkey blocked my IP finally
@StrixVaria I haven't really run into this yet. I just finished Jacob's area last night, and am about to head to Faith's, though.
because I am forced to maintain a server on a host because of my dns and vpn services
the only reason I'm holding back on buying a home server is those, and the legality of elixire.
(that said I am probably going to buy one anyways)
3:25 PM
@Fluttershy I think it's enemies that are on "bliss" that are harder to take down.
But it seems like there are a lot of those in Faith's region.
I wanted to do Jacob's second to get Cheeseburger, but the game seemed to be railroading me into Faith's region so I just resigned to doing that.
I couldn't find a path to Jacob's that didn't involve 2 cars running me off the road and pushing me backwards.
Q: Do questions about the functions of a game system itself fit here or in the SuperUser stack exchange?

CDoveI posted a question about how the 360 and X-box Live manage installations which involve DLC, how to successfully ensure they are installed to external media with all content so they are playable, etc. It occurred to me that while this question is about gaming, it's about the hardware, X-Box OS, ...

@Nzall I really didn't, I thought you meant that Discord actually used IRC under the hood and that this made a difference to how school policy should treat it for some reason
Wait, this is the wrong room
3:45 PM
@KevinvanderVelden @fredley look at the mess!
Not pictured: line of plastic coming in from near the oil field.
I am planning on doing something with that, I haven't yet.
@Arperum Such a cute little bowl of spaghetti
Oh yeah, I had thought about starting Factorio again
Started Minecraft again instead
I'm playing a new progression modpack
Loving it so far
About 12 hours in, just reached age 1 and unlocked the standard crafting table
@Unionhawk Honestly the best part of this is the 'P.h.D'
@fredley Hey, it's a start. My current goal is to figure out how to do robots, but first to build them, which needs more automation, but I don't want to pipe lubricant down here from the oilfield.
@SaintWacko This sounds hellish
@Arperum You don't need that much lube
3:49 PM
who has two thumbs and accidentally left their steam downloads paused when they went to bed last night? this guy!
And piping is cheap and unobtrusive, if you go underground
@fredley It's kind of amazing. It's refreshing to not just be able to jump straight to endgame stuff
I actually have to remember how to do things in a low-tech way
@fredley I guess I'll do that then.
@SaintWacko What pack?
@Arperum Sevtech: Ages
Also, and here's the best part
It doesn't include Draconic Evolution!
Nothing against the mod, but the stuff it adds is so much better than everything else that it just gets boring
Also, I don't like having creative flight
My favorite high-tech movement armor was still the Quantum Suit. Increased movement speed and jump height meant that instead of flying places I'd just leap from treetop to treetop
Q: Do some pokemon players not see all pokestops?

VolleyJoshMy son and I play Pokemon Go together. I use a google account and he has a PTC account, as he is under 13. We each have our own Android device. On his game, he does not see the Starbucks stops. Is this expected? Have you encountered this with other sponsored stops (like Sprint stores?) Is there ...

3:54 PM
The only thing I don't like about this modpack is that progression from age 0 is gated behind some stuff in the Darklands, which can be hard to find
It requires a lot of travel to find a Darklands biome, which is not normally something you're doing this early in the game
Just keep spwaning maps until you spawn in a darklands biome?
@fredley Might work, except that they are at the very least more common in cold biomes, and maybe only found there, and you spawn in a warm area
Also, you really do not want to be in the darklands at night unless you're good and ready for it
Also also, by the time I knew I needed a darklands biome and that they were hard to find, I was already a few hours in :P
@SaintWacko rekt
@fredley I ended up travelling a couple thousand blocks by raft and found one on the other side of the sea
@SaintWacko Good that they give you a raft
4:06 PM
@fredley Yeah, just took me a bit to make one because it takes string
Q: What’s the name of this old arcade game?

Biff IamIt’s an arcade games of the late 70s/early 80s. You control a kind of spaceship or cannon eating the dots in a maze in the style of Pac Man. This ship is pursued by one or two torpedoes. I dont really recall if it was a color game or black and white. What is the name of this game?

@StrixVaria I think I just wingsuited my way into Jacob's region, tbh. I do know what you mean about the bliss enemies. Those guys take like 4 headshots. It's rough.
4:23 PM
I still don't have the wingsuit. I should probably fix that.
If it's anything like the parachute though then using it has a 50% chance to fail and you just die.
Luckily the doggie is usually there to revive you right away.
@StrixVaria I'd put it at roughly 75%. But yeah, I got the air drop fast travel option, so it gives me plenty of flight time.
Cheeseburger is pretty great, though. I have him and Boomer following me around.
uuuuuuuugh not in mood for this
4:44 PM
What does it mean?
Something google analytics something GDPR
I think those are the important bits
I'm almost at 2000 things in my collection on bandcamp... definitely actually more, except SectionZ deleted their entire catalog a while back so those are all gone
4:59 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, that's as far as I got
@KevinvanderVelden GDPR is a lot of work, depending on what you are doing on your site.
5:21 PM
@SaintWacko which one?
2 hours ago, by SaintWacko
@Arperum Sevtech: Ages
6:21 PM
Q: What's the Stellaris Apocalypse technolgoy tree?

HegaoLike in the title said whats the Stellaris Apocalypse technology tree? I have been playing it for half a week now but there is no end tech.

6:59 PM
Q: Looking for the black ops 2 dlc's on ps3

SyndicateI need the bo2 dlc's for ps3 i can game share but the only game i have downloaded is minecraft and a diablo avatar msg me on here or discord Syndicate#8126 Thank you in advance

7:22 PM
@GnomeSlice It's been out about a month, and it's on 1.12.2, so it makes use of the advancement system
My current base consists of a tepee, a handful of chests, a stump I can lay out recipes on and then bang on them with a rock to craft, a couple kilns and a stone grill over a firepit in the ground, and a stone hand grinder
The author did a really good job of tying all the mods together and making it so you have to use them all
Without it feeling contrived
What's it called? My roomate loves that shit
7:49 PM
2 hours ago, by Arperum
2 hours ago, by SaintWacko
@Arperum Sevtech: Ages
It's like an updated version of Age of Engineering, but you start at an even lower tech level
I've been playing for 12 hours and just unlocked the ability to smelt ore

Proposed Q&A site for contributors, developers, and community administrators to the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects (Wikipedia, Wikisource, etc.)

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for integration of all API calls into a blockchain via means of decentralization. A community of blockchain enthusiasts who want to contribute to the chainlink project of decentralizing Oracles and operating nodes for distributed Oracle services.

Currently in definition.

I really enjoyed the high-difficulty beginning of Age of Engineering, but quit when I found out that the endgame was, yet again, Draconic Evolution
I'm currently living on a small island just off the coast of a larger Darkland island
Which I think I'll eventually expand onto once I need space for machinery
8:09 PM
Q: Why don't people get bored of playing Fortnite?

Iaka NoeSeriously, why don't they? As a light gamer, I downloaded Fortnite just as I heard about it and how it was growing, around November. After playing some matches, I really got bored of it, because of it being so repetitive and non-dynamic. A while after, around January, my siblings (ages 14 and 1...

I have a construction and logistics robot!
1 of each.
9:14 PM
ooh, MGS V: Phantom Pain is on sale for 5$ at humble store :o
why are you like this
10:02 PM
We can't have nice things
Unrelated, but I swear if one more man in here today uses me as his personal punching bag to scream at under the guise of "venting" because someone else has done something, I am going to lose my mind
(actually, it's past 6, I'm the only one in here. That's good. Because yo, no.)
@Ash so, don't scream at yourself and you should be good?
sounds achievable
@Chippies well, I'm not male, but yeah, something like that :P
@Ash when I read the "man", I read it as an umbrella term for people in general, but upon reading it again, I realize my mistake :P
10:06 PM
Oh, yeah, I was specifically speaking about male identified humans
11:50 PM

Proposed Q&A site for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for help with bike maintenance or purchases gear etc.

Currently in definition.


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