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6:18 AM
Q: How to maintain proper nutrition as a vegetarian?

Pranta SahaI want to be a vegetarian but at the same time I think about proper nutrition that need for my body and health.

6:33 AM
@TheFarmer come on, that's too broad!
@Nic too unclear what "trace ingredients" refers to. Lots of scope for inconsistent use.
I don't like the tag either though
not sure what that's supposed to define, precisely
time to make some okara/soymilk
6:52 AM
@Zanna I took this question to meta and added some supporting lists. Your ideas would be appreciated! vegetarianism.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/263/…
thanks :)
7:11 AM
Q: Can I be vegan and run a bee-keeping business?

JohnWould it be considered consistent to run a bee keeping business and be vegan? I take great care of my bees and do sell their honey.

7:26 AM
Aw thanks :)
7:42 AM
Men of will built farms
And beheld prosperity.

Men of fear split the atom
And beheld fear.

Men of humility behold
Prosperity, fear, and the bumble bee

Will the bumble bee
Ever know his great legacy?

The humble man knows he doesn't need to
He just needs to be.
^ written by my brother
I like it.
I suggested another tag alternative: [maybe-vegan]. It's less judgemental. vegetarianism.meta.stackexchange.com/a/265/1236
I think possibly we could have a tag :)
That also seems pretty sensible.
Do moderators or admins have the power to bulk-tag questions without bumping them to the front page, or does embracing a new tag like this mean all of those questions need to be bumped at some point?
8:03 AM
they all have to be bumped
8:20 AM
but you do get a nice tool to edit only tags when you hit the mod tools privilege (maybe you have that on some of your sites... sorry I haven't checked!)
(it still bumps the post though)
while my okara biscotti dough was in the oven for its first bake, I replied to your meta question. Time to go take it out
okara biscotti dough sounds super fun
:D it is an experiment very loosely based on a Japanese recipe that has eggs and isn't baked at all haha. I will be sure to mention how it turns out
Nice reply. Quick thoughts: 1) Eggs are considered animal by-products in the USA because they aren't muscle meat, but they're not by-products in the EU because there by-products means items that people don't consume.
2) I agree [trace-ingredients] is not a good tag. 3) I don't think we necessarily need a collating tag (although I like is-it-vegan) but in the absence of that it would be nice to have some other tag(s) that applied to a logical subset. It bothers me unreasonably that most of those questions are essentially untagged.
so can't be applied consistently, because it has multiple meanings?
that's my impression, yes.
well, we could just settle on one definition and put that in the tag wiki/excerpt. we decide on regional spellings, so why not definitions too?
8:33 AM
I don't think that tag helps the wine question however it's interpreted, do you?
it's not so much an issue of what substances are in the wine, but whether they are present, how they are used
no, I don't think it helps the wine question at all. the wine question is why I started thinking about all of this again.
I think we should burn the tag as it can't be consistently applied
anything that might be considered an "animal byproduct" can have its own tag
the wine question can have the new or whatever tag, and maybe we can think about another tag for incidental contamination etc :/
the questions about incidental contamination ("may contain") are pretty rare compared to the rest, so I'd be happy enough to ignore them
I'm going to edit my answer, and by the time I've done that, the biscotti should be hard enough to cut for second baking haha
I guess I mean incidental contamination as in, using animal products to process wine haha
oh right, what I was calling process contamination
8:44 AM
yeah that's a much more accurate phrase!
do you think we could have some consistently applicable tags about contamination that would make sense to people?
well I think it's weird. Ideally we should be able to tag questions based only on knowledge of the question itself. It's sort of weird to [re]tag questions based on the answers it receives. That's meta-tagging, isn't it?
That's part of why I like your suggestion of so much. It's easy to apply to questions without any knowledge of the answer.
8:59 AM
yes... we shouldn't be tagging questions based on the answers
9:11 AM
And I would prefer to avoid creating tags with any words like "contamination", "adulterated", "impure", etc. Obviously a neutral tone is more becoming of the site, but personally I also object to vegan purity politics and don't want to condone it here.
yes, I don't like that idea at all
I was just trying to think of a phrase for the idea of a small quantity of animal-derived ingredient
but if you think something like can solve this then I am all for that...
I think is the answer.
9:26 AM
ok :)
hi @NogShine, how are you?
(unrealated to saying hi) the okara biscotti is really nice. It has chia, sesame, nigella and caraway seeds. This one is sweet but it could be made savoury by not adding any kind of sugar and adding some salt and cumin instead
Thinking I should write a blog post of okara recipes. My brother sent me a book called Cooking with Soy by a Japanese chef and mainly with Japanese-ish recipes. The okara recipes are the best ones! But most of the recipes in this book are not quite satisfying and I have to adapt them to my taste
@Zanna A blog post of okara recipes would be amazing! Do you make your own tofu or soy milk to get okara?
9:48 AM
:) Yes I make okara and soymilk from soybeans. I use the soymilk for other things, but I am too lazy to make tofu - I can buy much better tofu than I can make, so I buy it :/ I made only one 300ml jar of soymilk today. I am going to use it to make a recipe for vegan cheese which is made basically from soymilk, tofu, kuzu, salt and olive oil. But, it's always easy to use up soymilk even with no plan :)
I am collecting my recipes so I will probably get around to producing that blog post eventually. Thanks for the encouragement!
10:40 AM
Q: How should we tag animal byproducts and trace ingredients?

NicWe have a sizable and growing collection of questions that explore the fringes of veganism. All of these questions have one thing in common: they're about products that have been contaminated or adulterated in a way that would cause some vegans to see them as impure, but there is no tag to descri...

BTW, while mods cannot do it, it's possible to destroy a tag without bumping (as you probably know) but this is done on request by SE staff. I presume they have a script for the job. But for adding a tag to a given set of questions, the posts would have to be specified (maybe like, for q in 12 46 78 112 150 151 180 223; do...). I am not aware of it ever being done. I would hesitate to hassle them to do it. But maybe there is something on MSE
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6:08 PM
how can we discourage answering in the comments?
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8:03 PM
@Nic On AU meta, we have this excellent post

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