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12:20 AM
Speaking of , this seems to be still unresolved:
A: Tag management 2016

LeilaI think (fractal-analysis) and (fractals) could be merged. The first one is barely used & almost all of it's question has the second one as a duplicated tag.

I will add a link to this discussion to chat. I will stress that both above comments suggest merging those two tags, but not making a synonym. I just wanted to state this explicitly. (Although it is implicit in the comments by GEdgar nad Mark McClure - at least if I understood them correctly.) — Martin Sleziak Apr 5 '17 at 13:46
1 hour later…
1:40 AM
@quid (and anybody else) - I have edited some very basic tag-info for the new tag. If there is some stuff which would be reasonable to add there please go ahead and edit it further.
7 hours later…
8:21 AM
@MartinSleziak thank you.
I'll look into the fractals thing later today.
Oh, I just mentioned fractals - definitely not something urgent.
I am not sure whether +3 on that answer can be sufficient to consider it consensus - however I would definitely consider opinions of those two users (GEdgar and Mark McClure) more relevant for the decision than some random user who does not know much about the topic.
If somebody looks into the wording of the tag-info I've mentioned, that would be nice.
I do not like too much that I've mentioned only "missing context close reason" - the tag seems a bit narrow. But I am not sure how to change wording.
Would something like "... and need for including context into questions" sound reasonable? (Or something similar.)
@quid Since you happened to be here, I will remind you also tag, see here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2018/4/8 It was discussed at the beginning of this month - I am perfectly fine with it if we still wait a bit. (And I can remind you this tag again in two weeks or sometimes in May.)
I do not think the question will get too much additional feedback - it's older than 14 days and no longer shown in CB. (But who knows, maybe somebody will bump the question and add something new to the discussion of that tag.)
@MartinSleziak The newly created (julia-set) tag was replaced by (fractals).
9:21 AM
Q: Clarifying the blurb at the philosophy tag

Mikhail KatzA recent spate of vague questions under tag philosophy suggests that it may be worth clarifying the purpose of the tag by ruling out a certain type of questions explicitly. These are questions that offer "vague philosophizing" rather than posing a question in the philosophy of mathematics. Such a...

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10:38 AM
However, I don't see there much stuff directly relevant to the most recent question.
Q: I just noticed that there is a "philosophy" tag on Math.SE, what sorts of questions are on-topic within this tag?

DennisI have always tended to assume that any of my more philosophical questions about mathematics would off-topic for Math.SE. As such, I have tended to restrict (or try to restrict) my questions to those of a more purely technical nature. However, when posting my most recent question I realized that ...

Q: Is there any necessity to retain the "philosophy" tag?

user 170039Just a few minutes back I asked this question in the MSE. However, there I got a couple of downvotes and were told to post it in PhSE. This response makes me wonder that is there any sensible reason to retain the philosophy tag? For the responses I have got were (I will only quote two), I...

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1:08 PM
Q: Palindromic combinations of Chebyshev Polynomials share common roots?

RobertSuppose that the real polynomial below $$p(x)=\sum_{k=0}^{2n}\alpha_{k}x^k$$ is a palindromic polynomial of even degree; that is, $p_{2n-k}=p_k$ for $0\leq k\leq 2n$ and $\alpha_0\neq 0$. Is it true that the combination of Chebyshev polynomials (of the second kind) below $$\sum_{k=0}^{2n} \...

In algebra, the reciprocal polynomial p∗ of a polynomial p of degree n with coefficients from an arbitrary field, such as p ( x ) = a 0 + a 1 x + a 2 x 2 + ⋯ + a n x ...
We have a bunch of posts related to solutions of reciprocal equations. For example, Quadratic substitution question: applying substitution $p=x+\frac1x$ to $2x^4+x^3-6x^2+x+2=0$ and some of the posts linked there.
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2:45 PM
Q: Tag for alternative set theories?

Andrés E. CaicedoThe set-theory tag is explicitly about mathematics (and metamathematics) in the context of $\mathsf{ZFC}$ and its subsystems and extensions. Every now and then we see questions about other set theories ($\mathsf{NF}$ is popular enough, but there are other versions, see here, for instance). ...

2 hours later…
4:38 PM
This question is to some extent related: Should we have a tag for the set theory NFU?
By checking this query I see that the tag for new foundations was created once in the distant past and then removed.
You can see in the revision history that they indeed had this tag (and it was later removed by Asaf): 1, 2, 3.
5:21 PM
Q: Is a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space just a Hilbert space equipped with an "indexed basis"?

ogogmadI haven't studied any functional analysis yet. My linear algebra is pretty good, I think. Consider the tuple $(H, I, \phi)$ where $H$ is a Hilbert space, $I$ is an abstract set, and $\phi:I \to H$ is a injective mapping whose image is an unconditional Schauder basis of $H$. We can make any eleme...

In functional analysis (a branch of mathematics), a reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) is a Hilbert space of functions in which point evaluation is a continuous linear functional. Roughly speaking, this means that if two functions f {\displaystyle f} and g {\displaystyle g} in the RKHS are close in norm, i.e., ‖ f − g ‖ {\displaystyle \|f-g\|} is small, then f {\displaystyle f} and ...
5:32 PM
@MartinSleziak Of course I stand by my action. Any tag added under my watch without prior discussion is liable to get shot in the cold. But regardless I also don't think that "nfu" makes for a good name for a tag anyway.
5:43 PM
I don't get the premise of that set-theory tag post. The wikis in my opinion do not support the premise of the meta question. @Asaf could you clarify?
@AsafKaragila I only mentioned this in connection with the new suggestion of the tag for alternative set theories. (The tag was, of course, much narrow and your edit was in accordance with the discussion on meta I linked: Should we have a tag for the set theory NFU?)
@quid By the premise you mean that the post says: "explicitly about mathematics (and metamathematics) in the context of $\mathsf{ZFC}$ and its subsystems and extensions"?
I see, obviously that's what you mean:
"The set-theory tag is explicitly about mathematics (and metamathematics) in the context of ZFC and its subsystems and extensions." Where is this mentioned? — quid ♦ 15 mins ago
@MartinSleziak I see that now there is a synonym $\to$ .
Ah yes. I did that today. I forgot to mention it here.

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